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Best Dog Car Seat Covers

The best car seat cover for dogs is 4Knines Dog Seat Cover with Hammock.

Do you have a big mess in your car every time you take your dog for a ride? Do you have to constantly look over your shoulder to ensure your big canine companion doesn’t jump to the front seats?

There is one single solution to all the above – dog car seat covers. Or also known as dog hammocks.

They keep your dog safe, you safe and your car clean. These seat covers make travel with your furry friend a breeze.

We will help you find the needle in the haystack. Here we have reviewed 9 of the best dog car seat covers which we think are available in the market right now.

Budget Conscious Pick

OKMEE Convertible Dog Car Seat Cover

Our Top Pick

4Knines Dog Seat Cover with Hammock


URPOWER Dog Car Seat Cover

01 4Knines Dog Seat Cover with Hammock

One of the most popular dog seat covers for cars, SUVs, and trucks. The 4Knines is a luxurious looking seat cover that is not only visually appealing but also performs excellently. It comes available in Black, Tan or Grey and its made of a durable GSM material.

It is easy to install as it comes with adjustable clips and straps.

Available in both medium and large sizes, the 4Knines car seat covers are hypoallergenic in nature and free of heavy metal and synthetic colorants. As an added safety feature, these pet seat covers are equipped with a nonslip backing to keep them firmly in place even during a bumpy ride.

The durable GSM material is also 100% waterproof, so this ensures that your expensive leather seats are kept well protected always.

  • We are really impressed with the durability of the 4Knives car seat covers. It comes with a lifetime warranty for any manufacturing defects or workmanship. Most dog owners that we spoke to have nothing but praises on 4Knives quality products and impeccable customer service.

02 OKMEE Convertible Dog Hammock Pet Car Seat Cover

If you ever thought that only by spending oodles of money you get a good product, well think again because the OKMEE Car Seat Cover will prove you wrong. The reason it made to our budget pick is not just the unbeatable but the quality and performance of the product.

As compared to the other products out there in the market, the OKMEE Car seat cover is at least 25% cheaper.

Made from 100 % polyester the cover is naturally waterproof and durable. Add to that the fact that it can be easily machined cleaned makes it more attractive. The product comes with 2 headrest loops, seat anchors, and 2 elastic straps to secure it in place and ensure the dog has a safe ride every time you take it with you.

The cover is suitable for all standard sized cars and SUVs. It can be installed quite easily. 

As a 4-in-1 convertible seat cover, it can easily convert between dog hammock, bench car seat cover protector, front pet seat cover, or cargo liner with zipped up or down.

However, do take note that the OKMEE Car Seat Cover does not come with any paddings.

  • The OKMEE seat covers are great looking and budget-friendly. They do their job well to keep your car clean and free of dog hair, dirt, scratches, dirt, dander, and spills, at a very affordable price point.

    However, do take note that they do not come with any paddings. This means that this might not be as comfortable for your pooch as compared to the other products out there.

03 URPOWER Dog Car Seat Cover

A nice looking car seat cover that comes with side flaps, the URPOWER cover is well equipped to protect your car from scratches, hair, and the usual harsh treatment meted out to seats by your furry friend.

Manufactured from heavy-duty oxford fabric, the cover is durable and will last a long time. The cover has an adequate rubber backing to prevent it from slipping down during any tumultuous ride.

In case you are worried about your dog's safety, simply just reach out for the seat belt from the well-designed openings and belt it up! And the best part is you can cover the opening with Velcro so that your curious pooch doesn't get intrigued and start digging in the opening.

  • A good quality car seat cover that has been designed to protect your back seat from spills and dog pet. It also helps to protect your dog during a car ride.

04 BarksBar Original Car Seat Cover for Dogs

A good quality seat cover not only protects the seat from claws, spillage, and dog hair but also enhances the interior of the car. The BarksBar Car Seat Cover does all that well.

This waterproof dog car seat cover deters your dog's attempts to chew (a good time to introduce the dental chews). The product comes with the reliable snap buckles which ensure that the seat cover is securely fastened and does not move during a ride.

It is really easy to spot clean the cover by machine washing. The Velcro seat opening, the thick padding and the anti-skid rubber backing are much raved by dog owners.

  • BarksBar Car Seat Cover is a good quality product that converts into a bench seat when needed. It is well padded and does a good job of protecting your back seat from dirt and damage, while keeping your pooch safe during a ride.

05 iBuddy Dog Car Seat Cover

A car seat cover with a mesh window, the iBuddy is available for all sized dogs and for all vehicles such as trucks, SUVs, and cars. The mesh not only cools the back region but also provides a window for your dog to look ahead and at you during the ride. It is ideal for those pups who have anxiety issues.

There are all kinds of safety features in this model – side flaps that protect the door from scratches and keep the pet in place; opening for the seatbelt to secure the pooch further; anti-skid bottom for those sudden jerks and breaks.

This can also double up as a dog SUV cargo liner cover.

  • The iBuddy is a real buddy for your dog because it has been designed taking into consideration the furry animal's safety and comfort. The mesh window, seat belt openings, anchors, and anti-skid bottom all reassure the dog owner that your pooch is safe when it is cradled in the iBuddy.

06 Winner Outfitters Dog Seat Cover

A standard sized cover of 56 inches by 60 inches, the Winner Outfitters Dog Seat Cover is suitable for all cars, trucks, and SUV. It can be converted into a bench seat if you desire.

You need not worry about spills and skids anymore because this product has you covered on both ends by being waterproof and having an anti-skid rubber backing.

Soft and comfortable to touch, it is easy to install and 100% machine washable for that added convenience.

  • A simple to care, fuss-free dog car hammock that protects the back seat and keeps your dog safe. It is suitable for SUVs, trucks and all standard sized cars.

07 Mpow Dog Car Seat Cover

When you want to reassure your dog that you are within reach and it is not alone, you can consider getting Mpow Dog Car Seat Covers. They have a unique mesh pocket that allows you to peek over and check on your dog anytime. The reverse works too. Your pooch is able to see you constantly from the mesh window.

They come with an added pocket to store all of your furry friend's favorite toys and chews, keeping your car neat and tidy. This dog hammock forms a solid protection padding in the complete back seat area. They have side flaps that can be zipped to prevent the dog from reaching the door too.

The heavy-duty polyester makes the covers waterproof and resistant to all spills and drools. A Velcro backed opening for the seatbelt paves the way for easy installation of these ergonomic pet seat covers. The seat belts will act as the seat anchors to hold the car seat covers in place as well, keeping chaos at bay on the road.

  • The MPow Dog Car Seat Cover provides complete protection to the backseat region. We really liked the mesh window. It is a nice bonus touch for dogs that have separation anxiety and need to constantly verify your presence in the front seats for that added assurance.

08 Meadowlark Dog Car Seat Cover

The Meadowlark Dog Car Seat covers the entire backseat and the entire area which includes the floor, the doors, and the headrest, giving it complete protection from scratches and dog hair.

You no longer need to worry about vacuuming the dog hair or look for worrisome scratches because this waterproof, heavy-duty non-slip cover has got you covered!

Four layers of heavy-duty double stitching and extra padding are the icings on the cake on this remarkable product.

And the best part? There are side flaps that can be zippered and keep the door away from access to your dog and an accompanying child if any.

  • To protect the entire back region from dog fur and dirt, the Meadowlark must be your choice because that is what it has been designed to do – keep your car completely free of dirt and keep your pet safe.

09 Epica Luxury Deluxe Car Seat Cover

This premium looking car seat cover adds that extra glamor to your car. The Epica Luxury Deluxe is manufactured to withstand your dog's scratching, chewing, or the occasional throw-ups. It will do its duty of protecting your car seats and keeping them pristine.

The best part is it is easily attached to the car seatbelt and additionally secured with the handle straps at the headrest.

Also, it can be washed in the washing machine for that added convenience.

It comes with appropriate openings for the seatbelts to pass through and doesn't bunch up once installed.

  • The Epica Luxury pet car seat cover is a good buy for any pooch lover who likes to take your furry friend on long drives. It is easy to use and stays in place.

Buyers Guide

Dog Car Seat Covers Buyer's Guide

For small dogs, car seats and booster seats are made available to keep them safe during your car ride.

However, such car seats are not able to fit the bigger breed of dogs. You want to make sure that your big doggie has a comfortable ride while protecting the expensive upholstery of your leather seats.

That's where a dog car seat cover will come in very handy. As a general guide, most dog car seat covers are made for the back seats and is not compatible with the front seat. 

What Are Dog Car Seat Covers?

Essentially, the dog car seat cover is a simple fabric sheet that is placed in the back seat of your vehicle.

It is usually attached to the headrest of the front seats with either hooks or elastic straps. The car seat cover comes in different materials and sizes. For added support and comfort for your pooch, it is also mildly padded with foam.

The importance of a dog car seat cover is that not only does it protects from accidental pees, car sickness incidents but also prevents your pooch's hair from accumulating in your upholstery.

Made from a typical chew-resistant material, the dog seat cover helps to protect your seatbelt, backseat, and leather upholstery from getting gnawed on.

It helps to create a safe place for both you and your dog when you are driving on the roads.

Why Should You Get One?

There are a few important considerations that will make dog car seat covers a must-have for any large breed dog owner.

  • It creates a safe haven for your dog to relax once you put in a few of its familiar toys and accessories.
  • Protects the expensive car upholstery from hard to clean spills, urine, dirt, throw-ups. Also, the chew-resistant material makes it hard for your dog to damage the leather seats.
  • They make your driving journey peaceful and stress-free. You can be sure that your dog is relaxed, without any sudden springs and jumps during the ride that could be a dangerous hazard on the roads.

How To Choose A Car Seat Cover For Your Pooch?

From our research, we have listed down a few pointers that you should take note of when choosing dog car seat covers.

  • Durability: Always check to ensure that the dog seat covers are made from chew resistant material. An example of a chew-resistant material is heavy-duty oxford fabric
  • Stitching: Another factor that makes dog seat covers durable are the stitches used. Our recommendation is to look out for a seat cover that has double stitching all around. This would strongly reinforce the seams further, making the car seat covers last longer.
  • Waterproof: It must be waterproof or it will fail in its purpose of protecting the expensive upholstery underneath.
  • Easy to clean: Read the labels to check that the dog car seat cover is machine washable. From our research, we noticed that a couple of seat covers are only hand-washable. Washing the covers by hand is a very time consuming and tiring task. Only choose a machine washable option.
  • Simple installation: Anything that requires too much time installing and uninstalling should be avoided. You must look for a model that is both easy to put up and easy to remove for cleaning.
  • A zipper in the middle: While it is perfectly fine for the dog to occupy the entire backseat when it is the only passenger, you must have provision for another person to sit beside it too. A good hammock will allow you to zip in the middle to allow another person to sit in the back seat.
  • Budget: Thankfully for dog owners, these seat covers are one of the cheapest accessories for your pet. There is a price range no doubt but even the most premium product is affordable and not insanely expensive. Most seat covers should fall within the range of $50-$100.

Taking Care Of Your Dog Seat Cover

Your canine companion will not take to the new seat cover easily. You will have to work on getting your pup used to it patiently and with resilience.

To begin, it is always recommended to wash the cover with an unscented detergent to get rid of the factory smell. Dogs have an acute sense of smell and we wouldn't want them to avoid the seat covers.

Once dry, rub a familiar and favorite scent on the entire cover. This will make your dog less anxious and more accepting of the new accessory.


Make Your Car Ride Enjoyable!

Protect your pooch, your car and yourself by investing in a good quality dog car seat cover that will make every ride enjoyable and peaceful.

In our review, we found to be the 4Knines Dog Car Seat Cover for to be the top-rated choice because it is durable, has double stitches, waterproof, stays well in place and quick in installation and easy to remove. We have also considered actual dog owners' reviews from online retailers such as Amazon. A large majority of dog owners agree with our top choice.

Hopefully, you have found the guide useful and have chosen the best car seat for your pooch.

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