How To Cut A Dogโ€™s Matted Hair? 6 Sure-Fire Ways To Deal With This Mess

Anyone who has a dog knows that matted hair is simply a fact of life, especially if you own a long-haired breed. Preventing matted hair is actually very easy. Two of the things you need are a regular grooming routine and the know-how.

But even a good grooming routine may not be enough in some cases. Nonetheless, we will show you a few steps you can take to deal with this issue.

What Causes Matted Dog Hair?

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Matted dog hair is caused by a number of reasons. The kind of mats your dog has will largely depend on its breed, behavior, hair type, and grooming routine it gets. However, mats will be common in areas where thereโ€™s a lot of friction.

We are talking about areas such as under the ears, under the collar, armpits, and on the lower legs. In some cases, mats can be caused by shedding. Shedding is not the most exciting period for the dog owner. Itโ€™s very common to find loads of dog hair all over your furniture or floor as a result.

How To Fix Matted Hair

Fixing matted hair is something that can be done at home, but if the severity is high, it may be nice to get help from a professional dog groomer. Severe tangles require specialized tools and techniques to deal with, and you can only find those at a professional saloon.

Here are a few other steps that can help you with this:

1. Get The Right Tools

Dealing with matted dog hair requires a number of essential tools. You will need a shedding brush, a comb, and a dog grooming clipper. The clipper, in particular, is very important because it can also be used to cut excess hair more evenly.

Other dematting tools to remember include a mat rake and a matted hair splitter. For this purpose, we recommend FURminator Adjustable Dematting. It comes with an ergonomic handle which helps in making the dematting process for you and your dog a lot quicker and effortless.

Also, donโ€™t forget to get a high-quality detangler spray specifically designed for pets, as well as a dog shampoo and some conditioner.

2. Find The Tangles

The second step is to start brushing your dogs until you find the tangles. Start with the most likely areas including under the petโ€™s collar, around the belly, on the legs, ears, and on the tail.

3. Spray With Detangler

Once you have located the matted hair, itโ€™s time to spread the detangler all over it. Make sure the solution has penetrated through the mats as effectively as possible.

4. Use Your Fingers

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When the detangler is fully applied on the mats, start working on the tangled hair with your fingers. Some people use a brush straight away, but this is not recommended.

Using your fingers to untangle the hair may take time, but itโ€™s very essential in making sure your pooch is as comfortable as possible. If the mat is too severe and your fingers donโ€™t work, you can use a mat rake.

This is a special grooming tool that comes with sharp spines. Make sure you use it carefully so as not to scratch your dog. A matted hair splitter may also be handy if you are dealing with an extremely severe matt.

5. Brush Your Dog

Once you have worked on the mats, itโ€™s time to start brushing your dog. It may be a good idea to spray it with a detangler again before you start brushing. Brush a few hairs of the tangle at a time, and be as gentle as you can. Try to separate the matted hair with every stroke of the brush.

It is important to note that brushing must be done in the direction where the hair grows. If the hair is still entangled even after brushing, spray more of the detangler solution and try again. This will take time, and you shouldnโ€™t be rushing it.

6. Give Your Pooch A Bath

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The final step is to give your pooch a nice bath. The bath should be only done when all the tangled-up hair has been untangled. This is because water can actually make existing mats worse, so make sure all the hair is straightened up before you take the pooch for a dip.

Use your normal dog shampoo for this as well as the conditioner. The conditioner, in particular, will be very important in preventing the redevelopment of new mats as the pooch is drying up.

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