Best Bully Sticks Review: Is It Worth It?

About Best Bully Sticks

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It is a dog’s natural instinct to chew on things, either to relieve pain or due to boredom, but when valuable items in the home become your pooch’s favorite chews, that can be problematic. Consequently, more companies are coming up with products that help channel a dog’s chewing into a healthy pastime activity, and one of such companies is Best Bully Sticks.

Headquartered in Richmond, VA, Best Bully Sticks prides itself on providing high-quality chews and treats for dogs to safely enjoy and satisfy their chewing needs. It has also established a net positive presence on social media, garnering the strong support of over 32,300 Instagram followers.

This brand is equally prominent on Facebook, and the 158,000 likes on the official page are further proof of its quality of service. This review article sheds more light on how Best Bully Sticks produces its chews and treats for dogs, information on the pricing of their products, and what customers think about the quality of the bully sticks. We’ve also included a detailed competitor analysis in this article to provide a clearer idea of how Best Bully Sticks measures against other top bully sticks manufacturing companies.

Overview Of Best Bully Sticks

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The Best Bully Sticks brand was established in 2007 by a serial entrepreneur, Avrum Elmakis, and his wife. With just their life savings, they set up the company initially named Top Dog Best Bully Sticks (TDBBS) and succeeded in stepping into corporate America.

This brand was created with a clear mission – the production of high-quality bully sticks made from single ingredients that dogs will not only enjoy eating but also are safe for our canine buddies to consume.

Products from Best Bully Sticks have undergone extensive laboratory testing to be approved by both FDA and USDA governing bodies. According to information available on the brand’s website, their products are ‘all-natural chews from quality ingredients.’

In August 2021, the Best Bully Brand received an ‘Excellent’ grade from the credible Safe Quality Food (SQF) program, and this is the highest attainable designation ever offered by the program.

Ingredients used in producing the various Best Bully Sticks products are sourced from quality suppliers worldwide and typically procured from hormone-free, free-range cattle. They will then be tested vigorously in laboratories for safety checks before arriving at the USDA-approved manufacturing facility of Best Bully Sticks located in Richmond.

Also, apart from providing healthy chews for dogs to snack on, the Best Bully Sticks website has an informative blog that contains tens of helpful articles relating to canine health for dog parents to check out.


  • Best Bully Sticks bulk packs make it easier for dog owners to save money in the long run.
  • Products are manufactured from grass-fed and free-range cattle.
  • The fully digestible nature of Best Bully Sticks is good for dogs with digestive problems.
  • Best Bully Sticks are tough, thereby making them effective for cleaning dog teeth.
  • The all-natural composition of Best Bully Sticks products is safe and healthy for dogs to consume.
  • USDA-approved for safety and quality.
  • Best Bully sticks don’t splinter easily.


  • Several dog owners have complained about Best Bully Sticks being smelly.
  • Comments lamenting about the steep pricing of Best Bully products are worth noting.

How Does Best Bully Sticks Work?

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The Best Bully Sticks product range includes bully sticks, antlers, chews, and bones produced from free-range, grass-fed cattle. The company produces single-ingredient, protein-rich chews and sticks without adding chemical preservatives or fillers.

That said, Best Bully Sticks products are hung vertically in an oven for a drying process to destroy bacteria growth with their odor-free sticks. Its purpose is to completely drain the sticks of odor-inducing moisture. This is in stark contrast to other bully sticks companies that use chemicals to mask the pungent odor of their products.

Best Bully Sticks products are available in a pack of 6, 15, 25, and 50 units, but this is dependent on which of the brand’s products you’re going for. The Best Bully Stick brand offers bully sticks in size options of 6, 10, and 12 inches. Its product range also includes bully sticks under 6 inches, ideal for smaller dogs that are less aggressive chewers.

It is easy to purchase Best Bully Sticks products, and this can be done either on the brand’s website or through reputable retailers such as Amazon and Chewy. Customers can also subscribe for delivery of their desired Best Bully Sticks products at intervals ranging between 1 to 12 weeks.

When checking out an order, customers have an option to adjust the odor scale of Best Bully Sticks products from ‘odor-free’ to ‘intensive odor.’

Standard delivery times typically range between 7 to 9 days after an order is shipped – which is done immediately in most cases – but you can expect delivery times to be slightly higher for high-demand products.

A flat delivery rate of $9.99 is applicable to orders totaling $78.99 or less, but customers who have made purchases of items totaling $79 and above can qualify for free shipping.

Best Bully Sticks Review

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As earlier stated, Best Bully Sticks products are produced with a single ingredient and are highly digestible, thereby making them the ideal alternative to rawhide treats for pooches. Crude protein, which is obtained from livestock, makes up the key ingredient in most Best Bully Sticks’ products, with minor quantities of moisture, crude fiber, and crude fat completing the nutritional composition of this brand’s products.

That said, several dog owners find the smell of Best Bully Sticks offensive, but there are specially prepared odor-free bully sticks intended to counter this. Additionally, the shopping process on the Best Bully Sticks website is streamlined and stress-free, and customers can easily comb through distinct categories on the brand’s site to select the desired product(s).

Splintering and the formation of dangerous shards is a common theme with bully stick products. However, bully sticks and chews produced by the Best Bully Sticks brand are designed to be extra tough, thereby preventing the formation of shards that can easily injure the pooch.

Are Best Bully Sticks Good For Dogs?

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The single-protein composition of Best Bully Sticks used in its products makes it easily digestible for dogs. Moreover, the fact that this brand’s products rarely splinter upon chewing guarantees a pooch’s safety.

For pooches with food allergies, the absence of grains and artificial preservatives in the Best Bully Sticks ingredients list means that there’s little to no chance of the pooch’s allergies being triggered.

Constantly chewing on the Best Bully Sticks helps strengthen a pooch’s teeth and prevents the formation of plaque and tartar buildup. And, for dogs with destructive tendencies or those suffering from separation anxiety, Best Bully Sticks provide a healthy outlet for the excess or pent-up energy.

Conclusively, this review article can say that Best Bully Sticks are quality products that effectively cater to what they are manufactured for – to provide safe and healthy consumables for dogs to chew on.

Where Are Best Bully Sticks Made?

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The beef used in producing Best Bully Sticks is sourced from free-ranging, grass-fed cattle that are raised on Brazilian farms, and the products themselves are processed and manufactured in Brazil.

The location of production, however, has little to no impact on the quality of the Best Bully Sticks products as the company’s facilities in Brazil are FDA-approved before being shipped to its final location, another FDA-approved facility here in Richmond, VA, for the final stages of processing and packaging.

And as a further guarantee of quality and safety, the Best Bully Sticks supply chain is subjected to extensive scrutiny to ensure that only ingredients of the highest quality are used to manufacture the brand’s various products.

The Best Bully Brand also has a ‘Made in the USA’ collection, which features products created from ingredients that are sourced directly in the United States.

Are Best Bully Sticks Irradiated?

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The multiple processes involved in manufacturing the various Best Bully Sticks products do not involve exposure of the beef to radiation from X-rays or alpha particles. 

The process by which Best Bully Sticks are manufactured is quite straightforward. Firstly, the bully sticks are cleaned and sorted in a refrigerated facility.

Afterward, the bully sticks are hung vertically on racks and oven-dried to eliminate bacteria and moisture. The longer the drying process takes, the less odor the bully sticks will have.

Once the bully sticks are dry enough, they are subsequently cut and sorted into the desired shapes and sizes. At no point during the manufacturing process are the Best Bully Sticks products subjected to drying via irradiation.

Who Is Best Bully Sticks For?

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Best Bully Sticks are suitable for dogs of all sizes, ages, and breeds. Their products come in a variety of shapes and thicknesses that cater to varying canine needs.

The brand’s thin, standard and thick sticks are for all dogs and medium chewers, while the jumbo bully sticks are specially produced for strong chewers.

Consistent chewing of the tough outer coating of the Best Bully Sticks products prevents tartar and plaque buildup, thereby making them great for pooches with a history of dental problems as well as for dog owners looking to strengthen their Fido’s teeth.

The single-ingredient formulation of the Best Bully Sticks is ideal for dogs with allergies, and the absence of artificial preservatives and chemicals is perfectly optimized for pooches with sensitive stomachs.

Additionally, Best Bully Sticks can be purchased for dogs with destructive chewing tendencies as a way of curbing this behavior in the dog in question.

Comparison: Best Bully Sticks VS Natural Farm Bully Sticks

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This review article pits the Best Bully brand against one of its fiercest competitors in the bully sticks market, Natural Farm Bully Sticks, so as to provide a better idea of the quality of the Best Bully Sticks products.

The bully sticks produced by Natural Farm are ideal for small to medium-sized dogs, produced from a single ingredient to cater to pooches with sensitive stomachs, and they are equally available in a wide variety of lengths and thicknesses.

To make the comparison between Best Bully Sticks and Natural Farm Bully Sticks easier and ultimately help you reach a decision on which bully sticks product is ideal for your canine buddy, we’ve outlined key similarities and differences between both brands below:


  • Both products are manufactured from free-ranging, grass-fed cattle raised in Brazil.
  • Both the Best Bully Sticks and Natural Farm Bully Sticks products are manufactured without the addition of chemicals, artificial preservatives, or additives.
  • Single-ingredient formulation.
  • Both Best Bully Sticks and Natural Farm Bully Sticks have tough outer coats that are effective at maintaining dental health in pooches.


  • Best Bully products are typically available as 6-inch or 12-inch sticks, while Natural Farm manufactures Bully Sticks in size variants of 2,4,6,7 and 12 inches.
  • Natural Farm Bully Sticks are available for purchase in packs of 5, 12, 15, 20, and 25 units, while Best Bully Sticks typically come in packs of 6, 15, 25, or 50 units.
  • The sizing of the Best Bully Sticks is more consistent compared to what is obtainable with Natural Farm Bully Sticks.

How Much Is Best Bully Sticks?

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Best Bully Sticks products number in the hundreds, and the amount you’ll pay to buy any of the products depends on which of the brand’s chews, toys, or bully sticks you’re going for. Additionally, since there’s no subscription plan offered on the Best Bully Sticks site, all their products are available as one-time purchases only.

That said, some of the most popular Best Bully Sticks products and their prices are outlined below:

  • 6-inch standard bully stick price starts from $13.99
  • 6-inch thick bully stick price starts from $21.49
  • 12-inch thick odor-free bully stick price starts from $44.99
  • 6-inch standard odor-free bully stick price starts from $15.49
  • 4-inch bully stick price starts from $39.99
  • Bully bite price starts from $11.99
  • 6-inch jumbo bully stick price starts from $20.99
  • 12-inch jumbo bully stick price starts from $25.49

As earlier stated, the Best Bully Sticks product range also includes chews, toys, and some of the brand’s best-sellers with their prices, listed below:

  • 12-inch gullet wraps; beef jerky (25-pack)price starts from $36.49
  • Beef trachea dog chews; 5 to 6 inches longprice starts from $11.99
  • Bully stick value grab bag (2 lbs)price starts from $91.49
  • Quick stick; 10 to 12 inches longprice starts from $3.50
  • Duck feet dog treatsprice starts from $17.99
  • Joint jerky biteprice starts from $17.99

NOTE: The price information provided is accurate at the time of writing this article.

Best Bully Sticks Review: What Do Customers Think?

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It is difficult to ascertain the true quality of a brand or product without feedback from those who regularly use the product in question; Hence, to gain better insight into the quality of the Best Bully Sticks brand, we sifted through thousands of real customer reviews, and this is what they had to say.

At the time of writing, the Best Bully Sticks Amazon product page boasts 10,634 customer reviews, with an average customer rating of 4.2 out of 5 stars, indicating that most pet parents are satisfied with the quality of the Best Bully products.

68% of the 10,634 customers that left a review on the Best Bully Sticks product page rated the brand 5-star, with 11% of the reviews rated the brand 1-star.

Customers that had good things to say about Best Bully Sticks praised the brand’s high-quality products and the uniformity in the sizes and shapes of its products in their respective size categories. Several dog parents also commended the fact that the long-lasting Best Bully Sticks are produced to cater to pooches with sensitive stomachs.

In the words of a satisfied pup parent, “Best Bully Sticks have a strong smell, but they make for a great chew toy and treat.” Pet parents also commended the speed at which the Best Bully Sticks were delivered. One particularly happy dog owner stated that delivery of the sticks was “the fastest shipping I have ever had on Prime.”

That said, several customers have complained about the smell of the Best Bully Sticks, with others wishing that the sticks lasted a bit longer. The prices of the Best Bully Sticks are also a major sticking point, with several customers airing their concerns about how “prices keep increasing.”

A considerable number of customers also complained about inconsistencies with the quality of the Best Bully Sticks, with some reviews stating that “the first order was great and the second-order delivery left much to be desired.”

Is Best Bully Sticks Worth It?

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One of the biggest positives that this Best Bully Sticks review found is the wide variety of sizes and shapes that the brand’s products come in, which caters to varying canine needs. Additionally, the single-ingredient formulation of the Best Bully Sticks and the absence of artificial preservatives, colors, or flavors are ideal for dogs with sensitive stomachs.

Best Bully Sticks are durable and long-lasting, and constant chewing of the tough Best Bully Sticks helps prevent plaque and tartar buildup; This, in turn, results in better dental health for the pooch in question. Also, dogs are born chewers, and giving your Fido Best Bully Sticks helps promote positive chewing habits in such a pooch.

Best Bully Sticks products contain ingredients that digest easily, and the fact that this product doesn’t splinter easily and form dangerous shards makes it even safer for pooches to consume. Best Bully Sticks are known to have an odor that is strongly offensive to the human nose, but our canine buddies find this smell appealing, and that’s all that matters.

Consequently, if you desire a safe, healthy treat that’ll satisfy your pooch’s natural urges to chew while also providing a host of health benefits, the various Best Bully Sticks products are worth purchasing.

Best Bully Sticks: Promotions And Discounts

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The Best Bully Sticks brand carries out a semi-annual sale where customers can get a 15% discount, 25 free bully sticks, and free shipping on sitewide purchases.

To become eligible for this offer, customers have to make purchases worth $100 and above via the Best Bully Sticks website; This discount offer applies to merchandise only and can be activated with ‘April15’ – the code.

Customers are also eligible to receive 25% off their first AutoShip, and this offer can be activated by entering ‘AUTOSHIP25’ – the coupon code. Similarly, signing up to receive email and text messages from Best Bully Sticks qualifies customers for a 15% discount off their first purchase, although this is only valid for orders totaling $100 and above.

Where To Buy Best Bully Sticks

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Best Bully sticks products can be purchased via the company’s website or through popular retailers such as Amazon and Chewy.

To buy Best Bully Sticks from the company’s website, customers simply have to add the desired products and quantities to the cart, and when they are done shopping, proceed to checkout.


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Why Are Best Bully Sticks Better Than Other Sellers?

Best Bully Sticks are arguably better than other products on the market. This is primarily due to the quality of processes involved in manufacturing them and the various safety measures put in place to ensure that they are safe for dogs to consume.

How To Store Best Bully Sticks For Dogs?

Best bully sticks are packaged and shipped in airtight zip-top bags, which help to keep the product fresh and prevent spoilage. If a dog doesn’t finish the Best Bully stick at once, the leftover can either be stored in an airtight container or in the original packaging to maintain freshness.

Why Do Bully Sticks Smell?

Bully sticks products typically smell because they are manufactured from beef pizzle, the unique ingredient responsible for its distinctive smell that can be pungent to humans’ sense of smell.

How To Contact Best Bully Sticks

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For inquiries unrelated to this Best Bully Sticks review, you can contact the company via:

Phone Number: (877) 483-5853

Email Address:

Social Media Platforms:

Customers can also file a complaint on the Best Bully Sticks website, after which they will be contacted via the email address they have provided.

There is a live chat section on the website that customers can use to make enquiries and perform actions such as getting order status or canceling the AutoShip.

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