What Can I Give My Dog For An Upset Stomach?

As a dog owner, upset tummies are just one of those problems that you will inevitably have to deal with. The gastroenteritis could be due to anything from food poisoning to food intolerance or even anxiety. It is therefore very important that you are adequately prepared to deal with the situation and the often distressing symptoms your dog will be experiencing.

To make your life a lot easier, we have compiled a list of 18 proven remedies for a dog with an upset stomach. These include the bland diet trick, a vet visit, and medications like Pepto-Bismol. While most of them are simple home remedies, a few of them will require vet advice.

In the sections below, we will go into details about each remedy and what causes of upset tummy it would be ideal for. That way, you know exactly how to get your pooch out of their tight tummy fix.

18. Consult A Vet If Symptoms Persist

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It is important to note that home remedies are not always the answer if your dog is suffering from an upset tummy. Sometimes, you will have to call in the big guns to deal with problems more serious than food intolerance or mild food poisoning.

If the symptoms last more than 2 days, you should definitely visit the vet. If you also notice alarming signs like blood in the stool or vomit as well as extreme lethargy, it is time to get more help.

17. Try Pepto-Bismol

Pepto-Bismol is another awesome over-the-counter drug that you could give to your dog if they have an irritated gut. It helps reduce inflammation and promote digestion offering quick relief for a number of issues.

Try the Pepto Bismol liquid whose formula makes it very easy to administer. As with the other drug recommended, you have to consult your vet on how many ml of Pepto-Bismol you can give your dog. Most will do well with about 5ml or a teaspoon per 10 pounds every 6 to 8 hours.

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16. Honey

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Honey is easily one of the most popular home remedies for most dog issues from allergies to flea infestation. This seemingly all-powerful remedy also has a lot to offer if your dog is suffering from an upset stomach. You just need about a teaspoon or raw honey per day.  

Honey has been shown to have anti-inflammatory effects which come in handy when dealing with gastroenteritis. It is also an antimicrobial. Finally, it is a great way to replenish the lost minerals, sugars, and salt during vomiting and diarrhea.

15. Bananas

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Bananas are fantastic for many reasons when dealing with irritated guts in dogs.

The main benefit you have to look forward to is the richness of electrolytes. These include potassium and magnesium which are crucial to gut health and functioning.

Bananas are also very soft and easy to digest which is perfect for the malfunctioning system. The nice boost of energy from the fruit just ties it all up to make it the perfect home remedy for an upset dog tummy.

14. Pumpkin

Pumpkin is celebrated among dog owners as one of the best sources of fiber and vitamins for dogs. The seeds in particular are very rich in fibers which will come in handy if your dog is suffering from gut issues like diarrhea or constipation.

The pumpkin flesh is also a fantastic source of compounds that soothe the irritated gut lining.

For all these benefits, we recommend the Farmer’s Market Organic Pumpkin Puree for the GMO-free, natural formula.

13. Scrambled Eggs

Dogs love eggs whether scrambled, boiled, or even pouched. If your pooch is suffering from a low appetite due to an upset stomach, this is the perfect way to get them to eat something.

The calorie-rich treats are full of proteins and fatty acids which are easier to digest than those found in most other animal sources.

You just have to ensure that you cook the eggs properly to avoid transmission of bugs like salmonella that will only make things worse.

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12. Oatmeal

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Oatmeal is another wonder cure on our list with benefits in multiple systems in the dog’s body.

In this case, it is the soothing power of proteins in oatmeal that land it on our list of remedies for gastroenteritis in dogs. This helps ease the discomfort associated with issues like food poisoning or gut infections.

Oatmeal is also very rich in fiber which makes it a fantastic option if your dog is dealing with tummy issues as a result of constipation.

11. Get Your Pooch Dewormed

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Your dog probably chews at anything they can get away with and this is the main reason why they are so susceptible to having gut worm infestation.

These worms cause all kinds of issues from bleeding on the digestive tract lining, to poor absorption, and even constipation due to obstruction. With so much that could go wrong, it goes without saying that regular deworming should be one of the main steps you take to put your doggy out of their misery.

10. Consider Changing Their Diet Completely

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Sometimes, it is what you feed your dog that causes all the issues. Maybe they are allergic to some of the ingredients included. It could be that the chemicals used in preparation and preservation are triggering irritation in the digestive tract.

Whatever the case, a change in diet could be all that is needed to get rid of your furry best friend’s troubles especially if they have been recurring for a while.

9. Increase The Frequency Of Potty Breaks

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When a dog has an upset stomach, the last thing they want is to hold it for the next potty break. It is nothing short of torture for the little buddies.

Instead of putting them through additional discomfort, just find time to take them out for more potty breaks. This is especially important if they have diarrhea as sometimes letting it all out is the best source of relief and comfort.

8. Limit Your Dog’s Food Portions

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It could also be that the upset tummy is as a result of overeating whether it is in terms of amount or the frequency between meals.

If you suspect this it has something to do with overeating, you have to make sure that you limit the amount of food that the little pooch eats every meal. The best thing to do here is studying up on how much food the specific dog breed should eat at their specific age.

7. Slow Down Your Dog’s Eating Speed

In some cases, it is not so much about how much the dog eats but how fast they eat. Eating too fast is often associated with swallowing gas which could lead to bloating and an upset stomach.

Fortunately, there is a lot that you can do to deal with the problem. The most effective is using food bowls like JASGOOD Slow Feeder Dog Bowl designed to make the dog work for the food. This also turns every meal time into a fun experience by stimulating their hunting instincts.

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6. Give Your Dog Some Probiotics

An upset gut is an unhealthy gut. Therefore, probiotics can come in very handy to restore health and proper functioning. The micro-organisms serve a variety of functions from improving gut immunity to promoting actual digestion.

You can give your dog foods enriched with probiotics. You could also offer them special probiotic supplements in which case we suggest the Zesty Paws Probiotic for Dogs. The soft chews also include pumpkin for complementary pro-gut effects.

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  • Support Fido's Tummy - These functional soft chew supplements have a base of pumpkin and papaya (sources of enzymes) plus probiotics for digestion, bowel, and immune support to care for canine pets.

5. Use Gut-Friendly Essential Oils

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Essential oils could also work really well when your dog has abdominal issues. A few are considered good for the gut especially ginger and peppermint. These help reduce irritation along the gut lining which is present with most causes of upset tummies.

Peppermint and ginger also serve the added benefit of reducing nausea which is very useful for conditions like indigestion and food intolerance where vomiting is more or less inevitable.

4. Use Imodium

Imodium is a drug that is used to reduce the intensity and frequency of diarrhea. It is very useful in dogs that suffer from issues like gut infections or food intolerance. It offers very fast relief which is very important as it reduces excessive loss of fluids.

Check out Imodium Diarrhea Relief Caplets on Amazon for effective at-home treatment. Just make sure to consult your vet for adequate dosages for your specific dog breed and size.

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3. Give Your Dog Bland Food For A While

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The bland food diet is often the answer to many causes of stomach upsets in dogs. Bland food allows you to reach the required caloric provision for the dog without overloading their fragile systems with heavy foods.

The best options here include boiled eggs, plain rice, boiled potatoes, and pumpkin. You could also give your suffering furry best friend some boiled and unseasoned chicken for their protein requirements.

2. Keep Your Dog Hydrated

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Whether you decide to go the fasting route or you still feed the dog, it is crucial that you keep the pooch hydrated.

Water helps a lot with easing irritation and promoting digestion and passage of food along the gut.

It is also necessary to replace all the fluids lost through vomit, diarrhea, and excessive sweating which accompany most causes of gastroenteritis.

For the best results, just leave out a bowl of fresh water for the inevitably thirsty pooch to easily access.

1. Nothing

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Sometimes the best thing you can do when your dog has an upset tummy is absolutely nothing. This is particularly useful in cases where it is indigestion due to eating too much food or even mild food poisoning.

So yes, you can actually help your dog by starving them when they have the runs or are vomiting.

This helps give the irritated gut time to recover. A fasting period of about 12 to 24 hours should do the trick.

Related Questions

How Do You Know If Your Dog Has Digestive Problems? Dogs with digestive problems often present with specific symptoms like diarrhea and vomiting. Sometimes, the symptoms may be a bit more vague and general including lethargy, mood changes, and changes in appetite. You may also notice signs of pain like whining and unwillingness to let you touch their abdominal area.

What Causes Upset Stomach In Dogs? Abdominal upset, also known as gastroenteritis, is caused by a variety of things in a dog. A lot of them are diet-related causing irritation of the gut lining during digestion while others are non-dietary. All these include:

  • Food poisoning
  • Food intolerance
  • Eating too much or too fast
  • Gut volvulus
  • Gut infections
  • Worm infestation
  • Gut tumors

How Long Does An Upset Stomach Last In Dogs? The duration of an upset stomach in a dog depends on the cause. Food-related stomach problems last between one to two days. If it lasts any longer than that, you may be dealing with more serious problems that require urgent veterinary attention so do not hesitate to get your pooch checked out.

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