22 Low Energy Dog Breeds: Perfect For Couch Potatoes

Do you love spending lazy days on the couch watching Netflix?

If so, you may be wondering if there are any low-energy dog breeds that would be perfect for you. Well, wonder no more! Not only do these breeds tend to have lower energy levels, but they also typically require less maintenance than other types of dogs.

Here is a list of 22 low-energy dog breeds that are perfect for couch potatoes like you. So cuddle up with your new furry friend and enjoy some downtime together.

22. Basset Hound

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Basset Hounds take the top spot in this list of low-energy dog breeds.

They are one of the most popular low-energy dog breeds. Their easy-going and relaxed nature makes them one of the best choices for people looking for a pet that won’t be too high-maintenance.

Well known for being easy to train, gentle, and tolerant of children, they make excellent family pets for those who have a relatively inactive lifestyle.

Bassets don’t require a lot of exercises, so they’re perfect for people who lead sedentary lives or for those who live in apartments.

21. French Bulldog

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Another calm dog on this list is the French Bulldog. As a close relative to the standard Bulldog, this short-legged fur baby doesn’t require a lot of outdoor exercise.

If you think this dog breed fits your lifestyle, then both of you would do well with a short walk or outdoor play session as an everyday exercise. This quality time with their humans each day is enough to keep these pups in shape.

20. Havanese

Just like any other small dog, the Havanese has moderate exercise needs. If you are the type to go out for a brisk daily walk, these cute and attention-grabbing dogs are the perfect companions. They will benefit just fine too from their owner’s simple exercise routine.

Moreover, a fun playtime with their owner inside the house can already make them the happiest. But be cautious of over-exercising them because these dogs get exhausted easily.

19. Bichon Frise

Image from Petmate

Bichon Frise belongs to the category of average active dogs. With them, you will find that there are more and longer moments of calm in between brief bursts of high activity. But when they feel active, they often run through the house or around the yard. 

In addition to their random running sprees in the house, daily play sessions are also ideal for these dogs. Quality playtime with them strengthens the bond with their owners.

18. Papillon

Image from Wolf Spring

The energy level of Papillons classifies them as dog breed groups that require moderate regular exercise. They may be small and wonderful indoor pets, but they are active and smart dogs that crave playtime.

As simple as playing fetch inside the house or chasing any moving thing when they are outside are activities they love. Sometimes when they are in the mood, they will play chase with other dogs, even those bigger than them.

17. Chow Chow

Image from PetHonesty

Chow Chows are active and alert dogs with moderate exercise needs. Going on a daily walk with them or letting them play with their toys for a few hours are preferred regimens. But no rough play or high-impact exercises for these dogs as they are easily fatigued.

It’s also best to avoid letting them do their regular exercises during hot periods of the day because they don’t tolerate high heat or humidity well.

16. Newfoundland

Image from Dope Dog

The Newfoundland dogs are known as the great and skillful swimmers of the dog breeds in dogdom. But, as multipurpose dogs, they also enjoy running free and going on long walks making for nice hiking companions.

These dogs, with their size, need at least a half-hour of moderate exercise daily to stay healthy and happy. But when they’re not exercising, you’ll find them laying on their beds and sleeping for the most part.

15. English Toy Spaniel

Image from Instagram:@kotopesch

English Toy Spaniels are very quick to adapt to their surroundings. When you bring them outdoors, they become playful and energetic for some moderate exercise. But once at home they become lazy and appear sedated laying down.

They are easy-going dogs who make excellent companions for owners who just do minimal exercise daily. But be cautious of bringing them out in hot weather because they cannot tolerate such conditions.

14. Pug

Image from Dog.com

If it were up to them, Pugs will happily spend much of the day snoozing on their beds or on the sofa. But because of this breed’s fondness for eating and inevitable tendency to become obese, these dogs need regular exercise to stay healthy.

Thankfully these dogs are not hard to persuade to move and get fit. They are playful and lively by nature and enjoy going on walks and participating in quality playtime.

13. Saint Bernard

The gentle giants from the Swiss Alps, Saint Bernards are known for being a powerful breed. But despite being large dogs, they actually only require a moderate amount of exercise. You can bring them for a long walk or engage in a half-hour play session per day to keep them healthy and happy.

They are inquisitive pets too. When they see their owners just lounging, they join the fun and chill with them.

12. Bloodhound

Most people think Bloodhounds spend most of their days just lazing around the house. While there is some truth to that, before they became indoor pets, they were originally bred to hunt by following scents. It is in their genes to be active dogs thus they require a form of daily exercise.

They will not mind going on long walks but additional exercise time can come in the form of playing in the backyard.

11. Irish Wolfhound

These wolf hunters from Ireland almost went extinct centuries ago, but thankfully Irish Wolfhounds were saved. As they have been hunters since the beginning of time, these dogs need exercise throughout their lives.

But as they age and reach adulthood, they can become couch potatoes if they are given the opportunity. So as a responsible pet owner, it’s up to you to get them to exercise regularly to keep them healthy and happy.

10. Boston Terrier

Image from Paw.com

Boston Terriers are quite tricky to handle. Their need for exercise is not the same for all members of the breed, hence pet owners need to get to know their dogs really well.

There are some dogs that will be satisfied with a brisk walk once or twice a day. But there are others that need more urging during activity or playtime to keep fit, otherwise, they will just sit and do nothing.

9. Neapolitan Mastiff

Image from Dope Dog

If you’re a Harry Potter fan, here’s a nice to know fact: Hagrid’s dog in the movie, Fang, is a Neapolitan Mastiff. And as you may have seen, these dogs prefer to lie down as much as they can.

But it does not mean these dogs don’t need exercise, they just cannot perform physically-taxing routines despite their size as their joints can be easily damaged. Quality playtime is enough to keep them healthy.

8. Clumber Spaniel

Image from Instagram:@kenandtek

They may look like they are lumbering dogs but Clumber Spaniels can be very active if they are in the mood for it. After all, they belong to the sporting groups of dogs.

Going on long walks while taking occasional resting periods to let them sniff around is a favorite activity by these dogs. Can’t go outside because of the weather? No problem. They can still get their exercise by playing catch indoors!

7. Manchester Terrier

Image from Instagram:@malmothemanchesterterrier

Another dog perfect for city dwellers and those living in apartments is the Manchester Terrier. They are very observant dogs that will try to follow what their owners are doing.

If their owners are active, these dogs will gladly take a couple of good walks every day to maintain their mental and physical health. But if they find their humans just lounging on the sofa, they can chill with them just fine too.

6. Bulldog

Image from Bully Beds

Some Bulldogs are prone to getting overweight especially when they do not get the regular exercise they need. These dogs can reach up to 50 lbs but they would still cuddle with their owners and climb on their laps or at least try to.

They may be easy-going and look lazy but these dogs truly enjoy going on walks when brought outside. Their short limbs make their strutting funny but adorable to watch.

5. Mastiff

Image from Pawstruck

This traditional giant breed of England should be distinguished from mastiffs with a small “m” because Mastiffs have low exercise requirements compared to them. This breed was originally bred to be guardians of homes or wherever they are assigned, thus can live happily anywhere with their human families.

They don’t need thorough exercise regimens as they will already benefit physically and psychologically from free play and daily walks for a few hours a day.

4. Tibetan Spaniel

Image from K9Cuisine

Tibetan Spaniels are known to match their humans’ endurance level when it comes to doing certain activities or lack thereof. Basically, if their owners are happily lying around the house, they will be seen doing the same too.

But if they are brought outside for daily walks or invited to a run, they will also find it enjoyable as they see it as spending time with their human partners. A great companion indeed.

3. Pekingese

Image from Pet Plate

Pekingese are said to be calm dogs because they only require modest exercise to keep them healthy and happy. But they can also be active enough to qualify to participate in a canine sports race.

These cuddly breeds serve very well as a source of amusement and comfort when they know their humans need it. They are the best companion dogs to share a meaningful bond with, even just by sitting and doing nothing.

2. Shih Tzu

Image from WOpet

Since their discovery many years ago, Shih Tzu dogs have always been known as house companions. They are very much accustomed to the chill life of the indoors and as such, they require only minimal exercise.

They are perfect for owners who also do short daily walks as a form of exercise as this will already satisfy the activity needs of these small, short-legged dogs . But indoor playtime is also a good option.

1. Affenpinscher

Image from Instagram:@alphatheaffengirl

Affenpinscher is a toy dog breed ideal pet for those who live in homes with limited space such as an apartment. Although they are small in size, these dogs are classified as “moderately active” which means they do still need exercise once in a while.

Fortunately, there is no need to go outside and do traditional exercise. A simple indoor play, both with their owners and their toys, can be enough to stay healthy.

What Is The Most Low Maintenance Dog?

Basset Hounds are the most low-maintenance dogs. They are a good match for pet owners who are mostly busy spending their time away from home. These dogs will be perfectly happy to be left alone to sleep while their owners are at work and even when they get home.

What Kind Of Dog Is Good For A Lazy Person?

Irish Wolfhound is the dog breed of choice for a lazy person. These giant dogs love to just lounge around the house for the most part of their day. They cannot be bothered even if you try to make them move by calling them or tempting them with their favorite treats.

Which Dog Can Be Left Alone The Longest?

French Bulldogs are house pets that can be left alone the longest. They can withstand solitude for almost 8 hours without their humans and will still do well just fine. Being less active and energetic, these dogs can cope well when left alone provided that their basic needs are met.

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