Do Maltese Bark Alot? What Can I Do About It?

Barking uncontrollably at anything is one of the most challenging behaviors to correct in some dog breeds. This issue can make us lose our minds, especially if we have a Maltese.

So, for those who wonder if Maltese dogs bark, the answer is yes, Maltese do bark a lot and very much so. The Maltese share a trait with most toy-sized dog breeds: they have a particularly sensitive temperament that makes them prone to bark uncontrollably, and several reasons can trigger this behavior.

Keep in mind is that this is our little puppy’s natural behavior. Barking is the way dogs communicate, and your Maltese will naturally feel the need to alert you when something is happening.

Before you lose your head while listening to your Maltese bark, wait! There are some tricks you can try to correct this behavior of your beloved dog, but before we take a deep look at it, let’s start talking about if the Maltese dogs are quiet.

Are Maltese Dogs Quiet?

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It is not uncommon for Maltese dog owners to wonder why their furry little friends bark at everything, all the time. The answer is quite simple: dogs can bark for several reasons, some external, such as stimuli that trigger territorial behavior, and others internal, such as fear, frustration, or boredom.

There is no exact time when Maltese start having uncontrolled barking attacks because not everyone grows up in the same environment. However, some of the triggers for barking can be identified easily:


The barking serves the dogs, among other things, to release stress. Although it is very difficult to determine when a dog becomes a barker due to stress, it is common to find barking dogs in situations that are undoubtedly very stressful for them.


 Some Maltese are so enthusiastic about certain things that they cannot help but bark. This enthusiasm is a form of stress but can be used to teach the dog new things.


If your Maltese dog spends most of his life in isolation in a garden or yard or is left alone all day while you go to work, he may well start barking out of boredom. This situation is usually very difficult to solve because you are not present when your dog barks.


If your Maltese barks out of frustration, it’s because he feels helpless or unable to get something (like opening a door or reaching for a toy), which is very common in this breed of a small dog.

How Do I Get My Maltese To Stop Barking?

The first thing that comes to mind to make our Maltese stop barking is to train him, but that requires time; so, you should first try these more accessible alternatives:

Calming Treats

Consider giving your dog a calming supplement like the NaturVet – Quiet Moments Calming Aid For Dogs. We strongly recommend this soft chew treat due to its flavorful taste and ingredients like melatonin and thiamin and taste.

These ingredients can reduce the mental tension in your Maltese to help them stay calm in various situations. And since they are tasty treats, there will be a little problem getting your Maltese to consume them.

Cave Beds

Many times, to reduce the barking of your Maltese, you just need a safe place where your dog can go whenever your canine friend may feel stressed, and it’s much better when that safe place is also warm and padded. Your Maltese will love the Snoozer Cozy Pet Cave Bed, which will serve as a refuge to stay away from situations.

Lavender Essential Oil

Also, just like people, the Maltese can also benefit from the use of natural oils to reduce their stress levels (and hence their barking attacks). Maple Holistics and its lavender oil is the best option you can find when it comes to natural oils for your furry companion. There are academic investigations that indicate that this lavender oil has calming properties for your dog.

Chew Toys

Lastly, using toys that your dogs can chew is one of the easiest tricks to apply to reduce barking, and ucho’s toys are one of the most reliable options for safety and durability. Their materials are completely non-toxic, and the texture of their toys also helps clean your Maltese’s teeth.

Maltese Temperament 101

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The Maltese has a very affable and loving character as a rule and creates significant emotional ties with its human family. However, the Maltese also has a temperament and can be a little grumpy when not properly educated as a puppy. Let’s look at the most important qualities of a Maltese’s temperament:


The Maltese show very significant signs of affection. They like to stay by your side and love being cuddled very much.

Besides, the territorial character of the Maltese reinforces their dependence on their human family, this breed of dog is known to be inseparable from its owners.


The Maltese’s character is very playful and friendly, and they have a happy expression due to their appearance of an eternal puppy.


The Maltese can stay home alone without making a mess because they have an advantage over other dogs, their easy adaptability to the environment. These are dogs that need much less daily exercise than larger ones.

In general, as your Maltese has less energy to spare, your pooch is more likely to be able to cope with being at home without supervision.


Malteses have a very dependent personality.

Hence, Malteses have a reputation as “lapdogs” and are, therefore, ideal for those who want a loving and playful pet.

Besides Barking, Why Do Maltese Bite So Much?

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The Maltese are also known to bite at everything. But there’s a simple explanation for this.

Like a baby, a puppy needs to bite things when it starts teething. The difference is that your Maltese can walk around the house with more things to chew on. This behavior is natural in your puppy’s early months, but you should be careful not to let it become a habit.

First of all, forget about the idea that your puppy is the only one who bites a lot and that this will lead your friend to bite everything he comes across as an adult. There are several reasons why a puppy will bite anything:


Think of your puppy as a newcomer to the world; everything is new to him and unlike us, he can’t feel, touch and grasp it with his hands to investigate. His way of knowing what is something that catches his eye is by biting.

Your Maltese Is bored

 A Maltese puppy that’s bored may find biting enjoyable. In the end, it’s where he has the most strength and a challenge to know if he can destroy something with his greatest power.


A Maltese who spends a lot of time alone in the house may exhibit anxiety disorders, so biting could be his way of dealing with it.

Pain In The Gums

 Whether it’s from that or changes in his teeth, your puppy could be chewing all over because of the desperation the pain causes.

Maltese Training To Control Barking

Maltese dogs are easy to train if you start when it’s a puppy. This is because their territorial behavior, which can make training difficult, has not developed yet.

In addition to being easy to train, Maltese are intelligent, and they generally understand that their owner has the authority and they do not need much training time to be obedient.

And when it comes to controlling barking, training a Maltese is quite simple:

If your dog barks, teach him an instruction to remain “calm.”

An example, when our Maltese stops barking on his own, say a word to him. It could be something like “Quiet.”

Logically, this helps our furry friend begin to associate the barking stop with the instruction.

Repeat this exercise every time your dog stops barking spontaneously for a few days, not more than a week. Then start giving your dog the command in a calm tone when the puppy barks.

When your doggo stops, give your friend one of his favorite treats. After a while, your Maltese will understand that the word ‘silence’ has a reward.

You can support yourself by using quality treats to make your dog more receptive to the word you are teaching him. Dog trainers usually recommend Emmy’s Premium Chicken Jerky Dog Treats because they do not contain additives or preservatives.

Likewise, if your dog won’t stop barking, or starts blackmailing you for treats, you can use a Pet Corrector Spray for Dogs like the one from Company of Animals to get your furry friend back on track.

Is A Boy Or Girl Maltese Better? Size, character, and frequency of barking have nothing to do with the sex of your Maltese. If you want a female, you have to take into account her period of mating, and if you want a male, you have to know that they may be territorial. Either way, this is a loving breed.

Why Do Maltese Cry So Much? Just like when your pooch barks, Malteses also cry and moan when they are trying to communicate something to us. So, when a Maltese dog cries, our furry friend is probably communicating a desire for water, food, to go out, to take a bath, a toy, etc.

Are Malteses High Maintenance? Maltese are not particularly high maintenance. A healthy routine is enough to keep our furry little friend well, but we have to take special care of his pelt, which can become messy if we don’t start taking care of it from the beginning.

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