Stray Dog Who Had His Leg Amputated Gets Dozens Of Potential Adopters

When vets first saw Vision, a 1 year old stray dog, they didnโ€™t think the dog had a fighting chance. When animal control officers found vision, the young dog had lost part of his hind leg to an animal trap, and he looked severely emaciated. The first vet who saw Vision believed the only available option was to euthanize the dog.

Despite his predicament, however, Vision was still cheerful and lively, something that prompted rescue staff to do their best in an attempt to save him. Filled with hope, rescue workers and vets took Vision into emergency care, where he underwent an operation to amputate his damaged leg. For a 1 year old dog, this was something difficult, but Vision took it in his stride, and heโ€™s already doing so well.

Rescuing Vision

Rescuing Vision
Image from MackenziesAnimalSanctuary/Facebook

Concerned residents made a call to animal control, informing them they had seen a stray dog with a badly damaged leg roaming around the neighborhood. When an animal control officer found Vision, the canine was incredibly thin, and his hind leg looked like it had been cut off by an animal trap. Working quickly to save the dog, the animal control officer took Vision to the nearest vet, but he was in for bad news.

After looking at Vision, this vet didnโ€™t think there was anything that could be done to save the dog. He suggested euthanasia. However, the animal control officers who had saved Vision from the streets werenโ€™t ready to give up on him, so they took the dog to the Mackenzieโ€™s Animal Sanctuary.

The staff at the Sanctuary started by feeding Vision, since the dog had gone a couple days without food, and did what they could to reduce the dogโ€™s pain. After a day, the sanctuary staff took Vision to Family Friends Veterinary Hospital, where the dogโ€™s mangled leg was amputated.


Image from MackenziesAnimalSanctuary/Facebook

Just a day after the operation, Vision was already up and about, walking around the sanctuary on his remaining legs. Vision is still receiving care at the sanctuary. Had it not been for the animal control officer, who refused to have the dog euthanized, Vision would not be alive today.

A few weeks after the surgery, Vision is completely healed. After hearing his story, potential adopters reached out to the sanctuary with applications to adopt Vision. The offers were so many that the sanctuary has currently placed Visionโ€™s adoption on hold as they review applications. However, the sanctuary staff believe Vision will find suitable adopters soon.

Having Vision undergo the surgical procedure was not a cheap affair. The operation plus medical care costs Mackenzieโ€™s Animal Sanctuary well over $4,500. Fortunately, after Visionโ€™s story aired, well-wishers have already donated over $2,715 to go towards caring for Vision. Vision and the staff at the sanctuary are excited for what the future holds for vision.

The sanctuary is still accepting more donations to care for both Vision and all the other animals that have been rescued by the sanctuary.

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