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We know that finding a mixed dog breed that gets along well with other people such as your friends and relatives can prove to be more hectic than it seems. Don’t worry though, these 28 Australian Shepherd mixes are the answer to your search for that perfect people-friendly, spirited, good-looking and loyal pet. 

The American Kennel Club ranks the AustralianQ Shepherd dog breed at 17th out of 193 recognised dog breeds in terms of popularity. That’s why, the breeders have continuously developed designer dogs of this dog breed. Among all the Australian Shepherd mixes, the Border Aussie is the most loved, followed by the Augi and the Ausky.

28. Dalshep

The Dalshep is a designer dog breed obtained by crossing the Australian Shepherd and the Dalmatian. This is an ideal family-friendly dog breed that craves for your attention all the time.

Coming to their appearance, a Dalshep may acquire coat coloration and markings of either of the two parent breeds. 

Typically, white coloration with diversely shaped black markings is how the coat of a Dalshep looks like. We’d recommend this pet to a family that can sign up to take care of this canine’s high-maintenance needs.

27. Auss-Tzu

The Auss-Tzu designer dog breed is a mix of the Australian Shepherd and Shih Tzu dog breed. By their temperament and appearance, these two parent breeds are very dissimilar, yet the result is a well-balanced, energetic, and agile dog breed.

Auss-Tzus can retain coat coloration of either of the two parents. They’re small sized creatures that harbour energy for days. 

The compact size, adorable looks, and balanced temperament makes Auss-Tzu a desirable breed for apartment dwellers and families with children.

26. Aussietare

Here’s the rarest Australian Shepherd mix for you, combining the traits of Bull Terrier and Australian Shepherd.

With the facial features of the Bull Terrier and balanced temperament of the Australian Shepherd, Aussietare makes a surprising good hybrid dog breed.

The Bull Terrier genes make Aussietares grow pretty large in size, thus not a suitable pet breed for a family with children. However, this breed works well for families that enjoy outdoors activities.

25. Aussie Flat

The Aussie Flat is one of the latest Australian Shepherd mixes in town, we get to see the signature coat of Flat Coated Retriever and the good manners of Australian Shepherd in this breed.

Though some Aussie Flat dogs can inherit the merle coat of their Australian Shepherd parents.

The Aussie Flat is expected to exhibit the energetic and agile nature, but the herding tendencies of this dog breed cannot be neglected.

24. Yorkshire Aussie

Developed from a cross between the Australian Shepherd and the Yorkshire Terrier, the Yorkshire Aussie is a gutsy designer dog breed.

Owing its courageous nature to the Yorkshire parent, the Yorkshire Aussie dog breed can exhibit prey instincts when outdoors. Thus, acting as excellent rat hunters when put on work.

The Yorkshire Aussies are small-sized, adorable looking companions that make great pets. Though, don’t let their unlimited energy level surprise you.

23. Aussie Wheaten

Resulting from the crossbreeding between the Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier and the Australian Shepherd, the Aussie Wheaten makes an excellent companion dog breed.

The soft, long, and fluffy coat of the Aussie Wheaten is worth the admiration. These are small-sized dogs that are well-known for being gentle personalities and playful in nature.

As expected, the Terrier genes can add a pinch of stubbornness in their demeanor, but overall they’re family friendly dogs with great intelligence.

22. Cairn-Aussie

The small-sized Cairn-Terrier and the large-sized Australian Shepherd dog breeds were crossed to develop a medium sized Cairn-Aussie designer dog breed.

The Cairn-Aussie dog breed retains the appearance of the Australian Shepherd, thus looking like a downsized Australian Shepherd. 

The eyes of Cairn-Aussie are also retained from the Australian Shepherd. Though, the possession of a long-haired, fluffy coat of a Cairn-Terrier is a fair possibility. They make energetic, agile, and alert pets suitable as companions.

21. Shel-Aussie

The Shel-Aussie is a power packed combo of two highly energetic and herding expert dog breeds namely the Shetland Sheepdog and the Australian Shepherd.

Typically, a Shel-Aussie will inherit the fluffy double coat of Shetland sheepdog, that is thick and looks beautiful. Though, a mixed fur pattern of its two parent breeds is possible as well.

The bodies of Shel-Aussies are longer in size in comparison to their height. Their intelligence level is quite high, making obedience training a piece of cake for them.

20. Cotralian

The Cotralian also known as English Coltralian is a mix of purebred Australian Shepherd and the Cocker Spaniel.

The Cotralian designer dog breed owes its popularity to its friendly, lovable demeanour and compact size. Though, they are not suitable for families with kids. 

With an average weight of 35 to 45 lbs and compact size, Cotralians are suitable for apartment dwellers. Their body can take multiple colors, usually 5 to 6, ranging from black to red.

19. Australian Eskimo

The two highly contrasting dog breeds, the Australian Shepherd and the American Eskimo dog, when crossed yields the Australian Eskimo designer dog breed.

The fur color of Australian Eskimo is usually white engraved with multiple dark colored markings. They retain the doubt coats that are present in both the parent breeds.

The herding prowess of the Australian Shepherd and the loyal and affectionate nature of American Eskimo dog can be clearly seen in the Australian Eskimo.

18. Australian Pointer

Bestowed with cutting-edge tracking and herding skills, the Australian Pointer is a designer dog breed we obtain by crossing Australian Shepherd with Pointer. 

The Australian Pointer is a medium-sized dog breed that comes with black and white coat colors. Their short, smooth and shiny coat requires vigorous brushing once a week.

Being excellent herders and trackers, Australian Pointers can act as a hunter’s best companion to track the game. Overall, they’ve a fun-loving, affectionate, and alert personality.

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17. German Australian Shepherd

The epitome of bravery and masculinity, the German Shepherd, is crossed with a good natured dog breed, the Australian Shepherd to yield a German Australian Shepherd. 

The German Australian Shepherd is a medium-to-large sized dog breed that reaches an average height of 20 to 25 inches. They usually possess double coats with short-to-medium sized, straight or wavy hair. 

The temperament of German Australian Shepherd dogs is well-balanced, but they’re wildly active dogs that’re highly protective of their family and friends.

16. Bull Aussie

The Bull Aussie is a bizarre breeding experiment between the American Bulldog and the Australian Shepherd that yielded pleasant results anyway. 

You should expect Bull Aussie to be a highly muscular, large sized dog that can grow up to the height of 16 to 23 inches. Bull Aussies are low-maintenance dogs possessing short, dense coats. 

With the right socialization and obedience training, Bull Aussie will make a loyal and affectionate The pet dog. Though they can also get protective at times.

15. Aussalier

The Aussalier is a well-balanced designer dog breed that was developed by crossing the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel with the Australian Shepherd. 

Being small-sized dogs, Aussaliers grow from 13 to 16 inches in height and can weigh 16 to 35 lbs. The length of these pups is more than their height.

The Aussalier dog breed retains the signature almond shaped eyes of the Cavalier King Charles.Their tender and lovable nature gets clearly highlighted by their eyes.

14. Aussie Pom

The Aussie Pom is quite a new yet hugely demanded dog breed that was recently developed by crossing the Australian Shepherd with the Pomeranian. 

With the average height of 11 to 17 inches and weight ranging from 10 to 30 lbs, Aussie Poms are fairly small sized dogs. Their small, erect, triangular ears make them look cunningly adorable.

The Aussie Pom dogs make excellent companions as lap dogs. They’re easy to train, gentle natured creatures that your kids will be safe around.

13. Texas Heeler

Both the Blue Heeler and the Australian Shepherd are excellent herders, and you should expect nothing less from their hybrid dog breed, The Texas Heeler. 

The Texas Heeler dog breed harbours textured fur that can switch colors between black, blue merle, blue checkered with white or fawn. 

You should expect Texas Heelers to be medium-sized dogs with height ranging between 16 to 22 inches. These overly active dogs are only meant for active households, preferably experienced owners.

12. Raussie

The Raussie is a unique Australian Shepherd mix that we get by crossing the Rat Terrier with the Australian Shepherd. 

About their appearance, the Raussie designer dogs are medium-sized, typically retaining white and brown coats with black markings. Their intelligence and energy level is highly admirable. 

Other than their high prey drive and a bit stubborn nature, Raussies would make affectionate and smart pet dogs. You can teach them diverse skills and commands that almost no other dog can learn.

11. Auberman

The Doberman genes when mixed with the Australian Shepherd genes, we get an Australian Shepherd mix, the Auberman, which is a good guard dog breed.

The possessive nature of these beautiful looking multicolored dogs makes the Auberman dog breed unsuitable for novice pet owners. You’ll definitely love their elegantly colored fur. 

Auberman dogs need to be controlled via strong dominance, a firm leader is required. Though, there’s no dyeing that they make excellent guard dogs.

10. Sheepnees

Going after its Great Pyrenees and Australian Shepherd parents, the Sheepnees grows into a large-sized designer dog breed.

The Sheepnees can retain coat color of either of the two parents or a combo of both. They look beautiful, but they shed a lot. Thus, regular grooming is a must. 

Don’t get confused with their giant bodies, they’ve a very calm temperament. Sheepnees do well with kids and are best described as affectionate and loyal companions.

9. Bossie

The Bossie, although a rare designer dog breed, combines the best qualities of its parent breeds, the Boston Terrier and the Australian Shepherd.

Being medium-sized, affectionate, and loyal, Bossies are good for families as well as individuals living in apartments. You’ll often find Bossies with a blend of black, red, or white colors, hardly retaining a solid color.

Bossies need regular exercise to stay in good shape and health, so daily walks are a must. With early socialization, they have no problem in being around either other pets or kids.

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8. Aussiedor

By crossing the America’s most favourite dog breed, the Labrador Retriever, with the Australian Shepherd, we obtain the Aussiedor.

The Aussiedors have the best personalities, they’re very affectionate, calm, loyal, fairly playful, and obedient. They do well with children as well as adults.

At an average 25 inches of height and 40 to 80 lbs weight, Aussiedors are tall dogs. They possess dense, water-resistant coats with wavy or straight hair. The coat can take multiple colors depending on the genetic mixup between its parents.

7. Chow Shepherd

The Chow Shepherd is a medium-to-large sized dog breed obtained by crossing the Chow Chow with the Australian Shepherd. 

The coat color of Chow Shepherd is typically a blend of two or more colors, mainly fawn, gray, cream, brown, red, and black. Their height ranges from 22 to 26 inches and can weigh between 45 to 90 lbs.

Chow Shepherds make excellent watchdogs. They’re loyal to their family and harbour affection for their owners. Though, they suffer from separation anxiety when left alone for too long.

6. Boxherd

The result of crossbreeding between the sturdy Boxer and the workaholic Australian Shepherd gives Boxherd, which brings us both these qualities in a single package. 

The Boxherd is a medium-sized designer dog breed with short, smooth fur that comes in a blend of multiple colors, mainly black and white, brown, brindle, merle, etc. 

The playful nature of Boxherds aided by affection, loyalty and calmness makes Boxherd an ideal hybrid dog breed for families with children.

5. Australian Retriever

The Golden Retriever and the Australian Shepherd cross yields us the Australian Retriever designer dog breed.

The Australian Retriever dog breed comprises loyal, affectionate, and friendly dogs. They’re equally good at keeping watch. They’ll do a great job in playing with your kids as well as protecting them. 

You’ll commonly find Australian Retrievers in black, brown or white colors. Being a hybrid dog breed, you can also get to see them in golden color or with patterns and markings.

4. Aussiedoodle

The fashion icon purebred Poodle is mixed with the workaholic purebred Australian Shepherd to obtain an Aussiedoodle. 

Owing to their Poodle parents, Aussiedoodles can be seen with long, wavy or curly fur that many claim to be hypoallergenic.

An Aussiedoodle can be a medium-to-small sized dog with height averaging between 10 to 15 inches, weighing 25 to 70 lbs. Aussiedoodles are intelligent dogs that love to socialize with humans, they make excellent swimmers.

3. Ausky

Also referred to as Aussie Siberian, Ausky is a mix of the Australian Shepherd and the Siberian Husky. This dog breed is mostly bred for its intelligence, energy and giant body, making it a perfect security dog.

An Ausky is a larged-sized, muscular dog that can grow up to the heights of 20 to 24 inches and weigh between 40 to 60 lbs. Their short-to-medium length coat usually comes in two colors, one color dominates the lower body and the other is present on the upper side. 

The Ausky dog breed can get stubborn at times and require a good deal of exercise to stay in their good moods.

2. Auggie

Obtained from a cross between the Australian Shepherd and the Pembroke Welsh Corgi, the Auggie is a perfect family companion.

The coat of Auggies is often seen as a blend of three colors, mainly black, tan, brown, and white. Auggies is a medium sized dog whose height ranges from 10 to 13 inches and can weigh 20 to 30 lbs.

Auggies are generally described as happy-go-lucky dogs, as they’re extremely playful, friendly, and sweet tempered.

1. Border Aussie

Both the parents of the Border Aussie, i.e. the Australian Shepherd and the Border Collie being excellent herders, makes this dog breed an exceptionally intelligent one.

The Border Aussies are medium-sized, people pleasing dogs that harbour energy to go for days. If socialized early, they’ll make great companions, though not suited for apartment living.

Border Aussies resemble more to Border collies when it comes to facial appearance. They typically retain either almond or oval shaped eyes of one of the two parents.

Related Questions

Are Australian Shepherd Mixes Hypoallergenic? No, Australian Shepherd mixes are not truly hypoallergenic. Though, if you’re lucky enough, you could have an Australian Shepherd and Poodle mix, i.e. Aussiedoodle, that may retain the hypoallergenic coat of the Poodle. Other than that, most of the Australian Shepherd mixes have short-to-medium sized coats that shed relatively less.

How Big Do Australian Shepherd Mixes Get? Typically, Australian Shepherd mixes can get 20 to 25 inches tall, and can weigh 50 to 65 lbs at most. Though it mostly depends on the hybrid dog breed that is being taken into consideration. If crossed with a miniature dog breed, both the height and weight values of an Australian Shepherd mix will be half of the above numbers.

What Do Australian Shepherds Die From? As compared to other dog breeds, Australian Shepherds have higher chances of dying from a lymph related cancer called lymphoma or lymphosarcoma. Other than that, heart failure, tick/mite infections, skin cancer, etc. are the conditions that Australian Shepherds usually die from. Same can hold true for different Australian Shepherd mixes as well.

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