Best Dog Breeds For Women

The best dog breeds for women come in all shapes and sizes – and it is all up to your type of lifestyle and personality. But whether you are active or sedentary, there is a pooch that’s perfect for you.

If you prefer a fiercely loyal dog that’s always ready to protect you, then a Doberman Pinscher is an excellent choice. Or if you want a pup that will never hesitate to go on outdoor adventures with you, there’s the Golden Retriever. Want a laid-back, sweet canine? Bulldogs would love to spend lots of cuddle time with you!

We’ve got 42 of the best dog breeds for women that are sure to cater to your every need. Have a look at these adorable cuties and find the one that suits your needs and lifestyle well.

42. Siberian Husky

Image from Instagram:@horikeshi

Adventurous and athletic women will easily fall in love with the equally agile and outdoorsy Siberian Husky. These pups need plenty of physical activity, so if you need a walking, running, or hiking buddy, you can count on this dog breed to do all those with you.

But one word of caution – Huskies are big shedders. They have dense coats that need extra grooming, which is why they may not be a perfect fit if you suffer from allergies or are too busy to take them to the groomer.

41. Vizsla

Image from Instagram:@paris_the_vizsla

With their lean bodies, it is not surprising that Vizslas are high-energy and nimble pups. They are the finest jogging partners who can run with you for hours. Take them out for a walk or a road trip, and these pups are happy campers!

Got some severe allergies to fur? That’s not an issue with a Vizsla because of the short coat. It’s a hypoallergenic breed that hardly sheds. This also makes them very easy to groom and maintain.

40. Labrador Retriever

Image from Instagram:@labnamedrocky

Labrador Retrievers are giant sweethearts. They love to do anything with you – swim, hike, or snuggle up on the couch. No matter what activity you have in mind, they are always game for it. Plus, they are so affectionate and will give you lots of kisses!

If you prefer a pooch with a puppy-like character even upon reaching maturity, then a Lab is just your pup. They are playful creatures who are happiest when they get to have quality fun and frolic time with their favorite human.

39. Shiba Inu

Image from Instagram:@kaijutheshibainu

Busy women who prefer independent dogs can certainly get along well with Shiba Inus. They tend to be aloof and don’t mind being left alone if you have to be away at work. But once you come home, expect them to shower you with love and affection just to express how much they’ve missed you.

Shibas are athletic dogs that enjoy any outdoor activity. Just be sure to keep them on a leash since they love to wander about. Whether you live in an apartment or not, these pups should adapt well, as long as they get their regular exercise.

38. Bernese Mountain Dog

Image from Instagram:@momo_bernese

Women who like big dogs that are a combination of brain and brawn will love Bernese Mountain Dogs. They are one of the smartest pups, making them easy to train. And with their large size, just one look at these giants, and it can quickly deter strangers.

Berners are protective of their owners, so having these pooches around should make you feel safe. This is why they are great for women who live alone, as long as there’s plenty of space in the house for this big guy.

37. Akita Inu

Image from Instagram:@bearbearakitainu

Another large pup in our list of the best dog breeds for women is the mighty Akita Inu. They are intelligent dogs but can be headstrong, so early training is a must for these pooches. These dogs require a disciplined owner whom they can look up to as a pack leader.

Women who consider welcoming an Akita Inu to their home should set aside time for this pup’s exercise and training. These dogs are very protective of their owners, so expect them to be cautious towards strangers, especially when they feel threatened.

36. Chow Chow

Image from Instagram:@fifi_chowchow

Chow Chows are a great choice for women who live alone and with no other pets in the house. With these dogs’ protective and territorial nature, they bond only with a single person and can be jealous of others.

If you need a giant cuddle buddy – and don’t mind the shedding – then you will absolutely love having a Chow Chow as a pet. They can also be left alone at home for a few hours, in case you have to be out for work during the day.

35. Bichon Frise

Image from Instagram:@hi.eru

Sometimes, women just want an affectionate pup who doesn’t mind snuggling up with them for hours on end. This is why a Bichon Frise is a fantastic choice. These dogs are also entertaining and love to flaunt new tricks they have learned to make you laugh.

But do note that Bichons are double-coated dogs that are prone to matting. Professional grooming is a must for these pups, as well as regular vacuuming as their fur ends up flying all over the room!

34. Weimaraner

Image from Instagram:@achillesweimaraner

If you’re a gal who just wants a low-maintenance dog that’s okay with anything – outdoor activities or lazing around at home – then a Weimaraner is for you. They are short-coated pups that barely shed, so they only require minimal grooming.

Weimaraners are deeply devoted to their owners and can be wary of strangers. You will easily feel safe having these pups next to you, just like having a 24/7 bodyguard.

33. Schnauzer

Image from Instagram:@schnauzerlover.ig

Schnauzers come in different sizes, so you have plenty of options whether you prefer the standard-sized one or the small, miniature pooch. They have wiry coats that are a little on the thick side but rarely shed – perfect for women who like dogs that require minimal grooming.

These are territorial pups, so intruders, beware. When Schnauzers detect even the slightest hint of danger, they let out a loud and audible bark. This is why they are perfect for women who want an alert guardian in their homes.

32. Portuguese Water Dog

Image from Instagram:@cindel_pwds

Although the Portuguese Water Dog may have quite a dense coat, this pooch is a low-shedder. So, it’s a good choice for women who suffer from allergies and would prefer not to have to pick up the fur on their furniture.

Another interesting thing about these dogs is their love for swimming, hence their name. If you are a woman who’s fond of water sports, then this pup would gladly join you anytime.

31. Pug

Image from Instagram:@obapetshop

They may be small and compact, but Pugs have a lot of love to give. This is why they are great for women who prefer affectionate dogs who will always give them kisses and don’t mind cuddling up.

Pugs easily get attached to their owners. Expect them to get jealous if you spend more time with your other pets. With that being said, these dogs are better off with women who don’t have other pets at home.

30. Afghan Hound

Image from Instagram:@littleluluafghan

A rare-looking dog, Afghan Hounds have long and silky hair and long limbs. These features give them a regal and elegant appearance. Their coat needs daily brushing but is not quite of a shedding problem.

With their quiet demeanor, these dogs are ideal for women who have no other pets or who live alone. Afghan Hounds dislike chaos and would rather have a peaceful, calm environment.

29. Border Collie

Image from Instagram:@doingitinwellies

Women who want a dog that they can train easily will adore a Border Collie. After all, they are the smartest dog breed there is – in addition to being hardworking and agile. They enjoy ample time spent outdoors, so they do well with active gals, too.

These are fluffy, densely-coated pups that would require daily grooming. If you don’t mind the shedding and regular brushing, Border Collies should be a great fit for you.

Just make sure you give them plenty of playtimes and running around as they love to stay active and can get bored easily otherwise.

28. Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Image from Instagram:@cosmo_insf_blkntan

The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is an excellent lap dog who wouldn’t mind cuddling up with you for hours. They love to be with their owners, so women who are fond of affectionate pups will get along just fine with this sweetheart.

However, being alone is not one of the greatest suits of this pooch. They are prone to separation anxiety, so it is best to have someone to keep them company if you must be away for hours.

27. Maltese

Image from Instagram:@dailymaltese

The sunny and friendly Maltese adores people. They are social butterflies, so they don’t mind it if you take them out for walks and go to pup meet-ups. These dogs would love anything outdoorsy just as much as a quiet time at home.

Women who prefer hypoallergenic dog breeds will adore the Maltese. They don’t shed as much but be prepared to brush their coats often to prevent matting.

26. Samoyed

Image from Instagram:@peppermintbear

Smiley and sweet, the Samoyed is easily one of the best dog breeds for women because of their pleasant personality. These are good-natured dogs with a knack for making friends too easily. With that being said, they do well more as companion dogs than as guard dogs.

Because of their plush coats, Sammies are one big giant fluff ball you’d love to cuddle with. But just one word of advice – they are not for allergy sufferers. They shed a lot, so women who don’t mind vacuuming every day should have no problem with these dogs.

25. Poodle

Image from Instagram:@hanachan.0504

Don’t be deceived by their thick curls – Poodles are actually hypoallergenic and barely shed. This is why women who have no time for picking up fur stuck on the furniture will love having these dogs around. 

They are intelligent pups that can make any training session feel like a breeze. You can also count on these dogs to join you in on outdoor adventures or a relaxing cuddle time on the couch.

24. Shih Tzu

Image from Instagram:@ilove_shih_tzu

A lovable lap dog, the Shih Tzu is easily one of the most popular choices when it comes to the best dog breeds for women. They are calm and peaceful dogs who thrive best in a quiet environment. This is why they are more suitable for women who live alone.

Shih Tzus are good-natured fellows that are highly devoted to their owners. They also don’t shed as much, so you should do well with these dogs if you suffer from allergies.

23. Australian Shepherd

Image from Instagram:@bianca.und.pirat

Australian Shepherds are herding dog breeds that thrive in a large and spacious environment. So, if you’re a gal with a roomy yard, then this pooch is for you. These dogs also require physical and mental stimulation, and they are a perfect fit for active women.

Although Aussie Shepherds are bred originally as farm pups, they also do well as companion dogs. They will gladly join you in your outdoor activities just as much as a quiet time at home.

22. Boxer

Image from Instagram:@trevor_theboxer

Bouncy, agile, and sometimes rambunctious, Boxers are among the best dog breeds for women because of their lovable personality. These dogs are natural sweethearts and prefer playtime equally with snuggling.

Women who like pups that can make them laugh for their silly antics will easily fall in love with Boxers. Plus, they are protective dogs who are always on guard to keep their owners safe.

21. German Shepherd

Image from Instagram:@tank_and_his_adventures

They may appear intimidating, but German Shepherds are actually one of the sweetest and most affectionate pups there are. No wonder they are perfect pets for women – GSDs are great guard dogs and companion pooch at the same time.

But if you decide to welcome a GSD into your home, be sure to provide them with plenty of exercise and playtime to prevent negative behavior resulting from boredom. Active women with a spacious yard are a great fit for these agile dogs.

20. Great Dane

Image from Instagram:@teamk9turtle

Do not be deceived by their massive build – Great Danes may be large pups but are quite gentle and easy-going. They are great for women who prefer a larger companion dog that is easy to maintain since these dogs don’t require any complex grooming.

Great Danes can go from romping around in the yard to sitting at your feet and snoozing with you. If you have plenty of room in your home for this gently giant, then this breed should be a suitable pet.

19. French Bulldog

Image from Instagram:@xbulldogjrz_tx

Playful and affectionate, French Bulldogs are a cross between a sweetheart and a comedian. Women will adore these dogs because of their irresistible charm and funny antics. They learn new tricks quickly, which makes them ideal first-time pets for gals.

One thing to note about Frenchies – they are prone to overeating, which results in weight problems. So, it is best to monitor their munching habits to prevent them from gaining excess weight that is not ideal for their small stature.

18. Rottweiler

Image from Instagram:@crazyrottweilerdogslovers

Rottweilers exude an air of toughness, so they are great guard dogs for women. They can be quite territorial and will do everything to protect their owners. So, if you live alone and want to feel safe, Rotties are a perfect fit for this task.

When well-trained, these muscular pups are calm and gentle-mannered. But they are wary of strangers, so it is best to socialize with them at an early age.

17. Jack Russell Terrier

Image from Instagram:@fatheaddesign

Stocky and compact, the adorable Jack Russell Terrier is another one of the best dog breeds for women. They are energetic and active pups, so women will love having them around on hikes and outdoor trips. 

Jack Russells have a high prey drive, so they need to be leashed when out and about. But they will never hesitate to join you on your morning walk, road trips, or anything involving physical activity.

16. American Eskimo Dog

Image from Instagram:@itsmarcelmarcel

A naturally people-oriented pooch, the American Eskimo Dog loves to be around its owner most of the time. They are suitable for women who can provide ample time and attention to these dogs.

This fluff ball is a great cuddle buddy because of its soft and thick fur. But if you suffer from allergies, these dogs are not exactly an ideal pet for you because of their heavy shedding.

15. Basset Hound

Image from Instagram:@petlovers709

Next up on our list of the best dog breeds for women is the Basset Hound. They are pack dogs, so they are highly devoted to their owners. Whether you have other pets at home, kids, or live alone, this breed should do well with you.

Gals who are fond of pups with an easy-going and calm personality will love this pooch. They also come in a compact package, making them suitable lap dogs and great for a modest-sized home.

14. Chinese Crested Dog

Image from Instagram:@styledparade

A Chinese Crested dog is a great choice for women who are looking to have a pet dog yet are allergic to fur. These canines are relatively hairless except for a few spots. They love to cuddle and are very affectionate with their favorite human.

But because they are hairless, these dogs are prone to getting sunburn. They need ample protection from the sun, so it is best to take them out for a walk when it is not too hot outside.

13. American Pitbull Terrier

Image from Instagram:@piitbullslovers

Although they have a bad rap for being tough and aggressive, Pit Bulls are actually great for women because of their sweet and loving personalities. They may be giant pups but behave like lapdogs who just want to cuddle with you.

Pitties are suitable for women who like large dogs that can keep them safe. With the immense level of loyalty these pups have to their owners, they are always ready to protect you from harm.

12. Korean Jindo

Image from Instagram:@rooneyjindo

Another loyal pooch that is a fine choice for women is the Korean Jindo. They are mellow and social canines that can get along well with anyone. So if you’re a woman who has other pets at home, this pup should not mind it at all.

Apartment dweller gals will find the Korean Jindo an excellent pet. These are quiet dogs that hardly ever bark unless they sense real danger, so neighbors should not complain about the noise at all.

11. Keeshond

Image from Instagram:@keeshond_max

For women who like fluffy and compact pups, Keeshonds most certainly ticks all boxes. These densely-coated canines shed seasonally, so they are better off for folks without allergies to fur.

They also need owners who can give them ample attention as they can be prone to separation anxiety. So, if you like to spend quality time with your pet, a Keeshond is the right pup for you.

10. Bedlington Terrier

Image from Instagram:@lucy_beep_and_zeke_the_sheep

At a glance, the Bedlington Terrier is reminiscent of a lamb. They are nimble pooches with curly, short coats that rarely shed. This is why they are an appropriate choice for women with allergies who like to own a dog.

Bedlington Terriers are generally outgoing with their owners but can be aloof toward strangers. They also demand attention from you, so it is best to avoid leaving them alone for a length of time to prevent separation anxiety and depression.

9. Labradoodle

Image from Instagram:@lildoodbrooks

Labradoodles, just like their Poodle and Labrador parents, are social and intelligent pups. They vary in size – standard, average, and toy. These are athletic dogs that love all sorts of sport, making them ideal for women who live an active lifestyle.

Additionally, these are hypoallergenic dogs as they don’t shed as much. Grooming, however, is required to prevent their curly hair from matting. Daily brushing is also a must for these curly-coated cuties.

8. Tibetan Spaniel

Image from Instagram:@i_am_marusun

A highly sensitive dog, the Tibetan Spaniel gets easily attached to its owner. Women who prefer an affectionate pooch who will gladly make them the center of its universe will find this breed an excellent choice.

With their compact stature and quiet nature, these pups are suitable for women who live in a compact space. They do bark once in a while and only when they sense any threat or danger lurking around.

7. Plott Hound

Image from Instagram:@plottmom

Plott Hounds were originally bred as guard dogs, which is why they are suitable for women who prefer a canine that can keep them safe. They love people but can get attached only to one person.

These are average-sized dogs but with a great need for daily physical activity. Hence, they thrive in an environment that is spacious, providing them with a large space to run around and play.

6. Hokkaido

Image from Instagram:@kotetuhaha

Famous for its courageous personality, the Hokkaido is one of the most loyal dogs there are. These are Japanese dogs known for their strong hunting instincts and impeccable sense of smell. When they detect danger, they can be quite vocal.

Women who don’t mind walking their dog daily – and for at least an hour a day – should be a good match for the Hokkaido dog. These pups need their regular exercise, whether it is a jog or walk, to beat the boredom away.

5. Toy Bulldog

Image from Instagram:@toybulliez

Gals who live in a small space and would like to own a lap dog would fall in love with the unique charms of a Toy Bulldog. As the name implies, these are a small version of a standard-sized Bulldog, which result from crossbreeding a Pug and a Bulldog. 

Do keep in mind that although these pups are small and easy to manage, they tend to have a stubborn streak. So, they are more suitable for experienced owners who can give them firm and consistent training sessions.

4. Miniature American Shepherd

Image from Instagram:@marre_pa_asen

Miniature American Shepherds are the spitting image of an Aussie Shepherd. They are herding pups, which are suitable for women who live in a large home with an equally roomy yard. These are rugged and energetic pooches that love the great outdoors.

An amazing companion dog, this breed is game for anything – road trips, hiking, or even snoozing on the couch. They are moderate shedders and are not ideal for women with allergies.

3. Golden Retriever

Image from Instagram:@ogoldensiimba

Golden Retrievers are agreeable dogs that are great pets for women who love to go outdoors and stay active. These handsome pups will gladly spend hours walking with you or playing fetch, frisbee. Anything!

If you have plenty of time on your hands to walk or play with your pooch, then you should do well with a Golden. Otherwise, they can develop negative behavior or become overweight when always cooped up indoors.

2. Bulldog

Image from

This well-muscled, thick-set, and compact bruiser is famous for its pouty, flat face and its most adorable wrinkled face. Bulldogs have smooth and short coats that don’t shed as much, so that should save you from having to vacuum the house regularly.

These pups are perfect for sedentary women as Bulldogs do not require hours of exercise. They are also best kept indoors during the summer months, where it is nice and cool as they are prone to labored breathing when it is humid.

1. Doberman Pinscher

Image from Instagram:@ketrinanddobermans

This list of the best dog breeds for women will never be complete without the Doberman Pinscher. These are devoted and loyal pups that are ideal for active women who love to spend time outdoors and would need a protective pooch by their side.

They may have short coats, but they still shed, albeit minimally. But grooming is kept to a minimum, making them a low-maintenance pet overall.

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