Border Collie VS Australian Shepherd

Equally energetic and active, the agile Border Collie and the nimble Australian Shepherd share so many similarities. But did you know that beyond their spirited nature, these two pups are like night and day? Our Border Collie VS Australian Shepherd comparison will show you how!

Although both are unarguably intelligent pups, the Border Collie ranks higher than the Aussie Shepherd. But Aussies are more popular, at least according to the AKC. And when it comes to eye color, Aussies may have one blue and one brown – something quite unique about them.

If you’re curious about the differences between these two pooches, you’ll definitely learn more about them here. So, let’s get started!

12. Intelligence

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Quick-witted and clever, Border Collies and Australian Shepherds are smart pups. They can easily pick up commands, which makes them easy to train.

However, the Border Collie ranks higher in terms of intelligence based on Stanley Coren’s list. In fact, they sit comfortably at the top 1 spot while Aussies are in 42nd place.

11. Appearance: Eye Color

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The Australian Shepherd has more eye colors than the Border Collie. They can also have one blue or brown eye, which is a condition called heterochromia.

Border Collies usually have darker eyes such as gold, hazel, or deep brown. Some may have blue eyes but it is a rarer eye color for this breed.

10. Appearance: Weight

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Although both don’t have much difference in height, Border Collies are lighter than Aussies. In fact, they tend to weigh between 27 and 47 lbs.

Aussies are not much taller than Border Collies, yet there is a significant gap between the two in terms of weight. For instance, an adult Aussie tends to weigh up to 75 lbs. These are your muscular, robust dogs without a doubt!

9. Appearance: Coat Colors

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If you prefer more color options in a dog, then the Border Collie got it. These pooches come in a wide range of colors including gold, red, blue merle, black, sable, white and black, white and blue merle, lilac, and many more!

But there’s not a lot of color variety for the Australian Shepherd. These pups only come in four colors such as red merle, red, black, and blue merle.

8. Appearance: Coat Markings

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Because Border Collies have more coat colors, it’s expected that they also beat Aussies when it comes to coat markings and patterns. In fact, there are 7 marking varieties for Border Collies including brindle, ticked, and many more.

Australian Shepherds only have 3 coat markings, considering the fewer color options for these cuties. Interestingly, these dogs tend to have some pigmentations on their noses, lips, and the rims of their eyes.

7. Barking Tendency

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As these are herding dogs, it also follows that they bark a lot. After all, that’s how these pups get to keep the cattle under control.

However, Border Collies are a bit calmer and less vocal than Aussies. When it comes to expressing their feelings without any hesitation, Aussies rule this category.

6. Family Dog

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Border Collies are a bit wary of strangers and can be quite aloof. They also have a longer history as herding dogs, which makes them prone to chasing and nipping at young kids.

While Aussies are also herding pups, they are a bit more sociable and with less tendencies to stalk and chase people. With proper training, however, both can minimize their inherently strong herding instincts.

5. Price

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With both breeds being intelligent, popular, not to mention physically attractive, we expect to pay a high price for these pups. But then again, one has a higher price tag than the other.

Australian Shepherd puppies cost $900 on average, which is more expensive than the Border Collie at around $700. The price quickly goes up depending on the dog’s history and background.

4. Lifespan

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Generally, bigger dogs have a shorter lifespan than smaller ones. Since Border Collies and Australian Shepherds are classified as medium-sized dog breeds, their lifespan is slightly longer than larger pups.

Both dogs have an average lifespan of 12 to 15 years. They are prone to certain ailments but for the most part, these are healthy canines because of their active lifestyle.

3. Popularity

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As we have mentioned earlier, Australian Shepherds are popular dogs that have remained in the top 20 of the AKC’s popularity ranking. They are currently in 17th place and have never gone lower than 20 in the past 5 years.

As for Border Collies, they are in 38th place and have never gone past the top 50. But overall, they are both well-loved dogs in various types of households.

2. Appearance: Height

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Both are solidly built and sturdy but one is actually smaller than the other. Border Collies are just a smidge shorter than Aussies at 18 to 21 inches tall for females and up to 22 inches for males.

On the other hand, male Australian Shepherds can grow a little over 22 inches while females are a little smaller.

1. Breed History And Origins

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Border Collies have their long history in Britain, where the Romans bred them as herding dogs. But modern-day Border Collies came from the rocky terrains of Scotland and Wales.

As for the Australian Shepherd, these canines have their ancestors from Spain’s Pyrenees and were eventually brought to Australia by shepherds from this part of the world. And that’s how they got their name, despite not originating from the said country as its name implies.

Do Australian Shepherds And Border Collies Get Along? With both breeds having nearly the same temperament, Australian Shepherds can most certainly get along quite well with Border ColliesThey like to stay active, so you can expect them to be the best playmates for each other.

What Do You Call An Australian Shepherd And Border Collie Mix? When you mix an Aussie Shepherd with a Border Collie, this results in a Border Aussie or Aussie Collie. This is the type of dog that you would want to go on long walks or hikes with because of their high energy levels.

Are Australian Shepherds Good On A Farm? Absolutely. Australian Shepherds are herding dogs, which means they are in their element when on a farm. These are dogs you can count on for farm work, such as guarding and herding cattle, or simply helping out in various tasks.

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