Nom Nom Dog Food Review: Is It Worth It?

Over the past few years, pet owners have become more conscious of what they feed their furry friends. Gone are the days where the norm was to grab the cheapest bag of dry dog food or cat kibble and move on with your life.

If you are considering switching your dogโ€™s diet to a fresh and healthier alternative, look no further than Nom Nom. This is a fresh pet food company founded on the principle of ensuring that our furry best friends eat the best quality and healthiest of meals.

In the sections below, you will learn all you need to about what sets Nom Nom as a fresh, wet dog food option. The review will include everything from ingredients to values that make Nom Nom a brand worth considering if you are thinking of upgrading your petโ€™s diet.

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Nom Nom Trivia

Nom Nom was founded in October 2015 in San Francisco. It was the brainchild of a group of friends with two very important things in common. They were all pet enthusiasts and passionate about ensuring that their animal companions got the very best in terms of nourishment.

It all started when Alex Jarrell decided that it was about time she found a healthier alternative to her beloved Australian Shepherd. She shared her ideas and plans with Wenzhe Gao, Nate Phillips, and Zach Phillips and the rest is history.

To say that the early days for Nom Nom were humble would be a bit of an understatement. The whole operation was initially run out of one of the foundersโ€™ kitchens. Here, the meals were prepared and packaged to be delivered by the same founders.

Their marketing tactics were also quite simple, albeit very successful. Alex would simply walk up to dog owners at parks, pitch the healthy dog meals, and offer samples.

Itโ€™s safe to say that this worked as what started off as the dream shared among four friends to feed their dogs evolved into more than a 60-person operation with hundreds of customers in 48 different states.

Sample Pack โ€“ Unboxing Video

The sample pack box contains an assortment of treats. In this case, we have beef jerky and chicken jerky treats. These are all natural and made with the same high-quality ingredients that make Nom Nom such a hit. The treats are perfect for serving as a snack as well as for training.

The sample box also contains a probiotic testing kit that allows you to assess your dogโ€™s gut health in terms of the gut microbiome.

Furthermore, you get probiotic supplements that come in powder form with a total of 30 scoops. They are meant to help support the gut microbiome in your dogโ€™s or catโ€™s digestive tract. This will help ensure that your petโ€™s digestion runs as optimally as possible.

The sample box also contains the pet food which is transported frozen to ensure freshness. The food you get depends on your order with the variety pack containing all the four meal options that we shall highlight shortly.

Finally, you will get an information pamphlet to let you know more about Nom Nom and how to go about future orders and to get support when needed.

What Nom Nom Has To Offer Your Doggy?

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The forward-thinking bunch included a board-certified veterinary nutritionist Dr. Justin Shmalberg. It was only a matter of time before they came up with four wholesome recipes for pets of all ages and with all sorts of health needs.

Letโ€™s take a closer look at these four meal options:

Beef Mash

The beef mash option is made using ground beef as the main source of protein. The beef used is human-grade in quality for full nutritional and flavor benefits. This is paired with eggs, carrots, potatoes, and peas for a flavorful and balanced meal.

Chicken Cuisine

The chicken cuisine meal is made using chunks of real chicken meat. None of those chicken byproducts here.

This meal is a bit heavier on carbs as it contains both sweet potatoes and yellow squash. Finally, spinach ties this meal together perfectly, adding to the fiber and micronutrient content of this meal.

Pork Potluck

If your dog loves port, then they will love Nom Nomโ€™s pork potluck option. It is full of flavor not only from the ground pork but also from the brown mushrooms used in the meal. For carbs, your dog will have potatoes and squash with the meal.

Finally, kale and green beans are added to this flavor-packed mix to ensure that your pooch gets its daily veggie quota met.

Turkey Fare

If you are looking for a healthy alternative in terms of a leaner cut of meat and high-fiber carbs, then the turkey fare would be perfect for your pooch. The turkey is paired with brown rice, eggs, carrots, and spinach for a tasty yet healthy meal.


In addition to all the great meals your pet can look forward to from Nom Nom, you have the option of adding treats to your order. Their two main options are the beef jerky and the chicken jerky treats that are great for training or just serving as a snack.

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What We Like About Nom Nom

In addition to the variety in terms of recipes, here are a few more reasons why Nom Nom stands out.

High-Quality Ingredients

All the ingredients used to make Nom Nom recipes are 100% natural and human-grade. You can, therefore, rest assured that your dog or cat is getting the very best.

These ingredients are not only tastier for your pet but also healthier. This is because they pack more of a nutritional punch. You do not have to settle for nutrient-drained vegetable extracts or meat byproducts masquerading as nourishment for your pet.

Pre-Portioned For Your Convenience

If you struggle with being guilt-tripped into giving your pet more food than they need, the prepackaged meals from Nom Nom will come in very handy.

The meals are divided into portions based on your dogโ€™s specific needs. These include their age, breed, as well as other important factors like pregnancy or breastfeeding.

This should help to ensure that the pet is not only getting all the nutrients they need but that they are also meeting their caloric requirements.

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Quality-Preserving Preparation Techniques

Nom Nom is very unique even in the fresh pet food niche in terms of how they prepare their meals. While many other brands mix all the ingredients into one high-temperature vat, they choose to cook each of the ingredients separately then mix them later on.

The biggest perk of using this technique is the preservation of the flavor as each ingredient gets to maintain its profile.

Furthermore, each ingredient gets to cook at its own appropriate temperature and duration. This is especially important for the vegetables which can very easily lose their nutritional value when overcooked.

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Appropriate For All Ages

Nom Nom has not only met but also exceeded standards set by regulatory bodies like AAFCO when it came to quality and age-appropriateness of the meals for pets. The meals are certified to be healthy and safe for use by dogs and cats of all ages, from freshly-weaned fur babies to adults.

Enriched With Micronutrients

In addition to the nutrient-packed, real ingredients used to make Nom Nom, your dog will be getting a healthy dose of micronutrients that are part of the ingredients list in all four of the recipes.

These micronutrients include vitamins like vitamin C, vitamin D, and vitamin E. Not forgetting vitamins in the B-complex, the recipes also include vitamins Ba, B2, and B12.

In addition to the vitamins, pet food is also enriched with minerals, including manganese, copper, iron, and zinc.

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They Are Constantly Evolving

Continuous research and development are a huge part of Nom Nomโ€™s mission which is another reason why we would recommend it as a healthy pet food alternative. The research team consists of industry leaders, including Ph.D. holders and certified veterinarians.

This includes research into recipes to help obese pets get healthy and finding ways to improve your petโ€™s digestive health. And these are just a few examples of what the Nom Nom research team is constantly working on.

Freshness Is Guaranteed

Another unique thing about Nom Nom that we like and you will too is the fact that all the meals are prepared fresh for shipping every week. They do not take shortcuts like making large batches and deep freezing.

Instead, the food is made based on the orders to avoid waste and guarantee freshness for all the pets who will be receiving the packages.

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Final Verdict

In a nutshell, Nom Nom is worth it. With the quality you are set to receive and the affordability, you will be getting full value for your money and then some.

Nom Nom really lives up to its original mission to provide nutritious meals for happier and healthier pets. Their breakthrough recipes have the best of both worlds in terms of flavor and health benefits and should be strong contenders worth considering if you want to switch your dog or cat from dry kibble to fresh, wet pet food.

With all the perks we highlighted above that both you and your pooch have to look forward to, you have no reason not to try out some Nom Nom for your petโ€™s tum-tum. You will not be disappointed.

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