Reasons Why Dogs Are Better Than Cats

There are cat people and dog people. But did you know that there are over a dozen reasons why dogs are better than cats? Here are some pretty convincing reasons to keep a dog, which you might have never heard of before!

If you like moving a lot, dogs are great to own as pets because they are adaptable creatures. And speaking of movement, pups help you to stay active and get off the couch simply because they love to run around, have fun, and play.

So, if you are on the fence about getting a dog, these reasons why dogs are better than cats may help you decide which pet to welcome to your home.

17. Dogs Are Highly Trainable

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Sure, cats can be trained as most animals, but dogs are easier to train. Canines enjoy the challenge of training as they love to work and have some purpose. On the other hand, cats may only end up walking away as they tire of their training sessions.

Dogs like to feel they have done a great job. Plus, pups don’t like getting bored. So, the more you keep them mentally and physically stimulated, the happier and healthier they will be.

16. Dogs Can Take On Many Jobs

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We’ve heard of working, herding, and guarding breeds of dogs. And that’s evidence that there are different dogs for various jobs. Some pooches do well as watchdogs or guard dogs, while others excel in the military or as service pups.

Got a farm and need an extra hand (or paw) to take on some tasks? You can count on a pup to help you out. There are drover and herder breeds that are easy to train to handle these jobs alongside you.

15. They Are Faithful And Loyal Companions

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There is a reason why dogs have been coined as “Man’s best friend.” With over 30,000 years of domestication, it is no wonder they are amazing human companions. There is a strong bond between canines and humans that are tough to break.

In a dog’s mind, its owner is the most important thing. They will do anything to make their favorite people feel loved and protected, and they do a great job at these things.

14. Dogs Help You Make Friends

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In a study conducted by researchers at Harvard University, experts discovered that dogs help fuel human-to-human relationships. They are amazing at helping folks connect with others, which you can easily see as you visit dog parks.

Canines help to make people become more social. Hence, it is not uncommon to hear of dog meetups and even dog bars, which are avenues for making friends with fellow pup owners.

13. Dogs Come In Different Shapes And Sizes

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Dogs come in interesting shapes and sizes. There are massive pups and teeny tiny pooches that can easily fit in your purse. And if you want somewhere in between, there’s a canine to fit this category, too.

Whether you live in a small apartment or an expansive farmhouse, you can easily find a doggo to meet your requirements. On the other hand, cats are pretty much the same size, no matter what breed.

12. They Love Car Rides

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For road trip aficionados out there, dogs are the perfect companion for your adventures. These creatures adore traveling and are easily content when in the car with you. Some would even stick their heads out to feel the breeze on their faces and enjoy it!

As for cats, they don’t easily settle in with the feeling of being in the car. They are often scared or anxious about car rides, which is why owners end up leaving their kitties at home.

11. They Can Protect Their Owners

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Size does matter when it comes to protecting humans. But aside from a robust build, it’s the fearless personality and dedication to keeping their owners safe that makes dogs fit for the job. There are even territorial dogs, so their instinct is to protect their home and owners.

When cats sense danger, however, their first reaction is to run, hide and keep themselves safe. But canines sense our fear, and they step up to be our knights in shining armor.

10. Dogs Will Swim With You

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The word “Doggie Paddle” was invented because of how dogs swim. And yes, they LOVE the water and swim with you! They enjoy a good splash now and then and cool off, especially during the summer months.

You don’t even have to tell your pooch to jump in with you. When they see a pool or when out on the beach, they just head over to the water and splash or swim around.

9. No Hairball Problems

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Felines are hairball magnets. This happens when they groom themselves and balls of fur get caught on their tongue and down their throat. The next thing you hear is the sound of your cat heaving and trying to get all that hairball out.

Well, as dogs don’t normally groom themselves as cats do, hairball incidents hardly ever happen. That’s another fun thing to like about dogs.

8. They Are Better With Kids

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Cats are temperamental creatures and can get irritated easily when young kids are always on their case. But this is not true with dogs. After all, canines are super playful and energetic, so they can match up with your toddlers’ highly active personalities.

If your child and pooch have grown up together, they will have a stronger bond. Dogs can play with your child for hours on end!

7. No Need For Litter Boxes

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Litter boxes are smelly and time-consuming to maintain. And we cannot deny the fact that kitty litter adds to the typical expenses that cat owners set aside for their monthly budget.

But with dogs, you don’t need litter boxes at all. You can simply take them out for a walk and do their potty business outside. Just be sure to have a poop bag with you at all times and clean after your pup.

6. Dogs Are Affectionate

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Dogs are absolutely sweet and loving creatures. They love to cuddle up with you and make you feel their love, whether you are watching TV, working on your computer, or just about any time of the day or night.

When you come home, your pooch gets very excited to see you and shower you with kisses. Although some cats can be affectionate, the level of affection they show to their owners is not the same as a dog’s amazing display of love and care to you.

5. They Can Smell Cancer

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Dogs have a powerful sense of smell. That’s why there are those who are trained to do military and police work. But did you know that canines can smell cancer, too? Researchers at the Penn Vet Working Dog Center of the University of Pennsylvania have canines trained to detect cancer.

This is quite an impressive ability, which is helpful to owners who are trying to address cancer at its early stages. It’s another one of the big reasons why dogs are better than cats!

4. Dogs Are Easier To Control

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Cats are independent creatures that do what they want to do. Controlling them can be a difficult feat, which is why some owners just throw in the towel. But with dogs, it is an entirely different story.

Sure, dogs can create some mess, too. But when you crate-train your pooch, it will eventually get under control. Speaking of crates, dogs who have gone through training consider these as their special places. But try crate-training a cat, and it would just end badly.

3. Dogs Love To Play

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Pups are playful creatures and more than happy with their toys. While they are happier with you, canines can also be content to play and have fun on their own. Throw them a disc or a ball, and your pooch is in heaven.

This is why dogs are great for folks with young kids or those who simply want to have fun outdoors. With a pup, you have more reasons to laugh and be like a kid again as you spend time playing with your four-legged pal.

2. They Help You To Stay Active

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It’s pretty uncommon to see people walking their cats. Sure, there are felines on harnesses and going for mini-walks, but it is not the norm. Mostly, you see dogs on leashes walking with their owners and having fun doing so.

So, if you like to stay active, a dog is a great pet to have. Their infectious energy can help you to stay off the couch and go for a walk or a jog with them.

1. Most Dogs Are Highly Adaptable

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For the most part, cats hate change as they get used to their environment and prefer things to stay as they are. But it’s not an issue with dogs – they are adaptable creatures that are open to change.

While there are some fearful dogs, they are usually calmer when faced with a major change in their life. As long as they sense that you are okay with the change, then they will feel fine, too.

Why Are Cats Better For The Environment Than Dogs? Since cats are smaller than dogs, their carbon footprint is a lot smaller, primarily due to the lower consumption of food and fewer visits to the groomers and the vet. In fact, they have carbon footprints equivalent to a mini Volkswagen. It is why cats are generally better for the environment than canines.

What Can Cats Do That Dogs Can’t? There are certain things that cats can do that dogs can’t. One of these is the ability to maintain balance. Felines often land on their feet as they are nimble, quick, and flexible.

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