Best Cat Backpacks

Nothing sucks more as a pet parent than the thought of having to leave your precious fur baby all alone at home whether you are taking a fun trip or just running errands. This is the case mainly with cats as very few are open to leash training. That is what makes cat backpacks such a genius idea. You can now take your cat everywhere with you from the supermarket to the park.

The best cat backpacks on the market right now are the Henkelion Cat Backpack, Texsens Ventilated Mesh Cat Carrier, and the Halinfer Expandable Cat Backpack. Here is a full list and reviews of the 27 best cat backpacks you need to know about.

27. GINYICY Portable Travel Cat Carrier Backpack

This is a fantastic starter cat backpack. Your little fur baby will inevitably resist going into or staying inside the bag. With its internal buckle design, all you have to do is hook their harness or collar to the back. That way, you do not have to worry about them escaping as they get used to the bag.

It is also a very high quality, durable bag made from materials like Oxford fabric and PU leather that are designed to last.

26. DILISENS Traveler Cat Backpack

While most cat carriers only have a simple mesh window on one or two sides, this bag has wide, transparent panels on all sides. This is perfect for cats with a lot of anxiety in confined spaces where they cannot adequately inspect their environment.

The best part is that the panels are made from high quality PVC material that is designed to eb scratch resistant and therefore is very durable.

25. STAR VASTO Deluxe Cat Backpack

This cat backpack is ideal for traveling as a result of its very sturdy design. It is made from firm but breathable Oxford material. Furthermore, it features reinforcements to prevent it from collapsing on your little fur baby.

With this design, you can bring your cat along with you on your road trips or even on airplane travels as it can very comfortably fit under seats without collapsing.

24. Texsens Innovative Traveler Bubble Backpack Cat Carrier

What stands out the most with this cat backpack is the versatility offered by the interchangeable semi-sphere bubble. You could use it with the clear plastic attachment for indoor trips to the supermarket where the side mesh panels will be adequate for ventilation.

For longer trips or outdoors in the hot sun, you could switch to the mesh sphere to allow more airflow for your cat’s maximum comfort.

23. Gaorui Space Capsule Bubble Cat Carrier Backpack

Most cat carriers only have a bubble to offer your cat a view of their environment. This cat backpack option takes things to the next level by having the entire back of the bag as a clear, plastic viewing panel. That way, your cat can have unhindered views whether they are sitting, standing, or even lying down in the bag.

The plastic is also a really good choice as it is durable and resistant to scratches.

22. YUDODO Pet Cat Backpack Carrier

This is another fantastic option if you want to give your cat complete views during your outdoor escapades together. What makes it different is the fact that the clear panel is actually breathable mesh on most of the back with clear, plastic panels on the sides.

This design makes the cat backpack significantly lighter and therefore more comfortable for you to use. It also ensures maximum airflow and is ideal for outdoor activities like walks and hikes where things could get a little hot.

21. ASHLEYRIVER Cat Backpack Space Capsule Carriers

This space capsule style backpack is built for the comfort of both you and your cat. With its clear back panel and soft base pad, your cat will have the time of their lives taking in all the sites.

The bag is also ergonomically designed with a flexible back and padded straps. This makes it a nice choice where you will have the cat on your back for long periods of time. It could be running errands or even hiking.

20. Papipet Pet Carrier Backpack

The viewing panel on this cat backpack is unique in that it is actually not covered by either mesh or plastic. It is designed to allow your cat to stick their head out for fresh air, great views, and a sense of freedom.

What keeps them from escaping is a built-in leash that you can attach to the cat’s collar. The head opening is also adjustable using draw strings so your cat cannot easily slip out.

19. Aurora Borealis Portable Waterproof Cat Backpack

If you have a really large cat, you will need plenty of space for them to be comfortable in the bag. This is exactly what this cat backpack has to offer as it is built for cats up to 20 pounds. It also offers access both from the side and the back depending on your cat’s size and what is more comfortable to use.

It also stands out with its pockets which offer additional storage for things like treats or even your own personal items.

18. YUEJING Cat Bag Carrier

This cat backpack is so much more than just your average space capsule cat carrier.

It is designed to be expandable to a little lounge tent for your fur baby. You just have to pull the surface against your back and you will have a reinforced mesh dome creating the perfect nook for your cat.

This is ideal for activities like camping or picnics with your cat as they have somewhere to hang out and nap when they are done exploring the outdoors.

17. Hcupet Clear Bubble Cat Carrier Backpack

This bag combines the visibility of a space capsule cat bag with the comfort and breathability of a mesh bubble design for a very versatile cat carrier. That way, they get to see around while still enjoying great air flow.

The bubble also offers the cat some space to bob their head for better views and for maximum comfort and freedom despite the confinement.

16. CHEIGHY Cat Carriers Backpacks Bubble Bag

This is a fantastic carrier if you want high quality with great aesthetics in addition to comfort and breathability for your pooch.

The bag has a very sleek design which is complemented by the use of high quality materials and the expert construction. It is perfect for everything from traveling and errands to outdoor adventures with your cat.

Its wide viewing panel contributes a lot to the aesthetic while also offering the little fur ball better views.

15. FPVERA Bubble Backpack Cat Carrier

This is a good cat backpack for long distance traveling especially by plane or train. It is very well constructed and designed to stay propped up even when stored under seats. That way, your cat will be comfortable and not have to suffer further confinement during your trip.

They are also very well ventilated with a total of 9 ventilation holes and 2 side meshes to ensure the air inside the bag is always fresh and cool.

14. PETKIT Cat Backpack Carrier

This cat backpack is unique first of all due to its tinted back panel. This is awesome for outdoor trips on very sunny days as your cat does not have to suffer under the harsh sunlight. They also get to enjoy some privacy when they settle down for naps.

In addition to this standout feature, the Petkit cat backpack has a night light. This will come in handy for things like evening hikes and camping trips or even long distance travel.

13. Huo Zao Expandable Cat Carrier Backpack

This is another expandable option worth considering for those outdoor adventures with your cat. What makes it different from other options on the market is the fact that most of the back panel is completely opaque save for a mesh, bubble hemisphere.

While this may not offer the best views while carrying the cat on your back, it offers the perfect napping nook once the carrier is set up in its full, expandable form.

12. BEIKOTT Cat Backpack Carriers Bag

This is a very spacious bag that is ideal as a starter for cats that may be a little uncomfortable in very confined spaces. With dimensions of 13.9 inches by 9.8 inches by 16.5 inches, it can fit most fully grown cats under 13 pounds comfortable.

They will get to sit, stand, and even lay down on the soft, padded base for maximum comfort.

11. Prodigen Cat Backpack Capsule Carriers

Side viewing panels are not very common as most cat carriers have very small sides. This is not the case with the Prodigen cat carrier that has a very large viewing panel on both sides as well as a bubble hemisphere on the back.

It arguably offers some of the best views for the cats allowing them to still move around and turn as they wish without missing out on all the awesomeness going on around them.

10. PetAmi Deluxe Cat Carrier Backpack

Sometimes, you do not want to draw too much attention your way which is what space capsule-style cat carriers inevitably bring. The PetAmi bag allows you to keep things subtle while still offering your cat great views of the outside.

It features breathable mesh panels on the back and sides for both visibility and airflow for the cat while simultaneously offering them privacy in the lower, completely covered sections.

9. LEMONDA Portable Space Capsule Cat Travel Carrier

This is one of the most classic cat carriers featuring the space capsule design. It is perfect if you are going for that vintage cat carrier aesthetic.

The capsule carrier is also designed with strong but lightweight material weighing in at only 2.5 pounds without a cat inside it. This makes it easy to carry around as you attend to different errands with your feline companion.

8. Lollimeow Bubble Cat Carrier Backpack

This doubles up as a wide panel bag and an expandable lounge space for your cat. It is very well constructed and is one of the most durable cat carriers in general. This sets it apart from other expandable bags making it ideal for long term outdoor use.

Its waterproof design in particular makes it very easy to use outdoors in the rain or on wet grass without damaging the bag or causing discomfort to the cat.

7. Your Cat Voyager Cat Backpack

This cat backpack is an ideal first-time option for use with small or medium-sized cats of up to 13 pounds in weight. It Is quite comfortable and sturdy and will have your cat at ease in no time. With the fresh air from the ventilation holes and the views from the clear back panel, they might actually start to look forward to outdoor trips in the bag

6. Morpilot Foldable Cat Backpack Carrier

The bag has a cylinder-like silhouette with mesh panels on the sides, back and top of the bag. The tip panel can actually be fully open allowing the cat to pop their head out for better views and for easier breathing.

However, this window should only be open if your cat is comfortable enough with the bag to not attempt to escape. Even then, it would be best to use the safety strap to keep them in place.

5. Ytonet Dog Backpack Carrier

This bag is built for your convenience in very many ways. First off, it is actually foldable. With 3 easy steps you can fold it up into a compact, little package ready to store and transport with ease.

It also features two sets of zipper-locked pockets, one on each side. You can keep anything here from treats for your cat to things like keys and your phones where they can easily be accessed.

4. Lollimeow Ventilated Mesh Cat Carrier Backpack

If your cat tends to get nervous in confined spaces, the full visibility design on this cat backpack will definitely put them at ease. It features mesh panels on all sides allowing your cat to easily see what is going on around them whatever angle or position they may be in.

Furthermore, this design makes the bag more comfortable for long distance trips by ensuring good airflow from all sides.

3. Texsens Ventilated Mesh Cat Backpack Carrier

At first glance, there is not that much difference between this cat backpack and other all-mesh cat backpack carriers. It features the 180 degrees view design with mesh panels on both sides as well as the back.

What sets it apart is the use of high quality materials. This makes it ideal for cats getting introduced to carriers as they will inevitably try to escape. With the heavy-duty material, you can rest assured that your bag will survive the scratching and biting.

2. Halinfer Expandable Cat Backpack

This is an expandable cat carrier that expands a further 16 inches in width with a 21 inch, tapering curve. This makes it one of the largest and by extension the most comfortable of the expandable cat carriers on the market.

As a basic cat backpack, it also has a lot to offer with the wide, viewing panel and numerous ventilation holes to keep the cat comfortable and happy.

1. Henkelion Cat Backpack Carrier Bubble Bag

When it comes to cat carrier backpacks, you can never really go wrong with the space capsule design. This cat backpack from Henkelion is by far the best constructed in terms of use of high quality materials, great construction, and spaciousness.

The design makes it versatile allowing you to use it whether it is to travel with your cat, running errands, or even exercising together.

Are Cat Backpacks Cruel? No, cat backpacks are actually not cruel at all. They just need to be spacious enough to keep the cat comfortable. They also need to be kept clean and to have great ventilation. With all this, your fur baby will actually start looking forward to trips outdoors in the safety of their comfy backpacks.

Do Cats Like Backpacks? Cats can and will grow to like their backpacks. Initially, they may put up some resistance as it feels more confining than they are ok with. However, with time they will start to feel more comfortable and even enjoy outdoor adventures in there. Just get the right size and make sure it is comfortable.

Is A Hard Or Soft Cat Carrier Better? Generally speaking, a hard cat carrier is better than a soft one. However, your personal preferences and your priorities will play a major role in determining what you go for. This is because both have their perks. Where the hard carrier is ideal for comfortably ferrying the cat around, the soft carrier is easier to pack and is ideal for outdoor setups for things like picnics.

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