Aussiedoodle VS Goldendoodle

Goldendoodles and Aussiedoodles are not only good-looking pups, but they’re also intelligent and affectionate pets. They may also look similar at a glance but there’s more to these cuties than what meets the eye – and our Aussiedoodle VS Goldendoodle comparison will show you why!

The most obvious difference between Aussiedoodles and Goldendoodles is that the former is a mix between an Australian Shepherd and a Poodle, while the latter is a mix between a Golden Retriever and a Poodle. Another difference is that Aussiedoodles tend to bark more than Goldendoodles do. On the other hand, Aussiedoodles and Goldendoodles cost similarly at less than $1,000 depending on several factors, and both live relatively long.

Let’s get to know these two Doodles more and spot the differences and similarities between them right here. Check out our Aussiedoodle VS Goldendoodle showdown and find out which is the best pup for you.

13. Breed Ancestry

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Aussiedoodles are a hybrid mix of the Australian Shepherd and Poodle. They usually come in a standard size, unlike the Goldendoodle, with more varieties. With their Aussie genes, this Doodle is quite energetic and agile.

On the other hand, the Goldendoodle is a Golden Retriever and Poodle combined. These dogs are well-mannered, sociable, and family-oriented creatures. They are also eager to please, which is expected from their Golden Retriever parentage.

12. Appearance: Height

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When placed side by side, a Standard Goldendoodle is visibly taller than the Aussiedoodle. However, Goldendoodles may come in different sizes, such as the Miniature Goldendoodle, which is between 13 to 20 inches at the shoulder. But the standard variety has an average height of 18.5 inches.

As for Aussiedoodles, they are a little smaller at 12.5 inches on average. They are most certainly more diminutive than the purebred Aussie or Standard Poodle.

11. Appearance: Weight

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Since Aussiedoodles are smaller, they are also a tad lighter than the Goldendoodle. An average adult Aussiedoodle weighs about 47.5 lbs, while others can go up to 70 lbs.

As we mentioned earlier, Goldendoodles are usually bred in different sizes. The miniature variety weighs about 20 lbs, the medium-sized comes in at 35 lbs, while the standard variety tips the scale at 72 lbs.

10. Litter Size

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The litter size depends on the health condition of the pup, so it can vary from one Doodle to another. When it comes to Aussiedoodle VS Goldendoodle, the latter tends to have a smaller litter size.

Aussiedoodles may have about 3 to 7 puppies per litter, while the Goldendoodle can give birth to 4 to 8 puppies. It also depends on the parents’ sizes – a larger litter size is often expected from a bigger-bodied canine.

9. Drooling Tendency

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Between the two, the Aussiedoodle reigns supreme in terms of drooling action. Expect your clothes and furniture to be covered by this cutie’s slobber.

If you are not too crazy about the idea of having drool all over your house – and clothes – then the Goldendoodle is a better fit for you. With their low drooling tendency, they will spare you from some serious drool management in the house.

8. Barking Tendency

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Since the Aussiedoodle is from a parent that’s bred for farm work, it also follows that these Doodles are barkers. They are vocal about their feelings, although their barking tendency may go from low to average. This is why they are decent watchdogs.

Typically not territorial, Goldendoodles rarely bark. They don’t feel the need to always protect their territory, which makes them quite calm canines.

7. Living Environment

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Since Aussiedoodles love to run around and play, it is best to keep them in a spacious home with plenty of opportunities to run around in a decent-sized yard. With this in mind, this Doodle is not quite the best apartment pet.

But Goldendoodles are versatile canines. Whether you take them to an apartment or a house with a yard, they are happy campers. They can also easily adapt to changes in their family’s lifestyle, which is another plus point.

6. Energy Level

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Since one parent is naturally a herder, Aussiedoodles are more energetic and have a more upbeat personality than the Goldendoodle. They like to be the center of attention or play catch.

Mostly easy-going, Goldendoodles also like to play and romp around. But the good thing is that they remain calm when faced with tough situations.

5. Exercise Needs

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With an Aussiedoodle’s high energy level, it is very important to give them ample exercise each day to stay in shape and eliminate unwanted behavior. They also enjoy playing games, hiking, or simply going for a walk with their owners. About 3 hours of quality exercise sessions are important for these dogs.

Goldendoodles are active, yet they do not require intense exercises to maintain their health. Only a couple of hours of brisk walking should suffice for these fellows every day.

4. Diet

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The larger the dog’s body, the more food it needs. Goldendoodles are a bit taller and heavier than Aussiedoodles. Thus they eat more, yet should be limited to 1.5 to as much as 2 cups daily to prevent them from getting overweight.

Generally speaking, larger dogs consume more food. Goldendoodles tend to be slightly bigger than Aussiedoodles, so they also munch more. As for Aussiedoodles, they need between 3 and 5 cups of food per day.

3. Appearance: Coat Colors

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Aussidoodles and Goldendoodles are fascinating pets because of their gorgeous coats. But when it comes to color options, Aussiedoodles offer more. They may come in blue merle, black and tan, sable, and black and red.

Meanwhile, Goldendoodles have more solid coat colors. The most common colors include white, gray, black, brown, and red.

2. Lifespan

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Science tells us that bigger dogs have shorter lives than smaller canines. In the case of an Aussiedoodle and a Goldendoodle, both breeds are medium-sized dogs, so you can expect them to be around for 10 years or so.

The average lifespan of both Doodle breeds is 10 to 15 years. However, Aussiedoodles live a smidge longer than the Goldendoodle at 10 to 16 years in human time.

1. Price

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The price point for these Doodles depends on many things, such as the dog’s ancestry, health, purity, and the like. If you get them at a local animal shelter, these dogs will not cost you as much.

The upfront cost of getting an Aussiedoodle is $700, while the price of Goldendoodle starts at $500. However, they don’t usually cost steeper than $1,500.

Can Goldendoodles Get Along With Aussiedoodles? Both dogs have similar personalities and temperaments. So, it is not surprising that Goldendoodles do get along perfectly fine with AussiedoodlesOne is a bit more energetic and playful, but they are both sociable and well-mannered dogs. So, they should stand each other well and become the best of friends.

Can You Breed An Aussiedoodle With A Goldendoodle? Yes, it is possible, especially if the Aussiedoodle is somewhat similar to the Goldendoodle in size. By mixing them both, this results in an Aussiedoodle Goldendoodle mix. They don’t shed as much as purebreds, which makes them easier to maintain.

Why You Shouldn’t Get A Doodle? If you prefer a dog that is easy to groom and not prone to mats, then you shouldn’t buy a Doodle. They are also not exactly low shedders, so you should still expect a ball of fur on your furniture or clothes.

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