Vets Based In The Bronx, Bronx

The Bronx is one of the five neighborhood boroughs of New York City that is mostly known to be home to popular baseball stadiums and tourist attractions, Yankee Stadium, along with thousands of pet parents and lovers.

In a borough housing over 1.4 million people, the Bronx is known to be an area with over 2,500 dogs per capita or 100,000 people. Hence, quality vet care plays an important role in ensuring the longevity of pets in this borough. Apart from playing host to one of the nation’s foremost sporting sites, residents of the Bronx have access to quality veterinary healthcare for their pets.

That said, we have compiled a list of establishments with the best veterinary practices based in the Bronx and put it below, in no particular order.

15. Value Veterinary Clinic

Image from Instagram:@valueveterinaryclinic
Best forRoutine preventive care
Physical address2074 Cross Bronx Expressway, Bronx, NY, 10472
Opening hoursMonday to Saturday, 9AM–5PM
Sunday, Closed

Value Veterinary Clinic is an establishment with a mission to provide quality healthcare services to pets at affordable prices. Doctors in charge of operations at the clinic are Dr. Cara Bunning and Dr. Giancarlo Fraticelli-Ortiz, and they are supported by a small staff of caring individuals.

Services offered at the Value Veterinary clinic include routine preventive care such as vaccinations and heartworm prevention. The establishment has an in-house laboratory for carrying out diagnostic testing, and the doctors can also carry out low-cost surgical procedures such as spaying and neutering.

Walk-ins and same-day appointments are allowed at the clinic, although customers may be required to wait a bit before seeing a doctor. Same-day physical examination and surgery are also possible at the Value Veterinary Clinic, depending on the doctor’s advice. Pet parents seeking a walk-in appointment or same-day examination at the clinic are typically mandated to pay a $95 fee.

Vaccination prices at the clinic vary and are influenced by the ages of the cats and dogs in question, as well as previous vaccinations. The price for vaccinating puppies under the age of 12 weeks is $410, split into three visits, while adult dogs with no vaccination history will cost $340 to be vaccinated in two visits. Prices for ear cleanings at the clinic range between $15 to $40, depending on the difficulty and severity of the condition.

Payment methods commonly accepted at the clinic include major debit cards, credit cards such as Visa, Mastercard, Discover, Apple Pay, and cash. The clinic also offers customers the option to pay for services via the CareCredit program, which provides low monthly payments with no annual fees.


  • The clinic provides a wide range of payment options for customers’ convenience.
  • The establishment is located next to the Cross Bronx pet shop, where pet parents can easily purchase dog, cat, and bird food products and supplies such as cages and custom leather collars/harnesses.
  • Same-day and walk-in appointments are allowed at the hospital.


  • Diagnostic services
  • Digital X-rays
  • Microchipping
  • Euthanasia

14. Bronx Veterinary Clinic

Image from Bronx Veterinary Clinic
Best forExotic pet care
Physical addressWebster Avenue Clinic – 2460 Webster Avenue, Bronx, NY 10458
Westchester Square Clinic – 66 Westchester Square, Bronx, NY 10461
Opening hoursFor the Webster Avenue Clinic:
Monday to Thursday, 9AM–6PM
Friday, 9AM–5PM
Saturday, 9AM–2PM
Sunday, Closed
For the Westchester Square Clinic:
Monday and Wednesday, 9AM–6PM
Tuesday and Friday, 9AM–5PM
Thursday, 10AM–7PM
Saturday, 9AM–2PM
Sunday, Closed

Bronx Veterinary Clinic was founded in 1995 by practice manager Nicole DeLalla-Katz and her husband, Dr. Stephen Katz, and it currently boasts veterinary facilities in two separate locations – Webster Avenue and Westchester Square. Both facilities have several experienced vet technicians, assistants, managers, and receptionists that are tasked with ensuring pets receive the best possible care.

Services provided at both branches of the Bronx Veterinary Clinic include nutritional and behavioral counseling, diagnostics and radiology, senior pet care, and dental care. Staff at the clinics are equally trained to provide care for small mammals and exotic pets such as chameleons, snakes, ferrets, rabbits, and Chinchillas, just to mention a few.

Emergency care is available at the Bronx Veterinary Clinic, but only during regular working hours, and a comfortable pet boarding facility houses pets while the owners are away. The hospital also houses a fully-stocked veterinary pharmacy with a wide variety of pet medications that provides a convenient means for pet parents to conveniently fill their furry friends’ prescriptions on visits to the hospital.

Pet examinations and vaccinations at the clinic are typically done by appointment only, but walk-ins are also allowed. Regardless, pet parents are advised to call ahead before bringing their furry friends in for a walk-in appointment.


  • Pet examinations and vaccinations are strictly by appointment.
  • Emergency care is available at this establishment, and pet owners are advised to call 718-933-1002 before arrival.
  • Has an in-house pharmacy that conveniently offers free ground shipping on the purchases of pet medication above $38.
  • Offers microchipping and microchip identification services based on the renowned Home Again microchip system.


  • Dental care
    • Dental cleaning
  • Surgery
    • Patellar luxation repair
    • Anterior cruciate rupture repair
    • Soft tissue and orthopedic procedures
  • Pet grooming
    • Flea dips
    • Nail clipping
    • Ear cleaning
  • Wellness exams
    • Vaccinations
    • Microchipping

13. ASPCA Community Veterinary Center

Image from ASPCA Community Veterinary Center
Best forBasic and preventive care
Physical address501 East 161st Street, Bronx, NY 10451
Opening hoursMonday, Closed
Tuesday to Saturday, 9AM–5PM
Sunday, Closed

The ASPCA Community Veterinary Center is a medical establishment founded to make basic and preventive care accessible to families of the South Bronx community. The hospital was established to cater to Bronx residents with an annual income of less than $50,000.

This hospital provides customers with basic medical services such as physical examinations, vaccinations, and in-house diagnostics. Certain qualified customers are eligible to receive medications free of charge. Customers that are Bronx residents can also enjoy discounted fees if they can provide the required documentation.

Hospital visitations at the establishment are by appointment only, with there being no room for walk-ins. That said, pet parents can call the clinic’s official phone line to schedule a medical appointment with the doctors.


  • Free medical services are available for Bronx residents with an annual income below $50,000 and qualifying proof of public assistance.
  • Medical care at the clinic is by appointment only; Walk-ins aren’t accepted.
  • Affordable medical services for residents of the Bronx.


  • Physical exams
  • Microchips
  • Skin, eye, and ear infections
  • Vaccines and deworming

12. Animal Hospital Of Morris Park

Image from Animal Hospital Of Morris Park
Best forTreatment of ear infections
Physical address1135A Morris Park Avenue, Bronx, NY 10461
Opening hoursMonday to Friday, 10AM–11PM
Saturday, 10AM–10PM
Sunday, 10AM–5PM

Animal Hospital of Morris Park was established in 1994 by Dr. Laszio Sichnik, who is credited with formulating and developing a unique medical treatment for dogs and cats with ear infections. Dr. Sichnik is still actively involved in operations at the hospital, and he is assisted by associate veterinarians, namely Dr. Halty and Dr. Hussein, as well as several technical and front desk staff.

Animal Hospital of Morris Park provides dental and diagnostic services, as well as practicing integrative cancer treatment for pets and veterinary internal medicine. Emergency vet care is available during the stipulated emergency care hours. Additionally, hospitalization services are available for cats and dogs that need to stay back at the hospital for one reason or the other.

The establishment has an online booking system where potential customers can select their preferred appointment day and time. Alternatively, pet parents can fill out an online form and, in turn, be contacted by the hospital via email. Surgeries and dental appointments at this establishment can only be booked by calling the office directly. That said, the hospital is open for visitations throughout the week.

Walk-in appointments are allowed at the Animal Hospital of Morris Park, and pet parents are required to pay $110 for these such appointments; Emergency walk-ins impose a $150 fee if any appointments are skipped.


  • The establishment is open on all days of the week.
  • Walk-in and emergency appointments are provided at the hospital.
  • Vet appointments at the hospital can be conveniently booked online or over the phone.


  • Surgery
    • Pediatric spays and neuters
    • Declaws
    • Tumor surgery
    • Cosmetic surgery
  • Diagnostic services
    • Allergy test
    • Dental X-rays
    • Cancer screening
    • Ultrasound
  • Dental services
  • Internal medicine

11. Animal Care Centers Of NYC – Bronx

Image from Animal Care Centers Of NYC – Bronx
Best forAnimal rescue service
Physical address464 East Fordham Road, Bronx, NY 10458
Opening hoursMonday and Tuesday, Closed
Wednesday to Saturday, 10AM–4PM
Sunday, Closed

The Animal Care Centers of NYC is an open-admissions shelter establishment that comprises three full-service centers and two admission centers across New York with a mission to provide loving homes for homeless and abandoned cats, dogs, and rabbits. This is achieved by adopting animals directly to the public and partnering with over 200 animal placement organizations to find families for these homeless pets.

The Chief Executive Officer of this establishment is Risa Weinstock, and she is assisted by two Senior Vice Presidents, Dr. Robbin Brennen and Ellen Curtis, as well as several other members with varying yet important roles.

Branches of the Animal Care Centers of NYC specialize in retrieving and returning lost pets to their families, as well as assisting animals that are either in need of rescue or pose a threat to public safety and injured cats or pets. This establishment also has hundreds of homeless cats, dogs, and rabbits for those looking to adopt a pet.

Also, in compliance with the New York City health code, animals adopted from the Animal Care Centers are required to be spayed or neutered before they can leave the establishment. 

Pets waived from surgery due to illness can leave with a special waiver, but customers responsible for such pets are typically mandated to leave a $150 deposit with the establishment; This deposit is refunded when such animals are brought back for their sterilization surgeries, which must be within 60 days of adoption.


  • Pets adopted from Animal Care Centers of NYC are mandated to be spayed or neutered.
  • The establishment can make use of licenses or microchips to reunite missing pets with their families. 
  • The establishment has facilities in the five boroughs of New York City.


  • Adoption services
  • Spay and neuter
  • Finding and returning lost pets
  • Care services for:
    • Animals that pose a threat to public safety
    • Stray dogs
    • Injured cats and dogs needing extra help

10. Riverdale Veterinary Group PC

Image from Riverdale Veterinary Group PC
Best forEchocardiograms
Physical address3607 Riverdale Ave., Bronx, NY 10463
Opening hoursMonday, 9AM–8PM
Tuesday to Friday, 10AM–8PM
Saturday and Sunday, 10AM–3PM

Riverdale Veterinary Group is a medical practice that was established to provide veterinary care for residents of the Bronx and the surrounding communities. The hospital was founded in 1999 by Dr. Derek Fried, who grew up with a desire to establish a small animal clinic in his hometown, Riverdale.

The establishment has grown to become a full-service veterinary hospital, and currently, the staff at the Riverdale Veterinary Group includes four veterinary doctors, with Dr. Derek Fried himself heading operations.

Staff at the hospital are trained to provide dental and specialty procedures such as echocardiograms and ultrasounds. The establishment also specializes in providing medical care for exotic pets such as birds, reptiles, and amphibians.

Customers are required to call to set up appointments at the hospital. Emergency services are available at the hospital, although these are provided strictly during working hours.


  • Specialized pet care is available for exotic pets.
  • The clinic can be easily accessed either by bus, private car, foot, or subway.
  • The hospital is open seven days a week with longer working hours for customers needing late appointments after work.


  • Surgery
  • Dentistry
  • Grooming
  • Exotic animal care

9. Broadway Animal Hospital Of Riverdale

Image from Broadway Animal Hospital Of Riverdale
Best for Ultrasound examinations
Physical address5664 Broadway, Bronx, NY 10463
Opening hoursMonday, 9AM–6PM
Tuesday, 11AM–6PM
Wednesday, Closed
Thursday, 9:30AM–6PM
Friday, 9:30AM–2PM
Saturday, 9:30AM–12:30PM
Sunday, Closed

The Broadway Animal Hospital of Riverdale has constantly been delivering premium veterinary care to residents of the Bronx, New York City, and Westchester communities since its establishment in 1982. The establishment was founded and is currently run by Dr. Scott Luckow, who is accredited by the United States Department of Agriculture.

The hospital has an onsite surgical suite for carrying out both emergency and elective surgical operations on pets. Staff at the hospital also specialize in carrying out services such as ultrasound examinations and heart echocardiograms, as well as laboratory tests and providing special care for ferrets.

The Broadway Animal Hospital has a complete in-house pharmacy for supplying prescription medicine and nutraceuticals. Payment options accepted at this establishment are debit cards, as well as Mastercard, Visa, and Discover.

Patients at the hospital are attended to by appointment only, and pet parents with an emergency are typically required to call the hospital beforehand so that necessary arrangements can be made to see the pet in distress. Dr. Luckow is equally available to answer questions and address concerns from pet parents over a phone call during stipulated times.


  • Free parking is available on the premises, making driving a viable option for pet owners.
  • The clinic can be easily accessed by car, bus, or train.
  • Routine medical care at the clinic is provided by appointment only.
  • Emergency services are available, but customers are required to call ahead.


  • Lab services
    • Feline aids and feline leukemia blood tests
    • Pancreatitis tests
    • Blood sugar levels
    • Urinalysis
  • Specialty services
    • Ultrasound
    • Echocardiogram
    • Blood pressure monitoring
    • Electrocardiogram
  • Dentistry
    • Ultrasound scaling
    • Fluoride treatment
  • Surgery

8. Throgs Neck Animal Hospital

Image from Instagram:@jannaf3
Best forPet boarding
Physical address3800 East Tremont Avenue, Bronx, NY 10465-2455
Opening hoursMonday to Thursday, 10AM–6PM
Friday, 9AM–6PM
Saturday, 9AM–1PM
Sunday, Closed

Throgs Neck Animal Hospital, which has been in operation for over 40 years, is a veterinary establishment that was founded to help pets in the Bronx lead long and healthy lives. The hospital was founded by Dr. Andrew Manesis, who is still actively involved in vet operations at the facility.

Veterinary care services provided by the Throgs Neck Animal Hospital include preventive health care, spaying and neutering, general surgery, and internal medicine. The hospital also offers boarding services to pet parents seeking quality care for their cats and dogs while they are away at work or on a trip.

The establishment accepts payment for services through cash, checks, credit, and debit cards. Pet insurance is also accepted, provided the required conditions are met–these conditions vary according to the pet insurance provider.


  • The clinic’s service area covers several communities in the Bronx, Pelham Bay, Parkchester, and even across the East River, Whitestone.
  • Boarding facilities are available for interested customers, especially those who are looking to travel.
  • Customers can conveniently choose from several payment options.


  • General surgery
  • Skin/dental care
  • Preventive health care
  • Endoscopy

7. Middletown Animal Clinic

Image from Middletown Animal Clinic
Best forPet microchipping
Physical address2968 Middletown Road, Bronx, NY 10461
Opening hoursMonday to Thursday, 10AM–7PM
Friday, 10AM–6PM
Saturday, 9AM–2PM
Sunday, Closed

The Middletown Animal Clinic is a modern veterinary practice that was founded to provide pets with the best medical care. This clinic was opened in 1998 by Dr. Earle, and he, along with Dr. Ross, are the doctors in charge of the clinic at the moment; The doctors are ably assisted in running the clinic by several vet technicians and vet assistants.

The services provided at the clinic include microchipping, wellness exams, blood testing, dentistry, and surgery. Additionally, this establishment boasts an in-house pharmacy that customers can easily patronize to purchase different medications.

The clinic mandates all patients to call to schedule an appointment, and emergency services are only available during regular working hours; There’s no provision for walk-ins at this establishment.


  • Pet parents are required to have a scheduled appointment before visiting the hospital.
  • Medical services provided at the clinic are affordable.
  • The clinic is located in a conveniently accessible area.
  • In-house pharmacy where pet parents can comfortably purchase recommended medication for their pets.


  • Surgery
  • Dentistry
  • Pharmacy
  • Wellness exams

6. Riverdale Animal Hospital

Image from Riverdale Animal Hospital
Best forPet internal medicine
Physical address3619 Kingsbridge Avenue, Bronx, NY 10463
Opening hoursMonday and Tuesday, 9AM–5PM
Wednesday, 9AM–2PM
Thursday and Friday, 9AM–5PM
Saturday, 9AM–2PM
Sunday, Closed

Riverdale Animal Hospital is a full-service animal hospital that was founded in 1984 with a mission to provide Bronx residents with quality veterinary care for their furry friends. The owner and founder of the hospital, Dr. Lino C., is in charge of veterinary operations at this establishment.

Services provided at the hospital include wellness examinations, dental care, grooming, and vaccinations, just to mention a few. Emergency care is also available for pets needing urgent medical attention. Visitations at this establishment are available by appointment only.

Riverdale Animal Hospital offers payment plans such as CareCredit and ScratchPay for pet parents that can’t offset their vet bills at once. Customers making an appointment for the first time are eligible to enjoy a 10% discount off their first consultation.


  • First-time customers are eligible to receive discounts of up to 10% on appointments.
  • Convenient payment plans are available for customers via CareCredit and ScratchPay.
  • Medical services provided at the clinic are budget-friendly.


  • Pet internal medicine
  • Surgical procedures
  • Dental care
  • Vaccinations

5. Petco Vaccination Clinic

Image from Instagram:@themuttropolitanpet
Best forCanine and feline vaccination
Physical address193 West 237th Street, Bronx, NY 10463
Opening hoursMonday to Thursday, Closed
Friday and Saturday, 11AM–1:30PM; 2:30PM–5PM
Sunday, Closed

Petco Vaccination Clinic is a subsidiary of Petco, an industry-leading health and wellness company that was established to provide low-cost vaccination services to residents of the Bronx.

The main service provided at the clinic is the administration of a variety of vaccinations such as rabies, canine influenza, feline leukemia, and rattlesnake shots. Beyond vaccinations, the clinic also offers diagnostic testing and deworming services.

That said, vaccinations at Petco Vaccination Clinic are available strictly by appointment. Microchipping services are also provided at the clinic, and it costs $28 to implant a microchip in pets.


  • Medical services are provided by appointment only.
  • Customers have commended the short waiting times at the clinic.
  • Free physical examination for pets.


  • Canine distemper and Parvo combo
  • Canine leptospirosis
  • FVRCP vaccine for cats
  • FeLV vaccine for cats

4. Toby Project

Image from Toby Project
Best forSpay/neuter procedures for cats and dogs
Physical addressN/A
Opening hoursN/A; Customers are advised to arrive between 6:30am to 7:30am to secure a slot

Toby’s Project comprises mobile spay/neuter vehicles and stationary in-neighborhood clinics designed to provide residents of the Bronx with a cost-effective and safe means of spaying and neutering their pets. The establishment’s team of veterinary professionals and support staff includes Dr. Katy Regula, who is a spay and neuter coordinator, as well as Dr. Jenny Ripka.

Toby’s Project is in partnership with the NYC Department of Health and Mental Hygiene’s Veterinary Health Services, with required funding provided by the department’s Animal Population Control Program. Operations at Toby’s Project began in 2009, and to date, the establishment has reportedly spayed or neutered well over 80,000 pets.

Residents of the Bronx are eligible to receive free spay/neuter surgery at this establishment, as long as they can provide proof of NYC residency and proof of public assistance at the point of intake. Dog owners with no proof of public assistance looking to vaccinate their mixed and public breed dogs at the hospital will have to pay fees of $60 and $250, respectively.

Daily surgical service provided by the establishment is done on a first-come, first-serve basis, and the number of pets taken each day is limited. Also, apart from providing spay/neuter services, this organization also administers rabies and distemper vaccinations at a cost of $8 per pet.


  • Provision of free or low-cost spay and neuter services.
  • The use of mobile surgical vans helps pet parents minimize transportation costs.


  • Feral cat spay and neuter
  • Rabies and distemper vaccination
  • Canine spay and neuter

3. Tri-Boro Animal Hospital

Image from Instagram:@triboroanimalhospital
Best forLaboratory tests and diagnostics
Physical addressTriboro Animal Hospital, 3004 Lurting Avenue, Bronx, NY 10469
Opening hoursMonday and Tuesday, 8:30AM–6PM
Wednesday, 8:30AM–5PM
Thursday and Friday, 8:30AM–6PM
Saturday, 8:30AM–2PM
Sunday, Closed

Tri-Boro Animal Hospital is a full-service vet facility that was established by Dr. Bill Marienberg, DVM, in 1984. Dr. Bill is still actively involved in and spearheading operations at the hospital, and the establishment’s team has grown to include experienced vet technicians and bilingual front desk staff for Spanish-speaking customers.

Tri-Boro Animal Hospital also specializes in providing wellness and diagnostic services, and its staff is also equipped to carry out a wide variety of surgical operations and dental care. The hospital has boarding facilities for cats, dogs, and ferrets. Emergency services are also available for pets requiring urgent care, but the hospital will only attend to such cases during the stipulated working hours.

Customers at the hospital are required to call ahead to schedule an appointment. Payments at the hospital can be made via cash and all major credit and debit cards. Additionally, the establishment’s partnership with CareCredit makes it possible for pet parents to make installments and flexible payments for vet care services rendered at the hospital.


  • The hospital has facilities for convenient boarding of dogs, cats, and ferrets.
  • The establishment provides flexible payments by accepting CareCredit.
  • Emergency services are provided during working hours.
  • Customers can conveniently choose from several options to make payments at the hospital.


  • Dog Grooming
    • Bath and brush
    • Medicated bath
    • Sanitary shave
    • Nail trimming
  • Laboratory Testing
    • Heartworm testing
    • Complete blood count
    • Blood-chemistry panel
    • Urinalysis
  • Dentistry
  • Surgery

2. Heart Of Harlem Veterinary Clinic

Image from Heart Of Harlem Veterinary Clinic
Best forGeneral and orthopedic surgery
Physical address2143 Adam Clayton Powell Jr. Blvd., 2nd Floor, New York, NY 10027
Opening hoursMonday to Saturday, 9AM–5PM
Sunday, Closed

Heart of Harlem Veterinary Clinic is a state-of-the-art medical facility that was established to utilize the latest technological advances to implement the foremost medical practices. The establishment’s staff includes an excellent mix of veterinary doctors such as Dr. Luis Sola, nurses, receptionists, and pet care members.

This pet clinic provides a wide range of veterinary and pet services, including wellness and preventive care, general and orthopedic surgery, vaccinations, and internal medicine, just to mention a few. Staff at the Heart of Harlem Veterinary Clinic are also trained to provide specialized care for exotic animals such as hedgehogs, pot-bellied pigs, and mice.

Appointments at the clinic can be requested either by filling out an online form or calling the hospital’s office landline. Alternatively, customers can walk into the clinic during the stipulated working hours, although they may be required to wait before meeting with the doctor. That said, the clinic is located on the second floor. Hence, customers with emergencies are advised to call ahead so that staff can make special preparations.

The clinic accepts various forms of payments, including cash, debit or credit cards, Apple Pay, and PayPal. The establishment also offers CareCredit for pet parents looking for payment plan options. Customers can, upon request, be provided with a written itemized estimate of the treatment plan recommended by the doctor.


  • Treatment plans are available upon request, thereby enabling customers to make the appropriate financial preparations.
  • Customers can either walk into the hospital during working hours or call to schedule an appointment.
  • Specialized and general care are available for exotic pets.


  • Surgical services
    • Spaying and neutering
    • Soft tissue surgery
  • Wellness and vaccination programs
    • Puppy wellness
    • Kitten wellness
    • Adult pet wellness
    • Senior pet wellness
  • Additional services
    • Microchip pet identification
    • Daycare, boarding, and grooming
  • Exotic pet medicine and surgery

1. Westside Veterinary Center

Image from Westside Veterinary Center
Best forEmergency pet care
Physical address220 West 83rd Street, New York, NY 10024
Opening hoursMonday to Thursday, 8AM–9PM
Friday, 8AM–8PM
Saturday and Sunday, 9AM–5PM

Westside Veterinary Center is a full-service animal hospital located on the Upper West Side of Manhattan that was founded in 1985 by the now-retired DVM, Dr. Stuart Brodsky. The establishment is run by a team of 10 DVM veterinarians, including the hospital director, Dr. Karen Cantor, and Dr. Jaime Napolitano. Staff at the hospital also include front desk receptionists and several veterinary technicians.

This establishment offers a comprehensive range of regular veterinary services, in addition to providing specialized care such as acupuncture and orthopedic surgery. The hospital also specializes in providing specialized patient care for exotic pets such as snakes, tropical birds, lizards, and monkeys. Accommodation is provided for pets that need to be hospitalized after a procedure.

Staff at the hospital are also trained to provide emergency care for pets; Also, there is always a technician available to either handle emergency calls or look after hospitalized pets after-hours. This establishment accepts payment for services via debit cards, credit cards, checks, and cash. The hospital can also make special arrangements for pet parents unable to fully pay emergency bills at once through a partnership with the CareCredit program.

The Westside Veterinary Center operates an appointment-based model, with customers advised to call or fill out the contact form to schedule their pet’s next annual check-up. Regardless, this establishment equally attends to walk-ins while emergencies receive top priority at the hospital.


  • The clinic is open seven days a week, with longer operating hours for customers’ convenience.
  • Payments at the clinic can be made through several methods, making life easier for pet parents.
  • Specialized care is provided for exotic pets.


  • Pet dentistry
    • Cleaning
    • Extraction
    • Filling
  • Pet annual wellness exams
    • Urinalysis
    • Blood chemistry panel and complete blood count
    • Stool check
    • In-depth check for lumps and bumps
  • Exotic animal care
  • Heartworm prevention and treatment

Do You Have To Neuter Your Dog In NYC? Dog parents in New York City aren’t mandated to neuter or spay their dogs. However, dogs sold in New York City pet stores have to be microchipped and spayed/neutered prior to sale.

How Much Does It Cost To Spay A Dog In NYC? The cost of spaying a dog in New York City varies according to the establishment, but ASPCA provides spaying services to the general public at a subsidized price of $125. That said, ASPCA offers free spay/neuter services to residents of select areas of New York City, provided they can provide proof of public assistance and residency.

Is It Legal To Declaw Cats In NY? New York passed a law banning the declawing of cats in 2019; Hence, it is illegal to declaw cats in New York City. The penalty for going ahead with this procedure, despite the ban, is a $1,000 fine.

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