Best Spiked Dog Collars

There is just something powerfully transformative about spiked dog collars that will turn even the most adorable-looking of doggies into cool renegade pooches. This design of dog collars has come a long way from its origins as a protection device for herding dogs against predators.

In the sections below, we shall take a look at 12 of the best spiked dog collars to help give your pooch that cool, punk dog vibe.

The best of these is the PetCityCenter Bullet Spiked Dog Collar not only for the look but also to serve the protection function that spiked dog collars were designed for.

You could also consider the DML Black Faux Leather or Haoyueer Spiked Dog Collars. Here are more on these and all other spiked dog collars that should be on your radar.

12. Leathercollarstore Leather Spiked Dog Collar

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Material: 100% Leather

Measurements: 28 to 32 inches

Biggest Pro: Gentle on the dogโ€™s neck.

By far the best thing about the Leathercollarstore Leather Spiked Dog Collar is the fact that it has a soft inner lining. This is much gentler on the dogโ€™s neck than the bare alternatives that you will usually find on the market.

Quality is something else they definitely didnโ€™t skim out on with the design of this handmade dog spiked collar with durability that makes it worth the investment.

11. Dogs Kingdom Leather Black Spiked Dog Collar

Material: Faux Leather

Measurements: 21 to 24 inches

Biggest Pro: It has rounded spikes.

Spikes on a spiked collar are supposed to protect your dogโ€™s neck and not cause them discomfort, pain, or even injury.

The Dogs Kingdom Leather Black Spiked Dog Collar guarantees this comfort and security with its rounded spikes that are very gentle on the dogโ€™s skin. This, however, makes it more of an aesthetic piece for the punk aesthetic than a functional protective spiked dog collar.

10. Rockstar Aurora Rhinestone Spiked Dog Collar

Image from Etsy

Material: Vegan Pleather and Silver Sterling

Measurements: 13 to 14.5 inches

Biggest Pro: It has a unique aesthetic.

Spiked collars are associated with a punk, tough dog aesthetic. This is not always the case as is seen with the Rockstar Aurora Rhinestone Spiked Dog Collar.

This unique spiked dog collar is bedazzled with rhinestones in place of the traditional spikes for a fun retro rockstar or modern princess pooch aesthetic.v

9. Beirui Sharp Studded Spiked Dog Collar

Material: P.U. Leather

Measurements: 15 to 18 inches

Biggest Pro: It has a strong lead attachment.

The Beirui Sharp Studded Spiked Dog Collar stands out the most with its great construction. This dog collar is made from high quality PU leather which is the perfect combination of flexible and strong for a spiked dog collar that will last for a very long time.

The lead attachment is also very well constructed using strong chrome for both aesthetics and functionality.

8. Dogs Kingdom Spiked Dog Collar And Harness

Material: P.U. Leather

Measurements: 17 to 20 inches

Biggest Pro: It comes as a 3-in-1 set.

The Dogs Kingdom Spiked Dog Collar and Harness comes as a set with a spiked collar, studded harness, and a chain-link dog leash with a PU leather strap handle. Thatโ€™s the best way to complete the punk aesthetic.

The studs and spikes on both the spiked collar and harness serve more of an aesthetic function than a protective one. These spikes and studs have smooth, rounded ends to ensure that they donโ€™t accidentally hurt your dog as they are wearing the set.

7. UVONOKAY Leather Sharp Studded Spiked Dog Collar

Material: Faux Leather

Measurements: 15.1 to 20 inches

Biggest Pro: It is actually protective.

While many spiked dog collars today are designed for the purpose of aesthetics, the Uvonokay Leather Spiked Dog Collar is actually one of the few options on the market that serves the protective purpose that spiked dog collars were designed for.

This is because this spiked dog collar has long and sharp spikes that will actually do a good job at deterring neck attacks by predators or other dogs.

6. Beirui Width Bronze Spiked Dog Collar

Material: Faux Leather

Measurements: 17 to 20 inches

Biggest Pro: It is weatherproof.

If you take your dog on a lot of outdoor adventures, the Beirui Width Bronze Spiked Dog Collar for a dog collar that will stand the test of time in any weather. The Faux leather used is not only resistant to fast wear and tear but also to damage by moisture with its waterproof design.

5. Bestia Big Boy Leather Spiked Dog Collar

Image from Etsy

Material: Genuine Leather

Measurements: 19.7 to 22.6 inches

Biggest Pro: It has a cushioned interior.

The Bestia Big Boy Leather Spiked Dog Collar has a unique double layer design. The inner layer is made from soft leather which creates a padded effect that makes the spiked collar comfortable on the dogโ€™s neck.

This spiked dog collar is another great pick if you are shopping for a dog collar for the sake of your dogโ€™s protection with its 1-inch long spikes. The best part is that these spikes can be in a variety of either silver or gold finishing.

4. AOLOVE Basic Classic Adjustable Spiked Dog Collar

Material: Genuine Leather

Measurements: 7.8 to 10.2 inches

Biggest Pro: It comes in a variety of styles for you to choose from.

The Aolove Basic Classic Adjustable Spiked Dog Collar comes in 12 different colors in addition to the traditional black and brown options. That way if you feel your dog personality is best captured by a brighter and more fun color, you have plenty to choose from.

3. DML Black Faux Leather Spiked Dog Collar

Material: Faux Leather

Measurements: 19 to 22 inches

Biggest Pro: It can be adjusted for a more comfortable fit.

The DML Black Faux Leather Spiked Dog Collar comes with an adjustable buckle strap with 5 different holes. This allows for adjustment for neck circumferences ranging from 19 inches to 22 inches.

You will also love the lightweight nature of this dog collar. This is because of use of strong but light materials like the faux leather and nickel-plated alloy spikes, studs, buckle, and lead ring.

2. Haoyueer Spiked Dog Collar

Material: Faux Leather

Measurements: 12.5 to 15 inches

Biggest Pro: It has a soft and comfortable interior.

The Haoyueer Spiked Dog Collar is the perfect combination of comfort, aesthetics, and functionality.

The comfort is as a result of the soft inner layer that ensures a gentle and snug fit against the dogโ€™s neck.

The aesthetics on the other hand are due to the combination of cool and funky nickel-plated spikes with fun and shiny rhinestones. This combination works for both male and female doggies.

1. PetCityCenter Bullet Spiked Dog Collar

Image from Etsy

Material: Genuine Leather

Measurements: Options from 16 to 29 inches in length

Biggest Pro: It has a unique vintage aesthetic.

The PetCityCenter Bullet Spiked Dog Collar is the very definition of awesome with its combination of spikes and bullet attachments. This plus the tan leather gives the collar a cool vintage vibe unlike any other spiked dog collar on the market.

The best part is that the very long bullet โ€œspikesโ€ are only on the center part of the dog collar and are meant to align to the dogโ€™s back and not the neck and chest where they would cause discomfort.

What Is The Purpose Of Spiked Dog Collars? Traditionally, spiked dog collars were designed as a way to protect the dogโ€™s neck from attacks by other dogs or by predators. They came in handy with outdoor dogs where the risk of confrontation is high from neighborhood pets. Today, spiked dog collars also serve an aesthetic purpose and are a great way to make your dog look really cool.

Will A Spiked Collar Protect My Dog? The varieties of spiked dog collars available today can protect your dog from predator attacks but only if the collar is designed for that purpose. These spiked dog collars will have longer spikes made from a material with the strength to withstand the bite. However, if the spiked dog collar is designed for aesthetics, it will be useless when it comes to protecting your dog.

Where Were Spiked Dog Collars Invented? Spiked dog collars can be traced back to the era of ancient Greek civilization. These prototype versions were made out of metal and had long spikes continuous with the collar part. They were popular for use on guard dogs and herding dogs as a form of protection against predators like wolves that would attack the dogsโ€™ necks.

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