Mini Border Collie

If you ever find the Miniature Border Collie intriguing, just know that youโ€™re not alone. The practice of miniaturizing some common dog breeds is becoming popular. I did some research on the Miniature Border Collie, and here is what I found. But first, whatโ€™s appealing about the Miniature Border Collie?

Not recognized as an official breed yet, the Miniature Border Collie is a smaller version of the Border Collie. Just like their larger Border Collie cousins, Mini Border Collies have excellent herding abilities, are full of energy and smart. Its small size is perhaps what influences many to opt for the Mini Border Collie.

A smaller dog tends to be more manageable and less challenging, especially if youโ€™re not herding sheep. In theory, smaller dogs tend to be less destructive, require less exercise, and eat less food. While this sounds great, every breed is different. So, whatโ€™s the reality of a Miniature Border Collie?

How Big Do Mini Border Collies Get?

Mini Border Collies can grow to between 18 to 22 inches in height and with a weight of between 30 to 55 lbs.

On the other hand, their larger cousins, Border Collies, can grow between 22 to 26 inches and weigh between 60 to 75 lbs.

Where Do Miniature Border Collies Come From?

You can achieve miniaturization of popular dog breeds in a number of ways. However, the main issue is, whatever way is used to make the dog smaller, there may also be some negative effects. The Mini Border Collie is achieved using one of three breeding methods that include:

Before buying this breed, it is important to find out the technique that was used. This is because some techniques may increase the risk of health problems and genetic defects.

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Physical Appearance

Miniature Border Collies will look just like Border Collies, only that they are smaller and have shorter legs. In addition, they come in different patterns, markings, and colors, the most common colors being black and white, and gold and white.

Mini Border Collies have their double layered coats that are either short and smooth or long and rough. Their topcoat is weather resistant which comes in handy when they are outside in different kinds of weather. Their muscular build is the reason why they have so much energy.

How Long Do Miniature Border Collies Live?

While Border Collies can live for about 10 to 14 years, Miniature Border Collies can live for over 14 years. However, if an unhealthy gene is passed down, their lifespan will likely be affected and reduced.

For most dog breeds, the smaller the dog is, the longer the life expectancy will be. Hence, Miniature Border Collies are able to live a bit longer than their larger versions, Border Collies.

For health conditions commonly affecting Miniature Border Collies, there are two main illnesses to be aware of.

Progressive Retinal Atrophy

Progressive Retinal Atrophy is a popular condition of the eye that may cause early blindness. However, this condition canโ€™t be treated but can only be slowed down by ensuring the dogs have plenty of antioxidants in their diet.

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Multidrug Sensitivity

Multidrug sensitivity in Mini Border Collies happens when a negative reaction is found as a response during the administration of specific drugs. This sensitivity is also common among other herding dog breeds.

It implies that the dogs are allergic to a handful of drugs and the most serious cases are allergic to antiparasitic drugs and anticancer drugs. This drug sensitivity is mostly caused by a certain mutation in the multidrug resistance gene, known as MDR1.

Of course, there are several other illnesses that Miniature Border Collies can get, including neuronal ceroid lipofuscinosis. This is a condition that affects the nervous system and is usually an inherited disease.

This means you may need to find out if the parents of your new dog have this condition. Before purchase, your breeder should have tested the puppy for these conditions and be transparent about its health status.

How To Take Care Of Your Mini Border Collie?

Since Miniature Border Collies are hyperactive and have a lot of energy to expend, they arenโ€™t the easiest dogs to take care of. Many people tend to ignore this, and they are unable to cope with the breed once they get one.

Despite this, these dogs arenโ€™t the hardest to take care of. Taking care of them can be pretty easy if you follow these tips.


With these dog breeds, you canโ€™t be a couch potato because they need plenty of mind-stimulating activities and exercise. You will need to exercise the dogs for at least one hour daily, where you can take them for a walk or allow them to play.


Since the Mini Border Collies are highly active dogs, they need to have more calories than most dogs of their size. They need about 1,000 calories to 1,400 calories, depending on how active they are.

Fortunately, Miniature Border Collies neither have a specific diet requirement nor suffer from any allergic reactions, which means that feeding them is not too difficult. Just ensure that you get a portion of high-quality dog food. We recommend Pet Plate for high-quality, freshly prepared, and nutritious dog food.

In addition, Miniature Border Collies should be fed twice a day, in the morning and the evening. If you want to feed them three times a day, there is no problem with that, and it can come in handy to stop bloating.

However, donโ€™t give them more than the recommended food in the three meals. Like their seniors, these dogs can continuously eat and fool you into thinking that they are still hungry when they are not.

Here are some important nutrients to consider:

  • Calcium: Since they are active dogs, this can put their joints under a lot of pressure. For healthy and strong joints, you need to feed them with a high calcium diet.
  • Protein: While a dog of this breed may survive on a vegetarian diet, proteins are quite important to give them the energy they need.
  • Carbohydrates: To increase their calorie intake Miniature Border Collies need to have slow-burning carbs, for example, beans and vegetables that should have them going for a long time. Avoid feeding them with low-quality carbohydrates like corn, wheat, and soy.


Mini Border Collies require certain supplements to ensure that they remain healthy. While most people think of a joint supplement, multivitamins include a combination of vitamins to prevent or treat vitamin deficiency.

Glucosamine is the most common active ingredient in a multivitamin, but there are other powerful ingredients like methylsulfonylmethane (MSM), chondroitin, and turmeric (curcumin).

Dental Water Additives

For protecting the oral health of your Mini Border Collie, the use of dental water additives can be considered and such additives should be added to the dogโ€™s daily drinking water to ensure that the dogโ€™s mouth and teeth remain clean and healthy.

They work the same way as a mouthwash for humans. Their main aim is to reduce or prevent bad breath, kill bacteria, and reduce or prevent tartar buildup.

Are Mini Border Collies Aggressive? Temperaments Of Mini Border Collies

Although they have strong herding instincts and can be a bit bossy at times, the Miniature Border Collies are not naturally aggressive dogs. They are a medium-tempered dog breed that is loving and loyal to their family.

However, if you have a Mini Border Collie that is aggressive, it is probably because of other factors such as early trauma and rough parenting. You can seek help from a professional trainer to fix this behavior.

Most of the time, the miniature options of many dog breeds have similar temperaments to the bigger versions. This holds true for Miniature Border Collies, and similar to Border Collies, they are cheerful, energetic and smart. Moreover, they also have herding instincts which are prominent in Border Collies and in other working dogs.

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Are Mini Border Collies Good House Dogs?

Miniature Border Collies are cheerful and loving dogs who crave for human interaction, making them good house dogs. However, if you have small children, then this breed may not be a good option. The dog may try to herd the kids, and in the process, frightens them or gives chase if they donโ€™t want to be herded.

As mentioned earlier, these dogs have masses of energy to expend, which means that they will need a family that has adequate time to spend with them. These dogs also require plenty of playtimes, walks, and a whole lot of attention.

Can Mini Border Collies Be Left Alone?

Going back to the part on attention, these intelligent Mini Border Collies should not be left alone for more than 6 hours because they can become destructive when not mentally stimulated.

These dogs need to stay active with plenty of playtimes and outdoor walks to satisfy them. However, if you decide to leave your pooch alone in the house, ensure that you provide them with something like an interactive toy, or that you hire a professional sitter during your absence.

Do Mini Border Collies Shed? Grooming Tips For Mini Border Collies

Miniature Border Collies are not hypoallergenic, even the ones that have short hair. All of them will shed, especially during spring and fall.

Wondering why their coats shed so much? This is because shedding helps to ensure their coats remain effective in thermoregulation, keeping them warm during the cold seasons, and remain thick when needed.

So, if someone in the family has allergic reactions to fur, then this breed is not for you. However, grooming should help reduce the shedding and keep the dog healthy. Here are some dog grooming tips you should consider.

Brushing Their Coats

During the shedding times, it is a great idea to brush their coats on a daily basis. You can use a Furminator Undercoat Tool to brush the undercoat and keep shedding under control. 

You also need to brush the undercoat to get out debris and dead hair. This helps in stimulating the circulation under the skin, and therefore redistributing the oils in the skin.


Bathing this breed should be done every three months or so using a high-quality shampoo like the Pro Pet Works All Natural 5 In 1 Oatmeal Shampoo. However, if your dog goes on an extra muddy adventure, then you can up the frequency, but you shouldnโ€™t overdo it. Overbathing your dog will only irritate their skin.

Trimming Their Nails

Miniature Border Collies need to have their nails trimmed from time to time to ensure they remain strong. If youโ€™re somewhat uncomfortable doing it yourself, you can consider seeking help or taking them to a groomer.

Other Grooming Tips

Always check their eyes, teeth, paws, ears, skin, nose, and fur when grooming because it is much better to find an issue earlier than later.

Are Mini Border Collies High Maintenance?

Miniature Border Collies can be high maintenance because they need a lot of grooming. Since they are active dogs and enjoy being outside, they easily get dirty and require cleaning from time to time.

Moreover, they are high-energy dogs that require plenty of exercise, and they also shed a lot, so you may need to brush their coats frequently.

How Much Is A Mini Border Collie? Mini Border Collies come at an average cost of approximately $600. However, the cost can be up to $4,500 if you get one with a superior pedigree. Ensure you know about the breeder before you decide to buy because they are breeders that are only interested in getting a profit and not in the dogโ€™s health.

Do Mini Border Collies Swim? Mini Border Collies have a reputation for being great swimmers. Still, whether your dog will enjoy swimming depends on the individual dog and the dogโ€™s personal preferences. However, regardless of whether they enjoy swimming, the Mini Border Collies can definitely swim because they are athletic animals that have excellent agility.

What Dog Looks Like A Collie But Smaller? If youโ€™re looking for a Collie but donโ€™t want a large-sized dog, then a Shetland Sheepdog is the perfect option for you. Also known as a Sheltie, this dog breed is the smaller version of the long-coated Rough Collie, and it is easy to train, loyal and intelligent. At first glance, the Shelties look a lot like Miniature Rough Collies and are often mistaken for Miniature Collies.

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