Can Dogs Have French Fries?

You love French fries. In fact, it’s this love that lured you to the drive-through. And this time, your Fido is seated right next to you. You’ve previously shared treats but never French fries. You aren’t sure whether or not it’s a safe treat for canines. So, can dogs have French fries?

Technically yes, dogs can have French fries occasionally. French fries themselves aren’t toxic to dogs. But neither do they make a healthy treat for them. These fries boast high levels of saturated and trans fats that can cause inflammation of the pancreas in dogs.

In other words, before you get swayed by your dog’s puppy eyes, please think again! They are a tasty treat, but they can compromise your pup’s health. And that’s not all – there’s so much you need to know about giving French fries to dogs. And yes, that’s what this article offers you! Only read to the end.

Are French Fries Safe For Dogs?

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No, French fries aren’t safe for dogs. Fries are just too high in fats than considered healthy for canines. This tasty human snack can make dogs develop issues with their pancreas with time.

French fries are loved by many around the world. Anyway, that’s what we expect of something so tasty and glorious. But still, there’s a sad fact about them – fries don’t feature on the list of healthy foods!

As much as they have found their way into the hearts of many, French fries are way too from making a healthy treat, owing to the unhealthy ingredients they have. A case in point is the amount of fat. It’s just too high for humans and dogs alike.

It all goes back to the preparation method. You see, French fries have to leave that memorable impact on your taste buds; A few things are a must. One is deep frying. The other is seasoning with salt. That’s only when French fries will taste like French fries!

Unfortunately, none of the two is safe for dogs. Let’s take salt, for instance. Probably you know that too much of it will make your blood pressure level spike. That could cause stroke and other heart-related issues. And it’s neither safer for dogs. In fact, salt is more dangerous to dogs than humans – and here is why;

You see, dogs have a lower salt tolerance than humans. As such, it only takes a tiny amount of salt for dogs to develop issues from it. And adding that to the fact that French fries are already high in fat – another dangerous ingredient- it’s easy to see why dogs shouldn’t eat French fries.

Should I Give My Dog McDonald’s French Fries?

You shouldn’t give your dog McDonald’s French fries. McDonald’s French fries are nutritionally weak and won’t benefit your dog in any way. The fries are also likely to upset your dog’s stomach, and that’s not all yet!

We don’t offer treats to dogs just for fun. That’s the wrong motive. Instead, we also want dogs to benefit health-wise from them. The goal isn’t just to keep these wonderful furry friends happy. They also need to be healthy!

Speaking of McDonald’s French fries, they don’t have any nutritional value. That alone disqualifies them from the list of treats dogs should eat. Even worse, McDonald’s French fries are high in carbs. And just so you know, carbs aren’t healthy for dogs in high amounts.

Also, some dogs are allergic to potatoes. They are the mother ingredient of French fries – so yes, allergy can still happen in dogs. And as we all know, allergies can be severe in dogs. So yes, like all other varieties, dogs shouldn’t eat McDonald’s French fries.

What Happens If My Dog Eats French Fries?

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What happens if your dog eats French fries will depend on how much they eat and the frequency at which they eat them. Too many fries too often will make your dog fat. But neither does it mean these fries are trouble-free in the short term.

French fries have short-term and long-term effects on dogs. In the short term, dogs will develop salt poisoning. Signs such as vomiting, dehydration, diarrhea, lethargy, decreased appetite, sometimes coma, tremors, and seizures should tell you that salt poisoning can be dangerous in dogs. Sometimes it can even lead to death.

In the long haul, the fat in French fries will make dogs obese. Of course, that will open the way for other conditions such as diabetes, pancreatitis, and many more. So again, the greatest threat lies in the amount of salt and fat in French fries.

“But what makes salt dangerous?” You could wonder! As already pointed out, dogs’ bodies don’t handle salt as well as our bodies do. Salt will cause electrolyte imbalance in dogs. In other words, this ingredient will make muscles and tissues lose water. That makes them rigid. And with time, that could cause kidney issues.

Sure, a fry or two won’t hurt your dog – unless they are allergic to potatoes or any of the other ingredients. But with lots of healthy alternative treats for dogs, it’s best to avoid giving dogs French fries altogether. It’s generally not a good idea to give dogs French fries.

Can Dogs Digest French Fries?

Yes, dogs can digest French fries but only in small amounts. French fries have high loads of carbs, so dogs will have trouble digesting many of them. But again, the fact that they can be digestible doesn’t make them healthy for dogs.

Not all digestible foods are worth giving to dogs. And yes, French fries are a perfect example. Canines usually don’t have issues digesting these tasty human treats until ingested in significant quantities.

Dogs have short intestines. Consequently, they can’t digest carbohydrates as well as humans canLots of carbs at once will give them stomach issues. That’s the same reason we consider French fries not digestible in large amounts.

Can French Fries Make A Dog Sick?

Yes, French fries will make a dog sick. Dogs are likely to develop pancreatitis from the high amount of fat. In addition, the salt content in French fries can also bring about kidney issues in dogs with time.

French fries make dogs sick. Everything about this treat – carbs, salt, and fats – can cause sickness in canines, especially in the long haul. Carbs will bring about obesity, salt kidney issues, and fat pancreatitis.

In the short term, sickness will have much to do with gastrointestinal issues. Allergic reactions and salt poisoning are other short-term repercussions of dogs eating fries. But that will much differ from dog to dog.

Will French Fries Give A Dog Diarrhea?

Yes, French fries will give dog diarrhea if it causes salt poisoning and acute gastroenteritis. Either of these conditions will manifest through a wide variety of signs. Diarrhea comes in as one of these signs.

Diarrhea is common in dogs. In fact, it doesn’t necessarily mean that your dog ate something toxic. It can result from all sorts of foods, even healthy ones. So yes, it shouldn’t surprise you when your canine develops diarrhea after eating several morsels of French fries.

What Do I Do If My Dog Ate French Fries?

What to do if your dog ate French fries is watch them closely in case they develop anything negative from it. Dogs don’t all respond the same way to eating French fries, so always keep a sharp lookout for any unusual behavior after your dog eats them.

Usually, dogs won’t develop issues after eating a fry. Neither will two attract trouble, just as said earlier. Actually, your biggest worry should be how to turn your dog’s puppy eyes down when next they plead for an extra treat. But again, a few fries aren’t safe all the time. They can cause trouble or worsen conditions like diabetes.

If your dog ate the whole pack of fries, then there’s usually a cause for concern. Sure, you don’t need to worry about obesity here, especially if it’s their first time. However, your dog may suffer from salt poisoning and gastrointestinal disturbances.

Now, if you suspect the amount your dog ate could cause them trouble, informing the vet is the best thing to do. The vet will direct you on what to do depending on the information you provide. The health professional may tell you to monitor your canine closely or find your way to the clinic. It all depends on how serious they see the situation.

Either way, one must ensure thing is that your dog has access to clean water all through this time. The salt content in the fries will give them increased thirst, so always provide plenty of water to keep them from dehydration.

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How Do I Prevent My Dog From Eating French Fries?

You can prevent your dog from eating French fries by having them stay away from you when enjoying this tasty treat. You can keep them in their crate, another room, or any other safe place for them.

One fact; when dogs cast their pleading eyes on us, it’s almost irresistible to give in to their demand. They’ve just mastered how to use their eyes to get what they want – and they more often do!

Now, one way to avoid falling into that temptation is not eating next to your canine. In the case of multiple dogs, eating in isolation will keep them from fighting over fries that accidentally drop to the ground.

But if you are strong enough to stand your ground when your puppy begs for a fry, then you can go ahead and enjoy your treat even in their presence. It doesn’t sound good, but it can still work. Only ensure that they are obedient to commands like “stay” and “leave it” in case you have to use them at some point.

Are French Fries Ever OK For Dogs?

Maybe. The only way French fries can be OK for dogs is by controlling the cooking method and the ingredients you use. Avoid using any oil, salt, and any other form of seasoning when preparing French fries for your dog.

As earlier said, French fries themselves don’t contain anything toxic. It’s the cooking and ingredients that make them unhealthy for dogs. As such, if you have a way to prepare them without using anything harmful, they should be safe for dogs.

You can boilbake, or microwave the potato when keeping it plain all through. Not sure whether it will still be safe calling them “French fries,” though. But either of these ways will help you dodge deep frying.

But again, if you have to do it this way, it still comes with a few precautions. For instance, avoid offering potato skinsPotato skins are difficult for dogs to digest. They also contain oxalates, which basically are dangerous compounds that will cause dogs kidney problems and digestive issues.

In addition, potatoes are high in carbs. That means you still have to keep the intake as low as possible to avoid issues. And if you have an allergic dog, no way you can give them potatoes in whatsoever form.

So yes, even without deep frying and seasonings, French fries can still be dangerous for dogs. That’s why we recommend you avoid offering them to dogs. We have lots of healthy treats that will keep both you and your dog healthy and happy.

What Can I Give My Dog Instead Of French Fries?

We have plenty of human foods that you can give your dog instead of French fries. But regardless of what you choose to offer your Fido, stick to the general rule of thumb – first get the nod from the vet.

Some of the human foods safe for dogs include vegetables like broccoli, green beans, kales, spinach, carrots, and more. You can also think of fruits, for instance, bananas, blueberries, watermelon, and more.

Keep away from onion, garlic, xylitol, avocado, dairy products, coffee, and other human foods dangerous to dogs. Also, avoid any food you aren’t sure whether it’s safe for your dog. Always work with what you know.

Don’t offer any fast food to your furry companion. No matter what the seller says, never trust these foods. They usually aren’t safe for dogs. In fact, if you have to pass by the drive-through, it’s best to leave your dog at home.

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