How Much Does A Basset Hound Cost?

Basset Hounds are some of the most popular hunting dog breeds there are. They may not look like much with their small packages, but they are quite strong and really impressive when it comes to their tracking skills. In recent years, they have gained popularity more as companion dogs than hunting aids. This has a lot to do with their sweet personalities and unique aesthetic.

Basset Hounds can cost between $600 and $2,500, depending on where you live and whom you are getting the dog from. These dogs are low energy and don’t require much grooming, so their maintenance costs will be around $80. However, they can have health problems associated with canine chondrodysplasia in their senior years that may lead to high medical bills.

While Basset Hounds are not necessarily the most expensive dog to buy, they are still a bit pricey. Letโ€™s take a look at exactly what it is about them that justifies the price tag.

What Is The Average Cost Of A Basset Hound?

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Basset Hounds cost between $600 and $800 but full-blooded Basset Hounds can go for as much as $1,500.

Basset hounds are also quite expensive to maintain, requiring anywhere from $1,400 to $2,650 every year for expenses like grooming, training, food, and health care. Here are some of the main reasons why Basset Hounds are so expensive.

Basset Hounds Fit In Great In Families

A Basset Hound is a fantastic dog for a home with young children and with other pets. Their flexibility and ability to fit in make them very popular, which drives up their demand and their cost. But with the loving member you get to add to the family, the cost is more than worth it.

Basset Hounds Are Generally High-Maintenance

In a lot of ways, Basset Hounds are high-maintenance dog breeds. Most of the costs will go into feeding them and taking care of their health needs, as you will see shortly. They are also a bit expensive to train.

Fortunately, grooming these doggies is quite easy and is a way to save a lot on raising these pooches.

Basset Hounds Are Easy To Live With

While Basset Hounds were bred primarily for outdoor use as working dogs, they have adapted quite nice to life indoors as companion pets. They are great if you want a nap buddy who will also comfortably join you on your outdoor adventures. Their calm personalities also make Basset Hounds awesome first-time dogs.

Big Talent In A Small Package

Basset Hounds are talented when it comes to tracking and are only bested by Bloodhounds. Their small size makes them easier to care for while still getting the same tracking skill. This comes in very handy if you want a dog specifically for help with hunting.

Why Do Basset Hounds Stink?

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Basset Hounds on average live for about 10 to 12 years.

This is to be expected for most dogs in this dog breedโ€™s weight range. Letโ€™s dive right into some of the health issues that Basset Hounds face that affect the length and quality of their lives.


Basset Hounds usually grow as big as 45 to 75 lbs.

While Basset Hounds are typically very active and outdoorsy, those kept as companions tend to be quite lazy.

In fact, a Basset Hound can sleep for 13 to 18 hours a day. This combined with their large appetite leaves them at risk of becoming overweight and developing obesity and its complications.

Elbow Dysplasia

This is a consequence of the dwarf build of a Basset Hound. The joint deformity often results in arthritis later on in life and greatly affects their mobility and comfort. It is for this reason that Basset Hounds should not use stairs very often.

Gastric Volvulus

This is a condition where the intestines twist and get blocked. It could cause issues as simple as constipation and bloating. It could also be fatal and is one of the leading causes of death in Basset Hounds.

Ear Infections

This is one of the main reasons why Basset Hounds smell so bad. Their long, droopy ears create a conducive warm, dark, and often moist environment ideal for pathogens to thrive. This leads to ear infections which, in addition to being smelly, could cause serious complications including hearing loss.


Basset Hounds suffer from a variety of cancers from blood cancers and skin lesions to tumors of the reproductive system. These are often fatal especially when caught late.

How To Take Care Of Basset Hounds?

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We mentioned earlier that Basset Hounds can be high maintenance? While this is true in terms of the costs, actual care can be quite easy if you know what to do. Here is all you need to know in this case from what to feed them to how much exercise Basset Hounds need.

Keep Them Mentally Stimulated

Basset Hounds are bred for working. They have great tracking skills including very sharp focus. If this energy is not redirected to positive things like mentally stimulating games, they can get frustrated and destructive.

Therefore, invest in things like doggy puzzles or set up little scavenger hunts to keep them sharp.

Make Sure They Get Enough Exercise

In addition to their mental stimulation, Basset Hounds need at least 1 hour of exercise every day. This could be something as simple as a walk around the neighborhood. This helps prevent issues like obesity.

Get The Pooch On A Healthy Diet

There is a common assumption that Basset Hounds are small dogs with small appetites. They may be 11 to 15 inches tall, but they can grow up to 75 lbs. This means they eat way more than other dogs their same height and need a balanced and adequate diet to keep up with these needs.

To make your life easier, consider getting a Pet Plate subscription. They take your poochโ€™s breed and other individual factors like their gender, size, age, and health issues to specially curate the perfect meal plan for your pooch.

Supplement The Diet With Multivitamins

In addition to a healthy diet, make sure to include multivitamin supplements as part of their care. Those with compounds, such as glucosamine and chondroitin, come in especially handy for Basset Hounds dealing with bone and joint issues like dysplasia or arthritis.

Do Basset Hounds Like To Cuddle? Temperament Of Basset Hounds

One of the main things that make Basset Hounds fit in so easily into most homes is their endearing personality. Here are some of the temperament features you have to look forward to, as well as a few undesirable ones you need to be prepared for.


Basset Hounds typically thrive with human company. However, they can easily be left alone as they tend to be very independent. Just donโ€™t leave them alone for too long as they may develop separation anxiety.


One of the hardest things you will have to deal with when raising a Basset Hound is the fact that they are very stubborn. This makes them difficult to house train. While getting professional training is convenient, it is often quite expensive, costing about $100 per month. You could do it yourself with the right tools, in which case we recommend Brain Training for Dogs.


Basset Hounds tend to be quite vocal. They bark when they are excited. They bark when they are suspicious. They bark when they are bored. This is something you will have to work on early in which case discipline training goes a long way.

Tend To Be Obsessive

Basset Hounds are very keen and very easily get obsessed with objects, locations, and activities as a part of their tracking nature. To avoid having yours obsessed with bad habits, give them something productive to focus on, including mentally challenging doggy games and toys.

Occasionally Aggressive

Basset Hounds are not usually aggressive. However, they can be a bit unruly, especially when young.

Basset Hounds have been known to erupt into barking fits and may nibble at or even bite when they feel threatened, especially by other dogs. Fortunately, most Basset Hounds will have calmed down by the time they are 2 to 3 years.

Do Basset Hounds Shed? Grooming Tips For Basset Hounds

When it comes to grooming, Basset Hounds are not very difficult or expensive to maintain. In fact, it may not cost you more than $360 every year for professional grooming services. The best part is that you can do almost every important part of Basset Hound grooming yourself. To help you out, here are 3 of the most important grooming tips for these pooches.

Wash And Dry Their Ears Regularly

This should be your biggest priority when grooming a Basset Hound. This is because the likelihood of developing infections due to dirt or dampness is pretty high for a Basset Hound.

Wash the ears of a Basset Hound at least once or twice every month. It is also very important when doing this to ensure that you dry the ears properly to avoid causing the very issues you are working so hard to prevent.

Brush 3 To 4 Times A Week

Basset Hounds have short, coarse coats that shed moderately to heavily. When the dog seems to be shedding a lot, brushing 3 to 4 times a week helps get rid of loose fur for a healthy coat and clean home. If they arenโ€™t shedding as much, you could get away with brushing the Basset Hound twice a week.

Give The Dog A Bath Once Every Month

Basset Hounds are prone to developing odors faster than many other dog breeds out there. For your comfort and hygiene, wash the pooch once every month. This is a short enough interval to avoid odor buildup while being long enough to avoid stripping protective skin and fur oils.

Is There A Miniature Basset Hound? Miniature Basset Hounds are known as Parva Os Lux Bassets. These little beauties measure 8 to 14 inches and weigh under 35 lbs when mature. For some perspective, a standard Basset Hound measures about 11 to 15 inches and 45 to 75 lbs. These adorable, little pooches are mostly for companionship.

Should I Get A Male Or Female Basset Hound? You could get a male Basset Hound if you want a more outgoing and friendly dog right off the bat. These doggies tend to be very social and form bonds with close humans very quickly and easily. Females, on the other hand, are more sassy and aloof, especially when young. However, they often grow into more social and affectionate pooches, especially with socialization.

Why Do Basset Hounds Look So Sad? Basset Hounds have a constantly sad expression which is largely due to the droopy nature of their eyes and their saggy facial skin flaps. However, donโ€™t let this fool you even for one bit. When well-taken care of, Basset Hounds tend to be very happy and easy-going dogs that are quite easy to live with.

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