Rottweiler Mixes

The American Kennel Club recognizes the Rottweiler as one of the most famous dog breeds in the US. It’s because Rottweilers are large, powerful dogs that are very loyal, intelligent, and friendly. They’re often mixed with other dog breeds to obtain Rottweiler mixes with diverse color patterns, and body sizes.

For some people, the intense personality of Rottweilers tends to be unbearable. That’s why, crossing them with other breeds to obtain an efficient guard dog with a light-at-heart personality is often seen. Out of all, the Weimarrott and the New Rottland are the best Rottweiler mixes that you can’t afford to miss out. Following these, the Dachsweiler and the Rotticorso are two very promising designer dog breeds.

32. Weimarrott

Image from Instagram:@lucyta15

.The perfect blend of features created by crossing the Weimaraner with the Rottweiler has been named as Weimarrott. They grow 24 to 27 inches in height and weigh 70 to 130 lbs.

Weimarrott dogs have medium sized, straight fur that exhibits a blend of colors namely black, silver, and gray. Their fur needs minimal grooming on a weekly basis. 

Being easily trainable, loyal, intelligent, and playful, Weimarrotts can be utilized as companions, guard dogs, and game hunting dogs.

31. New Rottland

Image from Instagram:@thesjsmyth

Developed from a cross between the Newfoundland and the Rottweiler, the New Rottland is a large sized dog with height towering between 27 to 30 inches.

The medium length, dense, and straight fur of New Rottland can take diverse colors varying between black, brown, fawn, sable, and brindle. 

New Rottland, although a large dog, is very gentle at heart. They love having fun with other pets and children, though owing to their large size, adult supervision is recommended.

30. Rottie Aussie

Image from Instagram:@critterflyer

A mix between the Rottweiler and the Australian Shepherd yields the Rottie Aussie designer dog breed. Both the parents being excellent service dogs, the Rottie Aussie excels in such fields as well.

The blend between the independent nature of Australian Shepherd and docile nature of Rottweiler makes Rottie Aussie a perfect service dog as well as family companion. 

A medium-to-large sized dog, Rottie Aussie is typically present with a bicolor, thick, short coat. Though, the actual coloration may vary based on the parental coat colors.

29. Jackweiler

Image from Instagram:@leovonwigglebottom

The Jackweiler is a relatively new designer dog breed arising out of blending the genes of Jack Russell Terrier with a Rottweiler. This combo yields a lively pet that loves to play all the time.

Jackweiler’s height can range between 14 to 27 inches and weigh between 13 to 115 lbs. Its straight, medium-sized coat usually retains black and white color patterns, though the possibilities are endless. 

The coat of a Jackweiler should be brushed on a weekly basis so as to avoid excessive shedding.

28. Bernese Rottie

Image from Instagram:@juicethebernweiler

Also known as Bernweiler, the Bernese Rottie is a designer dog breed obtained by crossing the Rottweiler with the Bernese Mountain Dog.

You should expect Bernese Rottie to be a super-strong, highly muscular, large-sized dog with height ranging from 24 to 28 inches and weighing 75 to 130 lbs.

Bernese Rotties are not suitable for apartment dwellers. They need an open space to roam around and enjoy their freedom. Though that doesn’t stop them from being fun-loving and compassionate towards their owners.

27. Rottle

Image from Instagram:@oodlesofcountrydoodles

Retaining the temperament of a poodle and the physique of a Rottweiler, the Rottle makes quite an adorable mixed dog breed.

Based on the size of their Poodle parent , Rottle dog breeds come in toy, mini and standard sizes. They usually retain the long, wavy fur type exhibited by the Poodles.

Rottles are recommended for novice pet owners as they’re easily trainable. Also, their hypoallergenic coats are something they’re very famous for.

26. Rottmatian

Image from Instagram:@rufus.rico.rixie

One of the best looking Rottweiler mixes, the Rottmatian is a dashing dog breed that’s developed by crossing the dalmatian with the Rottweiler.

The Rottmatian designer dog breed comprises medium-to-large sized dogs that can grow up to the height of 23 inches and weigh 80 lbs. 

The signature black and white spots of Dalmatians are most usually retained in the Rottmatians. They do well as family dogs and companions but can double up as guard dogs anytime of the day.

25. Bull Mastweiler

Image from Instagram:@diesel.the.bfg

The Bull Mastweiler is a Bullmastiff and Rottweiler crossbreed that yields large to very large sized dogs. The average height of the Bull Mastweiler can range from 24 to 27 inches and their weight stays between 80 to 120 lbs.

Bull Mastweilers harbor inherent guarding instincts. They’re powerful, protective companions who shouldn’t be left alone with children and other pets. 

The dense, short coats of Bull Mastweilers can exhibit red, fawn, brindle colors, or a blend of two or more. They’ve double coats that shed more than the pets who exhibit single coats.

24. Rottsky

Image from Instagram:@sniffandscout

The Rottsky is a designer dog breed obtained by mixing the Siberian Husky with the Rottweiler. As you can see, this blend should be expected to harbor limitless energy and strong musculature. 

For novice pet owners and apartment dwellers, the Rottsky is not a recommended dog breed. They require ample exercise and mental stimulation to stay in their best moods. 

Averaging between 22 to 26 inches in height and 75 to 95 lbs in weight, Rottsky dogs signify strength, sturdiness, and loyalty.

23. English Mastweiler

Image from Instagram:@luna_theenglishmastweiler

Developed by crossing the English Mastiff with the Rottweiler, English Mastweiler is a gentle-tempered dog that can double up as a guard dog. 

The English Mastweiler dog breed is best known as a protective dog breed comprising dogs with unlimited energy and strong musculature. 

In their adulthood, English Mastweilers can grow from 27 to 32 inches in size and weigh anything between 100 to 140 lbs. They most commonly attain black, brindle, or fawn colors.

22. Reagle

Image from Instagram:@charlie_thereagle

With its height ranging from 15 to 27 inches and weighing between 50 to 85 lbs, this Beagle and Rottweiler mix, i.e. Reagle is a perfect companion for individual pet owners as well as families. 

Reagles have an average life span of 10 to 14 years, and typically come in black, fawn, and white color options.

The Beagle side of Reagles makes them less of protective dogs and more of fun-loving dogs. They adore children and love to play with them, as well as other pets.

21. Saint Weiler

Image from Instagram:@akenyangirl

Saint Weiler is a hybrid dog breed obtained by crossing the protective Rottweiler with the big-hearted, kind natured Saint Bernard dog breed.

Saint Weiler, being an adorable giant, weighs between 100 to 180 lbs, and its height stands between 22 to 28 inches. 

The fur of Saint Weilers can retain black, white, tan, brown, red, or a blend of these colors, based on the color of parent breeds.

20. Labrottie

Image from Instagram:@life.with.caesar

America’s all-time favorite, Labrador Retriever, when crossed with Rottweiler yields Labrottie, an affectionate and loyal dog breed.

Flaunting a giant musculature, Labrotties are large-sized dogs that can attain weight between 70 to 115 lbs. The signature chocolate color of Labrador Retriever is typically retained by Labrottie as well, but colors such as gray, black, and tan are also possible.

Labrotties are excellent companions because they love to spend time with their owners. Also, they have minimum grooming needs but require regular exercise.

19. Weiler Dane

Image from Instagram:@pupsofyeg

A dog breed consisting of largest dogs in the world, i.e. The Great Dane, when mixed with the Rottweiler, gives Weiler Dane, comprising dogs that can reach up to the height of 33 inches, and weigh between 145 to 175 lbs. 

Weiler Dane dogs are a perfect combo of one parent’s protectiveness and the other one’s gentle temperament. Early socialization could prove to be beneficial as they tend to be stubborn at times. 

You can see Weiler Danes most often in reddish-brown or black coloration, occasionally more brown than black. 

18. American Bullweiler

Image from Instagram:@kimbo_thebullweiler

Also known as Rottbull, the American Bullweiler is a designer dog breed obtained by crossing the American Bulldog with the Rottweiler dog breed. 

The American Bullweiler being a strong, intelligent, and loyal dog is often employed as a guard dog. Though they make perfect family pleasing companions as well. 

With a height ranging between 20 to 28 inches and a size weighing 70 to 120 lbs, American Bullweiler is considered a large sized dog. Its coat can retain black, golden, or red colors with white markings almost all over the body.

17. Boxweiler

Image from Instagram:@clyde_the_tripawd

Known by many other names such as Box Rotty, Boxer Rottie, and Boxie Rottie, the Boxweiler is a hybrid dog made by crossing the Boxer with the Rottweiler. 

Boxweilers mostly exhibit fawn, brindle, black, white, and brown coats. These large sized dogs range from 21 to 27 inches tall and weigh between 70 to 100 lbs. 

These loving and playful dogs like to spend time with their owners. Boxweilers can act stubborn at times and don’t necessarily act well with other pets.

16. French Bullweiler

Image from Instagram:@chopper_french_bullweiler

You should expect the French Bullweiler to be a 13 to 25 inches litter weighing 25 to 85 lbs. It’s the result of cross breeding between the French Bulldog and the Rottweiler.

The short, dense coat of French Bullweilers can exhibit multiple colors such as black and brindle. Retaining the double coat, you should expect these dogs to be heavy shedders. 

French Bullweilers are highly adaptable yet inherit the protective side of their Rottweiler parents. With proper socialization, there should be no problem of over-territorial nature.

15. Rotterman

Image from Instagram:@doug_the_dobe.and.lil_karl

The Rotterman is a hybrid dog created by mixing the Doberman Pinscher with the Rottweiler. Being a strong, powerful dog, it’s not recommended for novice pet owners. 

The height of Rotterman ranges between 24 to 28 inches and their weight lies between 70 to 130 lbs. Their short, straight and medium-dense fur can exhibit sable, black, brown, and fawn colors. 

Rotterman is essentially an attention seeking dog who loves to cuddle with its owners. They’re die-hard protectors and can be best utilized as guard dogs.

14. Pinweiler

Image from Instagram:@epelsslow87

The Pinweiler is a medium sized dog produced by crossing the Rottweiler with the Miniature Pinscher. Its height stays between 22 to 25 inches and can grow 40 to 60 lbs in weight. 

A pinweiler can be employed as a family companion as well as guard dog. Its short, straight fur is most often black colored with Rottweiler type rusty brown or fawn markings. 

The Pinweiler is a fun-loving and energetic dog breed. Though, this dog shouldn’t be left alone with children.

13. Rottpeake

Image from Instagram:@riverandluna.ak

The Rottpeake is a large sized, extremely hardworking, and energetic dog obtained by crossing the Rottweiler with the Chesapeake Bay Retriever. 

Unlike other Rottweiler mixes, the Rottpeake dogs are exceptionally athletic and have vigorous exercise requirements. 

The medium, straight coats of Rottpeakes can retain either one or a blend of colors namely brown, red, fawn, black, and Isabella. Despite possessing double coat fur, these dogs aren’t considered as heavy shedders, thus require minimal grooming.

12. Rottie Bordeaux

Image from Instagram:@stanley_the_bfg

A large sized dog breed weighing between 85 to 140 lbs with a height ranging from 24 to 27 inches, the Rottie Bordeaux is a designer dog breed obtained by crossing purebred Dogue De Bordeaux with purebred Rottweiler. 

Rottie Bordeaux dogs may look intimidating but these are extremely loyal, friendly, and protective pets. A trainer with firm leadership skills is highly preferred for their upkeep. 

The short, straight fur of Rottie Bordeaux can take black, fawn, or white coloration. They may not act friendly around strangers and should be supervised around children.

11. Staffie Bullweiler

Image from Instagram:@harley_and_kobe

Also known as Rottie Staffy and Staffweiler, the Staffie Bullweiler is a designer dog breed produced by crossing the Staffordshire Bull Terrier with the Rottweiler.

Staffie Bullweiler is a medium-to-large-sized dog breed that ranges between 22 to 24 inches in height and weighs between 68 to 88 lbs. After early socialization, these dogs can do well either as companions or guard dogs.

The fur coloration of Staffie Bullweiler varies between brindle, brown, and black colors. They’re smaller than purebred Rottweilers but equally powerful in nature.

10. Rottie Shepherd

Image from Instagram:@patienceskye

A well known Rottweiler mix, the Rottie Shepherd is obtained by crossing the Rottweiler with the German Shepherd. This dog is always ready to please its owners, is energetic, and offers unquestionable loyalty. 

Rottie Shepherd dogs do well as family dogs, but a household with a big yard is highly desirable. Their height ranges between 22 to 28 inches and can weigh around 75 to 115 lbs.

The fur coloration of Rottie Shepherds varies but are mostly seen in colors namely black, gray, sable, white, red, tan, and cream.

9. Schnauzweiler

Image from Instagram:@stella_schnauzweiler

The Schanuzweiler is a designer dog breed we obtain by crossing the Standard Schnauzer with the Rottweiler. Both the parent breeds being large sized, the same should be expected from their offspring.

Schnauzweilers most often come with long, dense fur that may show moderate to heavy shedding, and exhibit a blend of white and black colors.

The temperament of Schnauzweiler dogs is considered to be fairly stable and are well known for being intelligent, loyal and ideal protectors.

8. Staffweiler

Image from Instagram:@aryaofthenorth

Combining the good bits of the American Staffordshire Terrier and the Rottweiler dog breeds, the breeders have managed to obtain the Staffweiler.

With their height towering between 25 to 27 inches and weight ranging up to 130 lbs, Staffweilers are considered large-sized dogs. 

Staffweilers harbor great love for their families and make excellent guard dogs. With early socialization, they can be tamed into loving, affectionate, and playful dogs. The coat color possibilities include colors namely brindle, white, blue, fawn, brown, gray, and black.

7. Springer Rottie

Image from Instagram:@irishcowgirl96

Originated via crossbreeding between the English Springer Spaniel and the Rottweiler, the Springer Rottie is a large sized dog that weighs between 65 to 85 lbs. It’s height can stand between 23 to 27 inches.

The short, double-coated fur of Springer Rottie can take multiple colors as solids or blends of black and white, brown and white, etc. 

Springer Rottie is a moderate shedder requiring brushing only once a week. This dog does well as a companion dog and can double up as a guard dog.

6. Golden Rottie

Image from Instagram:@yawnbeuses

An intentional designer dog breed, Golden Rottie, owes its body shape to the magnificent Golden retriever and its fur color pattern gets inherited from the Rottweiler. 

You get to see the loyal, fun-loving, and people pleasing nature of Golden Retrievers in the Golden Rottie. The length of its dense, straight fur ranges from medium to large.

Golden Rottie dogs grow medium-to-large in size weighing between 60 to 90 lbs. They perform excellent as working dogs whilst providing fulfilling companionship.

5. Rott Pei

Image from Instagram:@kasdrych

The Rott Pei is a versatile mixed dog breed that has been produced by crossing the purebred Shar Pei with the purebred Rottweiler. 

Rott Pei can be employed as a working dog, a guard dog, or as a companion dog. The height of this dog reaches between 20 to 22 inches and weighs 85 to 100 lbs.

The common fur colors that are exhibited by Rott Pei dogs include black, brown, fawn, sable, and red. They’re very loyal and protective but there’s no aggression in their temperament.

4. Rotticorso

Image from Instagram:@polalopez1

A cross between the Rottweiler and the Cane Corso Italiano yields the Rotticorso dog breed. This dog breed is all about work, whether it is herding or guarding, you have to keep them busy.

Rotticorso is a large sized dog reaching 22 to 27 inches in height, its weight stays between 80 to 120 lbs. This dog showcases the strong, good-looking physique of its parent breeds. 

The medium-sized, straight fur of Rotticorso dogs can take multiple colors which include black, brown, fawn, brindle, sable, and red.

3. Dachsweiler

Image from Instagram:@colliercountydas

Although the size of Dachsweilers can drastically vary, most often we get to see them as medium-to-small sized dogs.

their height stays between 12 to 24 inches and can weigh up to 100 lbs. Dachsweilers retain the short legs of their Dachshund parent and powerful body of the Rottweiler.

Dachsweilers may exhibit long, dense, and wiry coats of their Dachshund parents which tends to shed significantly. A weekly brush is all that’s required to keep their fur clean.

2. Border Rollie

Image from Instagram:@chelsea_pyne

A rare designer dog breed, the Border Rollie, is obtained by mixing the Border Collie with the Rottweiler dog breed.

The Border Rollie inherits the herding instincts of Border Collies and the guarding qualities of Rottweilers. If not properly socialized, they’ll seize power and be their own leaders.

About their appearance, the Border Rollie is probably the most dashing Rottweiler mix, retaining the shiny colors and body of Border Collie and head of the Rottweiler.

1. Rotthuahua

Image from Instagram:@durhamwhitehouse

Rotthuahua is a unique designer dog breed created by crossing the purebred Rottweiler with the purebred Chihuahua dog breeds.

Owing to its Chihuahua genes, the Rotthuahua breed gets to live a long life span as compared to other dog breeds, i.e. up to 18 years or more. 

If Chihuahua genes dominate, the result will be a short statured pet, otherwise, you’ll be owning a 22-inch tall Rotthuahua that can weigh up to 90 lbs. Usually, these pets come in bicolor patterns of black and multiple shades of white

Related Questions

Do Rottweiler Mixes Shed? Rottweiler mixes do not possess hypoallergenic fur, but unlike other designer dog breeds, Rottweiler mixes tend to be moderate shedders. Springer Rottie and Schnauzweiler are two well-known Rottweiler mixes that best showcase moderate shedding of fur. Though, they may show unusual shedding during the spring and fall seasons.

How Big Do Rottweiler Mixes Get? Depending upon their parent breeds, Rottweiler mixes can at most grow up to to 32 inches in height and weigh up to 130 lbs. For example, the English Mastweiler and the Rottie Shepherd are two large sized Rottweiler designer dog breeds. It mostly depends on the physical feature of the parents involved in crossbreeding.

What Is A King Rottweiler? King Rottweilers is a U.S.-based Rottweiler breeding company that champions in producing healthy Rottweiler breeds with gentle, people-friendly temperaments. They mostly deal with importing and producing Rottweiler breeds that qualify as healthy, stable-natured, and trained pets. If you need a Rottweiler mix, you just have to fill out an application on their website and they’ll reach out to you.

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