Can Dogs Eat Tangerines?

Tangerines are popular citrus fruits that serve many health benefits for humans. They are rich in nutrients that can make our immune system strong and keep us healthy. It would be a nice idea to have our furry friends have some of it and have a share in its benefits. So in this article, we shall find out if dogs can eat tangerines.

Yes, dogs can eat tangerines. Instead of feeding them the whole citrus fruit, only a few segments of the flesh, excluding the peels and seeds, are recommended. Tangerines are healthy and provide vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients. If you feed dogs whole tangerines, they are affected by excess citric acid and sugars in their flesh and cyanide in the peels and seeds.

In this article, we will see if puppies can as well have tangerines and the exact amount of tangerines recommended for our pooch. Further, we shall check if tangerines are poisonous to dogs and if dogs can have tangerine popsicles. But before that, letโ€™s understand why dogs can eat tangerines.

Can Dogs Eat Tangerines?

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Yes, dogs can eat tangerines. They are listed as one of the healthy citrus fruit snacks a dog can have. Feeding our furry friends tangerines in small amounts and on occasions is an appropriate way for them to enjoy all the benefits it provides.

Tangerine provides vitamin C, folate, thiamine, potassium, beta carotene, and other nutrients essential to the dogโ€™s health. Vitamin C has antioxidant properties and helps to boost the immunity of your furry friend.

Folate and thiamine are vitamin Bs that aid the metabolism needed for energy production in doggies. Potassium is needed for proper nerve functioning, and beta carotene can produce skin pigmentation and improve the coatโ€™s appearance.

When fed occasionally, your doggie will enjoy all these benefits of tangerines as a sweet and healthy treat. You can also give your canine buddy tangerines in different ways. It could be blended, or it could just be cut into sections to let your doggie have it.

Can My Puppy Eat Tangerines?

Yes, even a puppy can eat tangerines. However, we recommend that you closely monitor your pup if you are giving it for the first time.

The tummy of your pup may not react to tangerine like the adult doggies. Hence, you should give it to your doggie in moderation as well as monitor your pooch closely while doing so.

How Many Tangerines Can A Dog Have?

A dog can have two to three slices of tangerines, and they should never have more than one whole tangerine to avoid excessive sugar intake.

Also, you should avoid giving them tangerines regularly because of the sugar content in them. This avoids weight gain, dental caries, and irregular blood sugar.

Do Tangerines Harm Dogs?

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No, tangerines do not harm dogs. They contain no known ingredients harmful to dogs. The constituents of tangerine flesh are carbs, fibers, proteins, and vitamins.

Also, it is important that when served, no sugar should be added and that it is served moderately. In this way, tangerines will be unharmful to dogs.

If not given to them this way, they may get problems from eating too many tangerines. For instance, the citric acid in tangerines can be high when many tangerines are consumed. This can lead to diarrhea and vomiting.

Are Tangerines Poisonous To Dogs?

No, tangerines are not poisonous to dogs. Tangerine flesh contains no harmful ingredients in it that can be toxic to your furry friend.

Nevertheless, the citric acid in tangerine flesh may be unfriendly on your furry friendโ€™s tummy when fed much of it. Also, some parts of tangerine fruit are poisonous and should be avoided. For example, the seeds, and peels of tangerines.

The peels have essential oils that can irritate your doggieโ€™s gastrointestinal tract while the seeds contain cyanide which is also toxic to dogs.

If your doggie gets to eat the peel alongside the flesh, the essential oil in the peels can irritate your doggieโ€™s mouth, tongue, and throat. While the seeds of the tangerine are bitter and contain cyanide that could act as a poison when in much quantity. Hence, it is advisable not to give them tangerine peels and skins; only the flesh should be given to them.

Though, in a situation where your doggie mistakenly swallowed a few amounts of the seeds, it will not be sufficient to cause harm to your furry companion. But you should always still try to remove the seeds before giving them.

Is It OK For Dogs To Eat Tangerines?

Yes, it is okay for doggies to eat tangerines. As we do not want to give our furry friends the same treat repeatedly, tangerines can be a healthy and better alternative. More so, they are nontoxic.

Can Dogs Have Tangerine Popsicles?

Yes, dogs can have tangerine popsicles. However, you should make it tailored for their dietary needs. Added salts and sugars should not be included as part of the ingredients. Tangerine popsicles during warm periods like summer is a clever choice as a treat.

How To Make Tangerine Popsicles For Dogs?

Making tangerine popsicles for our furry friends is very easy. All you need to do is to blend and cool the tangerine juice in a popsicle mold. Also, do not add any sugar or salt to make it safe for dogs to consume.

To make tangerine popsicles for dogs, you should blend just three segments of tangerine flesh making sure that the seed have been removed before blending it.

Thereafter, you should pour the tangerine juice into a popsicle mold. Finally, cool it in a freezer to allow it to become molded, and your tangerine popsicle will be ready for your furry friend.

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