Best Dog Hair Removal Tools

The best dog hair removal tool is ChomChom Roller Pet Hair Remover.

It’s that time of year again and the dog hair is piling up on your floor, clothes, furniture, and you. You wish there was a better way to remove all this fur that has accumulated over the past few months but don’t know what to do. 

Dog hair can get anywhere and everywhere; on the sofa, bed, carpets, floors, etc., and it can be frustrating sometimes (well, most of the time). 

Thankfully, such a minor issue can be solved by getting a dog hair removal tool. One of the most common types on the market today is a lint roller. Lint rollers come in different sizes and shapes, but they all have one thing in common- sticky material that attracts loose hairs from clothing or upholstery. They’re inexpensive, compact, and easy to use. 

Without further ado, here’s our list of the best dog hair removal tools complied for you!

#1 ChomChom Roller Pet Hair Remover

Compared to other handheld dog hair removers, the ChomChom roller is a bit high-priced, but the price tag is totally justified, as the tool does work, and it does it in a safe manner.

Unlike most products in this category, the ChomChom roller doesn’t rely on adhesives nor stick tapes to remove pet hair. Instead, the tool works like a sweeper vacuum. The brush simply grabs the hair and pushes it to an internal chamber, which you can empty in the garbage bin later on. Quite intuitive, isn’t it?

That’s not the only convenient feature though, as the hair removal mechanism allows the ChomChom roller to be used as many times as you need it without even requiring batteries. In other words, there’s no recurring fee here, which makes the higher price worth it.

The ChomChom roller’s features speak for themselves. Safe materials, ease of use, and intuitive, reusable concept. What else could you ask for in the best pet hair removal tool?


  • The ChomChom roller can be used to remove dog hair from a wide variety of surfaces, including furniture, upholstery, and blankets.
  • Customers can conveniently flip this product’s cover open by pressing down on the release button to clean the hair remover’s catchment chamber.
  • The ChomChom roller is designed to work without electricity or battery, thereby making it suitable for use in different circumstances.
  • This dog hair remover doesn’t make use of adhesives, and sticky tapes to pick up loose hair, thereby ensuring that it can be reused as needed.
  • The design of the ChomChom roller is straightforward and easy for customers to use.


  • It isn’t easy to pick dog hair that falls into tight spots, and corners with the ChomChom roller.
  • It can be difficult for customers to get rid of dog hair that is trapped on the ChomChom roller’s lint pads.

This product emerges as our top pick because of its patented brush system that picks up pet hair from clothes and upholstery effectively, and of its catchment chamber that is easy to clean by flipping the cover open.

#2 Evercare Pet Hair Extra Sticky 60 Layer Lint Roller

For a dog hair removal tool to be considered good, it must – well, you guessed it – remove hair effectively, but what would make the device even more appealing is an affordable price tag, such as the one that the Evercare roller has.

This is a lint roller, which means that, unlike the ChomChom Roller, it does use adhesive to get rid of dog hair. That’s not a bad thing though, as, besides being cheaper, the Evercare tool can effectively remove hair, dust, and lint from anything – such as your clothes, furniture, and car – with ease thanks to the extra pick-up power that the adhesive offers.

Not only is this tool effective, but it’s also safe, as the adhesive and razor-cut, easy-tear sheets are made in the USA, and they don’t affect the fabric of your clothing.

Of course, being a cheap pet hair remover, the Evercare roller does come with a few niggles, mainly the fact that it’s not reusable. Each roller sports 60 layers, though, which means that you’ll be good to go for a long time with a single Evercare dog hair removal tool.

The Evercare lint roller is an excellent pet hair remover for those on a budget as it’s an effective dog hair removal tool that can get the job done without blowing a hole in your wallet.


  • The Evercare lint roller comes with easy-tear sheets, and a patented zip-strip peeling method, that contain adhesives for cleaning up loose hair.
  • The versatile design of this lint roller ensures that it can be conveniently used on different surfaces, including clothing, upholstery, furniture, and many more.
  • The Evercare roller features an ergonomic handle design that is comfortable for customers to hold, and maneuver when cleaning dog hair.
  • The compact size of this Evercare roller provides convenient storage in drawers, cabinets, and other small spaces when the roller isn’t in use.
  • Customers can easily purchase replacement lint roller refills when they run out of cleaning sheets.


  • This roller’s tape tends to fall off the handle while in use, and apart from being inconvenient, this also slows down the cleaning process.
  • Several customers have commented that this lint roller’s tape isn’t sticky enough to effectively pick up loose dog hair.

#3 SEALEN Pet Hair Cleaner

If you want a cheap hair removal tool but aren’t fond of lint rollers such as the Evercare reviewed above, you should consider the SEALEN hair cleaner, which offers similar performance and efficiency at a low price point as well.

The SEALEN dog hair cleaner measures 3.8 inches long by 3.8 inches wide by 0.79 inches thick, which means that it’s quite compact and portable, and uses high-density, super fiber foam as the build material. What makes the foam an effective cleaner is that it doesn’t stick to hair, meaning that you won’t need to spend hours cleaning the cleaner after every cleaning session, which would be ironic.

Besides being convenient, the SEALEN dog hair cleaner is also durable and can be used quite a good number of times before needing to be replaced.

The SEALEN Pet Hair Cleaner is an impressive pet hair remover, as it’s affordable, durable, and convenient. For those who don’t want to rely on lint rollers, SEALEN’s dog hair remover is the way to go.


  • The SEALEN cleaner features a super fiber foam construction that is effective for collecting loose dog hair.
  • This product works well to clean up loose dog hair without customers needing to connect the cleaner to a source of electricity or use batteries.
  • The SEALEN cleaner doesn’t hold the dog hair that is collected, and as a result, there is little or no need for customers to spend extra time cleaning the equipment itself. 
  • This SEALEN product is versatile and can be comfortably used to clean up dog hair that has fallen on the carpet, on a sofa, and in the vehicle, along with a host of other different surfaces.
  • The portable and compact design of this dog hair cleaner is not only easy to carry while cleaning but can also be comfortably stored away when not in use.


  • The SEALEN cleaner doesn’t pick up loose dog hair and instead works by gathering fallen dog hair into a pile that can be conveniently packed and disposed of.
  • The edges of the SEALEN cleaner tend to wear out quickly, thereby rendering the product ineffective.

#4 Dyson V11 Animal Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

Getting a vacuum cleaner to get rid of dog hair may seem like overkill for some, but it’s actually a good choice if you’re looking for the epitome of effectiveness no matter the price.

The Dyson Cyclone V11 is cordless. You don’t need to struggle with cords and wires when using it. On a single 3.5-hour charge, this cleaner can operate for a full hour before running out of juice. For someone raising a dog or two, that’s more than enough for a complete hair removal session across all carpets, furniture, and floors.

Other features that we dig in the Dyson Cyclone V11 Animal Vacuum Cleaner include the easy transformation into a handheld vacuum to cover more surfaces, the hygienic ‘point and shoot’ bin emptying, and the powerful torque drive cleaner head. Thanks to those features, the V10 can easily become the cleaning power horse of your household.

The Dyson Cyclone V11 is expensive, there’s no denying that, but it can give you the bang for your buck and spare you hours of cleaning after your dog, which why we consider it to be one of the best pet hair removal tools available today.


  • This cordless vacuum cleaner from Dyson is equipped with a Dynamic Load Sensor system that detects, and automatically switches motor speed across different surfaces, to protect the equipment from damage.
  • The Dyson V11 cleaner is powered by a motor that can spin at speeds as high as 125,000rpm to generate sufficient suction to pick up loose dog hair.
  • Customers can conveniently transform this vacuum cleaner into a handheld device, via the push of a button, for cleaning dog hair on furniture, and in the car.
  • The Dyson V11 vacuum cleaner features an intuitive LED screen that makes it possible for customers to keep track of cleaning modes, blockages, and filter maintenance reminders at a glance.
  • Dyson V11 Animal comes with a wall-mounted docking system, which takes up minimal space, for charging, and storing the equipment when not in use.


  • The Dyson V11 vacuum cleaner is one of the more expensive dog hair removal equipment on this list.
  • The Dyson cleaner’s plastic trigger tends to break down only after a few months of use, and it is difficult to get suitable professionals to replace this trigger.

#5 HandsOn Pet Grooming Gloves

Do you believe in the saying “the best defense is a good offense?” If so, you’ll like HandsOn Pet Grooming Glove Brush, which is designed to help you reduce your dog’s hair all over the house by de-shedding its coat directly.

Unlike metal brushes, the Better Petter is both practical and comfy for your dog. Not only can it trap dog hair to protect you from pet fur, but it can also give your pooch the grooming it deserves and loves.

The HandsOn Pet Grooming Glove is a grooming glove that, despite being gentle, is quite the effective de-shedding tool, making it a perfect pet hair remover that would appeal to both you and your dog.


  • The five-finger design of this hair removal tool, which is complemented by the presence of bristle, and round tips on the fingers, and palms, respectively, provides versatility and ensures that this product can be used in various ways, including for bathing and grooming dogs.
  • The nodule design of the HandsOn grooming gloves has a massaging effect on dogs and also stimulates the circulation and distribution of natural oils along the pooch’s skin and coat.
  • The non-abrasive and flexible rubber material used to make this grooming glove is gentle on a dog’s skin and safe to use.
  • The glove design of this dog hair removal tool makes it convenient for customers to get rid of dog hair that has fallen in places that would normally be difficult to reach.
  • The HandsOn gloves are designed in a way that they won’t slip off the user’s hands, even when the gloves are wet and soapy.


  • Customers claim that it is considerably difficult to get rid of dog hair picked up with the HandsOn grooming gloves.
  • The HandsOn gloves are not designed to keep customers’ hands clean when being used for bathing dogs.

#6 CleanAide Lint & Hair Pick It Up Mitt

CleanAide’s dog hair removal mitt is a pet hair remover that follows Da Vinci’s “simplicity is the ultimate sophistication” quote. Not only is it designed to last forever with a mix of 80% polyester and 20% polyamide, but it can be used by anyone thanks to the simple, comfy construction it boasts.

Does the convenience end there?

Not really, as this mitt is also easy to store thanks to the hanging loop, comfortable to wear thanks to the non-irritating materials, and suitable for anyone thanks to the one-size-fits-all design. All of that comes at a low price that’s hard to resist.

The CleanAide dog hair removal mitt is an affordable tool that can be used for anyone to remove pet hair from anything, making it one of the best pet hair removal tools you can find today.


  • The use of polyester and polyamide materials to manufacture this mitt ensures that this is a product that customers can continue using for a considerable period.
  • The CleanAide mitt comes in a one-size-fits-all to ensure comfort for all customers with different hand sizes.
  • The Pick It Up mitt is effective for getting rid of dog hair that has fallen on clothing, furniture, and several other types of surfaces.
  • This mitt comes with a thumb slit on the sides to provide users with a better grip and handle when picking up dog hair.
  • This mitt comes with loops that can be hung for convenient storage, when not in use.


  • This CleanAide mitt shifts around a lot and, sometimes, slips off the hands when being used to remove dog hair, and this is usually uncomfortable for users to deal with.
  • Some customers found it difficult to shake off, and remove dog hair collected with this CleanAide mitt.

#7 Shark NV752 TruePet Vacuum

Another vacuum cleaner in the house, but with a lower price tag. Coming from one of the biggest appliance manufacturers in the world, the Shark vacuum is all you need to take care of your dog’s hair and remove it from your carpets, floors, and furniture thanks to a TruePet Motorized Brush and Pet-Multi Tool that can make your cleaning sessions a breeze.

With a detachable canister that can be used for hard-to-reach areas and one-button operation, Shark’s dog hair removal tool is simple to use, and certainly, all the reviews can attest to the effortless operation of this vacuum.

Not only is the Shark vacuum effective, but it’s also safe, as it uses Anti-Allergen Complete Seal Technology and a HEPA filter to keep all the dust and dog hair inside when you’re cleaning. Quite the complete package, isn’t it?

You should expect nothing but pure quality and efficiency when getting a pet hair remover from Shark, and their dog hair removal vacuum cleaner is no exception.


  • The NV752 vacuum features special ‘lift-away’ technology that makes it possible for users to lift the equipment to clean areas that are difficult to reach, while the brushroll keeps spinning.
  • The TruePet vacuum contains a HEPA filter that is effective for trapping the majority of the dust, and allergens collected by the vacuum when removing dog hair.
  • Shark NV752 comes with a crevice tool that makes it easier for customers to remove dog hair located in corners and tight spaces.
  • The inclusion of LED lights on this vacuum’s nozzle makes it possible for customers to remove dog hair from dimly lit areas and work effectively under low-light situations.
  • The fingertip controls of the TruePet vacuum makes it convenient for customers to switch from hard floor to carpet, to protect the equipment when cleaning dog hair.


  • This Shark vacuum is considerably heavy and can be rather difficult for some users to push and maneuver when cleaning.
  • The NV752 vacuum doesn’t come with the tools needed for fixing accessories and attachments on the cleaner, and these tools have to be purchased separately.

#8 FURminator Undercoat De-Shedding Tool

The FURminator undercoat de-shedding tool is the epitome of ergonomics, as the stainless steel de-shedding edge can reach through the top coat of your dog to remove hair and undercoat in a safe and easy manner. Once you finish the process, simply use the FURejector button to release the stuck hair effortlessly.

The handle is equally ergonomic, and it’s designed to provide both comfort and ease of use no matter how long you’re using the tool. This tool comes in five sizes to accommodate different dog breeds and ages, which adds to the convenience.

FURminator is a well-known brand, and its undercoat de-shedding tool is among their elite products. If you’re not comfortable with using rubber or lint rollers, this dog hair removal brush is worth a look.


  • This product is ideal for customers that want to be proactive, as it ensures that loose dog hair can be collected before the dog starts shedding and makes a mess around the house.
  • This deshedding tool comes with a FURejector button that users can press to release collected dog hair with ease.
  • The ergonomic handle design of this FURminator tool ensures comfort and provides users with a comfortable grip when de-shedding their canine buddies.
  • The stainless steel edge of this de-shedding tool is effective at getting through a dog’s top coat and getting rid of loose undercoat hair.
  • This FURminator tool is available in various size options to ensure convenience and effectiveness when it comes to grooming different dog sizes and breeds.


  • Several customers have commented that this deshedding tool’s handle either keeps breaking or falling off when in use.
  • The FURminator’s fur release button doesn’t always work, and some users are forced to manually remove dog hair collected with this deshedding tool.

#9 FURemover Duo

The FURemover Duo handheld removal tool is the switch army knife of dog hair removers, as it works as both a lint brush and a de-shedding or grooming tool. The dual-sided brush offers a fine bristle side capable of removing hair and lint from practically anything along with a thick bristle side that you can use to groom your dog gently. Mr. All-in-one much?

What’s convenient about the Evriholder FURemover Duo hair removal tool is that cleaning up is as easy as it can get, as all you have to do is use soapy water and voila, you’re good to go for another hair removal run!

If you’re one to prefer efficiency and convenience overlooks and gimmicky features, you’ll certainly fall in love with this FURemover Duo, the all-in-one dog hair removal tool.


  • The 2-in-1 design of the FURemover duo – with one side made of thick bristles, and the other made of fine bristles – provides versatility, and makes this product suitable both for grooming dogs, and removing trapped dog hair from furniture, upholstery, and clothing.
  • This brush’s thick bristles are effective for removing loose hair from a dog’s top coat.
  • The lightweight, soft handle design of the FURemover duo is comfortable for users to carry, and this ensures that cleaning and grooming sessions go smoothly.
  • FURemover duo is reusable, and its durability ensures that customers can continue to use the brush to remove dog hair for as long as is needed.
  • The spacing between the brush’s bristles makes it easy for customers to get rid of dog hair collected either while cleaning or brushing the pooch.


  • This brush’s handle isn’t strong enough, and it tends to break easily.
  • The FURemover duo’s dark bristles tend to leave marks when used to sweep dog hair off furniture.

#10 FURemover Pet Hair Removal Broom

Yes, this is a broom, and no, it’s not the standard type. The FURemover dog hair removal broom is another versatile tool capable of solving your pet’s shedding issues without costing you an arm nor a leg.

It can be used to remove hair from any surface – including your floors, rugs, carpets, and furniture – thanks to the natural rubber fur remover that works like a magnet for dog hair. Once you finish removing hair from your house’s surfaces, simply wash away any excess fur, and the broom will be ready for its next mission.

When you’re not hunting for fur, you can use the Evriholder broom to clean your shower, window, and windshield or wipe liquid spills on concrete, tile, and any hardwood surface. The fact that this dog hair removal tool comes with an adjustable handle makes using it even easier as it can cater to the needs (and height) of anyone.

The FURemover broom is a tool for, well, every holder (pun intended for sure). It can be used by anyone to clean pet hair from any surface, making it one of the best pet hair removal tools in terms of versatility.


  • The rubber bristles on this FURemover broom can attract and remove hair from multiple surface types, including carpet, tiles, and hardwood.
  • Customers can adjust this broom’s telescopic handle to lengths ranging between 36 to 60 inches as a means of cleaning elevated areas that are difficult to reach.
  • The soft rubber head of this pet hair removal broom cleans without defacing and leaving scratch marks on furniture.
  • Users can conveniently wash away dog hair collected with this broom by using soapy water.
  • This broom comes with a built-in rubber squeegee that is ideal for cleaning windows and wiping away liquid spills on hardwood surfaces, concrete, and tiles.


  • Multiple customers have commented that this broom’s telescopic pole breaks easily, especially when extended.
  • Information gotten from several customer feedback suggests that this broom isn’t particularly effective for removing dog hair from carpeted surfaces.

#11 Hertzko Pet Bath & Massage Brush

Who said dogs don’t love massages? Actually, they do, and that’s why the Hertzko Pet Bath & Massage Brush was invented. Hertzko’s brush boasts soft rubber bristles, which means that it doubles as a hair removal tool capable of shedding fur from your dog’s coat and a massager that can help your pet relax when he or she is having a hard time.

Not only is this brush comfy for your dog though, as it’s also comfortable for you as well since the grip is rubberized for great control even when the brush is wet. The fact that this brush can be easily cleaned by washing away the fur and hair is just the cherry on top.

Hertzko’s hair removal brush is another excellent tool that can help your dog when he or she is shedding without going hard on his or her coat.


  • The Hertzko brush is made of a durable rubber material that does not degrade easily over time.
  • This brush’s rubber bristles are very effective for removing dog hair that gets caught in furniture.
  • Despite the absence of a handle, the ergonomic design of this Hertzko brush fits comfortably in most customers’ hands, thereby providing a convenient cleaning experience.
  • The bristles of this Hertzko massage brush help to get rid of loose hair in a dog’s topcoat, thereby giving the pooch a polished look.
  • The Hertzko massage brush is a relatively inexpensive purchase for most customers.


  • This brush has thick and stiff bristles that aren’t suitable for use on smaller dogs and pooches with sensitive skin.
  • Multiple customers claim that it’s difficult to pick out dog hair that is lodged in the brush’s bristles.  

#12 DELOMO Pet Hair Remover Roller

The pet hair remover from DELOMO is suitable for gathering and disposing of bits of cat and dog hair that have accumulated on several pieces of furniture in the house such as tables, couches, and beds.

This pet hair remover is simple to use, with users manually rolling it back and forth over the furniture surface several times to collect pet hair. The disposal of gathered pet hair is considerably straightforward, with one step to open the product lid and empty the waste compartment into the trash bin.

Hair lint rollers for this DELOMO pet hair remover are completely reusable, and the durable nylon and ABS plastic material used in crafting the roller ensures durability. Maintenance of this roller simply involves cleaning the brush surface with a soft and wet towel.

The DELOMO hair remover is the ideal product for households with pets that are constantly shedding and leaving hair around the house. The ability to reuse lint rollers with this hair remover is quite cost-effective and the ease of use, as well as the simple method by which this roller can be maintained, are features that will definitely appeal to you and other dog owners.


  • The DELOMO roller is effective at picking up loose dog hair from sofas, couches, beds, carpets, and other various surfaces.
  • This roller’s lint can be reused, thereby ensuring that customers can save money that would be normally used to purchase refills.
  • Customers can conveniently clean this roller’s brush surface with a clean, moist, and soft towel.
  • This roller has a large capacity dustbin for holding dog hair that is collected while cleaning.
  • The DELOMO hair remover is easy to use, as it simply involves moving the roller back and forth over the surface that has been contaminated with dog hair.


  • Customers claim that it takes a lot of effort and time for the DELOMO roller to completely pick up all the dog hair littered on a surface.  
  • Some customers have found it difficult to open this roller’s hair removal tray to dispose of dog hair that is collected while cleaning.

#13 Gonzo Pet Hair Lifter

If the vacuum cleaners reviewed above are the BMWs of dog hair removal tools, the Gonzo Pet Hair Lifter is the Mitsubishi; it’s cheap, it doesn’t look fancy, but it sure can take a beating and get the job done.

Gonzo’s Pet Hair Lifter is basically a sponge that’s made of natural materials and that can instantly remove dog hair from any surface. Like the ChomChom roller, this tool can be used a good number of times, and it’s versatile in its application as it can take care of dust as well.

The Gonzo Pet Hair Lifter is a dog hair removal tool that we highly recommend for anyone looking to quickly bolster their cleaning arsenal with an effective pet hair removal product that doesn’t cost a fortune.


  • Gonzo Hair Lifter can effectively pick up dog hair from multiple surfaces, including furniture, carpet, clothing, and bedding.
  • The Gonzo hair lifter is completely reusable, and owners can continue using it to clean up messes left by shedding dogs for as long as needed.
  • The spongy material of this hair lifter leaves no residue or scratch marks while cleaning, thereby making it safe to use on different types of surfaces.
  • This hair lifter is easy to use, as it just involves repeatedly moving the sponge over the target surface.
  • This hair lifter from Gonzo works well to pick up dog hair without having to wet the sponge.


  • The Gonzo hair lifter typically comes with an unpleasant rubbery smell that tends to get stuck on whatever surface it is used to clean.
  • This hair lifter sponge tends to break apart when being used to remove dog hair, and in the process, leaves tiny crumbs that make a mess.

#14 Bissell 1782 Pet Hair Eraser Cordless Hand & Car Vacuum

If you’re looking for a vacuum cleaner but the above recommendations from Shark and Dyson are too expensive for your budget, you ought to check Bissel’s Pet Hair Eraser vacuum.

Not only does this tool look good, but it also performs well and can remove hair from the hardest of spots thanks to a motorized foot that provides powerful suction for a deeper cleaning no matter the surface and a telescoping extension wand capable of reaching practically anywhere.

The cleanup is also a breeze, as all you have to do is empty the dirt bin and your vacuum will be ready for the next round in no time.

The Bissell pet hair eraser vacuum is one of the best pet hair removal tools that you can get if you’re interested in a motorized appliance. Some users complained about the battery life, but quite honestly, at this price point, we can’t deny how good this vacuum is.


  • Bissell 1782 14.4V motor generates enough suction for the deep cleaning and removal of dog hair from a wide range of surfaces, including car interiors, upholstery, and hard surfaces.
  • This vacuum’s upholstery tool is ideal for collecting dog hair that collects on soft surfaces and furniture without damaging the surfaces in question.
  • The Bissell vacuum comes with a crevice tool that makes it possible and easy for users to remove dog hair from tight spaces and places that are usually difficult to reach.
  • The cordless and handheld design of this vacuum cleaner provides sufficient reach for users to clean target surfaces.
  • The compact design of the 1782 vacuum doesn’t take up much storage space.


  • Multiple customers claim that this vacuum doesn’t hold a charge for long, and having to constantly charge the vacuum can be seen as an inconvenience during cleaning operations.
  • Some customers also claim that the suction generated by this vacuum cleaner isn’t powerful enough to effectively remove dog hair littered on a surface.

Dog Hair Removal Tools Buyer’s Guide

Shed dog hair can be really annoying on both the aesthetic and convenience levels. What’s even worse is that there’s no such thing as a non-shedding dog, which means that no matter which breed you choose, you’re going to encounter this issue sooner or later.

Even if you don’t mind your house upholstered in your pet’s fur, your visitors (especially your in-laws) may not appreciate having to carry your pooch’s hair with them when they leave your house, and some of them may even suffer from serious allergies to fur and dander, which makes removing your dog’s loose fur a necessity.

The solution? Getting one of the best pet hair removal tools, of course, which can be achieved by going over our recommendations and buying guides.

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Can Pet Hair Be Bad For Your Health?

Dog hair itself is not dangerous, but allergens such as dead skin flakes, urine, and saliva that often accompany it may trigger serious allergies in some people. When such an unfortunate thing happens, the allergy sufferer may experience streaming eyes, a runny nose, sneezing, and wheezing.

If the person has asthma, the consequences may be even more serious, which is why dog hair (and dander in general) shouldn’t be left around, and shedding should be stopped or, at least, reduced.

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How Can You Reduce Shedding?

Shedding can be reduced, even before recurring to dog hair removal tools. Many factors affect how much your pet sheds, including the environment, diet, and grooming habits. To reduce your dog’s shedding, here are some tips that you can follow:

  • Include omega-3 fatty acids in your pet’s diet.
  • Keep your dog hydrated.
  • Avoid bathing your dog more than once per month.
  • Blow-dry your dog after every bath.
  • Consider clipping your dog if it has a thick, profuse coat.
  • Brush your dog’s coat on a regular basis using a shed-control brush.

The tips go on and on of course. If nothing of that works, make sure to take your dog to the veterinarian as there may be a medical issue behind the shedding.

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What Are The Different Types Of Dog Hair Removal Tools?

Dog hair removal tools come in different forms and shapes, as to each his own when it comes to cleaning.

Rubber Gloves

Rubber gloves are one of the most commonly-used dog hair removal tools available today for two reasons; one, their simplicity, and two, their price. Using one of these tools is as easy as getting a pair of old-fashioned rubber gloves from the nearest supermarket, damping them slightly, and sliding them over your hair-covered carpet, sofa, or rug.

Pet Hair Removal Mitts

Dog hair removal mitts are like the soft version of rubber gloves, as they’re made of a special material with soft nubs that pick up dog hair, which means that they won’t affect soft and delicate clothing.

Lint Rollers

Lint rollers are another affordable option that people use often. This tool uses sticky tape to remove dog hair from furniture, clothes, and carpets. Using a sticky lint roller may be tedious If you’re planning to hunt your dog’s hair across the entire house, but for quick cleaning sessions over one piece of furniture at a time, this tool is all you’ll need.

Dog Hair Removal Brooms

Some brooms are designed to remove fluffy, floaty, hard-to-sweep messes such as dog hair, making them an ideal choice for those looking to wipe dander off their surfaces and floors without breaking their backs while doing so.


Grooming brushes are among the best pet hair removal tools as they work on removing loose fur from your pet to reduce shedding.


Dog hair removal vacuums come in two varieties; upright and handheld ones. Depending on your preference, any of those types can be the best for you. What makes vacuums unique is that they provide effortless operation as they rely on motorized suction power capable of pulling your pet’s hard from any surface. The only inconvenience to these appliances is their price, as they’re way higher-price than other dog hair removal tools.

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Final Thoughts

Dog hair can be annoying and, sometimes, dangerous, which is why you ought to get one of the best pet hair removal tools as soon as you adopt your pooch. Although any of the above recommendations can be the best pet hair remover for you, we highly recommend our top pick, as it’s affordable, reusable, and safe, which means that it checks all the boxes when it comes to fur removers.

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