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6 Benefits Of Fish Oil For Dogs

6 Benefits Of Fish Oil For Dogs


Fish oil is a very popular supplement among pet parents but it is good as far the formulation is right and you are buying it from a reliable company.

Fish oil supplement brands that are not as well-known use a huge amount of unreliable ingredients that do more harm than good.

Along with the brand, the dosage should also be checked with the veterinarian because it may or may not be labeled correctly on the container. It is also seen that a lot of people supplement their dog's diet with fish oil but it does not seem to make much of a difference.

The reason is the dosage because most bottles have a standard dosage mentioned on them while the correct dose might differ and only a vet will be able to recommend the right range.

Here are six benefits of fish oil for your furry friend.


For a Healthy Heart

Atrial fibrillation is a common ailment in dogs. In this condition, the heart develops an irregular rhythm and does not beat at the rate that it should. This makes the heart prone to further diseases and could make your dog lethargic, irritable and shorten its life span. This condition can be avoided by regularly supplementing your dog with fish oil.


For Healthy Skin

Dogs tend to have dry, patchy and rough skin when weather changes take place. If your dog already has a skin condition in which additional care is required, it is likely to be worse in monsoons and winters. To ensure that your dog has a shiny coat and a healthy skin underneath, give him fish oil as per the dosage recommended by the vet. The itching is significantly reduced since fish oil inhibits the body from producing cytokines that stimulate inflammation.


For Healthier & Shinier Skin

If you have had a pet before, you will be aware of the fact that dogs often suffer from kidney problems after a certain age. Taking fish oil supplements can keep their blood pressure under control, inhibit loss of protein in urine and also the production of substances that can cause inflammation in kidneys.


Improves Joints & Reduces Pains

Prostaglandins have the potential to cause joint inflammation in dogs. If your aging dog has been limping or walking slower than usual, you can expect it to be going through joint degeneration. While this is unavoidable after a certain age, you can definitely postpone the process by giving them fish oil supplements that significantly reduces joint pains and stiffness.


Triglyceride Levels Reduced

If your dog has been suffering from conditions like inflammatory bowel disease, heart problems or pancreatitis, then supplementing them with fish oil can significantly improve their health. This is because fish oil reduces the triglyceride levels in the blood and leads to a betterment of these health conditions.


Betters Cognitive Functioning

Surveys suggest that supplementing puppies with fish oil can help them learn faster, better and develop certain skills at a swifter pace. It has also been found that older pets who had been experiencing patchy memory exhibited improved identification of family members when supplemented with fish oil.


What Should You Buy & From Where?

Here is a brief look at what you should buy and from where.

Triglyceride Formulation

Omega-3 fatty acids come in two different formulations; one is the triglyceride formulation and the other is the ethyl ester formulation. The first one is the natural formulation and it has innumerable benefits. This is the one that you should ideally opt for. The second formula is cheaper but also inferior as far as benefits are concerned. This one also tends to make your dog gassy and bloated.

Reputable Brand

Fish oil supplements can be heavily mixed with unknown and unreliable ingredients if the company is not a reputed brand. Not all of them are regulated by FDA. Since they are often priced lower than the authentic brands, people end up buying them and do not get any benefits from having them. This is why buying fish oil from a reputable brand is very important.

Never Replace With Cod Liver Oil

A lot of pet parents replace fish oil with cod liver oil but that should never be done. Cod liver oil is great as far as Vitamin A and D are concerned but it can never be a supplement for DHA and EPA. You might also unknowingly exceed the daily dosage of Vitamin A and D while trying to supplement DHA and EPA with cod liver oil. That can be dangerous for your pet.

Final Thoughts – Fish Oil Is Beneficial

As soon as you start considering supplementing your pet with fish oil consult a veterinarian and supplement as per his recommendation. Fish oil is still under research for other health properties that it might have but for the time being, its benefits make it a must-have for your canine companion.