Pitbull Boxer Mix – Your Complete Bullboxer Breed Guide

I had never really considered keeping a Bullboxer until a friend of mine asked me to look after his friendly and playful Bullboxer for a week. I totally fell in love with the dog.

What exactly is a Bullboxer? A Bullboxer is a cross between a Pitbull, usually the American Pitbull Terrier, and the Boxer dog breed. These two dog breeds were crossbred to create a hybrid dog that has both the high intelligence of the Boxer and the Pitbull’s amazing strength.

While many assume that Bullboxers are aggressive, the Bullboxer is one of the sweetest dogs you’ll come across. In a bit, we will share with you all the important information you need to determine whether this amazing dog breed is suitable for you, including their personality and temperament, nutritional requirements, health problems, how much they shed, and their grooming requirements. Before that, however, let’s take a look at how big this dog breed gets.

How Big Will A Boxer Pitbull Mix Get?

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The American Pitbull Terrier and the Boxer are both medium to large-sized dog breeds, so the Pitbull Boxer Mix will inevitably be a medium to large size dog as well.

The average adult Pitbull Boxer Mix will be about 50 to 80 lbs and about 20 to 26 inches in height at the shoulder. Depending on the size of the parents, it is possible to find Bullboxers that are smaller or larger than this, with males typically being larger.


Since the Bullboxer is a hybrid, it is hard to predict with certainty the parent a Pit Boxer Mix puppy will take after. Some will look like the Boxer parent, others like the Pitbull parent, while others will be a mix of the two.

That said, many Pitbull Boxer Mixes will have a large head, a longer snout like the Pitbull, and the Pitbull’s wide body coupled with the Boxer’s deep chest and strong legs. Some will acquire the Boxer’s semi-pricked ears, while others will have the Pitbull’s short and cropped ears.

The long snout means your Pitbull Boxer Mix is unlikely to be affected by the respiratory issues that affect brachycephalic breeds like the Boxer.


Bullboxers have a single, smooth coat with short hairs. Their coats come in a wide range of colors, including white, tan, brown, red, yellow, and other colors that exist in the parent breeds. This means you can have a black Pitbull Boxer Mix, or even a Pitbull Boxer Mix that is brindle.

How Long Does A Bullboxer Live?

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The Pitbull Boxer Mix has a lifespan of 10 to 14 years.

Since it is a hybrid, the Bullboxer is less likely to develop various health problems compared to its parents. That said, Bullboxers are not totally immune either. They could inherit some of the common health problems that affect the Boxer or the American Pitbull Terrier. These include:

Aortic Stenosis

Aortic stenosis is a condition that is common to many large dog breeds. The condition affects the heart, making it harder for it to pump blood throughout your Bullboxer’s body. Common symptoms of aortic stenosis include breathing difficulties, weakness, and fainting. Fortunately, if detected early, the condition is treatable.

Hip Dysplasia

This is another condition that is common to large dogs. For dogs with this condition, the thighbone is unable to fit well into the hip joint socket. In mild cases, you won’t even notice that your canine buddy has this condition. In extreme cases, however, your pooch will experience pain and discomfort, and in some cases, it can lead to lameness.

Degenerative Myelopathy

Degenerative myelopathy is a genetic condition that affects the spinal cord and gets worse with time. The condition starts with paralysis of the hind limbs and eventually progresses to all limbs. While the condition is not curable, it can be managed through physical rehabilitation.

Other Health Issues

Bullboxers are also at a slight risk of health issues, such as cardiomyopathy, thyroid issues, and allergies. To avoid having to deal with these issues, purchase your pup from reputable breeders who conduct health checks prior to breeding.

How To Take Care Of A Bullboxer?

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Dietary Requirements

Diet is a very important part of your pet’s health, so you are definitely wondering, “what should I feed my Boxer Pitbull Mix?

Since the Bullboxer is a large and active dog, it requires highly nutritious food that is rich in protein. This is why I recommend feeding your Bullboxer with Pet Plate’s Barkin’ Beef. The chief ingredient in Pet Plate’s Barkin’ Beef is real beef, which provides a great source of protein for your four-legged buddy. In addition, this dog food does not have any artificial flavors or added preservatives.

It’s good to note that Bullboxers have a huge appetite and will overeat if you let them, which could lead to obesity. To avoid this, you should monitor their portions to ensure they don’t eat more than they need. You should also supplement your doggie’s diet with multivitamins to keep them healthy and strong.

Exercise Requirements

Another question on the minds of those interested in this dog breed is how much exercise does a Pitbull Boxer need?

The Pitbull Boxer Mix is an active dog with lots of energy, and therefore, this dog requires intense and regular exercise. Your Bullboxer should get 120 minutes of exercise every day.

The best exercises for Bullboxers include long hikes, jogs, and obstacle courses. You can also get the iFetch Interactive Ball Launchers for Dogs and enjoy a game of fetch with your pooch. You’ll love the fact that with this ball launcher, your pooch can play fetch by themselves.

How Do You Potty Train A Pitbull Boxer Mix? Temperaments Of Pitbull Boxer Mixes


Owing to the fighting dog history of the Pitbull and the Boxer, most people assume that the Pitbull Boxer Mix is dangerous. This is a huge misconception.

Pitbull Boxer Mixes are loyal and loving dogs that enjoy spending time with the family. They love being around people so much that leaving them alone for more than three hours can trigger separation anxiety. Bullboxers are also very playful.

Family Friendly

Another thing that most people find surprising is the fact that Bullboxers are amazing with kids. When properly trained and socialized, they get along so well with kids, as well as other pets. The Pitbull Boxer Mix is very protective of kids. Because of their gentleness and protectiveness around small children, Pitbull Boxer Mixes have even been nicknamed “nanny” dogs.

While they are gentle with kids, the big size and high energy levels of the Pitbull Boxer Mix mean that they can sometimes cause accidents that could unintentionally cause injury to young kids, so it is not advisable to leave them unsupervised with young kids around.


Pitbull Boxer Mixes are very intelligent, something they inherit from the Boxer side of the family. Due to their intelligence, Bullboxers are not difficult to train. However, the Pitbull Boxer Mix can sometimes be stubborn, which is why you should exercise a lot of patience during training.

It is advisable to start potty training your Pitbull Boxer Mix when they are about 3 to 4 weeks. Once they get to about 12 weeks, you can start socialization and other forms of training.

Is A Pitbull Boxer Mix Hypoallergenic? Grooming Tips For Pitbull Boxer Mixes


The short and single coat of the Bullboxer does not need a lot of maintenance. Still, Pitbull Boxer Mixes are moderate shedders, and they thus require regular brushing.

The Bullboxer is not hypoallergenic.

The best deshedding tool for brushing your Bullboxer’s coat is the FURminator Undercoat Tool. This tool is designed for medium to large-size dogs with short hair, like your Pitbull Boxer Mix. It also comes with an easy-release button that makes brushing your dog enjoyable instead of a chore.

Since Pitbull Boxer mixes shed throughout the year, you’ll need a vacuum to avoid having dog hairs in every corner of the house. If you don’t have one yet, go for the iRobot Roomba i3+. This vacuum will make cleaning your house a hands-free affair. Just activate the iRobot Roomba i3+ with a voice command via Alexa, and it will take care of the rest.


Bullboxers know how to self-groom and will only need 3 to 4 baths in a year. To keep your furry friend’s skin healthy and conditioned, use the Pro Pet Works All Natural Organic 5-In-1 Oatmeal Pet Shampoo + Conditioner.

This shampoo and conditioner contain a perfect blend of almond oil, aloe vera gel, vitamins A, D, and E, and oatmeal. This blend is perfectly formulated to keep your dog’s skin healthy.

Other Grooming Tips

The other things you need to do to keep your furry buddy clean are to maintain their oral health, clean their ears with a soft cloth, and have their toenails clipped when needed.

How Much Does A Bullboxer Cost? The price of a Bullboxer puppy will range between $500 and $1,000. The price will depend on the breeder you are purchasing the pup from, the current demand for Bullboxer puppies, as well as whether your pup has received all necessary vaccinations, and whether they have been neutered or spayed.

Are Boxers Stronger Than Pit Bulls? Boxers are larger in size than Pitbulls, but both dog breeds are very strong. Both breeds were originally bred for bloody sports like dogfighting and bullbaiting, and while these sports have since been banned, both breeds maintained their strength. Despite their strength, however, these breeds are not typically aggressive.

Do Boxers And Pit Bulls Get Along? Yes, Boxers and Pitbulls will get along well, on condition that both of them have received proper socialization and training. Aside from training and socialization, the best way to minimize the risk of conflict is to pair two dogs of the opposite gender. For instance, if you have a male Boxer, pair him with a female Pitbull, or vice versa.

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