Dog Saves Her Adopter’s Life After He Suffers A Stroke

Cases of humans saving a dog’s life are a commonplace occurrence. In a heroic twist of fate, however, an adopted German Shepherd returned the favor when she saved her adopter’s life when he suffered from a life-threatening stroke in the middle of the night.

Just a few months after adopting a German Shepherd named Sadie, Brian Myers experienced something totally unexpected and potentially fatal – a stroke. Luckily for him, Sadie was around, and it seemed like the German Shepherd knew what to do in case of an emergency, and more importantly, she did not hesitate to take action. The dog’s quick action ended up saving Brian’s life.

Instant Connection

Instant Connection
Image from New Jersey 101.5

Sadie’s happy life with her former family came to an abrupt end when the family decided to move out of New Jersey. Unable to take Sadie with them, the family decided to leave the German Shepherd under the care of the Ramapo-Bergen Animal Refuge, with the hope that the canine would find another loving family to take care of her.

After some time at the animal refuge, the staff at the refuge noticed something peculiar about Sadie. The German Shepherd was a bit hesitant around men, which, unfortunately, made it hard to find someone to adopt her, since her options were limited.

However, all this changed immediately Sadie met Brian, as the two made an instant but surprising connection. Brian immediately decided to adopt Sadie, and the 6-year-old German Shepherd found a loving home once again.

Tragedy Strikes

A few months after adopting Sadie, Brian suffered a stroke, a condition that could have been potentially fatal for him. Brian had gotten up in the middle of the night to use the bathroom, but as soon as he stepped off his bed, he collapsed in a heap and couldn’t get back up.

Fortunately for Brian, Sadie was around and alert, and upon hearing him collapse, she concluded that something was not right. Sadie rushed to Brian’s side and started licking his face to keep him awake. Brian then got hold of Sadie’s collar, and the German Shepherd dragged him across the room till he was able to reach his phone and dial 911.

Had Sadie not done this, Brian doubts he would have been able to get help in time, which means the situation could have been catastrophic for him. Luckily, Sadie knew the right thing to do. It’s as if she had been trained on how to deal with such emergencies. Brian saved Sadie by rescuing her from the shelter, and Sadie returned the favor by saving his life.

At the moment, Brian is still in hospital recovering from the stroke, while his brother is taking care of Sadie in the meantime. Brian is hoping to get released from the hospital soon so he can get reunited with the amazing dog that saved his life. He can’t wait to give Sadie a big hug once they get back together.

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