Best Interactive Dog Toys

The best interactive dog toy is Outward Hound Hide-A-Squirrel Plush Dog Toy Puzzle.

We all know that dogs require constant mental stimulation to stay healthy and happy, but what exactly should we be doing with them? One of the best forms of mental exercise for many dogs is playing interactive games, and there are many toys on the market that help you do this.

These interactive toys can help minimize canine behavioral issues that might arise from boredom, such as chewing, digging, barking, or even biting.

Don’t hesitate; keep reading to find out which are the best interactive dog toys you can buy!

#1 Outward Hound Hide-A-Squirrel Plush Dog Toy Puzzle

What’s more fun than having your dogs chase squirrels in the park? Having them chase squirrels at home, of course!

The Hide-A-Squirrel plush dog toy puzzle from Outward Hound comes available in four sizes, from Small to Extra Large (XL), making it a fun interactive dog toy for both pups and adult dogs.

Stuff the squirrels inside of the holes and watch your dog find out how to remove them. These squirrels each have a unique squeaker, which makes them fun, attention-grabbing chew toys for your dog to play with. If any of the squirrels become damaged, there are parts available for replacement.

To keep the fun going, stuff the squirrels inside the logs again. By becoming your canine friend’s favorite, this interactive dog toy is designed with an amazing array of shapes, textures, and sounds so you can keep having fun with your furry friend. It makes for one of the best interactive dog toys on the market.

The Hide-A-Squirrel puzzle toy from Outward Hound is at the top of our list because of its versatility. It can be used for a game of fetch or for a fun game of hide-and-seek. You can use this interactive dog toy indoors and outdoors, as it will still keep your pet mentally engaged while it’s in use.


  • Outward’s canine toy puzzle features a 2-in-1 design such that customers can give their dogs a squirrel-filled trunk to dig through or toss individual stuffed squirrels for a game of fetch.
  • This interactive toy product is designed for dogs to play without any supervision, thereby making it an ideal toy to tackle canine boredom and prevent separation anxiety in the absence of dog owners.
  • The squirrel-inspired design of this canine toy puzzle appeals to a dog’s natural instincts to hunt squirrels, thereby helping to keep the pooch physically active and mentally stimulated.
  • The soft, plush texture of this interactive toy product for dogs is gentle on a pooch’s teeth, which makes it a great choice for both puppies and adult dogs to chew without causing harm.
  • Rather than buy an entirely new set, customers can conveniently purchase additional squirrels to replace those that get damaged when a pooch is playing with the toy.


  • This interactive toy product doesn’t hold up well against aggressive chewers, as there are several reports of dogs shredding either the log or the stuffed squirrels with relative ease.
  • The material of the Outward Hide-A-Squirrel puzzle toy tends to shed and leave messy clumps of fuzz on the floor.

This is ultimately our top pick for its innovative way of creating a stimulating toy puzzle by using a dog’s innate hunting skills; plus, the individual squirrels can double as a fetch toy for a more engaging playtime.

#2 TRIXIE Dog Activity – Flip Board

When we play video games or apps, there are often difficulty levels to choose from. The same should go for our pets! With this in mind, TRIXIE came up with a line of Dog Activity puzzles. Flip Board is the one that incorporates this varying difficulty feature.

This product consists of 6 puzzle pieces designed for small dogs to play with. To use it, simply open up the puzzle pieces, place their favorite dog treats underneath, and look at them go!

The reason why it is for the intermediate dog is that it incorporates multiple techniques for them to find the treats underneath.

For instance, the disks move from side to side, the lids have to be flipped open, and the cones can only be removed by biting and lifting them up. This requires your pup to know what action goes with each shape.

However, the dog puzzle is a lot lighter than expected and doesn’t stay well in place. Expect some effort in holding the toy puzzle down as your dog works on it.

For the budget-conscious dog owner, you can’t go wrong with the Flip Board from TRIXIE Dog Activity. Priced under $10, it is capable of providing hours of fun and self-entertainment for your pet. Once it has figured the puzzle out, it will be rewarded with tasty treats!

For the budget-conscious dog owner, you can’t go wrong with the Flip Board from TRIXIE Dog Activity. Priced under $10, it is capable of providing hours of fun and self-entertainment for your pet. Once it has figured the puzzle out, it will be rewarded with tasty treats!


  • The treat-based design of this activity flip board rewards dogs that can successfully open the board’s compartments with different techniques, thereby helping to keep pooches focused and motivated.
  • The unique design of the TRIXIE flip board ensures that the product’s cones can’t be knocked over, and they must, instead, be removed by being lifted straight up to pose an additional challenge to the dog playing with the board.
  • The non-slip rubber feet that come with the flip board help to keep the game firmly in place and prevent unnecessary movements whenever a pooch is playing with the product.
  • TRIXIE’s flip board is dishwasher-friendly and customers can conveniently get rid of dirt and stains that may pose a threat to a pooch’s health by placing the product in the top rack of a dishwasher.
  • This strategy game package for dogs from TRIXIE comes with an instructional booklet that contains several tips and tricks that customers can use to provide various challenges for their canine buddies.


  • The plastic material used to manufacture the TRIXIE flip board isn’t very durable, which makes the removable chew cones, and the entire board, in general, easy for pooches to chew.
  • Some dogs find it relatively easy to solve this puzzle quickly, which results in the product not providing sufficient mental stimulation for these pooches.

#3 Nina Ottosson Dog Treat Puzzle – Dog Brick

Calling all smart pups! Designed by a renowned Swedish toy designer, Nina Ottosson, her Dog Brick treat puzzle toy from Outward Hound is designed for your little furry troublemaker.

This product works by giving dogs the mental stimulation and fun they need for their overall mental health. It ranks on intermediate difficulty, so dogs with more experience should excel with this interactive dog toy.

It consists of three different feeding features, namely removable bone pieces, movable pieces that can reveal compartments, and open and closed compartments.

We can imagine the amount of slobber that will be on the toy after your dog has a go at it to obtain the dog treats. This interactive dog toy requires only soap and water to clean, taking only 5 minutes of maintenance before it can be reused.

This Nina Ottosson’s Dog Brick puzzle from Outward Hound was designed to withstand wear and tear. Created out of sturdy plastic, many users stated that it could take a beating from your frustrated dog, thereby making it a great toy for long-term usage.


  • Nina Ottosson’s dog treat puzzle uses various styles of lid compartments to hide treats, thereby keeping pooches busy with their attempts at opening these lids and retrieving the treats.
  • The inclusion of scent holes in the sliding covers of the dog brick gives pooches an idea of what lies behind these covers, which, in turn, provides mental stimulation and keeps dogs motivated.
  • The plastic material used to manufacture the Nina Ottosson canine brick toy is BPA, PVC, and phthalate-free, thereby making it safe and non-toxic for a pooch to play with.
  • Customers can conveniently wash this dog treat puzzle with warm water and mild soap and rinse it afterward to eliminate dirt and stains that are unhealthy when licked by a pooch.
  • The Nina Ottosson dog puzzle treat is available in a wide variety of styles and colors, allowing customers to purchase mentally stimulating products based on their pooches’ specific needs and individual preferences.


  • The Nina Ottosson dog brick is reported to be less durable and not able to withstand medium to aggressive chewing.
  • After solving the puzzle initially, several customers claim that it becomes easier for their pooches to unravel the dog brick on subsequent tries, casting doubt on whether the purchase is worthwhile.

#4 OurPets IQ Treat Ball Interactive Dog Toy

Made from hard plastic and spanning 4 inches wide, this blue-colored ball from OurPets IQ can be your dog’s favorite toy. Simply twist the toy open, and you can start filling it with small dog treats or kibbles.

When your dog pushes the ball with his paws or nose, the food rolls out and will occasionally fall out of the top. If your dog loves to eat, this interactive dog toy will keep it occupied and entertained until all of the food is gone.

For smarter dogs, you can increase the toy’s difficulty level. The device has an interior disc that can be turned to make a larger or smaller opening. The smaller the opening, the harder it will be for your dog to shake a treat out of the ball.

For smaller dogs, you can go for its orange-colored 3-inch ball.

Our favorite thing about this treat dispensing dog toy from OurPets IQ is its ease of disassembly while cleaning or filling. You can easily hand-wash it with dish soap and warm water or wipe it up with a damp cloth. It’s highly reusable and durable enough to withstand much chewing.


  • Customers can fill up the OurPets dog toy with treats to provide their pooches with mental stimulation and a reward for successfully unraveling the toy.
  • This breakaway design of this interactive dog toy ensures that it can be easily disassembled and makes it more convenient for customers to carry out cleaning and maintenance activities by washing the product in warm, soapy water and drying afterward.
  • The treat-dispensing build of this interactive dog toy is designed to limit the number of treats that can fall out at a time, thereby extending playtime and helping to keep a pooch busy for a considerable period.
  • OurPets’ IQ interactive dog toy is effective as a slow feeder that can be used to slow down food intake for pooches suffering from tendencies to eat their kibbles rapidly without proper chewing.
  • Customers can adjust the difficulty level of this interactive dog toy by modifying the size of the ball’s opening for their canine buddies to access the treats contained in the ball.


  • Some customers have reportedly found it difficult and, sometimes, impossible to snap the connecting pieces of this interactive toy together, rendering the product unusable
  • The two separate pieces that make up the top of this OurPets ball tend to come apart easily, thereby granting pooches stress-free access to the treats contained in the product.

#5 SPOT Ethical Pet Interactive Seek-A-Treat Shuffle Bone Toy Puzzle

If you want a simple challenge that will keep your dog entertained for a few minutes a day, the Ethical Pet Interactive Seek-A-Treat Shuffle Bone Toy Puzzle from SPOT is the one for you.

Setting the toy up is quick and does not take much effort. Start by pouring your dog’s favorite treats into each small cup and cover them with circular sliders before letting the dog have a go at it.

Your dog can move sliders around to find more treats. This is good for the first few minutes after being placed in a crate when you’re on your way out the door. It’s made of eco-friendly, sturdy wood, making it a durable toy for your pet to play with.

By getting this interactive dog toy, you’ll help your dog become more intelligent and better at solving puzzles and, thus, more likely to learn more complex tricks.

We like this puzzle from SPOT because it can help train your pets to both problems solving and be more patient via observation skills for rewards. It also comes in three sizes, so you will have something appropriate for your doggie, no matter what its build is.


  • The SPOT Ethical bone toy puzzle features a sturdy woody construction to enhance the product’s durability, ensuring that it will not be easily destroyed by a dog.
  • This bone-shaped dog toy features 10 holes for hiding treats and 6 sliding disks that provide a challenge for dogs to find and access the treats that are contained in these holes.
  • The ability to embed and cover treats in this SPOT toy puzzle for dogs provides a way for customers to keep their pooches mentally stimulated and a reward for a dog that successfully slides a disk.
  • This interactive puzzle toy helps to keep a dog busy and engaged, thereby preventing canine boredom and the development of undesired behavior, such as destructive chewing and digging.
  • Customers can quickly and easily set up the SPOT ethical bone toy puzzle for their pooches to engage and play with simply by placing the treats and sliding the disks to cover the holes.


  • Located on top of each slider, the tiny hole, coupled with this product’s smooth finish, sometimes makes it difficult for pooches to get enough traction with their paws or noses to move the disks.
  • The edges of the compartment holes of this bone toy puzzle can be dangerously sharp and may injure a pooch trying to nuzzle for the treats contained in these holes.

#6 Nina Ottosson Dog Treat Puzzle – Hide-N-Slide

Featuring another toy puzzle from renowned Swedish designer Nina Ottosson, this Hide-N-Slide from Outward Hound has to be one of the most challenging puzzles we have ever come across.

The tan-colored toy features swiveling flippers and sliding treat blocks that cover up the treats. In order to get the treat, your dog has to first push the flippers open before scooting the sliding blocks aside to retrieve the treats.

If your dog does this in an incorrect order, the treats will not be accessible. This requires some level of mental concentration on your dog’s part. Hence, this interactive dog toy offers a great way for you to enjoy an interactive and fun game with your dog.

For those who are worried about choking hazards from pieces that might come off, you don’t have to worry. This puzzle is sturdy with no loose parts and can be used for larger dogs.

Being on the intermediate difficulty level, this interactive dog toy from Outward Hound poses a great challenge for your pup. It’s not just a simple movement associated with a shape or flap; it also involves a specific order. If you have a highly intelligent dog, give this puzzle a try!


  • The Hide-N-Slide variant of Nina Ottosson’s interactive dog toys utilizes various combination actions to hide dog treats, creating a challenge for pooches trying to access these treats.
  • The Nina Ottosson Hide-N-Slide interactive dog toy features seven swiveling flippers that pooches have to unravel to access treats or kibbles hidden in the product’s food compartments.
  • Customers can choose to swivel the flippers to hide treats in the compartments below or place kibble in the blocks through the top scent holes, providing a substantially difficult challenge for their canine buddies.
  • The non-slip rubber base of this dog treat puzzle ensures that it doesn’t constantly move around when a pooch is trying to nuzzle for the treats contained in the holes.
  • This interactive toy for dogs is produced without removable parts to ensure that dogs will have a difficult time trying to dismantle the product.


  • Several customers have reported that this interactive toy product wasn’t challenging enough for their canine buddies to figure out.
  • The nooks and crannies on this interactive dog toy make the product difficult for customers to clean without using a dishwasher.

#7 Nina Ottosson Dog Treat Puzzle – Tornado

Who says learning can’t be fun? Featuring another Swedish Nina Ottosson’s design, the Tornado dog treat puzzle from Outward Hound provides endless fun and stimulates your dog’s brain altogether!

This interactive and unique toy has four rotating discs that can be adjusted to your pup’s level. Comprising four layers and with the topmost layer serving as a cover, there are compartments within each of the remaining layers where the treats are hidden.

What your dog has to figure out is to rotate the layers in different directions with its paw or nose to unlock and retrieve its favorite treats.

You can increase the level of difficulty by placing the bone-white blocks inside the compartments. Your dog will certainly love the reward of a job well done, and you will love watching it put on its puppy thinking cap!

We like how this interactive dog toy from Outward Hound poses a considerable challenge for dogs. While dogs may not be able to get the treats on their first try, they will get used to it after a few hours of tampering with the puzzle. And the Nina Ottosson’s Tornado puzzle toy does exactly this to keep dogs both happy and healthy.


  • Nina Ottosson’s Tornado interactive puzzle for dogs combines multiple steps with 12 food compartments and 3 bone covers, which pooches have to unravel to retrieve treats hidden at various locations.
  • Customers can configure the Tornado interactive toy in multiple ways to provide varying levels of difficulty for their canine buddies.
  • The inclusion of scent holes in the Tornado puzzle provides mental stimulation and ensures that a dog remains motivated to keep pawing or nuzzling at the product to reveal the hidden treats.
  • This interactive dog toy features a sturdy plastic construction that is free of BPA, PVC and phthalates, thereby preventing potential health issues that may arise when a pooch constantly plays with the toy.
  • Customers can easily maintain this interactive dog toy product by washing the compartments and covers with mild soap and warm water, and air-drying the product afterwards.


  • The lightweight design of this product ensures that pooches can easily flip the interactive toy over and chew through the sides in an attempt to get to the treats.
  • This toy reportedly fails to spin properly after it is initially disassembled for cleaning and then put back together.

#8 SNiFFiz SmellyMatty Snuffle Mat

Digging and sniffing are two of the most important mental activities for a growing puppy.

By incorporating such elements in its design, the SmellyMatty Snuffle Mat from SNiFFiz is one of the most challenging and interesting toys for puppies and adult dogs to develop their skillset and senses.

This mat has five soft treat-dispensing toys arranged in a maze to keep your dog busy with searching and sniffing. Made using Oxford fabric, the mat can withstand some serious tug and play and digging from your dog.

The toys can be arranged in different pockets, making your dog work harder to find the rewards. Each toy poses a different challenge for your dog to access the treats.

Both small and large dogs will love the SmellyMatty Dog Snuffle Mat. Also, this mat from SNiFFiz is advertised to be machine washable. However, we recommend using the gentle wash setting for cold water and hand-drying it to achieve the best results.


  • SNiFFiz’s snuffle mat product features numerous hiding spots where customers can conceal treats and kibbles for their canine buddies to sniff out and eat.
  • Customers can choose from five different snack toy attachments – Handkerchief, Book, Wallet, Puzzle Board, and Ball Pocket – to provide varying difficulty levels and mental stimulation for pooches looking to retrieve treats from the mat.
  • The puzzling design of the SmellyMatty product for pooches is intended to provide slow feeding for pooches that have a tendency to gobble down large quantities of their treats and kibble at once.
  • Its anti-slip bottom design prevents the toy mat from sliding around and getting displaced while the dog is working on retrieving the hidden treats.
  • The SNiFFiz snuffle mat is machine-washable, making it convenient for customers to clean the product whenever it gets too dirty to hide canine treats and kibble.


  • This interactive dog toy product isn’t suitable for use with chewers, as the fabric used to manufacture the mat isn’t chew-proof such that its components can easily be torn apart by a pooch with chewing tendencies.
  • Some customers have reported that their SNiFFiz dog mats came with a strange chemical smell, which casts doubts over this product’s safety for pooches.

#9 Nina Ottosson Dog Treat Puzzle – Dog Smart

Keep your energetic pup at bay with another one of the acclaimed Swedish designers for dog toys, Nina Ottosson, the Dog Smart puzzle toy.

Your dog will have to look for treats by lifting the white-colored pegs off. It’s a simple game, but it will challenge your dog throughout the process to understand how the materials move in which order.

Compared to the other puzzles from Nina Ottosson, the level of difficulty for this puzzle is considerably lower. However, it still serves as an excellent introduction for dogs to understand fundamental tricks like opening the door to fetch the morning paper.

You can increase the difficulty by locking the blocks with bone-shaped pegs. Your dog will learn how to unplug the blocks by biting and lifting up the pegs individually to reveal the hidden treats.

You can enhance your relationship with your dog with this Dog Smart puzzle toy from Outward Hound. Since it’s a low-level difficulty game, you can help prepare your pup for more challenging puzzles. It also helps reduce your dog’s destructive behavior and stimulate its mind.


  • The Nina Ottosson Dog Smart interactive toy is a beginner-level product that is ideal for customers looking to introduce their pooches to problem-solving and puzzle games.
  • Nina Ottosson’s Dog Smart treat puzzle for pooches features a design that includes nine food compartments to hold treats and removable bones to cover each hole and provide a challenge for dogs looking to collect the treats.
  • Customers can choose to either elevate the bones of the Dog Smart toy to provide their pooches with a relatively easy grab or leave the bone flush with the board to increase the difficulty level for pooches looking to retrieve treats.
  • The Dog Smart interactive toy can be conveniently washed with water and soap, thereby ensuring that customers can keep the product clean and healthy for their canine buddies to play with.
  • Both the distraction and mental stimulation provided by the Dog Smart interactive toy help to keep pooches busy and prevent the development of boredom, stress, anxiety, and destructive chewing habits.


  • Several customers claim that their pooches quickly lost interest in this interactive toy after they were able to solve the puzzles within a relatively short period.
  • The plastic covers of this dog toy remove easily, and if not being supervised, a dog is likely going to chew these covers after finding the treats.

#10 ZippyPaws X-Large Burrow – Chipmunks ’N Log

The Chipmunks ’N Log edition of ZippyPaws X-Large Burrow is a toy for puppies and adult dogs alike. It features a burrow and three small plush chipmunk toys.

This toy is both interactive and squeaky, making it easier for your dog to be entertained and exposed to the thrills of hunting.

You’ll have a lot of fun playing hide-and-seek with your dog. Start by letting your dog grab the chipmunks from inside the log to interact with the puzzle.

Once your dog hunts and removes all the chipmunks, you can place them back inside the log, which allows it to become mentally stimulated! So, think of your pooch while shopping for this interactive dog toy!

We like that this squeaky Chipmunks ’N Log toy from ZippyPaws is a simple yet effective way to entertain your dog. Due to the plush material, it is soft and should not damage your dog’s teeth. Try this interactive dog toy if you want an easy puzzle to help your dog become better at problem-solving!


  • This ZippyPaws interactive dog toy comes with three stuffed chipmunk toys that are embedded with squeakers to draw and hold a pooch’s attention.
  • Customers can choose to hide either one, two, or all three of the squeaky chipmunks in the log to provide a challenge for pooches looking to dig these chipmunks out.
  • The mental stimulation behind digging out a chipmunk from the log satisfies a dog’s natural hunting habits and also helps to keep a pooch engaged, thereby preventing the dog in question from becoming bored and unleashing pent-up energy on damaging objects at home.
  • This interactive toy product for pooches is manufactured using a machine-washable material, thereby making it easier for owners to carry out cleaning and maintenance whenever the toy gets dirty.
  • The Chipmunks ’N Log product is available in a variety of size options to ensure suitability with pooches that fall within the different size categories.


  • The fabric of this ZippyPaws toy isn’t very durable and doesn’t hold up well against pooches that are aggressive chewers.
  • Several customers have bemoaned the quality of the stitching on the Chipmunks ’N Log toy, with claims that the product begins to loosen at the seams after a short while.

#11 TRIXIE Dog Activity – Turn Around

Channel your dog’s intelligent and playful side with the Turn Around dog puzzle from TRIXIE’s line of Dog Activity products.

Designed to pose an intermediate level of difficulty for dogs, this interactive Dog Activity toy works by placing their favorite dog treats inside the three open-top translucent containers colored in blue before covering the container tops with lids that have holes.

The dog treats will be released as a reward once your dog knows how to flip the blue beakers around and keep them balanced upside down to drop them.

It is a fun challenge any enthusiastic dog will be happy to take on. There are two sets of lids you can adjust for varying levels of difficulty, and its non-slip rubber feet keep the puzzle in place for your pet.

The TRIXIE Dog Activity Turn Around puzzle is different from your average pet toys, presenting a new fun way to challenge your dog’s problem-solving abilities. Its increased difficulty level should keep your dog challenged for some time and not become bored playing with it.


  • TRIXIE’s Turn Around dog toy is an intermediate-level product that encourages pooches to apply their problem-solving skills by learning to rotate beakers on a stand and get treats as a reward for each successful rotation.
  • Customers can choose to use this product without lids and subsequently add, mix and match them to increase the difficulty level and ensure that dogs don’t get tired of playing with the toy.
  • The Turn Around interactive toy for pooches comes with non-slip rubber feet that prevent the product from easily toppling over when it is being nudged by a dog.
  • Customers can conveniently disassemble the Turn Around toy set-up and wash suitable parts, such as the beakers, to keep the product clean and healthy for a dog to play with.
  • This TRIXIE package comes with an instructional booklet containing helpful tips and tricks that customers can apply to provide challenges and train pooches of different ages and sizes.


  • The absence of bottom weights results in the ease of the stand toppling over, despite the inclusion of non-slip feet.
  • Multiple customers claim to have received TRIXIE Turn Around toys that were covered in dirt and dog hair, suggesting that these products had been previously used.

#12 Nina Ottosson Dog Treat Puzzle – Twister

We’ve all played Twister before, but what about a Twister for dogs? Swedish toy designer, Nina Ottosson, has incorporated such gaming elements into the Twister puzzle toy.

This puzzle from Outward Hound is a very challenging puzzle toy that dispenses snacks. It features a wheel of nine compartments filled with dog treats that can only be revealed when the blocks are moved in an anti-clockwise or a clockwise manner.

The blocks can further be locked and unlocked to add to the challenge. This is done by sliding its protruding white plastic tabs in and out, respectively. Your dog is going to take a while to push through the interlocking segments to find the hidden treats.

We like the increased difficulty that this toy puzzle from Outward Hound poses. Since it is rated to be of an advanced difficulty level, the toy is designed to push your pet’s intelligence to its limits. Once your dog gets used to it, it will be rewarded with tasty treats for its efforts!


  • Nina Ottosson’s Twister toy is an advanced-level product that teaches pooches to apply sequential steps to solve problems posed by relatively complex mechanisms.
  • The built-in pieces of the Twister interactive toy are designed to stay in place, thereby preventing dogs from chewing and, potentially, choking on these movable parts.
  • Customers can choose to either leave the plastic tabs of the Twister toy unlocked to make it easier for pooches to access treats or lock these tabs with the push-in handles to provide an additional challenge for dogs seeking treats.
  • The plastic material used to build Nina Ottosson’s Twister toy is free of BPA, PVC, and phthalates, certifying it safe and non-toxic for pooches to play with.
  • The Twister toy comes with rubber feet on the bottom to provide a firmer grip and prevent the product from sliding around while it is pawed at by a pooch looking to retrieve treats.


  • When flipped over, the treats contained in the product’s food compartments tend to fall out easily, providing pooches access without solving the required puzzle.
  • The rubber feet on the bottom of the Twister toy are removable, and they pose a choking risk for dogs that chew on them.

#13 PetSafe Busy Buddy Tug-A-Jug Meal-Dispensing Dog Toy

Ever played a fun game of tug-of-war with your dog? With this new Busy Buddy Tug-A-Jug toy from PetSafe, now you can!

This bottle-shaped puzzle toy has scent holes at the bottom to keep your dog interested. Because the toy is made of shatter-resistant transparent plastics, your dog is able to see the dog treats hidden within and become incentivized to yank it open.

When the Tug-A-Jug rolls, you’ll see the treats ratting enticingly. The rope and the rubber wrap act as chew-friendly toys. This interactive dog toy works on all forms of small treats.

In fact, you can use your dog’s regular food to entice them into playing with the toy! Washing is easy too!

The body of the Tug-A-Jug from PetSafe is durable and shatter-resistant. It is constructed out of non-toxic plastics, similar to the devices made for bulletproof glass.


  • The textured rubber wrap that comes with the Busy Buddy dispensing dog toy has several nubs, which are effective in scraping plaque and tartar off a pooch’s teeth, thereby maintaining good canine dental hygiene.
  • The clear base of PetSafe’s Tug-A-Jug dispensing toy can be filled with kibble and treats to prolong playtime and reward dogs that successfully unravel the product.
  • Its unique tug rope design ensures that pooches will have to patiently work the product to release and gain access to the kibbles contained in the bottle.
  • This PetSafe product is effective as a slow feeder for pooches and is suitable for interactive play activities in the form of a mentally stimulating puzzle to keep dogs engaged whenever their owners are away.
  • This dispensing dog toy features a design that allows pooches to see, hear and smell the treats contained in the product, thereby piquing a dog’s interest in interacting with the product further.


  • Multiple pooches have reportedly been unable to figure out the basic mechanism of this interactive product, relying on brute force to release the treats in the bottle.
  • The PetSafe dispensing dog toy is most effective only when used with very small kibble sizes, a size specificity that limits to selected brands.

#14 StarMark Bob-A-Lot Interactive Dog Toy

The base of the Bob-A-Lot Interactive Dog Toy is rounded, so there will be some movement, especially on marble or hardwood floor. It’s slightly noisier than other toys because of its plastic material build. It’s a fun toy as it wobbles around, making it enticing for your dog to play with.

You can adjust the difficulty level in two ways. First, it would be at the tab of the Bob-A-Lot’s opening. Second, you can adjust it during the treat’s exit. The ample space inside is enough to fill an entire meal’s worth, i.e., between 2 and 3 cups of food.

The Bob-A-Lot fulfills two of your pet’s needs: exercise and mental stimulation. Even with rough play, your toys will stay in an upright position, so your dog will feel excited to knock over the toy, but it won’t ever happen, as it is an excellent distraction for tiring them out! This is a fun toy, even if you have larger dogs in your household.


  • Customers can easily adjust this product’s opening to control the rate at which treats are released and provide varying difficulty levels for their canine buddies.
  • This puzzle product is designed to release treats as a pooch either paws or nudges the toy, providing a considerable period of mentally stimulating play for dogs.
  • The large bottom chamber of this StarMark interactive toy can hold a considerable amount of canine kibble, thereby making it effective for slow-feeding pooches that tend to rush through their food.
  • StarMark’s interactive dog toy comes with a weighted, anti-slip bottom that ensures the product remains upright whenever it is being nudged by a curious pooch while also providing an unpredictable wobble to keep dogs intrigued.
  • The plastic material used to build this interactive dog toy product is the most durable and can withstand, to a certain extent, chewing from a pooch.


  • This product isn’t designed to be dismantled, thereby making it more difficult for customers to clean the insides of the toy.
  • The hole to fill this StarMark interactive toy with treats is quite small and doesn’t allow easy passage of medium to large-sized kibble.

#15 ZippyPaws X-Large Burrow – Hedgehog Den

Playing hide-and-seek is a great way to get your pet mentally active. And the Hedgehog Den edition of ZippyPaws X-Large Burrow is perfect for them!

Let your dog engage and hone its natural hunting instinct with this puzzle toy. The toy comes with three soft plush hedgehogs that your dog will be hunting for in the den.

The toy’s design makes it a point to offer a creative challenge for every attempt your dog makes. And each hedgehog has a unique noisemaker, thereby keeping your dog more involved and intrigued once it begins playing with the toy.

So, try out this interactive dog toy now to give your dogs hours of fun when you’re not around.

Squeaky toys are your dog’s best friend. The quirky sounds they emit upon squeezing capture the attention of dogs, especially effective in curious young puppies. And this ZippyPaws X-Large Burrow’s Hedgehog Den edition has not one but three hedgehogs with unique squeaky sounds to ensure that they keep your pup engaged for a long time.


  • ZippyPaws’ hedgehog den is available in various size options – Small, Large, Burrow, and Osfa – to ensure compatibility and suitability for dogs in the different size categories.
  • This product features three hedgehog toys that pooches have to dig out from the den to provide a stimulating and interactive playtime.
  • The mental stimulation provided by playing with the ZippyPaws hedgehog den ensures that dogs don’t get bored and expend excess energy by engaging in destructive chewing.
  • The hedgehog toys that come with this ZippyPaws interactive product are embedded with squeakers to arouse a dog’s interest and make playtime more fun.
  • Its material is machine-washable, adding convenience for customers by simply dropping the product in a washing machine.


  • The smaller parts of the hedgehog toy, like the ears, are usually easy for dogs to chew off, and this can pose a choking hazard.
  • The ZippyPaws hedgehog den isn’t always durable, as several customers have reported the seams of the product coming loose in just a short time after purchase.

#16 ZippyPaws Zoo Friends Burrow – Monkey ‘N Banana

Last on our list is another product from ZippyPaws, the Zoo Friends Burrow’s Monkey ‘N Banana edition.

You simply place the three monkeys inside the banana, and your pooch will spend hours digging them out! Based on the design, it serves as a fun toy for both small and large-sized dogs of all breeds.

And once your dog finds a monkey, it can play with this soft plush toy, as each of the monkeys comes with a unique squeaker.

While the monkeys can be noisy, this toy is helping your dog become smarter while providing a great source of entertainment. On the upside, as long as you can hear your dog playing with it, you know it is not causing trouble elsewhere.

This interactive Monkey ’N Banana edition from ZippyPaws will pose a great challenge for your dog. Your pooch will be begging for you to place the monkeys back into the banana once they’re removed.


  • This ZippyPaws product is an interactive puzzle toy that challenges pooches to dig out monkey characters as a form of mental stimulation and entertainment.
  • Each of the three monkeys that come with the ZippyPaws Monkey ’N Banana product contains a round squeaker, which produces noises to keep pooches entertained.
  • The challenge of pulling monkeys out of the banana typically keeps dogs engaged for a considerable period, thereby preventing the development of boredom and separation anxiety.
  • Customers can comfortably wash this ZippyPaws interactive toy in a machine to keep the product clean and healthy for their canine buddies to put in their mouths.
  • This interactive dog toy product is lightweight, and it can be placed anywhere in the house.


  • Multiple customers have reported that it was considerably easy for their canine buddies to tear off the limbs of the monkeys and chew on these parts.
  • Several customers also claim to have received ZippyPaws monkey toys with defective squeakers.

The Best Interactive Dog Toys Buyer’s Guide

Confused about what to get for your pup? Look no further! We’ll show you what you need to look for in this short buying guide on interactive dog toys.

Benefits Of Buying Puzzle Toys

Why do owners pick puzzle dog toys for their dogs instead of chewy treats and purely squeaky toys? Here are some reasons why.

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Releases Happy Hormones

Sniffing for dog food releases dopamine in your pet’s brain. This hormone will make your dog feel happy and relaxed. Puzzle dog toys that release scents are good at making your dog feel better, but any toy that engages the “seeking pathway” of its brain will do the trick!

Prevents Destructive Behavior

Helping your dog focus its energy on interactive dog toys can prevent them from turning to undesirable or destructive behaviors such as begging, nuisance barking, or chewing.

Provides Mental Stimulation

Dogs want to stay busy and can become depressed or neurotic if they don’t have opportunities to stimulate themselves. Imagine being stuck in a waiting room with a dead mobile phone or no magazine – you’ll be bored stiff.

Exhausts Pent-Up Energy

Exercise is a great first step for your pet to utilize its pent-up energy, but a smarter dog will be harder to please. Whether you want to help your dog release energy, present a challenge, or build its mental acuity, puzzle dog toys are a great option.

Combats Loneliness And Boredom

Dogs need to be mentally stimulated, just like people do. Especially when your dog is home for hours at a time, it’s important that your pets can occupy themselves without getting bored.

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Image from Petmate

Age Of Your Dog Matters

You should always have the best interactive dog toys that match the age of your pet.

A puppy between 3 to 4 weeks old will still have developing teeth, so the best interactive dog toys are made out of soft rubber or plush fabrics.

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Between the ages of 3 to 9 months, your puppy will still be growing but will show signs of teething. So make sure you steer clear of rugged rubber-like dog toys. However, at this age, your puppy chew dog toys should be used to distract them from eating shoes, furniture, or similar.

After the teething period has passed, you will have a dog with a strong jaw and endless energy. This is a good time to introduce them to tennis balls, rope pulls, and hard dog toys are now acceptable.

Upon reaching the age of 7 years or older, your dog will no longer have the jaw strength or the teeth it once had when it was a young, excitable dog. But it’s still a good idea to invest in dog toys that keep them engaged. At this age, the dog toys should be softer for your dog to chew on.

Luckily, there is an array of dog toys and puzzles that match your dog’s physical aspects and health at all ages. Match your dog’s chewing habits to the toy for an entertaining and fun experience.

There Are Many Different Toy Types

Even with the correct basic information, it can be hard to navigate the aisles of the pet store for tough dog collars and high-quality dog toys. Dogs come in different shapes and sizes, but the most engaging and fun ones are the best interactive dog toys.

A toy that’s fun for dogs of all ages is the tug-of-war toy that provides unlimited entertainment. The cotton ropes are good for younger puppies. With their teeth and gums still growing, the cotton rope is known for its ability to reduce pain in puppies while making sure that their teeth are kept healthy and clean.

The flying dog toys that are thrown in the air are for highly active dogs that are constantly jumping and running. These interactive dog toys also float in water, so they create further entertainment for dogs that love getting wet. The best dog toys for summer, don’t you think? But be sure to let your pooch wear a life jacket to prevent any unfortunate mishaps!

Other options include sensory dog toys that can improve your dog’s senses. Stingy multi-colored rings and bones are a great way to attract your dog’s attention.

One everyday favorite is interactive toys that provide physical and mental stimulation while helping to control your pet’s unhealthy habits like gulping.

Image from House Carers

Inside VS Outside Dog Toys

To help your dog grow intellectually, you can provide them with interactive dog toys and give them time to start adapting. Dogs have more incentive to do so when their owner takes an active interest in the toy as well, which helps foster better and faster development.

If you are going to buy any dog toys for indoor use, make sure they are made of soft fabric (plush, cotton, etc.) so that it doesn’t damage the furniture of your home.

Outdoor Interactive Dog Toys

In addition to dog toys that can be played with at home, don’t forget there is a myriad of fun dog toys that can be used outdoors as well. In fact, some of the best interactive dog toys can only be done outdoors.

One of the best outdoor dog toys for dogs that are fun for exercise is Frisbee. This is the golden standard used as a cliche in most dog movies as an intriguing and fun game to interact with your dog and help keep them in shape. Dogs always love to play catch and return games.

Also, it’s important to keep the outdoor and indoor dog toys separate. Playing outside means that the dog toys will often attract dirt, making them a hazard to clean floors at home. Also, some of the plastic or soft dog toys aren’t designed for outdoor use.

With plenty of dog toys and a dog collar, there are a lot of places to engage in fun play outside.

Final Thoughts

With over 16 dog toys in this review, it’s virtually impossible to leave without a fun toy for your dog. Our recommendation? We suggest that you get our top pick.

This interactive dog toy gets our top pick because of its versatility and durability, and lastly, it’s just fun for your dog! With over six squirrels, your dog won’t have any issues staying occupied! If the squirrels come loose, it’s designed for owners to quickly add them back for more puppy fun!

No matter which toy you get, you’ll have a lot of fun keeping your dog entertained. Regardless if they are newborn puppies or senior dogs, they’ll have a blast once you bring one of these toys home.

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