What Is A Corgi Pug Mix? A Complete Guide To Corgipug

For many dog lovers, hybrid designer pups are a fascinating breed. The Corgi Pug Mix is no exception. Its chubbiness, short stature, and playfulness make this a particularly popular lapdog. 

So, what is a Corgi Pug Mix? Also known as a Pug Corgi or Porgi, this dog is a cross-breed of a Pug and a Welsh Corgi. The Corgi Pug’s most distinguishing feature is its short stature and heavyset build. This mutt has well-defined muscles, stubby legs, and a short, low-lying torso. Your pooch will have a glossy, short and dense, fawn coat, black mask around the nose, flat, smiley-like face, and big brown eyes.

Before deciding whether a Porgi is the right pet for your family, we’ll look at common health problems of such small hybrid dogs and how to care for your canine buddy.

What Does A Corgi Pug Mix Look Like?

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A Corgi Pug Mix is also called a Pug Corgi, Corgi Pug, or Porgi.

They will take after the physical attributes and personality of both the Welsh Corgi and the Pug.

The Welsh Corgi 

The Welsh Corgi is a herding dog and is divided into two breeds, the Pembroke and the Cardigan Welsh Corgi.

The Pembroke is comparably smaller with pointy ears and a calmer temperament.

The Cardigan, on the other hand, is slightly longer with round ears and more playful, personality.

The Pug 

The Pug is a diminutive pup boasting a strong, muscular body. It comes in three colors: black, silver or fawn and has a black mask and prominent wrinkles on its face. The Pug is a brachycephalic breed, meaning it has a large head and flat face. This dog is known for its playful, clownish, and mischievous personality.

The Corgi Pug Mix

A Porgi has a compact, stumpy body but can have a slightly longer torso if it takes after the Corgi. It has a distinct black mask around its nose and takes after the Pug’s flat but friendly-looking face.

The Corgi Pug has large, adorable brown eyes. Most have a short but dense fawn coat but some have a black, red, or sable coat color. Porgis that take over the Corgi parent may also have some white markings on their coat.

Porgi Height And Weight

A Corgi Pug mix is a small-sized dog that stands at about 10 to 13 inches tall. Both males and females generally weigh between 18 to 30 lbs.

How Long Do Corgi Pugs Live? Common Health Problems Of A Corgi Pug

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With a healthy diet, regular exercise, and proper care and maintenance, your Corgi Pug can live for up to 15 years. That being said, this breed is prone to several health problems. Ironically, the features that make a Porgi so cute are the same ones that predispose it to serious health issues. 


Let’s start with its short, stubby legs. The Corgi Pug is heavyset with a low-hanging barrel belly, which combined with its short legs, can put too much pressure on the hip or elbow joints and lead to a condition known as dysplasia

Dysplasia happens when the elbow or hip’s ball and socket rub against each other instead of gliding smoothly. This condition can be a source of great pain for your canine friend and often leads to the early onset of arthritis and eventual loss of joint function. 

Dwarfism And IVDD

Pug Corgis are susceptible to dwarfism, which can result in other conditions such as intervertebral disk disease (IVDD).

In simple terms, this disease affects the spinal cord leading to severe pain and loss of limb functions.


The Porgi’s flat face can also be a source of problems. Dogs with this kind of facial structure are known as brachycephalic and are prone to the brachycephalic syndrome. This is a condition where the flattened facial bone structure presses against the dog’s nasal cavity, causing breathing difficulties.

If your dog does not receive immediate medical attention for brachycephalic syndrome, its health can deteriorate quickly, possibly leading to death. 

Other Health Concerns 

Other minor conditions that Pug Corgis are prone to include eye infections such as cataracts, glaucoma, bladder stones, patellar luxation (dislocation of the knee cap), and bladder stones.

How To Take Care Of A Corgi Pug Mix?

Proper nutrition is an important aspect of caring for your Porgi.

Both the Welsh Corgi and the Pug are big foodies so it is no surprise that Corgi Pugs love to eat. 

Here are some tips on how to care for your Pug Corgi: 

Moderate Your Dog’s Food Intake

If you leave food lying around, your canine buddy will not hesitate to clear the bowl. This huge appetite is both a blessing and a curse. While you will not have to deal with a picky eater, Fido can easily pick up excessive weight. To avoid this, be sure to feed your Corgi Pug a well-balanced, nutritious diet served in moderate portions.

Provide A Well-Balanced Diet

Keep in mind your new puppy’s activity level, age, and size to buy the right type of food for their needs. For this, we highly recommend Pet Plate and its meals.

The meal options include beef, chicken, turkey, and lamb. Each meal is freshly prepared and cooked in USDA kitchens, guaranteed to be safe for your pooch. It is packed with immunity-boosting ingredients, such as salmon oil and taurine, to lower the risk of diseases and infections.

Give Your Pup The Right Supplements

As we’ve seen, dysplasia and IVDD are major health concerns in Corgi Pugs. You must actively manage these conditions to improve your pet’s quality of life. The best way to support your dog’s joint health is with glucosamine and chondroitin supplements.

Scientific research shows that when administered early, glucosamine and chondroitin can alleviate the symptoms of IVDD in your dog. We recommend the Doggie Dailies supplements, which are soft, tasty, and enriched with vitamins, minerals, enzymes and, of course, generous amounts of glucosamine to keep joint pain at bay, improve mobility, and boost Fido’s energy levels.

For other options, do check out our article on the best glucosamine supplements for reference.

Does A Corgipug Shed As Much As A Corgi?

Corgi Pugs shed a ton, a trait they inherit from the Corgi. If you do acquire this hybrid pup, be prepared for daily brushes to keep your pooch clean and well groomed.

DakPets have an excellent pet grooming brush that significantly reduces shedding and we strongly recommend it.

Here are other grooming tips for your Porgi: 

Wipe Between The Folds

A Pug Corgi has deep skinfolds acquired from the Pug parent. Food and debris can hide in between these wrinkles, a common reason why Corgi Pugs stink sometimes. If the folds are not cleaned properly, your pooch can contract skin infections. 

In addition to this, a Porgi has short legs and its belly picks up all sorts of debris and gunk, making regular cleaning all the more important. To keep Fido clean, comfortable and smelling fresh, use pet-safe wipes to clean in between its folds. 

These multifunctional pet wipes by SCOBUTY are free of chemical ingredients and are made from natural organic cotton. They will not irritate eyes, nose, or mouth, making them a great choice for light cleaning your pet’s folds. A deep clean with shampoo once in a while will not hurt either.

Maintain Ear And Dental Hygiene

Something else you will need to do is to clean the Porgi’s ears with a pet-safe cleaner to keep infections at bay. Do not forget to brush your pup’s teeth at least once a week for optimal dental hygiene.

Provide Plenty Of Exercise

Pug Corgis are prone to obesity, which could lead to other problems such as hip joint pain due to excessive pressure on its legs. Lots of daily exercises and keeping a close eye on the pet’s calorie intake will prevent unhealthy weight gain.

Temperaments Of A Corgi Pug Mix

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Corgi Pug Mixes are not known to be aggressive.

This is an affectionate dog with moderate energy levels. A Corgi is not the kind to bark a lot unless it is alerting you of a stranger or threat, a trait the Porgi fortunately inherits.

Other temperament traits include: 

Stubborn Streak 

If the Pug gene is dominant, your pooch will likely be a bit stubborn so you will need to be patient when training it to become a more disciplined companion.


The Porgi does not take well to being left alone for long periods. There should always be someone at home or else your pup will develop separation anxiety and engage in destructive behavior such as soiling the house and incessant howling that is enough to annoy the neighbors.

High Energy Levels

With proper training, a Pug Corgi will turn out to be loyal and loving especially toward children. Daily moderate exercises, either indoors or outdoors, help to regulate your pooch’s energy levels. By socializing with other pets and people, Fido will be less anxious and will learn how to cope in different situations.

A word of caution about exercise: Be careful not to over-exert your pet as this may put unnecessary strain on their short legs and cause joint problems. Remember, your Porgi is brachycephalic (flat-faced) therefore excessive exercise in hot weather can lead to shortness of breath, which can quickly turn fatal. 

About 120 minutes of daily activity under moderate weather is enough to physically and mentally stimulate Fido and to strengthen your bond.

Do Corgi Pug Mixes like to cuddle? Corgi Pugs absolutely love to cuddle. This breed has a calm, affectionate personality, loves to impress its owner, and craves physical touch. Your pooch will snuggle up to you any chance they get. They’ll come over for a hug and some cuddle time when you are watching TV, for example, and will even spoon with you in bed. These traits make Porgis the perfect canine companion.

Do Corgi Pugs Smart? Corgi Pugs are smarter than the ‘average dog’. In breeds where the Corgi gene is dominant, you will have an extremely intelligent dog that learns new commands fast. But, this breed has a streak of stubbornness inherited from the Pug parent so training your pooch might not always be easy.

How Much Does A Corgi Pug Mix Cost? A Corgi Pug Mix will cost anywhere between $700 and $1,000. This might seem pricey for a companion dog, but remember you are paying for a designer pup that is bred from two highly popular breeds, the Corgi and the Pug. Expect to pay significantly more if you want a Porgi with breeding rights and that can participate in shows.

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