Best Cat Hammocks

Cats love nothing more than sleeping. In fact, they can sleep for an average of 15 hours a day but have been known to get in up to 20 hours of nap time on some days. Cats are also really big on comfort and will go to any lengths to get that perfect nap spot.

As a purrent, you can pamper your little feline by getting them the ultimate place to nap, a cat hammock. Let us take a look at some of your options on the market.

By far the best cat hammocks out there are Toby + Atheni Cat Hammock, Fukumaru Wall-Mounted Hammock, and the Wentur Hammock Bed.

27. Toby + Atheni Cat Hammock

Our top pick is a cat hammock and frame unit that is designed to offer flexibility for you as the homeowner in terms of setup location. The cat hammock itself has a plush finishing with breathable material for the cat’s comfort.

On the other hand, the frame is made from high quality and durable wood and finished with non-toxic finishing products all for the safety and comfort of your cat.

26. FUKUMARU Wall Mounted Cat Hammock

Cat safety is often a major concern especially with wall mounted cat hammocks as there is always the risk of the cat falling off as they turn in their sleep. This is something you do not have to worry about with this cat hammock.

It features a front bar that offers protection which the cat will also definitely enjoy using as a pillow or scratching edge to headbutt or bite on.

25. NOYAL Cat Hammock Bed

The Noyal is an all-weather hammock with 2 usable sides. One features a chunky cotton lining. This is ideal for keeping the cat warm during cold weather. The other side is a velvet layer which in addition to being super soft is very breathable and light and therefore perfect for hot weather.

Both materials are safe to wash in a washing machine making the cat hammock very easy to maintain.

24. FakeFace Heavy-Duty Reversible Pet Cat Travel Hammock

This cat hammock is designed for setup within cat crates. It features a strong and durable set of nylon straps and metal clips to secure to the crate grates. However, it can also be set up on other supportive surfaces including under chairs, on to trees, or even DIY hammock patches.

It also has a reversible design allowing comfortable use by the cat all year round.

23. XinGiao Cat Cage Hammock

One of the biggest issues with cat hammocks is finding space for them in the house. With this option, you can set it up under furniture including chairs and stools. It comes with special anti-slip looks that keep the straps from sliding down the furniture leg.

This cat hammock also stands out as it is made from heavy duty canvas. This is durable which is important as the cat will inevitably scratch or bite playfully at it.

22. Delifur 2 Level Cat Hammock

Cats are way more affectionate than we give them credit for and the best way to tell is by watching how they treat their fellow feline friends. If you have two cats, the clingy little fur balls will most likely prefer to squeeze into one hammock than use the two separate ones you get them.

This is what makes this two level hammock awesome as they get to hang out close to each other while still enjoying their individual space.

21. NACOCO Cat Hammock

If you have a large cat, this cat hammock would definitely be worth looking into. It measures 20.9 inches by 14.6 inches and can support cats as heavy as 16 pounds.

In addition to all the space, your big kitty will enjoy unmatched comfort with the soft, warm, and breathable faux wool material. This is ideal for cold weather but is still comfortable for use during hotter months in the year.

20. MICHLEY Leisure Time Pet Cat Cage Hammock

A lot of hammocks do not last very long. This is because their construction is not ideal for dealing with the often very destructive kitties. This is not the case with the Michley hammock. Whether your cat chews at or scratches it, you are pretty much guaranteed resilience and longevity.

This is due to both use of high quality materials and the reinforced stitching along the edges.

19. Winnsty Cat Hammock Mesh

This cat hammock is perfect for outdoor use as well as use during hot months. This is because the entire unit is made out of mesh material. This allows breathability with air flow to keep the cat cool as they lounge whether indoors or outdoors.

Despite this design, it is a very durable hammock due to the high quality materials used and the excellent construction. You will have it around for a very long time.

18. PERSUPER Cat Hammock

This is another fantastic alternative for very big cats. It measures 22 inches by 18 inches. It can also handle a weight of up to 20 pounds which covers almost all domestic cat breeds including the furry giants.

It also stands out in that its straps are adjustable in length. This comes in handy as it allows you to get the perfect amount of tension depending on your support frame’s dimensions.

17. FADUOALI Yellow Pet Cat Cage Hammock

If you are shopping for a small or medium sized cat, this is a great alternative. What makes it special among all these awesome hammocks is the fact that each corner is supported by 2 straps. They form an A-frame which offers the best stability especially for cats that move around a lot in their hammocks.

It is designed for setting up primarily in a crate, but can also be used on furniture.

16. None brand SYANDLVY Cat Hammock

This is one of the fanciest looking cat hammocks on the market. There is something mesmerizing about the glossy, plush fabric and the structural support offered by the rods that give the cat hammock undeniable aesthetic appeal.

The design is actually quite comfortable for the cat with the plush material offering a soft and breathable surface for your cat to hang out on comfortably. And with its size, it doesn’t have to be just one cat enjoying the space.

15. WZYuan Pet Cage Cat Hammock

Cat hammocks do not have to be boring, plain colors. While your cat’s comfort is the number one priority, aesthetic appeal does not hurt. If this is a priority for you, you will no doubt appreciate the zebra pattern on this cat hammock option.

In addition to looking good, your cat will get to enjoy the comfort and warmth of the faux wool material lining the interior surface of the cat hammock.

14. TXIN Cat Hammocks

The type of material used to make the cat hammock itself could either make or break it for you as cats are very sensitive to tactile stimulation. The TXIN hammock is ideal as it uses polyester. This fabric is the perfect combination of soft feel, breathability, and insulation during cold weather.

The material also has a lot to offer you as the cat owner as it is durable and machine washable therefore very easy to maintain

13. Pelay Cat Hanging Ferret Hammock

At 21 inches by 14 inches, this cat hammock can comfortably support a large cat of 16 pounds and under or even two small or medium ones. It all depends on how much tension you apply when setting it up whether it is in a cage or under a chair.

However, when using it with two cats at the same time it is important to ensure that they do not exceed the weight limit to avoid damaging the clasps.

12. OCSOSO Cat Hammock

The OCSOSO cat hammock is designed exclusively for use in cat cages or crates. This is made possible by the secure and very easy to use clasps at the end of the nylon straps. They are ideal for socializing and calming down anxious cats by giving them some degree of comfort despite the confinement.

However, you could use hooks on furniture or trees to set the cat hammock up in a less space-consuming location for your cat’s comfort.

11. LIFIS Macrame Cat Hammock Bed With Decorative Macrame Wall

More often than not, we want to keep the cat hammocks hidden out of site as they do not always blend in with the home’s aesthetic. However, if you want an aesthetic masterpiece then this is the cat hammock to go with.

It is not a cat hammock as you know them but is instead a macrame wall hanging. However, the lower end features a comfortable woven cat bed allowing your fur baby to comfortably nest on the elevated surface.

10. Paws One Cat Hammock with Stand

This cat hammock comes with its own stand making setting up very easy and convenient especially if you do not want to use a cage or cat crate. The edges of the cat hammock itself feature folded nooks where the ends of the stand nest to create the perfect amount of tension for your cat’s comfort.

The cat will also definitely enjoy those hard edges to rub and nibble on as they lounge.

9. RayCC Adjustable Cat Hammock

This is quite a large cat hammock and measures 23 inches by 19 inches with a maximum weight capacity of 22 pounds. It is ideal for cat owners with giant cat breeds or if you have multiple fur babies who may want to snuggle up together in the cat hammock.

The best part is that the straps are adjustable for different degrees of tension based on your cat’s comfort needs.

8. KIWITATA Cat Hammock Bed

You want to ensure that your cat is not only comfortable on their cat hammock but that they are also safe. In this case, cat hammocks like this one have a lot to offer.

The nylon straps and strong metal hooks are great for the job. They ensure that as long as the cat hammock is hooked up to a stable surface, the cat can move around and play as much as they want without having the system collapsing on them.

7. Rolybag Pet cage Cat Hammock

The Rolybag cat hammock uses spring clips to attach to the cage or whatever other frame you have that can be used for the setup. The clips are not only easy to use but also high quality and therefore very strong and durable. Their design also offers security as you do not have to worry about the clip slipping open and spilling your cat out of the cat hammock.

6. Whollyup Cat Hammock Bed

Another great option if you want versatility is the Whollyup cat hammock. You could use the soft velvet side during cold seasons. The plush surface on this side traps air and creates a layer of insulation keeping the cat warm and cozy.

The other end has more breathable cotton to keep the cat comfortable and aerated during hotter and more humid seasons.

5. 7 Ruby Road Wall Mounted Cat Hammock With Two Steps

Cats really love climbing and a cat hammock that allows them to experience this before their lounge time is an awesome investment. This wall-mounted alternative offers just that with two steps leading up to the 21 inch long cat hammock.

The sturdy unit can handle up to 40 pounds in weight and can therefore comfortably be used by two cats at the same time.

4. JOYELF Cat Hammock

Like most other cat hammocks on our list, this one features 2 interchangeable sides for use during different seasons in the year. What makes it unique is the use of artificial leather on the warm months side.

The leather is waterproof and perfect for outdoor use if you can find a frame to set it up on. This side is also embroidered to offer grip on the otherwise slippery surface.

3. Wentur Large Hanging Cat Hammock Bed

This 2 sides option also stands out mainly due to the more breathable side meant for warm seasons. In this case, it is not the material but the aesthetic that makes it stand out. It features fun, colorful patterns that make it perfect for cat owners who want a bit of flare with their cat accessories.

It also stands out in functionality with conveniently adjustable straps.

2. Vea pets Luxury Cat Hammock

This cat hammock is unique in that it comes with its own perch. The stand is made from high quality, real wood. This is awesome as it allows you to set the cat hammock up pretty much anywhere both inside and outside your home.

The cat hammock itself is also reinforced with wood rods on the top and bottom ends to give it more structure and make it more comfortable for the cat.

1. Petneces Cat Hammock Bed

This cat hammock is reversible with 2 different material linings, one on each side. On one, you have Oxford fabric. This is soft and breathable and is ideal for those hot months as your cat lounges in the sun.

The other end is fleece which is soft and insulating. It is perfect for seasons like fall and winter to keep your cat warm and cozy during those unforgivingly cold months.

Why Do Cats Like Hammocks? Cats absolutely love cat hammocks. They combine comfort, warmth, and elevation which are 3 of any cat’s favorite things. The fact that they get to sink in and spread themselves over the yielding surface also makes them like hammocks even more. You just have to choose the right size and a comfortable material and they will be happy.

How Do You Put A Cat In A Hammock? You don’t really put a cat in a hammock. Cat’s don’t really like to be told what to do and will probably reject the cat hammock if they feel forced into it. Instead, just set it up within the kitty’s view and it will get their attention. When they are ready, they will give it a try and inevitably fall in love.

Can A Cat Hammock Be Used Outside Of A Cage As Well? Cat hammocks can be used outside of cages. In fact, they can be used anywhere from outdoor spaces to windowsills depending on the cat hammock’s specific design. In fact, it is best to use the cat hammock in a free open space that the cat can very easily get on and off from.

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