What To Do If Your Dog Is In The Heat? FAQs + Guide

If you have an intact (unspayed) female dog, she’ll definitely go into heat at some point. It is important to know how to deal with this situation, which can be messy and uncomfortable for you and your pooch.

What does it mean for your dog to be on heat? Heat is a period when your dog is highly fertile, which means she can easily get pregnant. This period comes with a set of challenges, including changes in behavior, bleeding and discharges, and so on.

If you have an unspayed dog who’s approaching her first heat, this article will teach you all you need to know about dealing with this period in your pooch’s life. We will look at the length of the heat cycle, whether your dog experiences pain during heat, and how to clean up after a dog that is in heat. To start off, let us look at how you can help your dog with her period.

How Can I Help My Dog With Her Period?

If it’s your first time caring for a dog who is in heat, you definitely have lots of questions about how you can help your dog with her period. Here are some things you’ll want to know…

What Do I Do When My Female Dog Is In Heat?

If you don’t want your female dog to get pregnant, make sure she doesn’t have any interactions with male dogs when she is in heat. Never let her outside the house alone, and always keep her on leash when taking her outside.

If you have a male dog at home, keep the two dogs separated until your female dog is out of heat.

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What Does It Mean When A Dog Gets Her Period?

When a dog gets her period, it means that mature eggs have dropped into her ovaries, and she’s therefore ready to conceive. If your dog happens to mate with a male during this period, she will get pregnant and give birth to puppies.

Can You Stop A Female Dog Period?

It is possible to stop your female dog from experiencing periods. This is usually done through spaying. Spaying is a surgical procedure where the reproductive organs of a female dog, including the ovaries and the uterus, are removed.

Spaying is an irreversible procedure, so you should only get your dog spayed if you’re sure you don’t want her to have any puppies in future. You can also stop your dog’s period through hormonal drugs. However, this is a very risky option that we do not recommend.

How Long Do Dogs Stay In Heat?

How Do You Know When Dog Heat Is Over?

The heat cycle of a dog lasts for about 18 to 24 days, or about three weeks on average. To know that your dog has finished her season, check whether the signs of heat are still present.

These signs include producing a bloody or pinking discharge from the vulva, a swollen vulva, showing mounting behavior, frequent licking of the genital area, and unusual agitation. If none of these signs are present, this is a sign that your dog is out of heat.

A female that is out of heat will also seem disinterested in male dogs. During heat, female dogs are very receptive to males and will be very eager to mate. If the interest starts subsiding, this shows she is getting out of heat.

You can test whether your dog’s heat is over by scratching her lower back. If she tries to push back or flag her tail, this shows she’s still in season. However, if she doesn’t show any reaction, then she’s out of season.

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Do Girl Dogs Have Periods Every Month?

Unlike a woman’s menstrual cycle, which happens every month, a dog’s heat cycle usually occurs about 2 times a year. However, this will depend on your dog’s breed, as well as your specific dog.

Huge dogs will go into heat about once every year, while smaller breeds get into heat more frequently, with some experiencing up to 4 cycles within a year.

Do Dogs Bleed On Their Period?

The first stage of your dog’s period is known as proestrus, and will be characterized by a swollen vulva, and bleeding from the vulva.

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How Long Will A Dog Bleed While In Heat?

The proestrus stage lasts for about 10 days, during which your dog will bleed. During this time, you should put in place measures to prevent your doggie from soiling the house. A good option is to buy or make some homemade diapers for your pooch.

Alternatively, you can have a special blanket for your canine buddy to use during this period. This way, you’ll have less cleaning to do, since only one blanket will be soiled.

Do Dogs Bleed The Whole Time They Are In Heat?

Dogs will only bleed during the proestrus stage of their heat cycle. After the proestrus stage is over, they will get into another stage known as estrus. During this stage, the bleeding is replaced by a straw-colored fluid.

During the estrus stage, your pooch will be very receptive to males and will even try to initiate mating. You will also notice increased aggression towards other female dogs and frequent urination.

Can A Dog Bleed Longer Than 10 Days?

It is perfectly normal for your dog to bleed for more than 10 days. However, if the bleeding exceeds two weeks, this could be a sign that there’s something wrong with your canine buddy. If you notice this prolonged bleeding, get in touch with a vet.

With all the bleeding, you can be wondering whether your dog feels any pain during heat.

Are Dogs In Pain During Heat?

When your dog is in heat, the lining of her uterus swells in readiness for pregnancy, while her hormones are in disarray. While dogs do not exactly feel pain in heat, all the things going on in her body can make her feel uncomfortable, leading to crying, which can be interpreted as a sign of pain.

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What Can I Give My Dog For Menstrual Pain?

A dog’s period is not accompanied by the same kind of cramping that occurs in women, and therefore, you don’t have to worry about giving your pooch any medication for menstrual pain. Your dog will be totally fine.

You should avoid giving your dog any pain relief medications that are meant for humans. These are not meant for humans and could end up harming your dog.

How Do You Comfort A Dog In Heat?

Being in heat can be a very confusing experience for your dog, especially if it’s her first time. Giving her some extra love can make it easier for her to cope with the experience.

One thing you can do to comfort your dog is to spend more time with her and just give her some extra attention. You can also spoil her with extra treats, since her period could cause her to lose her appetite. You should also find time to play with her to distract her from what is happening in her body.

Aside from comforting her, you should also give your pooch specialized care when she’s on heat. So, how do you do this?

How Do You Care For A Dog In Heat?

Being in heat can be a messy experience for your canine buddy, so you’ll need to be extra thorough with grooming.

How Do You Wash A Dog In Heat?

Due to her vaginal discharges, you’ll need to wash your dog a couple of times in a day when she is in heat. Aside from reducing her chances of soiling your carpets or furniture, washing her will also minimize the smells that make her attractive to male dogs.

When washing your dog, we recommend using Seamus Cherry Blossom Whitening Dog Shampoo. This shampoo has a scented essence that lasts longer on your dog and will help mask the smells she’s giving off, which means not having to deal with a queue of male dogs outside your home.

Keeping The Environment Clean

Keeping the place, where your beloved pooch will be lying most of the time, clean is important in getting rid of dander. You certainly don’t want your dog to fight with potential allergens from dander, on top of its pregnancy. To deal with these, you’ll need a good vacuum.

We recommend the iRobot Roomba i3+. Its automatic mode will spare you from having to clean your house every few hours. You can go about your daily activities confident that the iRobot Roomba i3+ is keeping your house clean for you.

Removing Blood Stains Off Carpets And Furniture

In the event that your carpets or furniture get stained with your dog’s bleeding discharges, you can use Arm & Hammer Pure Baking Soda Shaker that does a fantastic job in getting rid of blood stains.

Besides stains, this baking soda will also get rid of any odors your dog’s discharges have left on the carpets and furniture.

Do Female Dogs Get Aggressive When In Heat? It is not uncommon for dogs to get aggressive when they are in heat. This occurs due to increased levels of hormones, which make your dog nervous and more irritable. In most cases, most of the aggression will be directed towards other female dogs, rather than humans.

Does A Dog’s Nipples Get Bigger When In Heat? Yes, it is totally normal for some dogs to have swollen nipples when they are in heat, while some dogs will even produce breast milk. Swollen nipples can be a sign of a phantom pregnancy. This happens when your dog shows all the signs of pregnancy without actually being pregnant.

Is It Normal For Dogs To Cry When In Heat? Yes, it is normal for dogs to cry when in heat. Crying is usually a way for your dog to vocalize the discomfort she’s going through due to changes happening in her body. Sometimes, it could also be a way to call out for male dogs. However, not all female dogs cry during heat.

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