Quiet Dog Breeds

Barking is a form of communication that dogs use to express their feelings all day long. However, when your dog has a lot to say at 3 A.M. or barks incessantly for no reason, it can be very frustrating. Fortunately, there are numerous barkless dog breeds out there that rarely bark or bark only when necessary that are very easy to live with.

Top on our list of quiet dog breeds that redefined the term hush puppies are Basenjis, the Great Danes, Akitas, and Borzois. You will also be surprised to find breeds like Shar-Pei, Irish Setter dogs, Newfoundland dogs, and the Afghan hounds being ranked among the world’s quiet dog breeds. So here are some more silent dog breeds.

31. Malamute

Image from 1-800-PetMeds

As a basal breed or ancient breed, which predates domestication, these dogs tend to be very quiet. Malamutes are quiet dogs, and when they do vocalize, they appear to be talking to each other using a “woo woo” sound.

All dogs that predate domestication are not yappy barkers, and that is because when hunting, barking would have alarmed their prey.

30. The Great Pyrenees

Image from Dog.com

The Great Pyrenees is a highly intelligent and quiet dog with a steady temperament. Even though they were bred for detecting sheep-stealing wolves, this dog breed is still a silent and watchful dog that loves observing from a distance. And in most cases, it would prefer to intimidate its enemy with its huge size instead of barking.

29. Greyhound

Image from Majestic Pet Products

The Greyhounds are great hunters that were bred to chase their prey silently so as not to scare them away. And even indoors, they remain relatively silent, which is why they make great apartment dogs. So you will never have to worry about your neighbors complaining since they are silent, gentle, and independent dogs.

The Greyhounds are fairly inactive indoors, and even when playing and chasing toys inside, they are practically noiseless and rarely bark.

28. Akita

Image from DogTV

Nicknamed the silent hunter, Akitas are known and loved for their lack of barking. Despite being aggressive, Akitas are naturally silent. Akitas bark only when there is something wrong.

However, just because they are silent doesn’t mean that they are submissive dogs. Akitas consider themselves pack leaders, so you have to establish yourself as their pack leader to earn their respect.

And with proper training, early socialization, and daily workouts, you can turn an Akita into a great silent apartment dweller. This highly intelligent breed is a reasonable dog that is known for its selective barking habit.

27. Borzoi

Image from Instagram:@eriszoi

Also referred to as the Russian Wolfhound, the Borzoi is a gentle and calm dog that makes a great family dog. Despite its athletic nature, this dog breed loves lazing around the house and never causes a scene. So you will never have to worry about your Borzoi making noise or your neighbors complaining during the day.

A Borzoi doesn’t bark even when it is excited; however, when they do bark, it is for a reason.

26. Shiba Inu

Image from Canna Pet

Despite being bred for hunting, Shiba Inus hardly barks even when scared, excited, or suspicious. Shiba Inus are generally independent dogs and not huge cuddlers, which might be the main reasons why they bark less and are not needy. However, you might hear high-pitched shrieking sounds when they are upset or pumped up.

So, make sure they get their daily workouts and are fed on time if you don’t want them upset and producing high-pitched shrieking sounds.

25. Rhodesian Ridgeback

Image from Front Of The Pack

Despite its unique history as a fierce dog that was used to confront huge and powerful animals, the Rhodesian Ridgeback is a gentle pooch. This dog rarely barks, particularly when kept as a house pet. The Rhodesian Ridgeback also has a very low tendency for snoring, so it is a perfect example of a quiet dog breed.

Sometimes giant breeds like the Rhodesian Ridgeback bark less since they are bigger than the threats around them.

24. Saint Bernard

Image from ChomChom Roller

Saint Bernard is one of the biggest quiet dog breeds that get along with kids. And despite its intimidating body, Saint Bernard has an affectionate and calm personality. This dog breed rarely barks without cause; in fact, its droopy lips drool more than they bark.

This pooch would rather growl or whine instead of barking when it’s angry or scared. Saint Bernard is a unique breed that does well and rarely bark when kept indoors near its family.

23. Dalmatian

Image from Dog.com

Dalmatians’ high energy levels can be exhausting, but this dog breed will never tire your eardrums. And that is because the Dalmatians don’t bark all the time. They can let out a sound once in a while, but generally, they are friendly dogs.

Dalmatians are not likely to bark when they hear a strange sound or when a stranger comes near your home.

22. Whippet

Image from Pet Plate

Just like their distant relatives, the Greyhounds, Whippets are not very noisy dogs with some hardly ever barks. Whippets take the phrase laid back to another level. The Whippets are so reserved and quiet that many people wonder if they can make noises sometimes.

Thanks to their laid-back personality, the whippets can even make friends with people who are breaking into your home. In fact, the only time this dog breed is known to bark is when it’s playing or left alone for a very long time.

21. Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Image from PetHonesty

The Cavaliers are great good-natured dogs that are not often annoying and yappy. Unlike most small-sized dog breeds, the Cavalier rarely barks, even when left alone for a few hours. This laid-back dog barks when someone is at the door just to inform you and then goes back to the couch to sleep.

So, you will never have to worry about your Cavalier barking at your curious children or your guests.

20. Newfoundland Dog

Image from Wolf Spring

Besides being one of the biggest dog breeds, Newfoundland has an even huge heart, and it can love everybody, including a stranger. Therefore, it is not inclined to bark even when there is a stranger in the house.

The Newfoundland dog is calm and yet playful, and its deep barks are only heard when it is in serious distress.

19. Irish Setter Dog

Image from Instagram:@mailo_irishredsetter

The Irish Setter dog is a popular family dog that is known for its affectionate and calm personality. These dogs are known to be quite enthusiastic and can even allow strangers to pet and even cuddle with them; therefore, you should expect them to bark even around intruders.

While this makes it a bad guard dog, it does make it a calm apartment pooch that is always silent.

18. Shar-Pei

Image from Pawstruck

The Shar-Pei is known for more than just its irresistible wrinkly face; this dog breed is also ranked among the dogs that don’t bark. Unlike the Irish Setter, this dog makes an excellent watchdog since it barks when there is a problem nearby. So when you hear a Shar-Pei bark, it means that there is something wrong in the vicinity.

Plus, with proper training and early socialization, you can teach it to be comfortable and never bark at strangers.

17. French Bulldog And Bulldog

Image from Perdue Farms

These two playful breeds are quiet dogs with a gentle disposition. And while they can be quite heavy, they are still listed among small-sized dogs that rarely bark. Bulldogs love napping, and they can spend their entire day sleeping on the couch.

In fact, the only problem you might ever have with bulldogs is fighting for space on the sofa since they love cuddling.

16. Bull Mastiff

Image from Bully Beds

Weighing about 110 lbs, the Bull Mastiff is one of the largest breeds that doesn’t bark much. The Bull Mastiff is a great watchdog that has been used to guard estates for decades. This dog breed only barks at dogs and strangers, and it is considered quite calm and rarely makes unnecessary noises.

But with proper training and early socialization, your Bull Mastiff can learn to also be quiet around strangers and other dogs.

15. Afghan Hound

Image from Instagram:@beautiful_afghan_hound

Other than their unique silky coat and slender bodies, the Afghan hounds are great options for families who want a quiet dog. The Afghan hounds are proud dogs that are always detached from everything that doesn’t interest them. Therefore, it is quite impossible to hear this dog breed barking at anything or even strangers.

The Afghan hounds don’t snore either, so you will never have to worry about any form of noise while living with this dog breed.

14. Labrador Retriever

Image from Bully Beds

The Labrador Retrievers are generally not considered to be barky dog breeds. The Labs are loved for their unique temperament, and they are always calm and collected. These intelligent dogs are quite easy to train, and they reserved barking for emergencies only.

With the right reinforcement and training, you can contain this dog breed and even prevent it from barking at strangers.

13. Bernese Mountain Dog

Image from Bissell

Also referred to as the Bernese Sennenhund, the Bernese Mountain dogs are sweet-natured lovely dogs that bark less. This dog breed is normally docile and only needs activities to help it burn the extra calories. The Bernese mountain dog loves being noiseless until disturbed.

And thanks to this unique trait, this dog breed rarely teases its owners or bark.

12. Scottish Deerhound

Image from Instagram:@leggy_peggy_deerhound

Despite its shaggy hair and huge and intimidating body, the Scottish Deerhound is a friendly breed that rarely barks. Other than its friendly personality, the Scottish Deerhound loves taking long naps, which is the reason why it rarely growls or roars.

This dog breed would not bark even if someone were knocking at your door, which is actually the main reason why it’s a bad watchdog.

The Scottish Deerhound is a relatively inactive dog breed when inside and only barks when it needs to.

11. Saluki

Image from Instagram:@love.saluki

Saluki is one of the world’s rarest dogs that doesn’t bark a lot. Saluki is a cute reserved dog that is naturally shy. The Salukis love quiet and peaceful environments and tend to keep to themself; therefore, they will never disturb you with unnecessary barking.

Salukis are not hyperactive loud dogs, and they rarely do much wrong, which is actually the main reason why they would fit perfectly in apartment life.

10. Pug

Image from Bissell

The pugs are lovely popular dogs that love to eat and sleep, which is actually the reason why they rarely bark. This dog breed knows no violence; therefore, you will never hear it make noise while fighting with your other pets. Pugs only bark when they are hungry or feel threatened, plus their playful barks are usually replaced by heavy breathing.

Since they don’t bark a lot, this dog breed is ideal for people living with roommates or apartments since it will sleep the whole day.

9. Japanese Chin

Image from Instagram:@gizmo.japanesechin

This unique toy breed doesn’t bark a lot, but it does snore a lot, thanks to its flatter face. The Japanese Chin’s temperament has been described as cat-like, so you are guaranteed a calm and silent dog if you adopt this dog breed.

The Japanese Chin rarely throws tantrums or bark, so you will have to choose between snoring and barking and decide which you can tolerate.

8. Collie

Image from Instagram:@sitara.collie

Even though it’s known worldwide for its unique herding abilities, this dog’s intelligence surpasses its running and barking skills. The Collies are not only the quietest dog breed on the planet, but they are also one of the most intelligent on Stanley Coren’s list.

The Collies are independent dogs that only bark when threatened, so you will never have to deal with insistent barking caused by separation anxiety.

7. Chow Chow

Image from Instagram:@tomoradychowchows

Chow Chow is a unique dog breed that is known for barking little. Being an independent dog, the Cho Chow will go about its day without making a lot of noise. Most Chow Chow owners have confirmed that this dog breed barks only when it feels threatened or when they see something new in their vicinity.

And even then, they won’t be quite vocal, making them really bad guard dogs.

6. Coton de Tulear

Image from Instagram:@konathecoton

Other than its unique history and the fact that it is Madagascar’s national dog, the Coton de Tulear is a great option for people looking for a quiet and calm dog breed. This quiet dog only grunts or barks when excited, and with proper training, you can turn it into an extremely calm pet.

Coton de Tulear is a warning barker and not a nuisance barker. Coton de Tulear usually barks when there is someone at the door.

5. Glen Of Imaal Terrier

Image from Instagram:@jill_the_glen

The American Kennel Club claims that the Glen of Imaal Terrier was bred to be very quiet when hunting so as not to scare the prey away. Since then, this unique trait has stayed with them, making them one of the quietest dog breeds on the planet.

This unique breed is not the kind of dog that loses its mind and becomes loud when scared or excited. Instead, they have numerous quiet ways of handling anxiety, including gasping, wagging of the tail, or jumping around.

Fortunately, they are very level headed; therefore, their excitement episodes are never uncomfortable. This dog breed is the best relaxing time pet buddy with whom you can snuggle silently. Plus, it only barks when it’s met with a mishap or accident.

4. Chinook

Image from 1-800-PetMeds

If you live in an apartment and need a rare breed that doesn’t yap a lot, then you should go for the Chinook. Chinook is a quiet dog breed that will never let you catch it barking; however, it does have a problem with digging everywhere. But, this won’t be an issue for anyone living in an apartment, and the no-yapping can be quite helpful.

Chinooks are notoriously reserved, especially when dealing with new people or new places. This dog breed rarely acts out; instead, it observes a situation silently from a distance. They are known for not barking and can be easily trained to bark when necessary.

3. English Toy Spaniel

Image from Instagram:@moonie.n.mack

Most small-sized dog breeds are associated with obnoxious and loud personalities, but the English Toy Spaniel is an exception. This dog loves to just rest and snuggle with its owners the whole day instead of barking excessively.

The English Toy Spaniel only barks when someone is around or when there is something wrong.

2. Great Dane

Image from DogTV

This gentle giant breed is one of the quietest dog breeds on the planet. And thanks to its huge body, the Great Dane doesn’t have many huge enemies; therefore, it doesn’t have to prove its strength through barking. The Great Danes are known for their calm and gentle nature. 

However, when they do bark, they are quite loud, but this rarely happens.

1. Basenji

Image from DogTV

Basenjis are known worldwide as “barkless dogs” because they can’t bark. These dogs are born with an unusually shaped larynx that makes it impossible for them to bark. Therefore, they communicate through other less noisy means like whining, yodeling, or howling.

So, you will never have to worry about this dog breed yodeling nonstop at the door when left alone during the day.

Related Questions

Why Is My Dog More Vocal? Breeding and genetics for certain traits play a significant role in a specific dog breed’s propensity to bark a lot. The frequency of barking varies from one breed to the other, and it all depends on how it was bred. And barking was emphasized on some breeds by our ancestors to help turn them into guard dogs. Another factor that plays a key role in why dogs bark is where they were raised. Our canine pals get used to their environments and react to unexpected sounds like a knock on the door and the ones they don’t hear often. Dogs raised in bustling cities are used to hearing constant sounds, while those raised in rural areas bark at any sound.

Do Dogs Try To Talk To Humans? Yes, our dogs are always trying to communicate with us all day long. And whether we are aware of it or not, we are also talking back using numerous nonverbal and verbal cues.

Do Dogs Get More Vocal As They Get Older? Dogs become more vocal as they grow older, and this includes the ones that were known to bark occasionally. Excessive vocalization as they mature can be their way of expressing numerous emotions like physical problems like pain, confusion, and anxiety.

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