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How Much Does An Australian Shepherd Cost?

The price of an Australian Shepherd can range from $300 to $1,000. They cost relatively low because Australian Shepherds are known to have health issues, like cancers and epilepsy, and have a shorter lifespan as a result. However, Australian Shepherds are working dogs that require lots of mental stimulation and physical activities, so monthly maintenance cost can reach around $200.

Australian Shepherd Mixes

The highly intelligent Border Collie meets high-energy Aussie in the delightful Aussie Collie mix. Then, thereโ€™s the super fluffy Ausky, the blue-eyed offspring of the Aussie and Siberian Husky. And letโ€™s not forget the adorable compact and sturdy Boxherd, a hybrid dog with the Aussie and Boxer genes.

Border Collie VS Australian Shepherd

Although both are unarguably intelligent pups, the Border Collie ranks higher than the Aussie Shepherd. But Aussies are more popular, at least according to the AKC. And when it comes to eye color, Aussies may have one blue and one brown โ€“ something quite unique about them.

Miniature American Shepherd

Miniature American Shepherds, also called MAS or Mini Australian Shepherds, are the miniature breed variant of the Australian Shepherd. The breed originates in California from smaller Aussies and has only been officially recognized by the American Kennel Club for the past few years since 2015.

Red Merle Australian Shepherd

The Red Merle Australian Shepherd, contrarily, has a red base coat with a merle pattern.ย Red Merle Australian Shepherds, or Red Merle Aussies, have a gene pool consisting ofย mutated MC1R genes, which produce inordinate level ofย  Pheomelanin (reddish yellow) pigments, and the merle gene, which gives them the signature spotted merle coat.

Toy Australian Shepherd

Toy Australian Shepherds are a rare size variant of the Australian Shepherd that is much smaller. In fact, they will only grow to the height of your knee. While theyโ€™re not the smallest in general, they are the smallest of the group that still exhibits the herding abilities.

Black And White Australian Shepherd

The Black And White Australian Shepherd is a bicolor variety of the purebred Australian Shepherd. For the most part, these dogs are in every way like every other variety of the purebred dog including their high drive and personality traits as a herding dog class. However, their unique coat type may affect their health and a few care needs.