Can Dogs Eat Banana Peels? Is It Safe?

If you’re a dog owner, you surely have asked yourself which fruits and veggies your dog can eat. Bananas are a great dog snack, and your four-legged friend might have eaten one with the peel on. That’s when you thought: Can dogs eat banana peels? We are here to help you and your pooch figure out which parts of a banana they should and should not eat. 

No, you should not feed your dog banana peels. The peels are not toxic to dogs but may cause intestinal blockage and are hard to digest. When offering your dog a banana, the right way is to feed it without its peels.

If your dog eats a whole banana or just the banana peel, it might be a cause for concern. I would recommend calling the veterinarian and monitoring your dog for any symptoms. Before we talk about why your dog shouldn’t eat banana peels, let’s discuss what you should do if they do. Next up are the most important steps in this case and other guidelines for eating bananas for your pooch.

What Will Happen If My Dog Eats A Banana Peel?

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If your dog eats a whole banana or a banana peel, they might feel nauseous, vomit or experience an intestinal blockage.

That’s why it’s important to keep banana peels away from your dogs. While your four-legged friend can eat a banana, a banana peel can cause some problems. 

Your dog might have eaten a whole banana or snatched a peel that fell on the ground. If your dog eats a banana peel, you should notify your veterinarian. After that, it is crucial to monitor your dog for any signs of distress.

Even your veterinarian will immediately tell you to monitor your dog since there is no need to take them to the dog doctor right away. Keep an eye out for any sickness signs, especially vomiting. If any signs of an upset stomach occur, phone your veterinarian right away.

Time is crucial in fighting intestinal blockage in dogs, so notifying your veterinarian about what has happened is essential. They will keep an eye out for any signs of complications with your best friend’s health.

How Long Does It Take A Dog To Digest A Banana Peel?

There is no exact time frame for how long it takes for a dog to digest a banana peel. Some dogs can pass a banana’s skin, while others can’t. That, as well as the time needed to digest it, depends on both the dog’s gut health, genetics, and previous food intake.

Inside a banana peel are enormous amounts of fiber. This means that fiber bombards a dog’s stomach and is sometimes not digestible. Eating a banana’s skin is like a fiber bomb to the dog’s intestine. That’s why banana peels first cause vomiting in some dogs and, in complicated cases, intestinal blockage.

Can Dogs Get Sick From Eating Banana Peels?

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Yes, dogs can get sick from eating banana peels. A banana’s skin can cause a dog’s intestine to get blocked or cause nausea and vomiting with your pooch. While bananas are great options for expanding a dog’s nutrition and raising its potassium intake, you always have to peel the banana before giving it to your dog.

If a dog eats a banana peel, your dog could experience these symptoms:

  • Vomiting
  • Stool problems (like absence and straining)
  • Constipation
  • No appetite
  • Bellyache
  • Signs of pain
  • Diarrhea
  • Tiredness

If your dog shows any of these signs, your vet should know right away. Some of these symptoms are very light and might not cause a problem to your dog’s digestive system. Others, on the other hand, are signs of intestine blockage and need to be addressed immediately.

Once your dog shows any of these signs, your veterinarian needs to be notified and might call you in for an immediate check-up on your dog. If the signs are not too concerning to the professional, the check-up can be scheduled later or on the following day. Most commonly, your vet will only tell you to monitor your dog in the interim.

If the symptoms escalate, your professional vet will have to take precautionary measures. Once you are in the veterinary clinic, the vet may perform the following:

  • Run tests
  • Check on your dog’s symptoms
  • Induce vomiting
  • Hospitalize your dog
  • Remove the peel surgically

While surgical removal is very unlikely to happen, it is always possible to be needed. Therefore, to save yourself time and budget and not risk your pet’s health, keep the banana peels away from your pooch at all times.

Are Banana Peels Poisonous To Dogs?

The most important thing to know is that banana peels are not poisonous to your dog. Therefore, they will not get poisoned if they eat one. Some breeds and mixes can digest banana peels without a problem. On the other hand, for most dogs, it will cause a digestional problem. 

While they are not poisonous, they might cause problems to the dog’s system after they are eaten. If ingested by your dog and left unsupervised, a banana’s skin can also cause bigger problems. This might even result in your dog dying if an intestinal blockage occurs and is not treated in time.

Do Banana Peels Help A Dog’s Upset Stomach?

Banana peels will not help a dog’s upset stomach, and they can only cause vomiting and blockages. While a banana can help humans because of its high fiber intake and is recommended to people living with Crohn’s disease, the same does not go for dogs.

There are numerous theories today that a banana’s peel will help with a dog’s digestion. A veterinarian backed none of these theories up. I strongly advise against feeding your dog banana peels and trying other home remedies instead.

How Do I Feed My Dog Bananas?

The best way to feed your dog bananas (without peels) is to put them in their food. Not all dogs like bananas, just like people. Bananas, on the other hand, are very nutritious. If your dog lacks potassium in its system, bananas are probably the best source. 

Regardless of whether your dog likes to eat bananas or not, I recommend them in every dog’s diet. So, yes, your dog can eat bananas without peelsThey are full of fiber, vitamins, and potassium. Don’t forget to never give your dog a whole banana since the peel can lead to vomiting or intestinal blocks.

Here are a few ways to feed your dog bananas: 

  • Right out of the peel
  • Mixed with other dog treats
  • Slices
  • Frozen for hot summer days
  • In dog toys

Most dogs love eating bananas right out of the peel, while smaller dog breeds can take only a few slices a day.

If your dog dislikes bananas, try to mix them with other treats (like dog-friendly chocolate or peanut butter) or put them in dog toys. My favorite option is for summer days, where I freeze the banana and give it to my dog as a doggy-friendly ice cream treat.

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How Much Banana Can A Dog Eat?

Every dog’s age and size have different amounts of banana they can eat, and here are the amounts:

  • For large adult dogs, ½ banana will do.
  • For small adult dogs, 2 to 4 slices of banana are acceptable.

For puppies, always ask your vet when you can start including bananas in their diet. Also, don’t forget to ask for amounts. Owners of dogs with diabetes and kidney issues should watch their sugar and potassium intake and monitor the number of bananas they consume.

Bananas should be an occasional treat for your pet. They shouldn’t eat them instead of a meal and never in large quantities. Bananas are full of sugars and fiber, which can cause blockage in your dog’s intestine. If your dog overeats bananas, it can upset its stomach too.

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