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Best Dog Boots (& Booties) That Actually Stay On

Best Dog Boots (& Booties) That Actually Stay On


You must be thinking:

"Do I need really need boots for my dog?"

Most veterinarians will agree that dog boots are highly recommended, especially if you are staying in a country with snowy climates. Walking on ice and snow often lead to cracks on the underside of your dog's paws, which can result in infections.

We are all aware of how your pooch's paws are prone to injuries, especially if you have an activepet that runs around all day. Dog boots are designed to protect your canine's sensitive paws from the heat or cold that come about from the summer and winter seasons.

It serves another purpose too.

If you have pets at home and a hardwood flooring, you know exactly what I mean. Dog nails can ruin your beautiful and expensive flooring, which is why dog shoes could practically be a savior for you.

Choosing the right style, the perfect size and the one that your dog will not fling away has never been so difficult with all these options around. This is why we came up with this article.

In this article, we have reviewed the top 5 products in the market to help you choose your favorite pair of dog boots that actually stay on. Find your pick here!

Comparison Table of Dog Boots (& Booties)

BrandsPaw SizeMaterialUses

1.5″ - 3.25″


  • Hiking
  • Sidewalks
  • Snow

2.5″ - 3.25″


  • Indoors and outdoors
  • Sidewalks
  • Asphalt
  • Grass

1.5″ - 3.25″


  • Extreme temperatures
  • Abrasive surfaces
  • Snowmelt chemicals
  • Parks

1.5″ - 3.25″

Waterproof Natural Rubber

  • Hot surfaces
  • Ice
  • Snow
  • Lawn chemicals

2.25″ - 3.25″

Water Resistant Nylon

  • Asphalt
  • Snow
  • Salt
  • Concrete

Our Top Pick

The My Busy Dog Waterproof Dog Boots is our top pick for the best dog boots that actually stay on.

It fulfills 3 important criteria that we are looking out for.

  • Rugged Undersole – Made from tough waterproof fabrics.
  • Adjustability – It comes with velcro straps to ensure that the boots actually stay on.
  • Availability of Sizes – Suitable for dogs of all paw sizes (1 to 8).

These boots are suitable to protect your pooch's paws from getting injured by sharp objects during hiking, running and walking on cold surfaces during winter.

My Busy Dog Waterproof Dog Boots

It has an anti-slip sole that helps maintain stability and traction, keeping your canine friends well protected from uneven terrain and hot pavements!

This pair of boots absolutely fascinated us with its design, build and waterproof construction. The strap design makes them very useful for snowy days and the waterproofing makes rainy day evening walks seem like a breeze.


My Busy Dog Waterproof Dog Boots


My Busy Dog Waterproof Dog Boots are incredibly easy to put on and take off from your dog's paws.

We absolutely love the ease and convenience of their design. I am sure dog lovers would totally agree that it can be quite the hassle to put on and remove boots or shoes from your dogs.

The wide split seam opening makes putting it on very convenient and the Velcro straps provide additional security with a tighter fit. The durable and rugged sole along with the high quality fabric ensure that your best friends are always ready for adventure.

During the winter season, you can protect your dog's paws from the rough roads and sidewalks. During summers, you can keep their paws protected from the sidewalks and streets that heat up.

There is nothing like gifting your furry friends a pair of boots that is similar to the shoes that you wear and with this pair at hand, you can rest assured that you given them the best.

We recommend this because it is a blessing for your canine companions on cold winter evenings and hot summer days and also because of the sheer convenience that it offers.

What We Like
  • Extremly easy to put on and take off.
  • Highly durable.
  • Velcro straps ensure a snuggly fit.
What We Didn't Like
  • Not ideal for high impact activities because it is not breathable.

Petacc Water Resistant Dog Boots


This was one of the few flexible dog boots that we came across while reviewing the whole lot in the market.

The Petacc Water Resistant Dog Boots will prove to be the perfect play time partner of your canine companions because they will protect them from uneven and rough surfaces while they play in dirt, stones and mud.

What we really liked about these boots is the fact that they can be used both indoors as well as outdoors because the sole is waterproof, durable, skid-proof and flexible. This makes them easy to use in all weather conditions; be it wet, dry, hot or cold.

Even if your puppy is playing in a park which is full of dirt, mud and stones, you have nothing to worry about because these boots will protect your pup's paws effortlessly.

These shoes are also quite easy to put on and take off because of the top opening that has a wide split. 2 Velcro straps keep the dog boots firmly in place. They are also long and adjustable that prevents the boots from slipping off and offers a customized fit.

Not to mention, that the shoes are hand-washable and can be air-dried.

We recommend these because they are not only fashionable but also durable and functional in nature that makes them perfect for your dog's paws.

What We Like
  • Skid Resistant.
  • Waterproof and Durable.
  • Easily Washable.
What We Didn't Like
  • Boots are well fitted on the back paws, but doesn't fit as well on the front paws.

Ruffwear Summit Trex Everyday Paw Protection for Dogs


When you want to protect your dog's paws from exposure to new environment, then the Ruffwear Summit Trex Everyday Paw Protection for Dogs are the boots you should opt for.

These extreme conditions could be anything, ranging from unfavorable temperatures, unfriendly surfaces and even chemicals spread out on a surface where snow is melting.

The stretch gaiter protects legs from being affected by dirt and debris while walking outdoors and the outsole offers flexible traction. The upper part of the shoes is made of weather-resistant fabric that keeps moisture and debris away.

What's really good about these boots is the fact that they fit a wide range of paw sizes. If you have a dog that grows out of its boots sooner than you can buy the next pair, then this is your best bet.

Its reflective trim enhances visibility that lets you keep an eye on your canine friend even if he/she strays ahead of you in the dark.

We recommend this because it can keep your dog well-protected if you shift to a new environment where the terrains and the surfaces are unfriendly and unknown.

What We Like
  • Reflective strips makes it visible in the dark.
  • Fits a wide range of paw sizes.
  • Absolute protection in unfavorable weather conditions.
What We Didn't Like
  • Some of our readers have mentioned that the front boots tend to come off easily.

Pawz Water-Proof Dog Boot


Are you looking for convenience?

The Pawz Water-Proof Dog Boot are one of a kind as they are 100% disposable. So no more washing or drying after taking your dog out for a walk!

You have to agree that you simply cannot settle for anything less than what is natural for your furry friend.

These boots are made of natural rubber and is 100% biodegradable. They are also designed in a way that ensures a hassle-free fit without needing zippers or straps of any kind.

What users seem to like the most about these boots is the fact that they provide an absolutely natural feeling without the addition of unnatural padding. This helps your canine companions to keep feeling the ground which is essential to equip them with a sense of security.

These boots are not only natural on the skin but also mold themselves as per the motion of your dog's body. This allows their paws to move as and how they need to and provides maximum comfort.

These boots can be used on lawn chemicals, ice, sand, salt and snow melt chemicals. You can also use these boots post-surgical treatments to keep unhealed wounds protected. If your furry friend has allergies to most dog boots, you can rest assured that he/she will be absolutely comfortable with these boots. They also help in traction control which is an added advantage.

We recommend these boots because they provide maximum protection, your wallet will love them and because they are really inexpensive.

What We Like
  • Disposable and reusable.
  • 100% Biodegradable! (Yay)
  • Cheapest option among the dog boots.
What We Didn't Like
  • Coloring from the boots might stain your dog's paws.

Ultra Paws Rugged Dog Boot


When you have active and challenging dogs at home, taking them out for a stroll can be a task unless you have added sole protection.

The Ultra Paws Rugged Dog Boot have been designed to make tough conditions seem easy.

Why do we say that?

The sole of these boots is 50% thicker than normal soles and is perfectly equipped to be used by hunters in unfavorable weather conditions.

While it is quite easy to put on, it is not easy to take off. This is great as far as your pet is concerned because the boots will stay on as long as you want them to. The side seams are quite wide when they open up and that makes putting on the boots convenient.

There are dual Velcro straps along with slides that help close the boots and keep them in place with a snug fit. The foam inside further enhances the grip. The outer material is 100% denier nylon that is not only tough and durable but also water-resistant.

Whether you need to use the boots in hot or cold or in wet or dry conditions; these boots will always live up to your expectations. Whether you are a hunter living in rural settings or a modern day man in urban dwellings; these boots will serve you well.

We recommend these because these are your perfect solution for your active and energetic dogs that are quite difficult to take out while also avoiding accidents of all kinds. These boots will keep them safe in most weather conditions and terrains.

What We Like
  • Water-resistant
  • Made from 100% Denier Nylon
What We Didn't Like
  • Does not grip well on smooth surfaces

How We Found The Best and Reviewed Them

When there is a whole world of websites out there trying to sell you their reviews and buying guides, why should you trust us and follow our reviews?

When we started reviewing pet products, we realized that most websites offer biased and partial reviews. Half of the reviews are not reliably sourced and talk of advantages without having a base. We decided to do things differently.

It does take us more time to come up with review articles and that is because we only rely on first-hand information. We speak to veterinarians, trainers and dog owners and prioritize their recommendations over and above all else.

After bringing together all the pieces of information, we head over to Amazon to get ahold of real customer reviews. This is where we find information that is true and unbiased.

This is what comprises our review articles.

Furthermore, to help our readers make an educated decision on choosing which dog boots/shoes to buy, we have also included a Buyer's Guide.

Buyers Guide – How To Choose The Best Dog Boots

Instead of simply reviewing the products and listing out their advantages and disadvantages, let us take you on a tour of what an ideal pair of boots/shoes/booties should be like.

We would also love to add a few pointers regarding canine boots in general so that by the time you finish reading the article, you are exactly aware of what to look for and how to find the right pair.

Protects Against Cuts & Injuries

There are unfortunate events when your canine friends injure their paws and walking around barefoot can only open up the superficially healed wounds.

This is where dog boots come in handy. They keep the paws protected till the wounds dry up.

What Factors To Look For While Buying Dog Boots?

This is a common question among first-time users. It is important to know the factors that decide how good they are, especially if you are looking to get one that actually stays on.

Listed below are the important ones:

  • Size
  • Shape
  • Material
  • Use

Dog Boots Sizes

This is by far the most important factor while you are out and about finding the right pair of boots for your dog. If you get the wrong size, chances are high that your furry friend will either kick them off and you will lose them or they will rip them apart because it might annoy them with an improper fit.

What helps to choose the right size is to read the size chart or the size guide provided by the manufacturer. The commonest way to find out the right size is to draw the outline of each paw by placing them on a piece of paper. This will help you to measure the widest area and the length of the paw. The final step is to use a ruler to measure the total length and width of the paw.

A lot of dogs have different sized front and back paws that make buying dog boots inconvenient. There are manufacturers who sell boots in pairs that allow you to buy different sized pairs for the front and back paws.

Shapes Of Dog Boots

There are various shapes in which dog boots are found. While some of them are shaped like regular boots and sandals, some others look like socks that seem to have more of an aesthetic appeal than anything else.

The commonest types of dog boots look like socks that are kept in place with the help of two straps. The popular designs look more like ankle boots but even high boots are in vogue these days.


Dog boots can be made of a number of materials and that usually depends on the purpose that they serve. Most of them are made of nylon, neoprene and rubber while some others are made of breathable fabric. The material that these footwear are made of is directly dependent upon the environment in which they would be used.

The thumb rule is whatever be the environment or the use of the boots; it should be made of durable materials. This is because dogs sweat through their paws and if the material is not breathable, they will not be comfortable wearing them for extended periods of time.

Take Note Of The Different Types Of Dog Boots

There are five types of dog boots depending upon five different uses. They are:

  • Indoor dog boots
  • Outdoor dog boots
  • Hot weather dog boots
  • Cold weather dog boots
  • Waterproof dog boots

Indoor Dog Boots

Indoor dog boots are meant to be used within the confines of the household and therefore their soles are softer and more flexible. These boots are specifically used to protect your floors from getting scratched and also to offer some amount of support to your dogs indoors so that they do not slip. A few users prefer using dog socks but one should only use them if they have rubber grips on the soles.

Outdoor Dog Boots

As the name suggests, these boots are tough and protect your pooch's feet from hot and unfriendly surfaces. Their soles are strong and durable and the rest of the materials depend on their use.

Hot Weather Dog Boots

During hot summer months, you need these kinds of boots to protect your dog's feet from hot sidewalks, asphalt and streets. These are invariably made of breathable fabric so that your dogs can wear them even if it is quite hot outside.

Cold Weather Dog Boots

You need to be extra careful about protecting your dog's paws during the cold winter months. Especially for younger puppies, when it snows outside and you take them out for a walk, the sharp ice and chilling weather can cause a lot of injuries. You need high quality and weather resistant boots that are insulated and waterproof to keep your dog's paws well protected.

Waterproof Dog Boots

When it rains outside, your dog would love to go for walks and strolls afterwards because of the pleasant weather. Waterproof dog boots can help keep your dog's paws dry and protected.

Tips For Buying Boots That Stay On

Buying dog boots and getting them to stay on the paws are two entirely different things. It is not that easy to keep your dog's boots in place even if you know exactly which size to buy. So what could you do to ensure that they don't fall off? Read below!

  • Buy a dog boot that fits snugly because even it is loose by half an inch; you can be sure that your dog flings it away at will.
  • Velcro strapping keeps them in place. The best kind of dog boot is the one that has two Velcro straps to prevent it from falling off.

Final Thoughts – Safety is Paramount!

Although your canine friends do have a good amount of padding on their paws, they still require added protection when the terrain is rough and the weather conditions are unfavorable.

While there are plenty of products to choose from online and offline, it could get quite confusing when you are not aware of what to buy. In our article, we have attempted to help you with this choice.

The only few things to remember while buying dog shoes are the factors like their shape, their size and whether your dog is comfortable in them or not. You will also have to keep a note of the fabric to ensure that your dog does not feel restricted in its motion while walking in them.

All pooches are different and they react differently to different products. If you are unsure of your dog's preference, try and keep your basics right and invest in a popular brand so that they have refund and return policies to work in your favor. At the end of the day, dog booties should be able to protect your best friends and keep you feeling happy through your evening or morning strolls.

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