Why Do My Dogs Lick Each Other’s Privates? Reasons For This Social Behavior

Does your dog often sniff other dogs’ private parts? Do other dogs constantly sniff or lick your dog’s private part, and you have no clue as to why this happens? There are several reasons why dogs sniff or lick each other’s private parts; some are not serious, whereas others are serious and need your attention.

Dogs tend to sniff or lick other dogs’ private parts when they greet, groom, submit to the dominant dog, or just out of curiosity. However, in some instances, your dog may sniff or lick another dog’s private parts because of health issues.

Knowing the reason why your dog keeps sniffing or getting its private parts sniffed will help you identify whether your dog requires medical attention or not. Let us look at common reasons why dogs like sniffing each other’s private parts.

8. Just Greeting

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Dogs communicate via non-verbal cues such as pheromones. When dogs first meet each other, they may start sniffing and even licking one another’s private parts as a form of greeting and learning about each other.

There are various sweat glands within the area of the private parts that emit a strong concentration of pheromones that communicate information, such as age, gender, mood, and sexual receptiveness.

Your dog licking its private parts is another way of experiencing the pheromones aside from smelling.

7. Licking Out Of Curiosity

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Dogs are one of the most curious animals you will encounter. They tend to either sniff or chew on anything and everything they can find, regardless of whether it is good for them or not.

Sniffing another dog’s private parts is a part of a dog’s innate curiosity. It is just learning and trying to find information about this other dog to satisfy its curiosity. Once it is satisfied, it shall promptly move along.

6. Health Issues

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Dogs are highly intuitive creatures and can detect when something is not right. If you notice that your dog is obsessively licking its own or another dog’s private parts, then it may be an indication of a health issue.

Dogs suffer from health issues such as infections, skin irritations, or illnesses that we may not be able to detect. However, other dogs can. Thus, it is very important to have your dog checked out for any of these issues if you see this behavior persists.

5. Grooming

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Grooming is a sign of affection and love, which can be another reason to explain this behavior. Although it is uncommon for dogs to groom in this area, it happens amongst dogs that share a close bond.

Your dog is merely trying to show its affection for its companion by ensuring that they are clean and well-groomed.

4. Habit

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Licking another dog’s private parts can also just be a habitual thing. As stated before, dogs get to know their surrounding through smell and licking, so if your dog is continuously licking or sniffing each other’s private parts, they could be simply acting on instinct.

Dogs who share a strong bond can get accustomed to licking and sniffing each other in various areas, including the private parts.

3. Showing Respect

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Dogs may lick each other’s private parts as a sign of respect or submission. The private parts belong to a very sensitive area, so dogs should not be exposing them to danger.

If a dog allows another dog to get close to their private parts to sniff or lick, then they are submitting to them and non-verbally saying, “you are my friend” and “I welcome you.”

2. Buildup Of Hair Around The Private Parts

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Lots of hair around the private area can cause discomfort. When there is too much hair around your dog’s private parts, it can cause them some discomfort, and to relieve themselves from it, they opt to try and lick it or get a companion to do it for them.

If you notice this, try to carefully trim the affected area.

1. Being In Heat

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The private parts can emit pheromones, especially when a dog is in heat. Spayed or neutral females will emit pheromones to indicate to the male that she is ready for breeding.

The male dog will act on instinct and lick her private parts to see just how ready she is and if she is healthy.

Why Does My Male Dog Licking His Private Area So Much? Your male dog may have excess hair growth in the private area, which may be irritating him. Your dog may just be trying to relieve himself of the pain by licking or biting the surrounding area. Try trimming some hair off if the licking persists.

Should I Stop My Dog From Licking His Private Area? Do not stop your dog because dogs typically lick their private parts when they are grooming themselves, and this is of no pressing concern. However, sometimes it could signal a health issue instead. Thus, if they are consistently licking their private parts, then take them to the nearest veterinarian.

Why Is My Dog Biting His Private Area? It can mean that they are experiencing a health issue like an allergic reaction to flea bites. If the constant biting or sniffing is accompanied by either swollen and inflamed penis, vulva, anus, or pimples on the skin, you should take your dog to the nearest veterinarian.

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