President Biden’s Dogs Moved From The White House To Delaware After Alleged Aggressive Incident

Just over a month after officially moving into the White House, President Joe Biden’s two dogs have been moved from the White House to the President’s home in Delaware. This comes after the younger of the two German Shepherds allegedly attacked and bit a member of the White House security staff.

Major, the dog who was involved in the biting incident, is a 3-year-old German Shepherd whom Joe Biden adopted from the Delaware Humane Association back in 2018, making him the first shelter dog to call the White House home. To celebrate this achievement, the Delaware Humane Association held an “indoguration” for Major on January 17th, 2021, three days before Biden was inaugurated as the President.

Relocation Confirmed

Image from Instagram:@commanderbidennofficial

Sources at the White House have not divulged much information about the incident, which they termed as a “biting incident”, so the condition of the White House staffer who was involved in the incident is not yet clear. However, the incident, which occurred last week, triggered the relocation of the two dogs to Wilmington, Delaware, where they still are.

President Biden’s inauguration brought back dogs to the White House after Donald Trump’s four-year stint at the White House. Trump was the first US President in 100 years who did not have a pet dog.

Reports from the White House say that, ever since moving into the White House, Major has been the rowdier of the two dogs and has been involved in other “aggressive behavior”, including barking, jumping and charging at White House staffers.

The other dog, Champ, has been the good boy so far. However, at 13 years of age, this can be attributed to being slowed down by age.

Back In Delaware

In an interview with the People Magazine last month, First Lady Jill Biden described the two German Shepherds as really good dogs that are well-trained. Speaking to Kelly Clarkson on the “Kelly Clarkson Show”, the First Lady also said she was obsessed with helping the two dogs settle at the White House.

According to the First Lady, there are some things that the two dogs were not used to, such as riding on the elevator, or having lots of people watching them whenever they go out to play on the South Lawn. She was working to help the dogs get used to this.

While a person from the White House who is familiar with the dogs’ schedule confirms that the two dogs are currently in the President’s Delaware home, the two dogs have been known to spend some time in Delaware whenever the First Lady is not around.

At the moment, the First Lady is away on a two-day trip visiting military bases in California and Washington, and it is not clear whether this visit has played a role in the relocation of the dogs to Delaware. It is also unclear whether the move is permanent, or whether the First dogs will be coming back to the White House.

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