American Bulldog Mixes

The adorable Bulldog is one of the most popular dog breeds well-loved by canine aficionados worldwide. And if you can’t decide between this breed and another, there are several American Bulldog mixes to choose from – and we’ll talk more about them today!

The Bullador is a combination of the social butterfly Labrador and smushed-faced Bulldog. We also have the wavy-coated Boodle, part Bulldog, and part Poodle. The comical Bullhuahua joins our list – a tiny Bulldog mix, thanks to its Chihuahua parent.

And this is just scratching the surface. We’ve got dozens more of these American Bulldog mixes that you can easily fall in love with. Catch them all below and learn all about their endearing qualities and features.

36. Bullcorg: Bulldog + Corgi

Image from Instagram:@ttliam_tigerdog

Corgi meets Bulldog in this unusual mixed breed pup. These pooches have a medium build, can grow up to 16 inches, and weigh as much as 53 lbs. They have a Corgi’s long body and a Bulldog’s signature squashed face.

Laidback and mellow, it is easy to have the Bullcorg around because of its pleasant demeanor. They could use moderate exercise to keep them from getting overweight, so a brisk walk or some playtime in the yard would be good for these cuties.

35. Bullet: Bulldog + Basset Hound

Image from Instagram:@otto_thebullybasset

Sporting a Basset Hound’s long ears and a Bulldog’s compact body, the Bullet is a fairly common American Bulldog mix. These pups come in a variety of colors, including tan, dark brown, and in splashes of black or white.

Just like their parents, Bullets are generally docile creatures that are always eager to please their owners. They can also have some weight issues because of their huge appetite and inactivity, which is why it is best to watch their diet and give them daily exercise.

34. Bullchow: Bulldog + Chow Chow

Image from Instagram:@darrenwp85

Think of the Bullchow as a fuzzy and fluffy Bulldog. After all, it’s part Chow Chow, which explains the denser coat, as compared to a purebred Bulldog. They do have the facial features of their Bulldog parent, which explains the wrinkly face.

As for their personality, these pups may either be aloof like a Chow Chow or can develop a strong bond with one person. Yet, there are also sociable Bullchows, a trait common among Bulldogs.

33. Newfoundbulland: Bulldog + Newfoundland

Image from Instagram:@squishyfacesquad

Although Newfoundbullands are not as massive as their Newfie parents, they are a bit larger than the average American Bulldog mix. They enjoy the water and love running around and staying active, pretty much a Newfie trait.

With their higher activity level, Newfoundbullands manage to stay at their ideal weight. They could use a yard with a bigger space, which should cater to their love for running and playing.

32. Buggle: Bulldog + Pug

Image from Instagram:@poochie_doo_grooming

One look at a Buggle, and you’ll see that they’re quite like a bigger Pug. They have the signature squashed and wrinkly face as a Bulldog with a Pug’s serious look. However, their eyes are not as buggy as a Pug, although the nose is pushed in as a Bulldog’s.

If you live in a cooler climate, then your Buggle pet will love it dearly. On the other hand, they are not made for warmer and more humid climates as they can experience respiratory issues such as breathing problems.

31. Bulldach: Bulldog + Dachshund

Image from Instagram:@welcometo_number16

A truly interesting combo, Bulldach is indeed a mix of looks from both the Bulldog and Dachshund. Their ears are floppy and big like a Doxie and pushed-in noses just like a Bulldog. 

These pups are light-hearted and funny, so there’s never a dull moment with these fellows. They are a mix of energy and laid-back spirit, which is great for folks who love to stay active or be occasionally sedentary at home.

30. Bulljack: Bulldog + Jack Russell Terrier

Image from Instagram:@jasonlowellarnold

Bulljacks are half-Bulldogs and half-Jack Russells. They have a compact build just like both parents but a little lighter in weight as a Jack Russell, typically weighing as much as 30 lbs. These dogs are short-coated, shed moderately, and require minimal grooming.

Bulljacks love to exercise and stay active, just like a typical Jack Russell. As for health issues, they may be prone to hip dysplasia and patellar luxation, which are common among bulldogs. This is why maintaining a desirable weight is very important for these pooches.

29. Beabull: Bulldog + Beagle

Image from Instagram:@driftscapedesigns

Floppy-eared Beagle meets compact-bodied Bulldog in this endearing mix. They have a medium build and should weigh somewhere around 30 to 50 lbs. These are your playful and friendly dogs that enjoy the company of people and other pets.

Quite true to their Beagle heritage, these dogs are friendly and sociable. They also like exploring outdoors and can be prone to chasing after small animals because of their strong prey instincts.

28. Bullmatian: Bulldog + Dalmatia

Image from Instagram:@nidopug

Think of the Bullmatianas as Bulldogs with spots. After all, these dogs carry the genes of the spotted Dalmatian and compact Bulldog. They are tall and leaner than other American Bulldog mixes and with a gentle look on their eyes.

In terms of personality, Bullmatians can get along quickly with family members. They are extremely loyal to their owners, which also makes them good guard dogs.

27. Bulldober: Bulldog + Doberman

Image from Instagram:@russ_thebulldober

Compared to a purebred Doberman, Bulldobers are a little on the short side and have not reached their humongous status. These pups may also come in black or dark brown coats, just like both parents.

Bulldobers exude an intimidating personality because of their build and strong desire to protect their owners. This is why they are amazing guard dogs and can be rather fearless when it comes to protecting their families.

26. Bullhound: Bulldog + Irish Wolfhound

Image from Instagram:@robbbairdd

Both parents are complete opposites – Bulldogs are short and compact while Irish Wolfhounds are tall and lean. So, the result of combining these two breeds is quite interesting, which is why Bullhounds are medium-build dogs that are taller than their Bulldog parent but not as lean as a Wolfhound.

Their coats are longer than a Bulldog’s. In fact, they can be a bit shaggy, just like a Wolfhound. But overall, these are adorable, loving, and friendly pups that do well with any owner.

25. Bullpei: Bulldog + Shar Pei

Image from Instagram:@kaithebullpei

Next up on our list of American Bulldog mixes is the Bullpei. These dogs have a Bulldog’s wrinkly face and loose skin on the neck and head, which resembles quite similar to how a Shar-Pei will look.

These are stocky and big dogs with the most endearing wrinkles and folds all over their body. They are gentle and mellow and can get along fine with kids, adults, and even other pets in the household.

24. Bullhoula: Bulldog + Catahoula

Image from Instagram:@thegreatpaisleypaw

Not one of the most common American Bulldog mixes, the Bullhoula is a mix of the Bulldog and the Catahoula breed. They have an athletic build like a Catahoula but with the familiar loose skin of the Bulldog.

Bullhoulas are active creatures with a passion for running around and exploring the outdoors. They should be a great fit with owners who love physical activity and could provide these dogs with a large space to roam around.

23. Bull Bernard: Bulldog + Saint Bernard

Image from Instagram:@kimmiiesue

Bull Bernards are large dogs, thanks to the massive build of their Saint Bernard parents. They may have a Saint’s large ears or a Bulldog’s triangular ears and smashed face, depending on which gene is stronger.

These pooches require a firm owner who can give them proper training at a young age. After all, these dogs have a tendency to be stubborn, which is why it is best to show them who the pack leader is and be consistent with their training sessions.

22. Bullpie: Bulldog + Kelpie

Image from Instagram:@taohiker

The smart Bellpie has puppy dog eyes like a Kelpie and a compact build as a Bulldog. They are energetic and love all sorts of physical activity – running, hiking, swimming – you name it, they’re up for it!

But when not out and about and exploring, the lovable Bellpie is simply affectionate. They are always ready to give you plenty of kisses and cuddle up with you.

21. Bull Springer: Bulldog + Springer Spaniel

Image from Instagram:@ourdog_batman

The agile Bull Springer shares both features of the Bulldog and the Springer Spaniel. This adorable pooch has floppy ears like a Spaniel and a more elongated nose than a Bulldog. They do have shorter coats typical of a Bulldog but with a Spaniel’s brown or black and white color.

As for their activity level, these dogs love to stay active. They would need moderate exercise to keep them healthy. Otherwise, boredom can result in behavioral issues with these pups.

20. Busky: Bulldog + Husky

Image from Instagram:@dylan.wgoodhair

Sporting a Husky’s trademark colors of gray, black, and white, and with some wrinkles on the face like a Bulldog, the Busky is one fascinating mix. They do look more like a Husky than a Bulldog in terms of build and facial features.

Just like a Husky, these dogs love to run around and play. They are also endearing and pleasant, which makes them great family dogs, as well as a pet for first-time pup owners.

19. Golden Bulldog: Bulldog + Golden Retriever

Image from Instagram:@zebako_

Both the Golden Retriever and the Bulldog are well-loved breeds in the United States, so it is not surprising that the Golden Bulldog mix came to be. They look more like a Golden Retriever in terms of appearance but without the shaggy and long coat. 

They are faithful and trainable dogs, which is why they are fairly easy to train. Households with kids will also easily fall in love with this mix because of their silly antics and pleasant demeanor.

18. Bullzhu: Bulldog + Shih Tzu

Image from Instagram:@project_second_chance

Bullzhus are a mixture of the Shih Tzu and Bulldog breeds. They have an oddly-shaped body like a Shih Tzu but with a stocky head similar to a Bulldog’s. But overall, they are some of the sweetest lap dogs one can ever have.

Most Bullzhus are short-coated, which is a feature typical of their Bulldog parents. But their faces are not as smushed in, yet some wrinkles all over the body may be present.

17. Bullstiff: Bulldog + Mastiff

Image from Instagram:@bullmastiffwon

The Bullstiff is a huge pup and can be a little slobbery. They are much bigger than a purebred Bulldog but smaller than a Mastiff. These dogs can tip the scale at a little over a hundred pounds, so they are most definitely not small and compact.

In spite of their large build, however, these pups can behave like lapdogs. They are some of the sweetest pups there are, so it is easy to fall in love with these cuties.

16. Mountain Bulldog: Bulldog + Bernese Mountain Dog

Image from Instagram:@eljefepablo_continentalbulldog

A combination of the mighty Bernese Mountain Dog and the Bulldog, the Mountain Bulldog, is one large, sweet pup. They don’t have a Berner’s shaggy coat, though, as they take after their short-coated Bulldog parent.

As for their size, they can go up to 24 inches tall and weigh as much as 120 lbs. They are excellent family pets that are loyal to their owners and with the sweetest disposition.

15. Bullbox: Bulldog + Boxer

Image from Instagram:@doggs_fans

At first glance, the Bulloxer looks mostly like a Boxer but with a slightly smaller nose as a Bulldog, yet not smushed in. They are smart dogs that need daily mental and physical stimulation to prevent boredom.

These pups are typically healthy. However, their somewhat flat faces make them susceptible to breathing issues. This is why they are better off in a cooler climate or an airconditioned room during the hot and humid weather.

14. Bull Collie: Bulldog + Border Collie

Image from Instagram:@_urban_shepherd

Bull Collies are a cross between the Bulldog and Border Collie. They have Collie’s intense stare and trademark colors of black and white, as well as a Bulldog’s more compact build and shorter coat.

Although these dogs have short coats, they do shed. This is why grooming and daily brushing are important to keep their shedding under control.

13. Bull Frenchie: Bulldog + French Bulldog

Image from Instagram:@french_bulldog_c.l.u.b

As both parents – French Bulldog and Bulldog – come from the same family, these dogs have the typical flat face and compact build. Their ears may be either long and bat-like as a Frenchie’s or triangular and small as a Bulldog.

These canines have an agreeable character, making them easy to have as a pet. However, they tend to be a bit stubborn, especially during training sessions, which is why they are more suitable for experienced owners.

12. Bullwhip: Bulldog + Whippet

Image from Instagram:@punchingxpourspouts

Lean as a Whippet, but with a shorter nose as a Bulldog, the Bullwhip is one enchanting mixed breed. They are a little on the short side but with longer and more muscular legs than a Bulldog.

Bullwhips are energetic and active dogs that prefer to stay mobile than sedentary. They are a good fit for agile owners, and they can be perfect walking or running buddies for you.

11. Bullenese: Bulldog + Great Pyrenees

Image from Instagram:@_amandaleigh21

For those who are fond of bigger dogs, the Bullenese is a fantastic choice to consider. Unlike many American Bulldog mixes, these pups are very large, just like their Great Pyrenees parent. However, they don’t have long and dense coats, which means grooming is not complex.

These fellows are perfect for people who enjoy the company of a larger four-legged pal on their walks and daily jogs. Be sure to give these pups ample exercise daily or a large fenced area to play around.

10. Bullweiler: Bulldog + Rottweiler

Image from Instagram:@bulldognameddoug

Another big dog, the Bullweiler, is a hundred-pounder just like its Rottweiler parent. They have a Bulldog’s signature colors, though, in shades of brown, tan, or white. These dogs can grow as tall as 25 inches.

Just like most heavy pups, the Bullweiler can be prone to joint and hip problems later in their life. But this is something that can be prevented by maintaining the right diet and providing ample daily exercise.

9. Bullkita: Bulldog + Akita

Image from Instagram:@lane_eliz_

Bullkitas are a little more like an Akita than a Bulldog with their fox-like facial features and longer noses. They are also compact and muscular, which makes them some of the strongest American Bulldog mixes there are.

These dogs can grow as tall as 22 inches and weigh a little under 100 lbs. They prefer a more predictable routine; otherwise, they can become anxious and aggressive. These dogs are better suited in homes without kids and smaller pets.

8. Bull Aussie: Bulldog + Australian Shepherd

Image from Instagram:@fast_and_strange

A mix of the Australian Shepherd and Bulldog breeds, the Bull Aussie has coat color patterns similar to its Aussie parent. These dogs come in shades of orange, black, white, and some brown, and their eyes may be blue or brown – sometimes one of each color.

They are sociable dogs with a great love for running and staying active. Do keep in mind that these are moderate shedders, which is why they need regular grooming to keep the fluff out of your furniture.

7. Bullshepherd: Bulldog + German Shepherd

Image from Instagram:@nylgabi

The Bullshepherd is one of the most popular American Bulldog mixes. They look more like their German Shepherd parent with their black and tan coat colors but shorter in length. Their noses are also not as flat as a Bulldog.

These are fearless pups with a strong desire to protect their families. This is why they do well as guard dogs and will do all they can to keep their owners safe from intruders.

6. Bull Heeler: Bulldog + Blue Heeler

Image from Instagram:@frankfingerman

Bull Heelers are compact, short-coated dogs that take after the looks of either parent. They may have the hallmark coat colors of a Blue Heeler or a Bulldog’s flat nose and wrinkly face. 

As these dogs are trained to be working dogs, expect the Bull Heeler to be quite active. They excel in obedience training and will tirelessly work and complete any task you assign them to do.

5. Bullpit: Bulldog + Pitbull

Image from Instagram:@thedoglistener

An exotic American Bulldog mix, the Bullpit is a cross between the Bulldog and Pitbull. Their bodies are a bit stocky like a Bulldog but large-build as a Pitbull. They often come in solid black color and with short coats.

While they may appear intimidating, these dogs are actually quite sweet and affectionate. Well, at least to their owners! But to strangers, they may be aloof and anxious, and they are ready to protect their owners when they detect any hint of threat.

4. Bulldane: Bulldog + Great Dane

Image from Instagram:@bizzybookbish

The Bulldane is not your typical compact Bulldog. In fact, they are a bit large, just like a Great Dane, and can grow up to 200 lbs. They are smart pups that make them easy to train (and great as guard dogs, too!).

We do not recommend this dog in a household with younger kids as these giant dogs can be quite playful. With their massive build, they can be intimidating for a smaller human.

3. Bullhuahua: Bulldog + Chihuahua

Image from Instagram:@dina_huahua

A rare mix, the Bullhuahua is a small American Bulldog mix, thanks to the more compact size of its Chihuahua parent. They also have large eyes but not so much of an apple-shaped head.

These pups are fearless, despite their diminutive size. They have a strong desire to protect their owners, and they tend to bark more often when there are strangers around.

2. Boodle: Bulldog + Poodle

Image from Instagram:@azuwans373

A lovable mix, the Boodle has a Poodle’s wavy coat and a Bulldog’s compact body size. These dogs are energetic and love to play, which are typical personality traits of a Poodle. 

If you are a first-time owner who suffers from allergies to fur, the Boodle is a good choice. They do not shed and will not trigger allergy attacks, as well as keeping the fur situation under control in the house.

1. Bullador: Bulldog + Labrador

Image from Instagram:@flyingdogsphotography

And lastly, we have the charming Bullador. These cute fellows have a Labrador’s puppy dog brown eyes and a Bulldog’s more compact and muscular build. They may come in shades of black, brown, and some white.

As both parents are sweet and lovable, you can expect this mix to be just as endearing. They love to stay active but will never pass up a chance to cuddle up with you, too.

How Long Do American Bulldog Mixes Live? American Bulldog mixes are generally healthy dogs that can live up to 16 years. Most mixes that are more compact or smaller in size live longer than larger ones.

How Big Does An American Bulldog Mix Get? The size of an American Bulldog mix depends entirely on the parents. If one parent is a large breed such as a Great Pyrenees, Saint Bernard, or Great Dane, then the offspring is expected to be big, too, and can grow up to 26 inches tall or weigh as much as 200 lbs.

Do American Bulldogs Get Along With Other Dogs? Absolutely! American Bulldogs are social and friendly pups that can do well with other breeds. They are mellow-natured pups.

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