American French Bulldog

Having an American French Bulldog can be an amazing and unforgettable experience. However, there are definitely some things you need to know about these breeds. So, let’s jump right in! So what is an American French Bulldog?

American French Bulldogs are a mixed breed of bulldogs bred from a cross between American Bulldogs and French Bulldogs. If you have seen one, you know this dog breed is adorable, and these cute little fellas can make life on your own or with the family much more fun and entertaining.

There is a lot to discuss concerning this mixed breed of bulldogs, like how do you take care of your American French Bulldog? Do American Frenchies get aggressive? What are their feeding requirements? How long do these American French Bullies live? Well, I will answer each of the above questions and more, but first, let’s talk about how big these American and French mixed-breed bulldogs can get

How Big Do American French Bulldogs Get?

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Generally, American French Bulldogs have short, stocky bodies with short, sturdy limbs. This mixed breed of dogs, when compared to the parental breeds, is shorter than the American Bulldog breed but taller than the French Bulldog breed.

An adult male American French Bulldog can grow up to a height of 18 to 24 inches with a weight of 35 to 80 Ibs, while an adult female American French Bulldog can grow up to a height of 15 to 21 inches with a weight of 30 to 65 Ibs.


These canines have a sturdily built body with broad shoulders, giving this breed a more athletic appearance. In addition, American Frenchies have big, round brown eyes with black snouts, although there are exceptions.

The physical appearance of an American French Bulldog depends on the dominant genetic makeup of the parental breeds. Let’s look at the possible makeup of your American French Bulldog.

Ears And Tail

American French Bulldogs can either have bat-like ears like those of a French Bulldog, or flat-folded ears like those of an American Bulldog.

An American Frenchie can have a tail that is long and wavy, corkscrewed like an American Bulldog breed or stumpy and screwed like a Frenchie, depending on the dominant gene of the parental breed.

Coat Type And Markings

American Frenchies generally have short, smooth fine fur and come in standard colors like black, brown, white, cream, brindle, or fawn. They also come with different paired fur colors, such as brindle and white, fawn and white, black and brown, or brown and fawn; basically, two colors commonly interchange with a light and dark color, although there are some exceptions.

American Frenchies are born with a black mask (black fur that surrounds the snout and can extend to parts of the face, including the eye area). For instance, you occasionally see fawn dogs with distinctive black masks, while some dogs have light-colored masks.

The pattern on an American French Bulldog does vary uniquely; the common patterns include spots, patches, markings, or gradients, and these distinctive bi-colored patterns can appear around the face, chest area, limbs, or body of bulldogs.

American French Bulldogs also come in rare colors like blue, isabella, tan, sable, or lilac. These rare colors can combine together or combine with common colors, for example, a black and tan American Frenchie. Sometimes these breeds come in three distinctive colors, such as black, brown, and white

How Long Do American French Bulldogs Live?

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American French Bulldogs have a lifespan of 10 to 12 years. However, their lifespan shortens when these dogs succumb to health problems, no matter how minor or chronic.

Now, let’s dive into some health problems you can face with your canine buddy. American French Bulldogs can develop some common minor health issues you need to be aware of:

Skin Infection

These breeds are prone to food allergies, and once your bulldog is allergic, the reaction can manifest in the form of skin infections like dermatitis, pyoderma, pruritus, scaling, and crusting. Your American French Bully can also react to skin infections in the form of rashes and hives under the paws and on the stomach region.


Diarrhea is another common reaction to allergies in American French Bullies. This is not the only cause; there are lots of different reasons why your pooch can have diarrhea. But an allergic reaction is a common cause with this breed.

Ear Infections

Without regularly cleaning your dog’s ears, your American French Bulldog can easily get an ear infection, which is mostly caused by bacteria.

Cherry Eye

American French Bullies can develop red or bloodshot eyes because of a condition called cherry eyes. The third eyelid in dogs helps clean debris and mucus from the cornea as well as prevent injuries to the cornea. When the third eyelid becomes injured, dry, bloodshot, or red eyes can result.

Back Pain

American French Bulldogs have a delicate backbone, so it is important that your pooch does not apply too much pressure to the back.

For instance, it is not advisable for your American French Bulldog to jump down from high places, like your bed or down the stairs, even though your pooch seems more than capable of doing so. Carry your four-legged furry friend, and make sure to support the spine while doing so.

Respiratory Distress Syndrome

Well, American French Bullies have small noses and narrow airways that make your bulldog prone to respiratory distress. As such, you should watch for breathing abnormalities in your pooch, like when your American Frenchie is having trouble breathing, panting loudly, or coughing.

American French Bulldogs can also develop some chronic health conditions:

Kidney Problems

There are different kinds of stones that can develop in your dog’s kidneys as well as different causes related to the development of kidney stones.

Bulldog breeds are more likely to develop stones than other breeds, so regularly checking your American Frenchie’s pee is important to stay ahead of any kidney-related health issues.


Tests are still being conducted, but results indicate that the gene responsible for hearing function relates to the gene responsible for skin color in dog breeds.

Deafness in dog breeds can be hereditary; however, dog breeds with white pigmentation are more likely to be deaf.

Thyroid Problems

These problems occur when your American Frenchie does not produce enough thyroid hormones (hypothyroidism) or produces excess thyroid hormones (hyperthyroidism).

Such conditions can be caused by either a lack of iodine or too much iodine in your American French Bully’s diet.

How To Take Care Of Your American French Bulldog?

Okay, now let’s talk about the requirements for keeping your doggie healthy. American French Bulldogs are not difficult to take care of, but you need to take note of their habits and routines to keep your pooch healthy.

Invest In High-Quality Dog Food And Multivitamins

American French Bulldogs need a high-quality diet just like most other breeds, and your pooch can’t eat just any food because these dogs have a sensitive digestive system.

You should also never feed your American French Bully chocolate, candies, dairy products (like milk or cheese), or salty foods.

You should add multivitamins to your dog’s meals daily to strengthen your dog’s immune system and keep your doggie healthy. Sometimes, feeding your dog with the right ingredients and making sure your American French Bully doesn’t eat foods that are unhealthy can be difficult.

We recommend getting your dog’s meals from Pet Plate, especially for American French Bulldogs with sensitive digestive systems. Pet Plate offers high-protein and grain-free meals as well as treats for your dog.

Get Your Bulldog Out For At Least 1 Hour Of Exercise Per Day

American French Bulldogs need proper care and proper treatment, and this includes exercise routines. These dogs are an active breed, so a minimum of one hour of exercise a day will do this justice and release some pent-up energy in your canine buddy.

You can include daily walks in your exercise routine, but take breaks between short walks to rest and recuperate. Walking your American French Bully too long, especially in extreme weather (whether hot or cold), is bad for your dog’s joints and can leave your four-legged furry friend exhausted quickly.

While doing exercise routines, you could keep your dog’s mind active by training your dog with puzzles and other mind-training exercises. Remember to make it fun because fun is the best training language for your dog.

Bathe The Bulldog Regularly

Well, aside from eating healthy and exercising routinely, you need to clean your pooch too. An unclean dog poses a health risk to both you and your canine buddy.

Dirt and germs can accumulate in your American French Bulldog’s ears over time, so you need to clean them regularly. Use an ear cleaner solution: put some into your dog’s ears and massage them. Eventually, your pooch will shake out the bacteria and germs from its ears with the help of an ear-cleaning solution.

Use Dental Water Additives

You can use dental water additives for your dog’s dental hygiene. These additives are liquids formulated to freshen your dog’s mouth and prevent bacterial growth.

Dental water additives also help prevent plaque and tartar build-up in your American French Bulldog’s teeth; just add a teaspoon of the formula to the dog’s water on every refill.

Can American French Bulldogs Be Left Alone? Temperaments Of American French Bulldogs

American French Bulldogs do not do well when they are left alone for extended periods. If you intend to leave your American Frenchie for a long period, it can develop separation anxiety when left alone for longer than 6 hours.

However, this does not mean you have to be with your dog 24/7. If you tend to leave it alone for hours every day, you can train your American French Bully to get used to your absence.

Keep in mind before you leave your American French Bully that you need to make sure they are properly fed and that you have hidden any precious items. A puppy can hold its pee for a maximum of 4 hours and a full-grown pooch can hold for 10 hours.

Do American French Bulldogs Like To Cuddle?

American French Bulldogs love cuddling. These breeds are real softies when shown love and care. They can be unbelievably gentle, caring, and trustworthy. These adorable-looking dogs also show exceptional loyalty and devotion.

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Are American French Bulldogs Aggressive?

American French Bulldogs can be aggressive when treated the wrong way or when they feel endangered. These breeds are not known to be aggressive, but without training, they can display some form of aggression when surrounded by unfamiliar faces.

American French Bullies love to spend time with families and children, especially when they are well-socialized. They are known to be “easy-going” even though children can be rough at times when playing with these furry companions.

American French Bullies can also get excited when playing with small children or animals and can accidentally cause injuries. As puppies, they do bite quite often, especially when playing.

Your American French Bully will grow out of this eventually, but you can take a preventive measure by not allowing your children to play rough games with their canine friends. As long as your pooch is properly trained, you can trust it with your kids.

Do American French Bulldogs Shed A Lot? Grooming Tips For American French Bulldogs

American French Bulldogs do not have lots of hair compared to dog breeds like Yorkshire Terriers or German Shepherds, but they do shed a considerable amount of hair. And these dogs shed two times a year on average.


In the summertime, American French Bulldogs shed their undercoat to prevent overheating. In winter, they shed the top layer of their hair to grow thick coats that help them get through the cold season.

The rate at which an American French Bully sheds in the summer can be higher than in winter because our furry friend needs to shed those thick undercoat layers of hair that kept our furry friend warm through the winter.


Brushes and sponges are not effective in removing undercoat fur, so use the FURminator Undercoat Tool. With this tool, you can effectively remove loose undercoat fur without causing damage to the skin or ruining the topcoat.

We will take a look at whether American French Bulldogs are hypoallergenic, but first, let’s talk about what hypoallergenic dogs are. Hypoallergenic dogs do not cause any allergic reactions in people. American French Bulldogs are not hypoallergenic and not the best option if you or your family members have dog allergies.

Many dog owners face the challenge of having to clean the hair left by their pooches, with little to no knowledge of how to groom their furry friends. On the other hand, we will introduce to you some grooming tips and equipment to best keep its fur in check.


Even though American French Bulldogs have smooth short hair, and it looks like your furry friend needs a bath two or three times a year, weekly baths are more favorable because bulldogs are prone to allergies.

Pay attention to your American French Bulldog’s face and wrinkles. You can use wipes with lanolin and aloe, rinse with a wet cloth, and dry your pooch’s face with a dry cloth. Make sure to avoid the eyes. Your pooch may not be comfortable with face cleaning, but with time, your bulldog will get used to it.

Shampoos are great when grooming your bulldogs, but it is important to always use the right shampoo.

Given that these breeds are sensitive to allergies, we definitely recommend using Pro Pet Works All Natural 5-In-1 Oatmeal Shampoo because it is formulated for pets with allergies, and sensitive, itchy, or dry skin.

The formula also helps in controlling shedding for your bulldogs and pets as well as providing other health benefits.

How Much Does An American French Bulldog Cost? American French Bulldogs have a price range of $1,000 to $3,000. The reason these breeds are expensive is that their parental breeds find it difficult to mate (because of their narrow hips). They require artificial insemination and cesarean sections, which are costly procedures to perform. An American French Bulldog with features like rare coat colors (tan, isabella, and lilac or a combination of only rare coat colors) or rare eye colors (like orange) are a lot more expensive than its regular counterpart.

What Is The Difference Between A French Bulldog And An American Bulldog? One of the main differences between the French Bulldog and the American Bulldog is the nature of their ears. The Frenchie has bat-like ears, while the American Bulldog has normal flat-folded ears. Another difference is the body size of the two dog breeds. American Bulldogs have a larger body size compared to Frenchies.

Can American French Bulldogs Swim? American French Bulldogs cannot swim because they generally have muscular bodies and short legs not meant for paddling underwater. Moreover, American French Bulldogs have brachycephalic skulls, or a flattened area at the back of their skulls, making it difficult to tilt their nose above water. If you want your canine buddy to learn how to swim, you’ll need to get a life jacket and proper swimming instruments.

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