Goldendoodle Haircuts

Goldendoodles are easily one of the most charming doodles on the planet. With their fluffy coats and adorable faces, it’s not surprising that groomers came up with different types of Goldendoodle haircuts for these pups!

The lamb cut is one of the most popular styles that will give your pooch a sweet look. There’s also the classic teddy bear cut, which is low-maintenance without compromising cuteness. And if edgy is what you’re looking for, the mohawk style does not disappoint.

There are plenty more Goldendoodle haircuts to choose from, and we got them all for you. Plus, we added some pictures to give you a visual idea of each style and determine which one would look great on your little dood.

21. Kennel Cut

Image from Instagram:@champagneledoodle

If you prefer a Goldendoodle haircut that’s very easy to maintain and perfect for the hot temps, then the kennel cut is what you’re looking for. It’s a short cut all around, which is about an inch or sometimes even shorter. 

While it may not be the most stylish cut out there, it’s got financial incentives for dog owners. Since your puppy’s hair is cut really short, this calls for less frequent visits to the groomer – a great choice for busy fur parents.

20. Flag Tail Cut

Image from Instagram:@doggroomingbyk

Give your Goldendoodle’s tail some character with a flag style. As the name implies, this haircut makes your puppy’s tail look like a flag. Overall, it accentuates your doggo’s long locks.

To achieve this cut, simply cut the base of your dog’s tail short, about an inch or two. Then, keep the rest of the length long enough to taper off nicely toward the tip. The image above is what you’re aiming for with this cut.

19. Clean Face Cut

Image from Instagram:@britneyrmackgrooming

Goldendoodles naturally have thick and wavy facial hair when you let it grow out. So, if you like less hair in that area, a clean face cut works well.

With the hair on the cheeks, muzzle, and face cut short to about an inch, this exposes your pup’s cuteness even more. You can also combine this with other haircuts you want for your pooch.

18. Bell Bottom cut

Image from Instagram:@priscilla.tupelo.nova_doodle

Who says bell bottoms are just for humans? Even your Goldendoodle can sport this look – and it’s just as classy.

The bell bottom cut is just as the term suggests – long, flared fur on the bottom of the legs. To emphasize the bell bottom shape, the upper portion of the legs is cut shorter.

17. Full Shave

Image from Instagram:@2kingstonwithlove

The full shave is a much shorter version of the kennel cut. The name is not quite appealing, yet it is suitable for dogs that get bad tangles and mats over time.

So, if you want to put an end to coat clumping and nasty mat issues, the full shave should be a quick fix. Not only does it let your pooch start a brand new hairstyle once the coat grows back but the full shave is also suitable for the hot and humid weather.

16. Round Face Cut

Image from Instagram:@kash_minigdoodle

With their naturally charming faces, you can emphasize it even more with a round face cut. It’s actually quite easy to achieve this style, and it can go great with most haircuts, as well.

The rounded face requires trimming the fur on the head and face at the same length. Pair it off with the teddy bear cut, and it’s absolutely perfect.

15. Clipped Ears

Image from Instagram:@kinseyfriedchicken_kfc

Since Goldendoodles have dense hair all over, you can choose to keep it under control with shorter hair. The Clipped Ears style is great to flaunt those gorgeous floppy ears and keep them nice and neat.

For this cut, you will need a clipper comb or blade to trim the ear hair shorter. When all done, this style makes the ears more visible instead of being covered in thick fur.

14. Medium-Length Cut

Image from Instagram:@stewie.dood

Not too long, not too short – the medium-length cut is the perfect choice when you can’t decide between clipping the hair short or growing it out.

With a medium-length cut, this gives you more styling options for your pooch. It’s also not too long, which makes it hard to maintain.

13. Clean Feet

Image from Instagram:@minnarhee

When you want to get rid of all that hair on your pup’s feet, then you can do so with this cut. The clean feet cut is particularly appealing when combined with shorter Goldendoodle haircuts such as the teddy bear or lamb cut.

Give your pooch a clean feet look by completely having the hair around this area. You can also include even the ankle, so it exposes the entire feet and nails. This is a classic look for Poodles, as well as Doodles.

12. Full Ears

Image from Instagram:@gouda.doodle

If you don’t like to bother trimming the ears, then you can definitely just leave the hair in that area long and fluffy. You can choose not to clip it at all and keep the natural length.

But you can also add some variations to the full ears by adding layers, cutting it bluntly or with a rounded edge. No matter how you do it, this style will flatter your Goldendoodle’s adorable face.

11. Pom Poms

Image from Instagram:@britneyrmackgrooming

Pom poms are a fun look for Goldendoodles, which makes them look like purebred Poodles. After all, that’s where this haircut generally comes from!

You can create the pom pom style by adding some rounded balls right above the clean, shaven feet. Then, you trim the leg hair short to emphasize those cute pom poms.

10. Plume Tail Cut

Image from Instagram:@odin_theapricotgoldendoodle

Earlier, we mentioned the flag tail and how to achieve this look. Think of the plume tail cut as a variation of the flag tail, which is a creative style for your pooch.

Goldendoodles naturally have fluffy tails, so it’s easy to get them looking like plumes. Simply let the hair grow out even up to the base, and this will eventually billow out beautifully.

9. Round Feet

Image from Instagram:@britneyrmackgrooming

Round feet on Goldendoodles make them look like they’re wearing boots. It’s absolutely cute and will flatter your pup’s fluffy coat.

To create the round feet look, simply scissor neatly the fur on the feet. This will make the feet appear fluffy and round, which is exactly what you are shooting for. Be sure that the nails remain concealed in all that fur.

8. Pom Tail

Image from Instagram:@little.vikasaurus

Just like the pom pom cut, the pom tail has the same idea – shaping the fur into a tiny ball. You can even combine this look with the pom pom haircut, Poodle cut, or any other short to medium-length Goldendoodle haircut.

You will need to shave the base of the tail for this look. Then, shape the tail into a ball, which will then resemble a pom pom. And voila – there’s the pom tail!

7. Top Knot

Image from Instagram:@that_dood_duke_

The main focus of this hairstyle is the top of your puppy’s head. You want to trim it neatly and with a round shape to blend well into the body and neck.

This is an adorable cut that keeps the head nice and fluffy. Then, you can pair it with a clean face and add in some of those colorful clips to finish off the look.

6. Beveled Feet

Image from Instagram:@kingsleythedoood

Another haircut for the feet, the beveled feet gives your pup a neat and tidy appearance. It also makes your dog’s legs look like one solid column because of the even length all throughout.

You only need to maintain the hair length on the feet long enough. This way, it will match the length of the leg hair. Then, the feet are kept fluffy and rounded – no nails exposed at all.

5. Lion Cut

Image from Instagram:@phinnstant_noodles

Who says Goldendoodles can’t look like lions! The lion cut is a unique style that’s a great idea to try at least once.

As you can see in the image above, this cut makes your pooch resemble a lion. The hair on the head and chest are kept long while the body hair is short. You can also trim the face lightly to expose your pup’s adorable eyes.

4. Poodle Cut

Image from Instagram:@lifeofmilliemaedoodle

Since your pooch is half Golden Retriever and half Poodle, you might as well try out this charming style for your pet. The poodle cut is all about keeping the hair at varying lengths in different areas.

The belly and face are short, while the top of the head, tail, and ears are kept longer, somewhere between 2 to 4 inches. Lastly, the feet hair remains long to complement this style.

3. Mohawk

Image from Instagram:@leon.goldendoodle

If you want a Goldendoodle hairstyle that will make your pup stand out from the rest, then the Mohawk is a fine choice to consider. It’s super stylish without being a pain to maintain.

Leave the hair long at the top of the head, around 2 to 4 inches. Then, the rest of the body hair is cut short to about an inch. Brush the head hair up until it sticks out… Like a mohawk. Others even put some natural hair dye on the mohawk to emphasize it further.

2. Teddy Bear Cut

Image from Instagram:@kash_minigdoodle

A classic favorite of Goldendoodle owners, the teddy bear cut is simple, chic, and cute. The hair all over the body and head are kept short up to 2 inches. But others go for an inch short, so it’s entirely up to you.

The face is clean while the ears are short. It’s a good style to keep the fur smooth and fluffy while making it easy to maintain.

1. Lamb Cut

Image from Instagram:@a_dood_named_booker

Great for Goldendoodles of all ages, the lamb cut starts out as a teddy bear cut but with some variation. Instead of trimming the leg hair short, you should keep it long to about 4 inches. 

The goal is to make your pooch look like a lamb – short body hair and long leg hair. The ears are also short and the face is clean.

Do Goldendoodles Need Haircuts? Yes, Goldendoodles can be prone to mats and tangles, so it is best to keep their coat under control. As to when they should get their first haircut, it should be at around six months of age or once the coat is replaced by wavy, adult fur.

Why Does My Goldendoodle Stink? Goldendoodles either are in need of a bath or suffer from an allergy that results in excessive oil secretion from their skin, both of which produce an odor as time passes. They need to be bathed once a month to keep them clean and neat. Otherwise, they may develop some skin problems, which can cause them to stink.

How Do I Make My Goldendoodle Coat Shiny? A shiny coat is a sign of good health and healthy grooming practices. So, to keep your Goldendoodle’s coat shiny, you should feed your pooch with high-quality food with the right nutrients. It also helps to use a 2-in-1 shampoo and conditioner designed for your pooch to keep the fur soft, smooth, and shiny.

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