Weimaraner Mixes

The Weimaraner also known as The Gray Ghost of The Forest, because of its silver-gray coat color and sneaky movement in the forest, is a perfect canine as a gun dog as well as a pet. The development of Weimaraner mixes is for the purpose of retrieving elegant-looking and highly intelligent mixed dog breeds with a diversity of temperament and physiques. 

Our pet sense endorses the Boweimer as the best elusive Weimaraner mix for pet lovers. Following the same footprints, the Golden Labmaraner and the Great Weimer are the next-in-line worthy contenders for you to choose from. Though, exploring all of the Weimaraner mixes in the list is highly recommended.

17. Weim-Pei

Image from Instagram:@saharadakota

The Weim-Pei is a designer dog breed of large-sized dogs developed by crossbreeding the Weimaraner with the Chinese Shar-Pei. 

Mostly sought out for being excellent watchdogs, Weim-Peis make loyal and loving pets. They mostly retain the wrinkled skin of the Shar-Pei which needs regular maintenance. Other than that, they’re pretty low-maintenance dogs. 

The Weim-Pei is not a dog breed for novice pet owners due to their early socialization needs, and cannot be left alone for prolonged periods of time.

16. Wei Pyrenees

Image from Instagram:@carmskenney

The Wei Pyrenees is a mixed dog breed that offers a perfect balance between the good bits of its parent breeds, namely the Weimaraner and the Great Pyrenees. 

You should expect Wei Pyrenees’ to be calm, gentl, loyal, protective, and people-loving dogs. They get along very well with adults as well as children in a family. 

The Wei Pyrenees can be suitable for farmers as well, as they’re great protectors of livestock. Though, we’d recommend obedience training to prevent this dog from turning adamant.

15. Vizmaraner

Image from Instagram:@mrs_p_b_k_b_30

Owing to a cross between the Weimaraner and the Vizsla, the Vizmaraner is the athletic and sporty designer dog breed we obtain.

Vizmaraner is not a dog for novice pet owners, this dog needs firm handling to be kept under control. If you’re not able to match up to its energy, they’ll become destructive and may attempt a prison escape.

That’s why, Weimaraners are recommended for pet lovers who want a regular companion for their outdoors fitness activities such as hiking, cycling, etc.

14. Beagiraner

Image from Instagram:@black_dog_snow

The Beagiraner is a designer dog breed comprising affectionate and gentle tempered dogs. It’s a combo of the Beagle’s excellent work ethics and the Weimaraner’s unlimited energy and extraordinary intelligence.

A Beagiraner, if tamed at an early age, can be a good companion for children as well as other pet buddies. Though, an adult Beagiraner doesn’t take the company of other pets in the house very well.

The Beagiraners have no issues in being your cuddle buddies, though it’s always good to channelize their energy in outdoors activities once in a while.

13. Weimarsky

Image from Instagram:@harvey_weim

The Weimarsky is one of the most beautiful looking Weimaraner mixes you’ll ever encounter in your life, thanks to the good looks of its Husky and Weimaraner parents. 

You should think of a Weimarsky as an affectionate, gentle, outgoing, and family loving dog who’d love to give you hugs and kisses.

The Weimarsky is a mixed breed of a larged-sized dogs with energy to have nonstop fun for days. These untiring cuties should be provided with adequate training to keep their stubbornness at the bay.

12. Pittmaraner

Image from Instagram:@lovelypink.mimi

When it comes to the looks and the temperament of the Pittmaraner, they tend to seek more familiarity from their Pit Bull parent as compared to their Weimaraner parent.

The Pittmaraner is one of the rarest Weimaraner mixes you’re most unlikely to own in your life. Though, if the odds are in your favour, get ready to have unlimited fun with these untiring dogs. 

To keep their aloof and elusive nature under your grip, you’re recommended to impart leash training on your Pittmaraner.

11. Dalmaraner

Image from Instagram:@oshandernie2015

Both the parent breeds of the Dalmaraner, namely the Weimaraner and the Dalmatian, are large-sized dogs. Breeding them together results in a reasonably large-sized Weimaraner mix, popularized as the Dalmaraner.

The Dalmaraner is an easily trainable, loyal, and affectionate dog breed that you’ll love to hang out with. Being amply energetic and large, they require a spacious yard to play and thrive in.

Being protective and sensitive in nature, Dalmaraners may show rude behavior towards strangers. You’re also advised to call them out gently, and not yell at them.

10. Chowmaraner

Image from Instagram:@tiger_pup_

The Chowmaraner is a hybrid offspring belonging to two world-class hunting breeds, i.e. the Weimaraner and the Chow Chow. Thus, the result is a highly energetic dog breed that requires firm leadership and regular training.

The silvery gray coloration of the Weimaraner and the fluffy coat of the Chow Chow is what’s up for exhibition in a Chowmaraner.

The highly protective nature of Chowmarners added with a bit of aggressiveness makes this dog breed totally unsuitable for novice pet owners.

9. Ridgemaraner

Image from Instagram:@super_nova_ridgemeraner

The dark-gray, shiny, and resilient coat of the Ridgemaraner makes this dog an attractive personality. An elegant personality with the energy to rock your world for days is what you’re getting here.

The tenacious nature of its Rhodesian Ridgeback parent, added with the smartness of a Weimaraner, makes Ridgemaraner a free-willed dog who’d always keep you on your toes.

The Ridgemaraner is required to be provided with ample exercise on a daily basis. Also, their territorial nature makes them great guard dogs.

8. Weimshepherd

Image from Instagram:@valentineweimshep

The Weimshepherd is a great combo of the easily trainable and fun-loving nature of the German Shepherd and the intelligent and calm disposition of a Weimaraner.

If left on its own for too long, the Weimshepherd tends to show destructive behavior, as they work on constant stimulation.

The Weimshephered, although a great dog, is not recommended for new pet lovers. His unruly behavior is something that only experienced pet owners can deal with.

7. Weimarrott

Image from Instagram:@klaus_weimarott

The Weimarrott is a masculine canine beast in appearance that was developed by crossing the Weimaraner with the Rottweiler. At its fullest, this dog breed can reach a weight of around 100 lbs.

The shrewd nature of Weimarrotts along with their affectionate nature towards elders and young ones of a family makes them great as family pets.

With proper training, their immensely intelligent, docile nature can be tamed to make them amazing service dogs.

6. Weimardoodle

Image from Instagram:@simba_der_weimardoodle

The adorable and funny disposition of the Poodle, along with its long, low-maintenance fur, makes the Weimardoodle a realistic mixed dog breed.

The Weimardoodle is a kind at heart, affectionate, loyal, and easy-going dog breed, who’d love to give you hugs and cuddles all day long.

They don’t require much space to thrive in, thus, Weimardoodles are excellent companions for pet lovers with limited space, especially the apartment dwellers. Though you should remember not to leave them alone for too long.

5. Weimapeake

Image from Instagram:@lucy_the_weimapeake

The average weight of this medium-to-large-sized designer dog breed, Weimapeake, ranges from 60 to 90 lbs. It’s the result of two versatile parent breeds namely Chesapeake Bay Retriever and Weimaraner.

The Weimapeakes are highly energetic dogs who need plenty of exercise to live healthy and happy life. If left on their own for too long, you should expect them to find ways to run away or dig up things.

With ample outdoor time, Weimapeakes are assured to make great pets bestowed with loyalty, affection, and protectiveness for other family members including kids, adults, as well as other canines.

4. Pointeraner

Image from Instagram:@loscuatrofantastidogs

The crossbreeding of the German Shorthaired Pointer and the Weimaraner gives us a large-sized dog breed comprising excellent hunter and retriever dogs.

The Pointeraner is an easily trainable, extremely athletic and intelligent dog breed that doesn’t like being kept confined in tiny spaces.

Being highly intelligent in nature, continuous stimulation is required to keep them up and running, otherwise a Pointeraner tends to show its destructive side when bored. However, you should rest assured that it’ll try its very best to please you.

3. Great Weimar

Image from Instagram:@wild_with_weims

The Great Weimar is a versatile mixed dog breed that’s obtained via cross-breeding among the Great Dane and the Weimaraner. 

When it comes to his physique, the Great Weimar is a large, masculine dog who’s most likely to reach 100 lbs in his adulthood. 

The Great Weimers suffer from separation anxiety if you leave them alone for too long. They require a yard to play in, and will not settle for constricted spaces.

2. Golden Labmaraner

Image from Instagram:@bailey.labmaraner

The friendly nature of the two of America’s most favorite dogs, Golden Retriever and Labrador Retriever, complemented with the Weimaraner traits, gives us an excellent, easy-going, friendly dog breed, i.e. the Golden Labmaraner.

The Golden Labmaraner is an attention-seeking, people-loving dog who’d do anything to please its owners.

Easily trainable, playful with adults and children, even temperament makes the Golden Labmaraner an ideal household dog breed.

1. Boweimar

Image from Instagram:@khaleesi.boweimar

The Boweimar is a versatile Weimaraner mix developed by crossing the Weimaraner with the Boxer. They usually take black coloration, or may exhibit white markings as well. 

Other than its highly energetic nature, Boweimar loves to play with its owners, and definitely doesn’t like being neglected by its loved ones.

To stay healthy and in their happy state of mind, Boweimars require plenty of exercise and outdoors time. They look more like their Weimaraner parents in physique in comparison to the Boxer.

Related Questions

What Two Breeds Make A Weimaraner? A Weimaraner, although a purebred dog, can be crossed with numerous other dog breeds such as the Boxer, the Dalmatian, the Poodle, etc. to make a Weimaraner mix with desirable characteristics. When mixing any other dog breed with a Weimaraner, we’re seeking to obtain a mix with great intelligence and beautiful coloration of a Weimaraner along with other amazing features like playfulness, affection, etc. of different parent breeds.

Is There A Miniature Weimaraner? Yes, Weimardoodle is a miniature Weimaraner mix which we obtain by crossing the large-sized Weimaraner with the small-sized Poodle. Other than that, the Beagiraner is another miniature Weimaraner mix obtained via cross breeding between the Weimaraner and the Beagle. Other than crossbreeding, gene dwarfism can also be used to obtain a Miniature Weimaraner.

How Long Do Weimaraner Mixes Live For? On an average, a Weimaraner Mix lives for 11 to 14 years. It’s now a proven fact that smaller mixed dog breeds tend to live longer than the larger ones. The highest age that a Weimaraner has achieved so far is 18 years and 10 months.

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