Australian Shepherd Mixes

Fun-loving, loyal, and affectionate, the Australian Shepherd is a well-loved dog breed. With its popularity among dog fanciers, no wonder it has been mixed with other breeds. And today, the spotlight is on these gorgeous Australian Shepherd Mixes!

The highly intelligent Border Collie meets high-energy Aussie in the delightful Aussie Collie mix. Then, there’s the super fluffy Ausky, the blue-eyed offspring of the Aussie and Siberian Husky. And let’s not forget the adorable compact and sturdy Boxherd, a hybrid dog with the Aussie and Boxer genes.

But that’s not all – we have several more Australian Shepherd mixes to feast your eyes on and fall in love with all over again. Discover more about these pups right here!

43. Aussie Collie: Australian Shepherd + Border Collie

Image from Instagram:@cedarbarks_

The Aussie Collie is a lovable designer dog that’s a combo of two of the most well-loved herding dogs on the planet – the Australian Shepherd and Border Collie. These medium-sized pups can weigh as much as 75 lbs, yet can be big lap dogs for sure!

Their coats are long and flowy ranging in shades of tricolor, liver, red, merle, sable, and brindle. As these are working dogs, they can be highly active with a passion for fun and playtime.

42. Ausky: Australian Shepherd + Siberian Husky

Image from Instagram:@_kenai_pup_

A beloved hybrid dog, the Ausky is a combination of the Aussie and Siberian Husky. They are fluffy with long coats just like both parents and with the familiar shining blue eyes.

These are medium-sized dogs that can reach up to 25 inches tall and weigh about 65 lbs. They can also be boisterous, so be sure to train them at an early age to develop positive behaviors.

41. Aussie Schnauzer: Australian Shepherd + Schnauzer

Image from Instagram:@krissie681

Affectionate and smart, what’s not to like about this adorable crossbreed? The Aussie Schnauzer is a cute combo of the Aussie and Schnauzer. They can go as small as 16 inches tall or up to 23 inches, depending on the Schnauzer variety you breed with the Aussie.

These pups have floppy and triangular ears like a Schnauzer and medium-length coat in white, gray, and blue merle – an Aussie’s signature coat color combination.

40. Aussie Shiba: Australian Shepherd + Shiba Inu

Image from Instagram:@sleepycottonco

The Aussie Shiba is one of the rarest Australian Shepherd mixes. They feature their Shiba parent’s fox-like appearance and sometimes with the Aussie’s coat colors.

Good-natured, energetic, and adaptable, there are so many things to love about this designer breed. Just be sure you have plenty of outdoor space for this pooch that has a fancy for running around – true to its herder background.

39. Aussie Pap: Australian Shepherd + Papillon

Image from Instagram:@bostonbeaglemeeka

Depending on the Aussie variety, whether the standard or mini, the Aussie Pap can be as small as under 12 inches tall or up to 19 inches at the shoulder. They have the Papillon’s butterfly ears and an Aussie’s gorgeous baby blue eyes.

These are independent and confident dogs that are pretty much easy to be with. If you want a pet that loves to play, yet super affectionate, this combo is for you.

38. Aussie German: Australian Shepherd + German Shepherd

Image from Instagram:@jackstheaussie

Dog lovers who have ample space in their home and yard will love the Aussie German. This hybrid dog is a combination of two popular breeds – the German Shepherd and Australian Shepherd. And as you can expect, they are smart, energetic, and loyal canines.

These pups, however, shed all year round because of their long and dense coats. Their colors can go from black and tan like its German Shepherd parent or blue merle with sapphire eyes like an Aussie.

37. Aussie Newfie: Australian Shepherd + Newfoundland Dog

Image from Instagram:@harveytheaussienewf

As what you can expect from its Newfie parent, the Aussie Newfie is a big boy or gal. This pooch has the round and massive build of a Newfie and sports the Aussies signature coat colors.

They may be huge pups but they are one of the sweetest. But they do drool a lot just like a purebred Newfie. Yet, who can resist their unique charms and adorable personality?

36. Raussie: Australian Shepherd + Rat Terrier

Image from Instagram:@harveytheaussienewf

Another one of those unique Australian Shepherd mixes, the Raussie combines the Aussie and Rat Terrier. Both parents may not look anywhere alike but they do have similar qualities such as their passion for physical activity and movement.

The Raussie is a slender pooch just like its Rat Terrier parent. But they have medium-length coats and in different colors – sometimes similar to a Rat Terrier or an Aussie, depending on the dominant parent gene.

35. Aussie Flat: Australian Shepherd + Flat Coated Retriever

Image from Instagram:@ansa.sander

A new hybrid pup, the Aussie Flat is the combination of the Australian Shepherd and Flat Coated Retriever. These are big canines, thanks to the large size of both parents.

More often than not, they sport their Flat Coated Retriever parent’s coat colors in solid black. But it is also not uncommon to see this designer dog with a merle coat like an Australian Shepherd.

34. Aussie Pointer: Australian Shepherd + Pointer

Image from Instagram:@jewelzheart

A versatile mixed breed, the Aussie Pointer is a great hunting companion like its Pointer parent and excellent herder like an Aussie. They often come in a Pointer’s trademark colors of black and white and short in length.

Like an Aussie, these pups often have blue eyes. But others may have brown or hazel eyes just like a Pointer.

33. Aussie Malamute: Australian Shepherd + Alaskan Malamute

Image from Instagram:@koukla66

This big fluff ball takes after its Alaskan Malamute parent, noted for its dense and long coats. But they may come in a merle pattern just like an Aussie. Overall, this Australian Shepherd mix is a lot of fun to be with.

These dogs are strong and sturdy. After all, both parents are hardworking herders and sledders. But be sure to keep your child supervised when playing with this hybrid mix as they can be a bit rambunctious at times.

32. Yorkie Aussie: Australian Shepherd + Yorkshire Terrier

Image from Instagram:@christinagonzalez14

If what you look for in an Aussie mix is one that is compact, playful, and eager to please its owner, the Yorkie Aussie is a great match for you. They are one of the smallest Australian Shepherd mixes, yet with a big personality!

They have a Yorkie’s dark eyes and an Aussie’s long coat and fur colors. But others may inherit a Yorkie’s typical colors, depending on which parent gene is more dominant.

31. Auberman: Australian Shepherd + Doberman

Image from Instagram:@reyna_days_and_mondays

A true protector, the Auberman has a Doberman’s highly protective nature mixed in with an Aussie’s high energy and gracefulness.

This hybrid canine is medium-sized and slightly smaller than a purebred Dobie. They also have a Dobie’s lean and slender build and may have coats in medium or short length like either parent.

30. Aussie Wheaten: Australian Shepherd + Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier

Image from Instagram:@teddy_sweetie_wheatie

A compact exercise buddy and cuddle bug, the Aussie Wheaten is one portable pooch to include in your outdoor activities or even when just lounging around at home. They have a Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier’s feathery-smooth coat with the Aussie’s hallmark colors.

Since it’s part-terrier, part herder, expect this pooch to be quite energetic. They can be a handful sometimes, so be sure to train them properly at an early age.

29. Aussie Terrier: Australian Shepherd + Bull Terrier

Image from Instagram:@bailey_the_bullterrier

Combine an Australian Shepherd and a Bull Terrier, and you’ve got a loyal, affectionate and fun-loving Aussie Terrier. They are medium-sized canines that can grow up to 23 inches tall and weigh as much as 70 lbs.

Do take note that this hybrid pooch has a stubborn streak. So, they are better off with experienced owners since training them can be a bit tricky.

28. Shel-Aussie: Australian Shepherd + Shetland Sheepdog

Image from Instagram:@leya_la_princesa

One of the most popular Australian Shepherd mixes is the Shel-Aussie. After all, both parents are herders, so it’s a perfect combination.

Shel-Aussies have dense and long coats like a Sheltie and an Aussie. The colors vary from tricolor to merle pattern. These dogs have high energy, which makes them ideal for folks with an active lifestyle.

27. Australian Retriever: Australian Shepherd + Golden Retriever

Image from Instagram:@stacie_a_hirsch

The Aussie Retriever is among the oldest Australian Shepherd mixes and has been around since the early 2000s, so it’s not uncommon to find them. This designer mixed breed is a combination of the Golden Retriever and Aussie dog.

As what can be expected from both rather big parents, the Aussie Retriever can be as tall as 23 inches and weigh up to 60 lbs or more. These goofy pups are game for anything – and they get along with kids, other pets, and folks of all ages.

26. Aussie Dachshund: Australian Shepherd + Dachshund

Image from Instagram:@dashofdoxie

With stumpy legs like a Dachshund and long double coats like an Australian Shepherd, the Aussie Dachshund is a delight to have in your home. They are smart pups that are easy to train, yet somewhat stubborn at times.

If you prefer a pet that does not have a super high energy level, the Aussie Dachshund is a right fit for you. They only require moderate exercise daily and lots of cuddle time, as these are affectionate dogs.

25. Cairn Aussie: Australian Shepherd + Cairn Terrier

Image from Instagram:@pup.daisy.jane

Also referred to as the Cairn Australian Shepterrier, the Cairn Aussie is an amazing family dog. They are relatively compact just like its Cairn Terrier parent. But their coats are long and abundant, like an Aussie.

With a herding dog and a terrier breed combined in one creature, expect this pup to be quite a handful at times. It should not be an issue, though, if you fancy having a playful and energetic canine around!

24. Auggie: Australian Shepherd + Corgi

Image from Instagram:@apollotheaugie

Just one look at this Australian Shepherd mix, and it’s easy to tell from which breeds it comes from. With a Corgi’s silly, wide grin and short legs plus an Aussies trademark merle or tricolor coat pattern, Auggies are absolutely adorable.

This dog loves to have lots of attention from its owners. So, if you’re the type who needs to leave your pet in the house alone for several hours daily, an Auggie may not be suitable for you.

23. Aussiekita: Australian Shepherd + Akita

Image from Instagram:@joe_welsch

The muscular Aussiekita inherits its Akita parent’s solid and robust build but with an Australian Shepherd’s gracefulness. They are large pups and rather strong, so an experienced dog owner is a perfect match for this hybrid dog.

Combined with an Aussie’s natural herding instincts and an Akita’s energy, the Aussiekita is best suited in a large home with a spacious yard. Otherwise, a compact space may cause this big pooch to be rather miserable.

22. Dalshep: Australian Shepherd + Dalmatian

Image from Instagram:@ashploussard

Sporting a Dalmatian’s infamous black spots and an Aussie’s blue eyes, the Dalshep is a beautiful Australian Shepherd mix. They are also tall and leggy like a Dal but with an average weight of 55 lbs.

Apartment living is not ideal for this mixed breed. They need a generous space to romp around and play to keep them healthy.

21. Aussie Pit: Australian Shepherd + Pit Bull

Image from Instagram:@princessyuki__

An intelligent mixed breed, the Aussie Pit is a tall and heavy pooch. They can be as heavy as 85 lbs and tall as 23 inches, which they inherit from their Pittie parent breed. But their coats are thick and long like an Aussie, so you can expect lots of shedding from this canine.

The way to a happy and content Aussie Pit is by giving them at least a couple of hours of physical and mental stimulation every day. Early training is also important since they can be rather rowdy pups, especially around kids.

20. English Cotralian: Australian Shepherd + English Cocker Spaniel

Image from Instagram:@sugarmagnoliadog

The English Cotralian is a mixed breed with the English Cocker Spaniel’s and the Australian Shepherd’s genes. They have straight and flowing coats like a Spaniel but in colors closely similar to an Aussie’s trademark hues.

These affectionate canines are perfect for novice dog owners because of their mellow and gentle personality. They are also easy to train, so it should not be difficult getting them integrated into your household.

19. Aussie Chow: Australian Shepherd + Chow Chow

Image from Instagram:@mischathechaussie

One of the biggest Australian Shepherd mixes on our list, the Aussie Chow can weigh as much as 140 lbs and stand up to 25 inches tall. They have an abundant, long coat from both parents.

Speaking of coat texture and appearance, the color is often similar to an Aussie’s merle pattern but the same coarse quality like a Chow’s fur. With this in mind, this pup is not for folks who suffer from allergies.

18. Aussiepom: Australian Shepherd + Pomeranian

Image from Instagram:@thepuppybear

Another portable, space-friendly mixed breed, the Aussiepom comes in a tiny package like a Pomeranian but with the same spunky personality. Their colors may either resemble those of their Pom or Aussie parent breed.

They may be energetic and playful, but Aussiepoms are also up for some cuddle time. And these are the perfect lap dogs because of their compact size.

17. Aussiedor: Australian Shepherd + Labrador Retriever

Image from Instagram:@lil.miss.pebbles

Folks that dream of having a big, playful and loyal dog will adore the Aussiedor. A combination of the Australian Shepherd and Labrador Retriever, this pooch is a darling. They can go as tall as 25 inches and as heavy as 80 lbs.

Do expect to spend more time grooming this pooch, thanks to its medium-length coat from its Aussie parent. The colors may be a classic Lab’s typical hues such as chocolate, black, or white but may also be spotted or tricolor.

16. Bull Aussie: Australian Shepherd + Bulldog

Image from Instagram:@arcadianbulldogs

Not quite as heavy as a Bulldog but a tad more muscular than a purebred Australian Shepherd, the Bull Aussie is a lot of fun to be around. They have a lot of personality and can be a bit stubborn at times.

Like the Bulldog, this mixed breed’s coat is short, yet somewhat dense. They may also come in different colors including merle or tricolor, as well as spots in brown, black, and gray.

15. Aussalier: Australian Shepherd + Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Image from Instagram:@bowies_big_adventure

The Aussalier is making some waves in the dog loving community despite being one of the newest Australian Shepherd mixes. These are small to medium pups that can be as tall as 16 inches, although others are often smaller.

Playful and loving, the Aussalier is an outstanding first pet for any household. They do well with kids and other pets, so it should not be a problem integrating them into your home.

14. Aussie Rottweiler: Australian Shepherd + Rottweiler

Image from Instagram:@brewer_0518

Another heavyweight on the list is the Aussie Rottweiler. Combining the massive build of a Rottie and an Aussie’s blue eyes, this is a one-of-a-kind dog without a doubt.

They are bulky and hefty pups often at 130 lbs, and can easily grow as tall as 25 inches. These canine’s are a bit reserved like a Rottie but are quite hard working like its Aussie’s parent.

13. Aussie Frenchie: Australian Shepherd + French Bulldog

Image from Instagram:@taylorkeef

Aussie Frenchies are not very common because their parents – the French Bulldog and Australian Shepherd – don’t look alike at all. But the outcome is pretty impressive and rather unique.

This crossbreed has slightly folded ears like an Aussie or standing upright like a Frenchie. They may also be as small as 14 inches at the shoulder or about 17 inches and weigh up to 45 lbs.

12. Berner Aussie: Australian Shepherd + Bernese Mountain Dog

Image from Instagram:@jasper_otto_johnson

A delightful companion for the family, the Berner Aussie is a hybrid dog that is a combination of the massive Bernese Mountain dog and an energetic Australian Shepherd. Their colors are often more similar to a Berner’s black and tan combo.

These are not your compact, space-friendly dogs. They also tend to be droolers but if you like a huge cuddly pup with the sweetest personality, the Berner Aussie is a no-brainer choice for a pet.

11. Aussie Chi: Australian Shepherd + Chihuahua

Image from Instagram:@willowthewee

Think of a shrunk down Aussie with the features of a Chihuahua, and you’ve got the Aussie Chi. This pup has the familiar Chi’s apple-shaped head and large eyes with an Aussie’s medium-length coat in shades of black, tan, or tricolor.

Aussie Chis are some of the most affectionate, “velcro” dogs you can ever find. They are very loyal to their owners and will do anything to protect you… Despite their modest size.

10. Aussie Tzu: Australian Shepherd + Shih Tzu

Image from Instagram:@tillydevine_liveshere

Another small Australian Shepherd mix, the Aussie Tzu is a portable pup with a ton of personality. They have long hair like a Shih Tzu, yet hypoallergenic because of the minimal shedding.

They can be a bit on the stubborn side, though. So, be sure to give them firm and consistent training, yet with plenty of positive reinforcement to develop good habits.

9. Sheagle: Australian Shepherd + Beagle

Image from Instagram:@kthockey23

Sheagles are a hybrid pooch with parents that are nothing alike. They have a Beagle’s floppy ears and an Aussie’s blue tic or merle pattern. But sometimes, their colors are more like a Beagle’s in shades of brown, tan, black, red tick, or lemon.

This designer dog can vary in size. Some can be as small as a foot tall while others are rather large at 24 inches and weigh 65 lbs.

8. Australian Eskimo: Australian Shepherd + American Eskimo

Image from Instagram:@tails_and_trails_usa

Adorable and social, the Australian Eskimo loves to be the center of attention. This Aussie + Eskimo combo has dense coats in cream, brown, or black colors. Frequent brushing is a must to maintain the coat’s smooth texture.

Aussie Eskimos are very playful dogs. They need a big space to romp around and exhaust their energy; otherwise, they can develop anxiety and negative behaviors.

7. Aussiedoodle: Australian Shepherd + Poodle

Image from Instagram:@raisetheruthiepoo

One of the most well-loved Australian Shepherd mixes is the Aussiedoodle. It combines the curly Poodle with an Aussie’s long and flowing fur. They may also be under a foot tall while others can grow bigger than that.

If what you look for is an active pup, then the Aussiedoodle is for you. They have high energy like both parents, which make them amazing companions for your outdoor adventures.

6. Aussie Pug: Australian Shepherd + Pug

Image from Instagram:@pippathepugx

A more modest-sized Australian Shepherd mix, the Aussie Pug comes in a small package. They have a Pug’s trademark pushed in nose, short coat, and some wrinkles on the forehead. Others may have the Aussie’s blue eyes, too.

Sweet and loyal, you will love having an Aussie Pug as a pet. Training is also easy since they are always eager to please their owners.

5. Aussie Pyrenees: Australian Shepherd + Great Pyrenees

Image from Instagram:@therealmooseymoo

With the Aussie Pyrenees around, there’s never a dull moment. After all, they love to play and take part in every family activity. These are huge dogs that can grow up to 32 inches and weigh as much as 110 lbs.

Aussie Pyrenees are amazing with kids. They are always ready to protect their loved ones and keep their family safe no matter what.

4. Aussie Spaniel: Australian Shepherd + Cocker Spaniel

Image from Instagram:@evieandoliver

A perfect lap dog, the Aussie Spaniel is one that loves to be with you at all times. They have a Cocker Spaniel’s soft, long ears and an Aussie’s blue eyes. Their snouts are also wide just like a Spaniel.

Their long coats come in a variety of colors. Among the common ones are brown and white, tricolor, or even merle like an Aussie.

3. Boxherd: Australian Shepherd + Boxer

Image from Instagram:@milo_aussieboxer

Next up in our list of Australian Shepherd mixes is the Boxherd. These pups have short and smooth coats like a Boxer and in shades of golden, chocolate, or even an Aussie’s merle pattern.

They are intelligent pups that can be trained easily. But they can be quite big at 80 lbs heavy and 25 inches tall, so be sure there’s ample space at home for these fellows!

2. Baussie: Australian Shepherd + Boston Terrier

Image from Instagram:@sarajena

A fun Australian Shepherd mix, the Baussie is what you get when you mix an Aussie with a Boston Terrier. Generally a low maintenance pup, this is more than happy being with its owners and romping around in the yard.

They usually come in black and white colors just like a Boston Terrier but often with blue eyes like its Aussie parent. If space is an issue at home, this pooch should fit right in because of its compact size.

1. Texas Heeler: Australian Shepherd + Blue Heeler

Image from Instagram:@shenzi_with_a_z

The Texas Heeler is a designer pooch that’s a combination of the Australian Shepherd and Blue Heeler. Although both parents share an Aussie background, the outcome is quite fascinating and unique.

These are medium-sized dogs weighing an average of 25 to 50 lbs and as tall as 22 inches. Prevailing colors depend on which parent has a more dominant gene but can vary from blue merle, fawn, black, white, and blue ticked.

How Long Do Australian Shepherd Mixes Live? Healthy Australian Shepherd Mixes can live up to 12 years. Their lifespan, however, is heavily influenced by certain factors, such as the presence of genetic diseases from both parents, diet, and lifestyle.

How Big Do Australian Shepherd Mixes Get? The average size of an Australian Shepherd Mix largely depends on the size of the parents. Some Aussie mixes are found to have an average height of 23 inches at the shoulder while others are just slightly a foot tall.

Are Australian Shepherd Mixes Hypoallergenic? Australian Shepherd Mixes are not always hypoallergenic because it is largely dependent on which dominant gene from the parent breed the mix has. If one parent has hypoallergenic coat quality such as a Poodle, then this Australian Shepherd mix can be hypoallergenic. Otherwise, Aussie mixes bred with other dogs with dense and thick coats are not suitable for allergy sufferers because they shed a lot.

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