Shiba Inu Mixes

Shiba Inus are muscular dogs that have been around since 300 BC. Coined as the “Brushwood Dog” because of their red coats, there are now Shiba Inu mixes with different coat colors, features, and unique personalities. Can you guess what they are?

Imagine breeding a tiny Chihuahua with a larger Shiba Inu, and you have a compact, applehead Shiba Chi. Poo-Shis, a cross between a Shiba and a Poodle, are famous for their wavy coats and bulky bodies. And if you’ve never seen a Shiba with a black coat before, there’s the Border Collie Shiba with its lush black and white color scheme.

Discover these extraordinary Shiba Inu mixes that you never thought existed. Who knows, you may just find your next dream pup from our list below!

21. Shiba Chi: Shiba Inu + Chihuahua

Image from Instagram:@siobak_theshibachi

This list is never complete without the cute and cuddle Shiba Chi, a fun mix between the Shiba Inu and Chihuahua. They have an apple-shaped head and large eyes, which are strong features of the Chihuahua. Combine this with Shiba’s muscular build, and you have an adorable little darling!

For the most part, Shiba Chi’s are confident and sociable fellows. But when not socialized and trained properly, they have a tendency to become aggressive to strangers and other animals.

20. Poo-Shi: Poodle + Shiba Inu

Image from Instagram:@infinity__pups

Poo-Shis are your curly-coated, well-muscled, high-energy Shiba Inu mixed breed. They may either have a Poodle’s short and tight curly hair or a Shiba’s sheer double coat. These pups are medium-sized, although miniature or toy Poodles bred with a Shiba Inu tend to have a smaller stature.

With their strong prey drive, it can be an issue in homes that have smaller pets around. When walking your Poo-Shi, it is strongly recommended to keep it leashed. This way, your pup won’t end up chasing every animal it meets on the street.

19. Imo Inu: American Eskimo + Shiba Inu

Image from Instagram:@simba.imo_inu

Fluffy American Eskimo meets robust Shiba Inu in this delightful mash up of two breeds. The Imo Inu is a medium-sized pooch with a maximum weight of 25 lbs. They shed constantly and not quite the right choice for someone who suffers from allergies.

Imo Inus are athletic and agile fellows. They love to play and explore, which they need to eliminate boredom and anxiety. With their strong desire to please their owners, these pups are quite easy to train.

18. Shiba Schnauzer: Schnauzer + Shiba Inu

Image from Instagram:@hello_dolly_dog

Shiba Schnauzers are interesting canines with a Shiba’s fox-like facial features and a Schnauzer’s long and thick coat. Some of these mixes may have wiry black coats while others have a Shiba’s trademark red-colored short fur.

Depending on which parent’s gene is more dominant, a Shiba Schnauzer may either be reserved like a Shiba or possess a Schnauzer’s bouncy personality. But for the most part, these pups make amazing family dogs and can get along well with all members of the household.

17. Shiba Husky: Shiba Inu + Siberian Husky

Image from Instagram:@shiblosdogos

Think of a gray-and-white-coated Husky with a Shiba’s body build and there you have your Shiba Husky. These sturdy fellows are strong and muscular – no wonder they’re made for sled pulling. These pups are also heavy shedders and can be tough to handle for allergy sufferers.

Because of a Husky’s inherent stubborn streak, this Shiba Inu mix can be a challenge for first-time owners. Thus, they are better off with experienced folks who are not new to the world of training pups.

16. Shibadach: Shiba Inu + Dachshund

Image from Instagram:@s3gykn

Now here’s a compact-sized pup sporting a Dachshund’s stubby legs and a Shiba’s long muzzle and tall ears. The Shibadach comes in different sizes such as toy, miniature, and standard. It all depends on which of these Doxie sizes were bred with a medium-built Shiba.

If you prefer a pooch that only requires moderate exercise, the Shibadach is a smart choice to consider. Their short legs make them prone to hip and back issues, so they only need minimal physical activities each day.

15. Shairn Inu: Shiba Inu + Cairn Terrier

Image from Instagram:@coralinecoon

An interesting Shiba Inu mix, the Shairn Inu is a tiny pup with a big personality. These little fellows weigh an average of 25 lbs and usually under a foot tall. They have medium-length wiry coats, which only need a fair amount of grooming each week.

As for personality, you can’t easily tell until your pup gets older. They may either turn out to be aloof and cautious as a Shiba or playful and outgoing just like its Cairn Terrier parent.

14. Golden Shiba: Golden Retriever + Shiba Inu

Image from Instagram:@kathlynmoo

Famous for its golden shaggy coat, Golden Shibas are crossed pups with the Shiba Inu and Golden Retriever’s genes. Although most of these fellows have golden hair, there are those with white, honey-brown, or tan coat colors.

One thing to note about the Golden Shiba is its strong prey drive. These pooches enjoy chasing after small animals, so it may be an issue if you have smaller pets in the house. Otherwise, these canines are fun-loving and affectionate. Definitely never a dull moment whenever they are around!

13. Shocker: Shiba Inu + Cocker Spaniel

Image from Instagram:@misotheshocker

Meet this hybrid dog that’s part Shiba Inu and part Cocker Spaniel. The Shocker is a delightful crossbreed that’s about a foot tall and weighs up to 30 lbs. They have soft, wavy hair like a Cocker Spaniel that covers their muscular and robust body.

Generally, this Shiba Inu mixed breed is laid-back and loving. They can get along with every household member – both humans and animals. But they do require early training to overcome destructive behaviors typical of a bored and anxious Shocker.

12. Shiba Malamute: Shiba Inu + Alaskan Malamute

Image from Instagram:@kuruthedoggo

This large fluffball is the offspring of an Alaskan Malamute and Shiba Inu. They have very thick coats in shades of black, gray, brown, and white. Grooming can be a chore, yet it is the only way to keep their fluff under control and prevent it from accumulating in your sofa.

Shiba Malamutes are very loyal pups. They are devoted to their owners and will do anything to protect them. Be sure to keep them in the fenced yard as these canines love to explore and chase tiny animals.

11. ShiPin: Shiba Inu + Mini Pinscher

Image from Instagram:@everybodysfavoritedog

An unusual cross between a petite Mini Pinscher and a more muscular Shiba Inu, the ShiPin is one special mixed breed. Some may have shorter coats while others are fluffier. Either way, they often come in reddish fur, which are both parents’ trademark color.

Personality-wise, ShiPins may either outgoing and sociable or aloof and shy like a Shiba. These are lovable pups that should fit perfectly in every family.

10. Corgi Inu: Corgi + Shiba Inu

Image from Instagram:@ellie_poppins

Short-legged and long-bodied Corgi meets robust and taller Shiba, which gives us the fascinating Corgi Inu. These pups have dense double coats, which means brushing is essential to keeping them neat and tidy.

Both breeds are trainable, which means you should not have any issue with this mixed breed. They do like to chase tiny critters and smaller animals. So, make sure there is a fenced yard for this hyper fellow to romp around.

9. Shi-Beagle: Shiba Inu + Beagle

Image from Instagram:@daimama1111

Short-haired Shi-Beagle takes after both parents’ coat quality, the Shiba Inu and the Beagle. These pups have long, floppy Beagle ears and a Shiba’s sturdy build. Such features make for one good-looking, strong mixed breed.

Since both parents are independent, the Shi-Beagle can easily tolerate being left alone in the house for hours. They also need minimal exercise only, so they are ideal for apartment living.

8. Shibador: Shiba Inu + Labrador Retriever

Image from Instagram:@dognamed_darcy

Determining for certain how your Shibador will turn out can be tricky. But one thing is certain – they are most likely to possess general features of both parents including tan, which, or black short coats and upright or floppy ears.

Many Shibadors tip the scale at 50 lbs while others are a little lighter. Either way, they are sweet and affectionate four-legged pals that are fiercely loyal to their owners.

7. Pom Shi: Pomeranian + Shiba Inu

Image from Instagram:@tobiasthebeardog

Both the Pomeranian and the Shiba Inu have fox-like facial features, although one is smaller than the other. Thus, this mixed breed can be a combination of its parents. They are typically medium-sized dogs that are roughly 14 inches heavy and 17 inches tall.

Being that this pup is a hybrid dog, you can get the best of both worlds in one canine. They are tricky to train, though, because of their inherent stubborn streak.

6. Shibo: Shiba Inu + Boston Terrier

Image from Instagram:@roxyrokuchan

Shibos count as another unusual Shiba Inu mix in this list. Their personality varies as both parents have different traits such as the Shiba’s aloof and independent nature and a Boston’s versatile and friendly character.

As Shibos have short coats, they are relatively quick and easy to maintain. Their sheer coats also come in different colors including black and white.

5. Aussie Shiba: Australian Shepherd + Shiba Inu

Image from Instagram:@sheppi.merlin

Aussie Shibas are Shiba Inus and Australian Shepherd combined. They tend to have medium-length hair in shades of black, gray, white, brown and other colors. These pups are average-sized at 40 lbs.

Folks who long to own a devoted, hardworking, and affectionate pups should give the Aussie Shiba a chance. They are easy to get along with and eager to please – a perfect pooch for the family.

4. Shug Inu: Shiba Inu + Pug

Image from Instagram:@courgette0811

Sporting the infamous wrinkled faces, overbites, and compact build of a Pug, as well as a Shiba Inu’s longer muzzle and foxy face, the Shug Inu is one interesting-looking pooch. This is a hybrid mix that you get when you combine these two breeds.

At a little over a foot tall and about 24 lbs in weight, Shug Inus are compact pups. They are great for apartment living because of their compact sizes and quiet personalities.

3. Border Collie Inu: Shiba Inu + Border Collie

Image from Instagram:@mochimae2020

This adorable pup in black and white (and sometimes in other colors) is an offspring of the Border Collie and Shiba Inu. They have a double coat in either medium or short length, which tends to shed twice a year – once in the fall and in the spring.

Border Collie Inus are high-energy pups. They love to play and explore, so a spacious yard to roam around is a necessity for this breed. Training can also be a bit of a challenge because of their stubborn streak. But once well-trained, you can expect your pooch to be one of the most affectionate pets you can ever have.

2. Shepherd Inu: German Shepherd + Shiba Inu

Image from Instagram:@micks360

Both being large dogs, you can expect the Shepherd Inu – a cross between the German Shepherd and Shiba Inu – to be anything but tiny. These canines are about 60 lbs in weight and 22 inches tall. Double-coated Shepherd Inus are heavy shedders, so be prepared to groom these big boys daily.

Most of these canines are territorial, which they take after their parents’ inherent personality. But once socialized and trained properly, they can turn out to be a loving and affectionate pet. Yet, they are still always wary of strangers and protective of their properties and families.

1. Shibakita: Shiba Inu + Akita

Image from Instagram:@shibakitas

A mix between two Japanese dogs, the Shiba Inu and the Akita, the Shibakita is a medium-sized pooch from the Spitz family. They can grow up to 45 lbs and with a towering height of 24 inches. These pups have short and thick coats with their signature triangular erect ears.

Overall, the Shibakita is a hardworking and intelligent canine. However, they need ample exercise to prevent risks of boredom, which results in destructive behaviors.

Related Questions

Is Shiba Inu Part Fox? Shiba Inus look like foxes, specifically a red fox, because of their long muzzle, red coat and tall, erect ears. Technically, Shibas are not part fox because the former possesses unique behaviors that only domesticated dogs have such as attention, obedience, and submissiveness to humans. Both animals belong to the canidae genus but in terms of genetics, Shiba Inus and foxes are not at all related.

How Big Will Shiba Inu Mixes Get? Shiba Inu mixes can grow between 9 and 40 lbs. Their average weight and body size depend on the breed they are mixed with. For instance, miniature or toy dog breeds mixed with a Shiba Inu end up being smaller and lighter.

How Long Do Shiba Inu Mixes Live For? The lifespan of a Shiba Inu mix depends on a number of things such as any genetic ailments, diet, lifestyle, and exercise. For the most part, these Shiba Inu mixed breeds tend to live for an average of 12 to 16 years.

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