Antebellum Bulldog – Your Complete Breed Guide To The Altamaha Plantation Dog

The Antebellum Bulldog is an amazing choice for families. This pooch is an easy-going, laid-back breed that makes a great companion, though you need to monitor them around children. They might accidentally cause harm if they are too playful. So, what is an Antebellum Bulldog?

As you may guess from its name, the Antebellum Bulldog originates in the American South. Plantation workers bred these dogs as working Bulldogs during the Antebellum Period in the 19th century. They are from the Altamaha River Basin in Georgia, so they’re also known as “Altamaha Plantation Dogs.” These Bulldogs are known for hunting skills and intelligence, but there is more to this dog.

Regarded as a relatively new dog breed, Antebellum Bulldogs are friendly and easy to care for. In this article, I guide you through important aspects of the breed, including lifespan, common health concerns, grooming tips, temperament, and more. First, let’s carry on to find out more about their physical characteristics.

How Big Do Antebellum Bulldogs Get?

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The Antebellum Bulldog grows to heights between 25 and 30 inches. Males weigh between 80 and 150 lbs. Females, on the other hand, weigh between 70 and 100 lbs.

Next, we look at their physical traits that influence their unique looks.

General Appearance

Antebellum Bulldogs are white and muscular, resembling the American Bulldog. However, the Antebellum dog’s head is stockier and larger. The Antebellum Bulldog is also taller with an elongated nose, preventing most of the breathing issues that other Bulldog breeds experience.

The body of an Antebellum Bulldog is formidable, well-developed, and strong. This Bulldog also features large paws, a slightly wrinkled face, short ears, and a short, coarse coat. As per breed standards, it is unacceptable to dock tails or crop ears.


The Antebellum Bulldog usually has brown eyes. Nevertheless, they are sometimes blue or bicolored.

Coat Colors And Patterns

As for the coat color and patterns, this doggie’s coat is white and sometimes features a range of additional colors that include brown, brindle, or a piebald spotted combination.

How Long Do Antebellum Bulldogs Live?

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On average, Antebellum Bulldogs live between 7 to 14 years. As long as you take good care of the breed and keep your canine buddy in the best shape, this dog may live for 15 years.

This is an emerging breed that has a very limited pool, making it difficult to identify common health issues your furry friend may face with age. However, this dog breed is less likely to inherit diseases than other purebred dogs.

Are All White English Bulldogs Deaf?

No, not all White English Bulldogs are deaf. However, blue-eyed breeds such as Antebellum Bulldogs are more prone to deafness compared to other breeds. You may get lucky and not experience this problem with your pooch, but keep an eye out for symptoms since it is a possibility.


The Altamaha Plantation Dog is not a lazy breed. It is not normal for this dog to be particularly inactive. If your Antebellum Bulldog experiences prolonged lethargy, see a veterinarian. Lethargy may indicate a bigger problem. Continuous care of this dog is very important.

Major Ailments

The major concern, however, is canine hip dysplasia (CHD). This condition is known to be a deformity of the hip, causing the dislocation between the ball and socket and thereby severely impacting the mobility of the dog.

Hip dysplasia is particularly common in Antebellum Bulldogs because of their large, muscular build. Large dogs are often prone to hip problems. Blindness can occur and is most often caused by Cushing’s syndrome, hypertension, or diabetes.

Minor Ailments

Minor concerns for this dog’s health include digestive issues, cherry eye, and elbow dysplasia.

How To Take Care Of Your Antebellum Bulldog?

Antebellum Bulldogs are active with high stamina, so they need daily exercise routines. Regular walks allow for socialization and increase good behavior. With an exercise routine, your pooch releases energy and this reduces aggression, excessive barking, and hyperactivity.

Large Spaces For A Large Dog

Small spaces and apartments don’t work well for Bulldogs. What this dog appreciates most is a large enclosed area where it can run around. If possible, this dog should remain outdoors since it is better suited for an active lifestyle. If you have to keep your furry friend indoors, provide a lot of exercise time.

Diet And Feeding

Antebellum Bulldogs require a high-quality diet that provides necessary vitamins and nutrients. Feed puppies highly nutritious food at least three times a day since they are active and playful.

Also, feed the adult dogs three times a day. Give them food that is easier to digest, such as wet food that also hydrates your dog.

Failing to provide a proper diet may cause weight gain or obesity, leading to other problems. Consider your dog’s activity level and feed accordingly.

Pet Plate is an ideal option to prevent obesity and ensure your pooch receives the necessary nutrients to maintain health. Their high-quality recipes use human-grade ingredients your dogs will love.

Multivitamin Supplementation

Use multivitamins to ensure your pooch receives the vitamins and minerals necessary to prevent their common health concerns. Multivitamins help with overall immunity and promote bone and joint strength.

Dental Water Additives 

To ensure your dog’s dental health is at its best, use dental water additives. Add them to your dog’s water bowl daily to prevent plaque and tartar buildup and to improve your canine buddy’s breath.

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Temperaments Of Antebellum Bulldogs

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Training And Socialization

Early socialization helps improve a dog’s behavior toward people and other animals. The problem, however, is that this breed is stubborn and tries to disobey authority when possible. Nevertheless, when properly trained, you should have no problem getting it to obey you.

The Antebellum Bulldog is among the most intelligent breeds out there and has a great memory. Their playful disposition sometimes causes them to be messy and stubborn.

You can deal with that by training them at a young age. Older dogs can be harder to deal with compared to pups.

Though the Antebellum Bulldog is large and intimidating, this breed lives well with familiesThis Bulldog breed is laid-back and appreciates time around humans. Introduce your pooch to other animals slowly since they sometimes struggle to get along.


Besides, Antebellum Bulldogs are popular companion dogs. This breed forms strong bonds with a single person but remains loyal to the whole family. They are extremely protective and become aggressive toward those who are not familiar with or welcome.

These Bulldogs keep a keen eye on strangers. However, they grow to accept those familiar with their owner. The dog is dominant and may challenge authority. Having a consistent, decisive, and strong leader it respects is important.

Always exercise caution when the Antebellum Bulldog is around children. It is a large dog and would easily cause damage to a child if excessively playful.

Do Antebellum Bulldogs Shed? Grooming Tips For Antebellum Bulldogs

Other Grooming Tips

Prep work, including brushing, bathing, anal gland checks, dental hygiene, and nail trimming, are all essential to the grooming process of the Antebellum Bulldog.

Also, check its ears regularly. Trim nails to ensure that your doggie looks not only good but also remains stable when running. Brush their teeth regularly.

Trim your pooch’s footpads properly, so the dog gets adequate traction and has fewer accidents when walking or running. Also, check the anal glands properly and express them when full.

Yes, the Antebellum Bulldog sheds. This breed doesn’t require a lot of grooming. Brush regularly with a slicker brush or a de-shedding tool.


The Antebellum Bulldog is not hypoallergenic.

This breed sheds continuously and sheds much more during the shedding season in fall and spring. Expect to have the dog’s hair all over. Their hair is harder to remove since it is short. 

Bathing And Brushing Routine

Provide regular baths for this dog. Before a bath, brush with a FURminator Undercoat Tool to help loosen dander and dirt from the skin. That also removes excess loose hair on the coat.

After selecting the proper products for the dog, such as the Seamus Cherry Blossom Whitening Dog Shampoo, clean your canine buddy, giving special attention to the face.

How Much Does An Antebellum Bulldog Cost? There are different breeders, each with their individual costs and charges. However, you should expect to pay an average of $2,500 for an Antebellum Bulldog puppy. Even though the dog has better health compared to other bulldogs, prepare for some vet costs.

Do Antebellum Bulldogs Swim? Antebellum Bulldogs are good at swimming. This breed has a lot of fun skills while in the water, especially those that involve playing with their owner. However, avoid leaving your pooch unattended or alone in deep waters to prevent drowning mishaps when they get exhausted.

TWhat Are The Differences Between Altman White English Bulldogs And Antebellum Bulldogs? In terms of physical appearance, one difference includes a shorter nose on the Altman White English Bulldog when compared to the nose of the Antebellum Bulldog. Also, the Altman White English Bulldog is initially bred to be a farm dog, while the Antebellum Bulldog is initially bred to be a working dog on a plantation.

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