Rat Terrier Beagle Mix – Your Complete Breed Guide To The Raggle

Did you know that the Rat Terrier and Beagle look alike? Despite originating from different backgrounds, most of the two dogs’ personalities resemble each other. Take a look at their company with children. They associate well and may also be suitable for inexperienced owners.

Despite their similarities, I never thought that a mix between a Rat Terrier and a Beagle would bring forth a dog of attractive personality like a Raggle. Nevertheless, a Raggle will be the best choice of pooch to have if you are looking for a watchdog with agility, high energy, and intelligence.

You should consider getting a Raggle if you are fond of its physical features. In this breed guide, you will find deeper and helpful information about the dog worth it before making your decision to own one. Read on to learn more about a Beagle Rat Terrier Mix.

How Big Does A Beagle Rat Terrier Mix Get?

A Raggle has a small body disposition. The male Raggle has an average height of 12 inches. The female Raggle, on the other hand, can grow up to 11 inches tall. The male and female weight also does not differ much. An adult male weighs around 20 lbs, while a female weighs about 19 lbs.

A Raggle is a hybrid of Beagle and Rat Terrier dogs. The resulting breed possesses the best qualities from both of the original breeds. Raggle is known for being sensitive, taking every signal from its environment. This characteristic makes this furry companion one of the best watchdogs to have. You can expect the following characteristics from Raggle.

Color And Coat

A Raggle takes a mix of characteristics from the parent dogs. The small canine buddy normally combines 2 to 4 of brown, black white and lemon colors.

In most Raggle hybrids, the white color dominates with black sports or shade on the back. The lemon and brown colors are mostly present on the face, ears and neck. When it comes to the coat texture, the Raggle has a straight, short and thick coat.


Raggles take a mix of Beagle’s gentleness and Rat Terrier’s aggressiveness to make an extremely attractive watchdog you could lay your eyes on. Raggle has velvety ears that gently flop down. The dogs also have almond-shaped eyes, mostly brown or hazel.

Other notable features include black noses, a medium-sized muzzle, and a small chest with a strong back. They have well-defined necks. Their tails are straight to moderately curly.

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How Long Does A Raggle Live?

A Raggle lives between 12 to 15 years.

Like other dogs, Raggle also has some common health problems. Most of the diseases are inherited from the original pure breeds, Beagle and Rat Terrier. Most common health problems that affect Raggle include:

Intervertebral Disk Disease

Intervertebral Disk Disease affects your pooch’s spinal column. The disease causes soreness in the back and neck and some sensation concerns. This condition may also affect your pooch’s bowel movement and causes paralysis at worst.

Eye Problems

Also known as Glaucomathe disease affects the dog’s eye due to a damaged optic nerve. This condition is brought up by incorrect draining aqueous humor. Aqueous humor is a liquid continuously produced within the eye. You can tell your four-legged furry friends are suffering from Glaucoma if you notice cloudiness, teary and red eyes.

Hip Dysplasia

This is another common health condition in Raggles. It commonly occurs when the hybrid’s elbow joint dislocates, thereby impacting its mobility. Although this condition is inherited, it can be treated through surgery.

Beagle Dwarfism

As the name implies, Beagle dwarfism is inherited from the Beagle parent breed. Affected Raggles appear smaller than they ought to be.

Progressive Retinal Atrophy (PRA)

PRA is another inherited disease. This usually leads to blindness in the dog as it gets olders. It is important to question and seek information on the parent’s health before buying a puppy.

Other common diseases you can expect in Raggles include hypothyroidism, epilepsy, patellar luxation, incorrect bites, demodectic mange, and allergies.

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How To Take Care Of Your Raggle?

Raggles Need 45 To 60 Minutes Of Exercise Daily

With the pooch’s energetic temperament, a lot of exercises will be suitable for the dog’s physical and emotional health. A few common activities you can try out include walking your dear fido on a trail in the woods, running in the backyard if it is spacious, or playing fetch in a park.

If you find a more spacious area in the open or the woods with natural scents, you might find the experience rewarding. You can also take your dear fido with other dogs to the dog park.

Diet is also vital for these energetic Raggles. With their high energy demands, expect to offer them more but not excess food daily. A cup of food fed in two meals per day should be okay for the four-legged furry friend.

Here is how you can take care of your Beagle Rat Terrier Mix.

Offer High-quality Food

The type of food you offer your dear fido should be of good quality with the necessary nutrients. Some owners may find it challenging when feeding Raggles. This is because of the pup’s fussy eating nature. This means the pooch will only take certain types of food.

On the other hand, the pup’s feeding nature is good for preventing overeating. As a result, Raggles are one of the dog breeds least affected by obesity.

To ensure you maintain healthy feeding, we recommend Pet Plate. The company offers high-grade food ideal for picky eaters like Raggle. Besides, the company has top pet food nutritionists and qualified chefs to provide your pooch balanced diet, delicious and fresh recipes.

Include Multivitamins In The Diet

Raggles are affected by diseases such as hip dysplasia that can be prevented by feeding multivitamin supplements, like glucosamine with chondroitin, to promote joint health for your dog.

Don’t Forget About The Dental Water Additives

Some people have questioned the effectiveness of dental water additives. However, such additives are excellent for freshening your pooch’s breath. As much as you can rely on using the additives for your dog’s mouth, you should not stop brushing your dog’s teeth.

Are Raggles Aggressive? Temperaments Of Rat Terrier Beagle Mixes

Rat Terrier Beagle Mixes Should Not Be Left Alone

Like their Beagle parents, the Raggles thrive poorly when left alone. These pooches are real pack animals.

What if you leave them with other animals at home? Raggles socializes really well with their owners. They also like the company of children. However, they perform poorly when left with smaller animals. If you plan to leave your four-legged canine friend at home, ensure you train the pooch to socialize with other animals well.

Rat Terrier Beagle Mixes Are One Of The Most Difficult To Train Dogs

The Raggle is strong-willed, which brings challenges in obedience training. Besides, the dog is prone to distraction from scents and other animals in the pooch’s sight.

For best results, complement every training session with enough praises and rewards. Also, remember to use as little time as possible in every training session. Choose an area also with less distraction, like a room in a building or open field.

Rat Terrier Beagle Mixes Are Known For Their Hunting Instincts

Given that the Terrier dog breeds are great hunters, the Rat Terrier parentage contributes significantly to the Raggle’s hunting instincts. Coupled with high energy activity levels, this hybrid loves exploring its environment as well as enjoying various games with its owners, especially game hunting sessions.

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Do Raggles Shed? Grooming Tips For Rat Terrier Beagle Mixes

Rat Terrier Beagle Mixes Are Hypoallergenic

The Raggles only shed a low amount of hair. With their thick, straight and short hair, you can be sure to engage in light grooming of your dear fido. Here are simple grooming tips.

Brush At Least Once A Week

Come up with a grooming routine. Brush your canine friend one in a week. However, you may adjust to twice or thrice a week in its shedding seasons. Then find the right tool like the Furminator Undercoat Tool.

The tool operates smoothly in removing loose undercoat hair without damaging your canine companion’s topcoat. With a push on the button, the tool works flawlessly without cutting your dog’s skin.

Check The Underside Of The Ears, The Nails, And Teeth

Raggles have slightly sloping ears. While doing your grooming routines, remember to check the underside of the ears. Use a soft cloth and a solution to clean this part. Remove any dirt, dust, pollen, wax, and strange materials to avoid ear infections.

Check the nails and teeth too when grooming your dog. If the nails are too long, consider clipping them. Also, brush your furry friend’s teeth at least after every two grooming cycles or after two weeks.

Use Shampoo To Bathe Your Raggle

If you are worried about the best solution to use for your hypoallergenic furry friend, try Pro Pet Works All Natural 5 In 1 Oatmeal Shampoo.

How Much Is A Raggle? For small dog breeds, you should not expect excessive prices. You can get a good Raggle puppy at a price between $250 and $600. It is recommended to find out a little about the background of the puppy before buying one. The average yearly expense for medical attention cost between $400 and $550. Food for the hybrid will cost between $15 and $30 per month.

Do Raggles Swim? Raggles can swim. You can use various methods to teach your canine companion how to swim. One of the popular ways to train your dog how to swim is using a rubber ball dog toy that can float on water, like Chuckit.

Do Beagles And Rat Terriers Get Along? Beagles can get along well with Rat Terriers only if they are both well trained. Both the Beagles and Rat Terriers are natural hunters. If left together, they may get aggressive, especially if they are of the same gender. However, you can subject them to socialization, especially when they are young, to handle this issue.

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