Rhodesian Ridgeback Temperament And Personality

Dignified and aloof to strangers but loyal and affectionate to their owners, Rhodesian Ridgebacks are great canine companions for first-time and experienced dog owners alike. But thereโ€™s more to these pups than what meets the eye – and weโ€™ll cover their temperament and personality right here!

Rhodesian Ridgebacks are loyal pups and will do all they can to protect their owners from danger. They are strong-willed dogs that make learning new tricks and commands easy. Plus, they are dignified canines with an even temper and calm demeanor that makes them absolutely lovable.

Learn more about these golden-brown beauties and discover the endearing Rhodesian Ridgeback temperament and personality that you never knew!

11. Athletic

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Bred as hunters, Rhodesian Ridgebacks are athletic pups. They have a knack for running and walking long distances, so you can have these pooches come along with you on an outdoor adventure.

Interestingly, Ridgebacks are great at lure coursing, to name a few. They are speedy canines that can keep pace with fast dog breeds.

10. Protective

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In addition to being natural hunters, Rhodesian Ridgebacks also protected Boer families and farms in untamed and harsh environments. This is why they are excellent guard dogs because of their strong protective instincts.

Just one look at this breedโ€™s formidable and intimidating presence can easily ward off any intruder. So if you want an alert and protective pup who can make you feel safe, the Ridgeback is a fine choice for you.

9. Independent

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Although Ridgebacks do not particularly enjoy being left alone, they should be fine to be by themselves for a few hours a day. They need some physical and mental stimulation after spending time by themselves to eliminate the boredom that leads to destructive behavior.

It is also worth noting that Ridgebacks can test your patience at times because of their domineering personality. Firm and consistent training should be able to tone this temperament.

8. Even-Tempered

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Overall, Rhodesian Ridgebacks are calm and even-tempered dogs. In fact, they donโ€™t bark a lot, and not a lot of things irk them. This is why they are great as family pets, even when in the presence of young kids.

Patient and gentle, Ridgebacks are easy to please. They can get along easily with all members of the household, as well as small pets.

7. Affectionate

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Ridgebacks are natural cuddle bugs. They are affectionate pups that would never hesitate to show you just how much they love to be with you. 

But if there are small kids in the house, it is best to supervise their playtime with these large dogs. With their towering height and muscular build, they may easily knock over your young kids by accident when they get into their affectionate mood.

6. Mischievous

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As young pups, Ridgebacks are generally active and energetic creatures. They love to run around and play, which makes them quite endearing.

But sometimes, they can be mischievous, too! They tend to get into some mischief when bored or when not trained properly. And with a rambunctious personality during their younger years, you need more patience when dealing with this breed.

5. Sensitive

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What draws many people toward Rhodesian Ridgebacks is their sweet and sensitive personalities. These dogs may be powerful and intimidating, but they have a soft, big heart underneath all that muscle.

Ridgebacks are caring canines that get attached too easily to their owners. They love to please their favorite humans and are very sensitive to what the other person is feeling.

4. Intelligent

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Ridgebacks are smart dogs that do well in training sessions. They can easily pick up on commands and tricks you teach them, which makes it easy even for first-time owners to train these dogs.

They require daily mental stimulation to keep themselves from getting bored. Puzzles and games that allow them to think and problem-solve are excellent activities for Ridgebacks.

3. Dignified

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At first glance, Ridgebacks possess a dignified appearance – poised, calm, and regal. They are mellow dogs that have a gentle temperament instead of being totally out of control.

Towards their owners, these canines can be very playful and easy-going. But with strangers, they keep their guard up and are aloof.

2. Strong-Willed

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Confident and strong-willed, Rhodesian Ridgebacks love to do things their way. They can also test your patience, which is why firm training is a must for this breed.

The best way to handle this strong-willed personality is through obedience training and consistent leadership. You need to show your pooch who the pack leader is and be the assertive leader it needs.

1. Loyal

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Ridgebacks may possess an imposing appearance, but they are warm and loving to their families underneath that look. In fact, they are โ€œpeople dogsโ€ that simply enjoy being with their favorite humans.

If you want a pup that will remain loyal and dedicated to you no matter what, then look no further. Ridgebacks are committed to loving and protecting their owners.

Is A Ridgeback A Good Family Dog? Absolutely. Ridgebacks are even-tempered dogs that can get along easily with all members of the family including young children. However, they need to be supervised well when playing with small kids because of their large bodies and physical strength that can accidentally knock youngsters over.

Are Rhodesian Ridgebacks Aggressive Dogs? Although they are territorial breeds, Rhodesian Ridgebacks are not aggressive pups. They are even-tempered and mellow dogs but can be quite protective of their owners when they sense danger.

Do Rhodesian Ridgebacks Have A Favorite Person? Yes, Rhodesian Ridgebacks can be one-person dogs even if they do love their families. Ridgebacks have a tendency to be attached to just one member of the family but will also be loving and caring to other household members.

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