What Are Teddy Bear Yorkies?

You must have heard of the term “Teddy Bear Yorkies,” and you are wondering – is there really such a Yorkie breed?

Well, the answer is no. So what exactly are Teddy Bear Yorkies?

Teddy Bears Yorkies are actually Yorkshire Terriers. It’s an informal descriptive nickname given to the Yorkie breeds because of their teddy bear look-alike appearance and their signature “puppy cut” hairstyles.

Some breeders generally refer to Teddy Bear Yorkies as Yorkies that are lighter than the standard weight of 7 lbs. At this point, it’s worth mentioning that Teddy Bear Yorkies are not recognized as a dog breed by the AKC.

Do take note there is more to Teddy Bear Yorkies than a cute regular Yorkie. These adorable breeds have their own unique traits, quirks, and temperament that make them excellent pets.

Let’s explore more into the characteristics of these dogs and how to properly care for them.

What Are Teddy Bear Yorkies?

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A Teddy Bear Yorkie is not by any means a type of dog according to the AKC standards.

Instead, the term “Teddy Bear” is used as a descriptive term. It was originally a reference to another dog breed, the Pomeranian or the Teddy Bear Pom.

But over time, breeders adopted the name and used it to identify Yorkshires that fall below the average weight of 7 lbs. While there is no firm consensus as to what this name actually means, there are certain unique traits a Teddy Bear Yorkie has that set it apart from other dogs.

For instance, a Teddy bear Yorkie has a shorter snout than a Pom. They also have rounded heads and large eyes. These dogs are a smaller and lighter version of the regular Yorkshire. They barely tip the scale at 7 lbs, and some weigh about 5 lbs.

Another striking feature of Teddies is their coat’s color. Purebreds have a black and tan coat, which eventually turns blue and gold as they become adults. On the other hand, there are Teddy Bear Yorkies that keep their coat color for the rest of their lives.

But one very fitting description of this dog is its haircut called the “puppy cut.” It fits the description perfectly because of how the short coat makes this puppy look like a Teddy Bear while at the same time maintaining its signature Yorkie coat color and texture.

Teddy Bear Yorkie Lifespan – How Long Do Teddy Bear Yorkies Live?

Small dogs live just as long as large dogs. But considering their delicate physical structures, smaller canines require greater care and attention.

Teddy Bear Yorkies can reach between 7 to 9 years of age. However, their lifespan depends on a number of factors such as genetics, health issues, and injuries. The last two aspects are well within an owner’s control, so it is up to you to prolong the life expectancy of your pooch.

First, let us touch on tackling health issues. Teddy Bear Yorkies require a special diet that is suitable to their unique nutritional needs. This is why dog food tailored to your little Fido is ideal.

The Nutro Wholesome Essentials is specially designed for small breeds. This dry dog food offers tailored nutrition to support your pet’s optimal health. It contains high-quality protein from farm-raised chicken, omega 3 and 6 EFA for healthy skin and coat, as well as vitamins and minerals.

Second, Teddy Bear Yorkies have delicate bones and joints. They are prone to injury due to falls and climbing up and down the stairs. Hence, they need the right supplement to address their body’s special concerns.

I recommend a good multivitamin for your pooch, such as the Zesty Paws Multivitamin Bites. Aside from vitamins and minerals, these chewable treats also include glucosamine, chondroitin, and OptiMSM, which offer a synergistic effect of supporting hip, cartilage and joint health.

With the right dog food and supplement, you can allow your pet to live and enjoy life to the fullest.

What Is A Teddy Bear Cut? How Do You Do A Teddy Bear Cut On A Yorkie?

As I mentioned earlier, one of the standout features of a Teddy Bear Yorkie is the haircut.

These puppies usually have a “puppy cut”, which is the most popular look for Yorkies. Whether your Yorkie has a long or short coat, this type of haircut works well. It also gives your pooch a teddy bear look-alike appearance.

Aside from transforming your pet into an adorable Teddy, this cut is low-maintenance. This makes it much easier for owners to groom their pets, particularly if they have a busy lifestyle.

To achieve a Teddy Bear cut on your Yorkie, you should advise the groomer about your preferred length. The hair needs to be the same length, and it follows your Yorkie’s natural curves.

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If you wish to get your pooch all dolled up, you can have the top hair longer than the rest. Then, you can tie a cute bow or other ornaments and hair accessories.

Male Teddy Bear Yorkies tend to have a square puppy cut. This is a bit similar to the standard puppy cut except for some additional features. For instance, the body hair is still all the same length except for the facial hair that is trimmed to appear squarish.

Overall, a Teddy Bear cut gives your pooch a signature appearance while making it easier to maintain and groom each day.

Are There Different Types Of Yorkies?

Yorkies come in different types, each with its own unique characteristics.

Traditional Yorkshire Terrier

This is your standard Yorkie known for its long, silky coat. Their hair can also grow so long that it already touches the ground. They weigh about 7 lbs and grow up to 7 to 8 inches tall – quite small indeed that they belong to the Toy dog category.

Biewer Terriers

Biewer Terriers were originally bred in the 1970s by a German couple, Mr. and Mrs. Biewer, hence the name. These dogs have multi-color coats, either in blue or black, white, and tan, and they have full-length tails.

Teacup (Miniature) Yorkies

As the name implies, Teacup Yorkies are very small, pocket-sized variations of the regular Yorkie. They weigh about 4 lbs, and they barely reach up to 6 inches tall.

Mismarked Yorkies

A Mismarked Yorkie does not meet the AKC’s breed standard requirements. They do not have a solid color nor a similar saddle pattern. Nevertheless, they make a lovable pet for families with or without young children.

Parti Yorkies

These are purebred Yorkies with the same signature body build. However, what sets them apart from the Traditional Yorkie is their coat color. Their coats are not blue and tan as a typical Yorkie but black, tan, or white. Read more about them here.

Golden Yorkies

These are rare Yorkies with pure golden or blonde hair. The rarity is due to the fact that most Yorkies have either black, white, or tan hair.

Black Yorkies

When a purebred and a non-purebred are combined, that’s how you get a Black Yorkie. They have solid black hair that may be rough or rigid in texture.

Yorkie Mixes

These are Yorkies bred with other dog breeds such as the Chorkie (Yorkie – Chihuahua), Shorkie (Yorkie – Shih Tzu), Yorkipom (Yorkie – Pomeranian), Yorkipoo (Yorkie – Poodle), to name a few.

Teddy Bear Yorkie Training 101 – Are Teddy Bear Dogs Easy To Potty Train?

Teddy Bear Yorkies are lively, agreeable dogs. They are not significantly more difficult to train than any other puppy. However, you need to make sure that you implement effective techniques to achieve the best results.

Generally, Yorkies are needy pups. They suffer greatly from separation anxiety, which tends to trigger certain accidents when left alone in the house.

I recommend that you place your Teddy Bear Yorkie in a crate to allow a feeling of security. But at the same time, do not leave your young puppy there for longer than 3 hours. Adults can usually handle up to 8 hours.

To prevent messes in the house, be sure to take your dog out for potty breaks. Puppies need to go every couple of hours while adults can go in the morning and before bed, as well as after feeding and playing.

I find it helpful to use the FOLKSMATE Dog Doorbells for potty training a Teddy Bear Yorkie. Basically, it eliminates your pet’s tendency to bark and scratch when there’s a need to go outside.

You only need to hang the doorbells on your doorknob. Each time your dogs need to head out, take them to the doorbell and ring it using their paws as you give a command. Open the door, let your dog out, and give praises for a job well done. Rinse and repeat.

What this does is that it teaches your pooch and establishes good habits through positive reinforcement. Over time, your Yorkie gets the system – no more barking, accidents, and no more fuss!

Do Teddy Bear Dogs Bark A Lot? Dogs bark when they need something. Perhaps they are hungry, anxious, or need to go outside. A Teddy Bear dog that barks a lot requires your attention. So it is best to understand the situation triggering your pooch to bark so frequently.

Can Teddy Bear Dogs Be Left Alone? For the most part, Teddy Bear dogs are needy. They may likely be prone to separation anxiety, which makes them restless when left alone. To minimize this issue, you can have the radio playing in the background, provide toys, and train your pooch to be alone, in a gradual and gentle process.

How Do I Know If My Yorkie Is Full-Blooded? You will know if your Yorkie is full-blooded by looking at its coat. A full-blooded breed is born with a black and tan coat, which eventually turns darker in color over time. Purebred adult Yorkies will have blue hair instead of their black puppy hair.

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