How Much Does A Rottweiler Cost?

Bringing a Rottie home is exciting to say the least. This breed has wonderful qualities including power, heft, great angulation, affection, and loyalty. All these play into the cost of buying a Rottweiler. 

Rottweilers cost around $700 to $3,000. They are big, energetic dog breeds that many people like. Rottweilers don’t need a lot of grooming, but they do need a lot of food because they are big and energetic. You should expect to spend around $120 per month on your Rottweiler, mostly on food. Rottweilers can be aggressive if they are not trained properly, so you should budget for some training expenses too.

Before buying a Rott, it helps to learn all you can about this dog breed. After all, you are about to make a commitment of 10 years or more if you do decide to bring the pup home. Weโ€™ll tell you everything from health issues to temperament, how to care for your pup, and some grooming tips as well. But first, let us find out why Rottweilers are as expensive as they are.

Are Rottweilers Expensive?

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Rottweilers are definitely not a dog youโ€™d pick up on the cheap. Expect to part with at least $1,500 to $3,000 or more if you purchase a pup from a reputable breeder. That said, here are some reasons why buying a Rott is absolutely worth it: 

Friendly Temperament 

Rotties are sweet, compassionate, and fiercely loyal, making them a good family dog. This dog loves to participate in family activities and is great with kids. We will talk more about a Rottweilerโ€™s personality in a bit.

Attractive Physique 

Another reason why Rottweilers are popular and expensive is their well-contoured and muscular physique. A Rott is a great sport if you are looking for a large but friendly dog. 


Rotts are ranked among the top ten most intelligent dogs. They are easy to train and will quickly know whom to trust and when to protect you.

Low Maintenance 

Rottweilers are no more high maintenance than other guard dogs. In terms of grooming, your poochโ€™s low profile coat will only require the occasional brushing and wiping. 

That said, there are some things you should keep in mind before you buy this dog. 

Time Commitment 

Rotties need plenty of physical activity. You will have to dedicate a lot of time toward training, daily walks, and mentally challenging games to stay engaged. 

Health Issues 

Rottweilers are prone to hip and joint issues and with age, the medical costs can easily add up. If you do decide to take out pet insurance, that is an added cost that can make owning a Rottie quite expensive. Letโ€™s take a deep dive into the health issues of a Rottweiler next.

How Long Does A Rottweiler Live For?

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Rottweilers live for about 8 to 12 years.

This short life span is because of some common health issues such as: 

Hip Dysplasia

Rottweilers are prone to abnormal hip bone growth owing to a genetic mutation. Studies have found that good breeding practices can minimize the likelihood of hip dysplasia in Rotts.

Subvalvular Aortic Stenosis

This hereditary heart disease occurs when the aortic valve through which blood leaves the heart to the rest of the body narrows.

Bone Cancer

Rottweilers are among the breeds that have a higher incidence of bone cancer, also known as osteosarcoma. Unfortunately the majority of Rotts that get bone cancer die early. 


Rottweilers are large dogs and are also prone to hypothyroidism, which increases their risk for obesity. Proper nutrition and activities such as swimming are recommended. 

Swimming is a good exercise for Rottweilers, especially for senior Rottweilers who may be suffering from joint problems like hip dysplasia as mentioned. It does not impact the joint as much as land activities.

Although some Rottweilers like to swim, this dog is not naturally inclined to water sports. Still, with some warm up training and encouragement, your doggie will learn to enjoy water and even become a really good swimmer.

Unusual Body Odor 

With age, your Rottweiler will be prone to ear and skin infections, dental disease, urinary infection, and bloat. This can cause your canine buddy to stink and will generally lower the Rottweilerโ€™s quality of life.

Excessive Licking 

If your Rottweiler is licking too much, it could be a way to soothe skin irritation or relieve stress and physical pain. If the licking is a concern, do a head to tail body check for signs of injury or bring the dog to your veterinarian.

How To Take Care Of Rottweilers?

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You can greatly improve your Rottweilerโ€™s quality of life with simple measures. Here are some ideas for caring for your canine companion: 

Cut The Tail To Prevent Injury 

Because they are a working and guarding breed, many Rottweilers have their tails cut to reduce the risk of tail and back injuries.

In fact, one way to identify a purebred Rottweiler is by its short, nubby tail. That said, just because a Rottie has a long tail does not mean that it is not a purebred dog.

Other than health reasons, a few breeders cut the tails off Rottweilers to improve appearance.

If you really must have the tail cut, take the dog to a veterinarian who has experience with tail docking.

Cuddle And Pet Regularly

Rottweilers like to be petted on their sides and back. Long, soft strokes always do the trick. A laid-back howl, known as a โ€˜Rottie Rumbleโ€™ and a relaxed body posture are sure signs that your canine is enjoying the petting and cuddling.

Provide High-Quality Food And Multivitamins

Availing a healthy diet is the surest way to care for your Rottweiler. 

We recommend Pet Plate meals, which contain 100% human-grade ingredients including fruit, veggies, and healthy oils. The specially crafted high-protein, grain-free recipes are meticulously formulated by verified pet nutritionists and are perfect for a high-energy dog like a Rottie.

Your pup will also need multivitamins for bone growth, skin health and to keep diseases at bay. Our favorite supplements are chewable, packed with raw, natural and nourishing food products, and have digestion enzymes and many other nutritious perks.

15 of the ABSOLUTE BEST multivitamin supplements you should get for your dogs. Take a look here!

Can A Rottweiler Kill You? Temperament Of Rottweilers

There have been cases of Rottweilers attacking and even killing people. But, the truth is Rotts are calm and steadfast and do not attack unprovoked.

Here are other traits you need to know about this breed: 


A Rottieโ€™s first instinct is to protect you.

If it is worried or senses an imminent threat, this dog can end up attacking an intruder. It is up to you to teach your canine buddy the difference between a visitor and someone who is an actual threat.

Easy To Train

Rotties are territorial and willful. But if you know how to approach your pup, you will find Rottweilers to be quite easy to train.

We recommend trying the Brain Training program to help you bring up a well-behaved pet. This program applies a science-based approach to dog training that anyone can learn and conduct with their Rottweiler at the comfort of your home.

Instead of using force, you will learn how to create a strong bond with your pup, support your Rottweiler in learning new habits and behaviors, and reinforce obedience.


Rottweilers are loyal to a fault and it is very rare for this breed to bite the owner or direct any form of aggression toward you. However, a large-bodied and strong dog like this one can be dangerous if not well-trained and cared for. 


Rottweilers are not the kind of dogs to be left alone. Just like us, your pup can feel bored and engage in attention-seeking behavior. The solution is to cuddle and shower your Rottie with lots of attention.

Do Rottweilers Shed? Grooming Tips For Rottweilers

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Rottweilers shed their fur moderately throughout the year but more so in spring and fall in preparation for summer. 

Rotties have two coats, a short and thick undercoat and a slightly longer and finer topcoat that is shed as the season changes.

Because of a Rottweilerโ€™s short coat, you will be happy to learn that you only need to provide minimal grooming. But, there are some things you must do to ensure that your doggie looks stunning at all times.

Bath The Dog Every Other Month

Bath your Rottie monthly to maintain basic hygiene. Watch out not to over-bath as this will strip away the natural oils that protect the dogโ€™s skin.

Brush The Fur Weekly

Rotties are not heavy shedders and their short fur only needs to be brushed once a week or twice during the shedding season. Use a soft-bristled brush to give your doggie a nice combing.

Clip Toenails Monthly

Rotts have fast-growing nails. You will need to trim the nails of your Rottweiler at least once a month to prevent painful cracking. You can also use this time to clean the dogโ€™s ears. Wet wipes will come in handy but a good old wet towel will get the job done as well.

Brush The Dogโ€™s Teeth Every Week

This might not be your Rottieโ€™s favorite grooming routine, but Fido will quickly get used to it. There are rubber brushes that can be worn on the finger to comfortably brush the dogโ€™s teeth. Use toothpaste that is specially formulated for dogs.

What Is A King Rottweiler? King Rottweiler is a term some breeders use to market oversized Rottweiler breeds. The unusual size of these dogs is against breed standards and the dogs are prone to orthopedic issues. A larger dog might seem like a good deal but a Rottweiler that adheres to breed standards is best.

Should I Get A Male Or Female Rottweiler? Whether you should get a male or female Rottweiler will depend on your lifestyle and the dog that best fits your household. Neither a male nor a female is better than the other. Generally, males are more aggressive and heavier while females tend to live a year or two longer.

Who Is More Aggressive: Pitbull Or Rottweiler? A Rottweiler is no more aggressive than a Pitbull. Both are gentle, affectionate, and loyal toward their owners. However, if not properly cared for and socialized, the dogs can direct some aggression toward strangers and other dogs. You still should be careful about leaving young children alone with these dogs.

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