Bulldogs Emerge America’s 2nd Most Popular Dog Breed in AKC’s Latest Rankings

According to the AKC 2020 Most Popular Dog Breeds Rankings list released on March 16th, 2021, the French Bulldog is the second most popular dog breed in the USA. This marks the first time the Frenchie has ranked higher than the German Shepherd Dog and the Golden Retriever, two very popular dogs in the USA.

The Most Popular Dog Breeds Rankings is a list that is released annually by the American Kennel Club, based on the number of purebred dogs registered with the organization. The list, which ranks more than 190 breeds that are recognized by the AKC, does not feature any designer dog breeds or your everyday, run of the mill mixes.

Four Labrador Retriever dogs
Four Labrador Retriever dogs

At the top of America’s Most Popular Dog Breeds list is the Labrador Retriever, which has held this position for 30 years. No other dog breed has held this position since 1991. After the Labrador Retriever and the French Bulldog, the third position went to the German Shepherd Dog, while the fourth and fifth position went to Golden Retrievers and Bulldogs respectively.

This year’s rankings have been marked by a lot of surprises. For the first time in 7 years, Dachshunds made it to the top 10, while the Cane Corso made it into the top 25 most popular breeds for the first time. The 2020 list saw the addition of two dog breeds that were registered with AKC for the first time in 2020. These are the Dogo Argentino, which clinched the 93rd position – very impressive for a first timer – and the Barbet, which ranked 145th.

The least popular breed according to the 2020 list is the Norwegian Lundehund. The Lundehund is a very unusual dog with very unique features, including extraordinary flexibility, six-toed feet, and impressive climbing capabilities.

The Meteoric Rise Of The French Bulldog

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French Bulldogs have undergone a meteoric rise that has seen them become America’s second most popular dog breed. In 1991, when Labrador Retrievers first took the top position, the French Bulldog was nowhere near the top of the list, claiming a distant 82nd position. Their popularity started growing in the late 90’s, and by 2017, the Frenchie had risen to number 4.

This meteoric rise in the popularity of the French Bulldog can be attributed to celebrity owners and pop culture. Some celebrities who own French Bulldogs include Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, Lady Gaga, 2 Chainz, Ashley Olson, Ashlee Simpson, John Legend, Hillary Duff, David Beckham, Eva Longoria, and so many others.

Frenchies have also been featured in some popular movies, including Bringing Down The House, Due Date, What Happens Next, Slightly Single In LA, Grace Stirs Up Success, and Titanic, the ever-so-popular classic movie by Leonardo DiCaprio.

Despite its popularity, the French Bulldog can be prone to a myriad of health issues, including breathing problemsoverheating, and joint problems. That said, it seems the people love Frenchies as they are, and we can only wait to see if they’ll take over from Labrador Retrievers as America’s most popular dog breed one day.

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