These 31 Small Fluffy Dog Breeds Will Melt Your Heart

There’s just something about small, fluffy dogs that makes them irresistible.

Maybe it’s their big brown eyes or their soft fur, but whatever the reason, these 31 breeds are sure to make your heart melt. From poodles to yorkies, these little guys are sure to put a smile on your face.

So if you’re looking for a new furry friend, be sure to check out one of these breeds!

31. Miniature Australian Shepherd

Average Weight of Miniature Australian Shepherd: 17 to 30 lbs

The Miniature Australian Shepherd is a small and fluffy dog breed that is popular among people who live in small apartments or houses. This breed is also known for its loyalty, intelligence, and obedience.

Originally bred in Australia to be a working dog on farms and ranches. They were later brought to the United States where they became popular as pets and companion dogs.

The Miniature Australian Shepherd is an active breed that needs plenty of exercise. They are intelligent dogs that are easy to train. They are loyal and devoted to their families but can be reserved around strangers. This breed is not suitable for homes with small children as they may accidentally knock them over.

Miniature Australian Shepherds are also known to be escape artists and may jump fences if they are not given enough exercise.

30. Biewer Terrier

Image from Instagram:@biewer_pandora

Average Weight of Biewer Terriers: 4 to 8 lbs

This toy dog breed is actually one of the rarest dog breeds there is. It is developed from Yorkshire Terriers with the piebald gene that gives these cute, little pooches their unique aesthetic.

They are fantastic companion pets if you want a lively, loving, but low-maintenance dog both for apartment and private compound settings. The best part is that they shed very little and are considered hypoallergenic.

29. Toy Poodle

Average Weight of Toy Poodles: 5 to 10 lbs

Poodles come in many different sizes including the standard, miniature, and toy sizes. The Toy Poodle is the smallest and arguably the cutest of all of these. It is definitely a dog breed worth considering if you want the intelligence and elegance of a poodle in a space-friendly and easy-to-manage size.

These breeds are also celebrated for being the friendliest and most outgoing of the three poodle variations.

28. Norwich Terrier

Image from Pet Plate

Average Weight of Norwich Terriers: 11 to 12 lbs

These little pups may be small but where they lack in size, they make up for with their bold personalities and fearlessness against much larger adversaries. They were actually used as hunting dogs when hunting small animals like rodents and wild rabbits.

Today, they have settled into a comfortable life as fluffy lap dogs and are particularly popular in Europe.

27. Cairn Terrier

Image from 1-800-PetMeds

Average Weight of Cairn Terrier: 10 to 16 lbs

Cairn Terriers were, and still are, very popular in Scotland for use as work dogs in everything from hunting to shepherding. They have a thick, double coat with a shaggy outer coat which was perfect for surviving the cold and wet highland climate where they were kept.

This coat is part of their unique charm showing that shaggy can actually be chic and appealing.

26. Tibetan Spaniel

Image from K9Cuisine

Average Weight of Tibetan Spaniel: 9 to 15 lbs

It is really hard not to fall in love with a Tibetan Spaniel at first sight with their incredibly cute and heart-melting aesthetic. There is just something about that weird, dome-shaped head, large eyes, and fluffy body that just makes you want to pick them up for a good snuggle.

The best part is that they absolutely love these kinds of interactions with their super friendly and affectionate nature.

25. Chinese Crested Dog

Image from Pet Plate

Average Weight of Chinese Crested Dogs: 10 to 14 lbs

The first thing that comes to the minds of most of us when we hear about the Chinese Crested Dog is the hairless pooch with aesthetics that very few can love. However, what many do not realize is that there are actually 2 types of Chinese Crested Dogs.

The Powderpuff variety is the one we are appreciating on this list with its smooth and long fur as well as its fluffy, double-layered coats.

24. Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Image from Pet Plate

Average Weight of Cavalier King Spaniels: 13 to 18 lbs

Cavalier King Charles Spaniels are the perfect embodiment of exactly what a companion lap dog should be. They have it all from the small, fluffy build to the sweet personalities.

By far one of the most outstanding features of this breed is the beauty of their coats. The fur is long and smooth and feels good to touch. You just have to make sure you brush it about 3 to 4 times a week to minimize shedding and matting.

23. Tibetan Terrier

Image from Pet Plate

Average Weight of Tibetan Terriers: 18 to 30 lbs

The Tibetan Terrier is a bit larger than some of the other breeds highlighted on our list but is every bit as adorable with its fluffy coat. It is also another example of just how the shaggy coat aesthetic can be with their long, wavy coats.

These dogs have held a very special place in their native home being regarded as “the holy dogs of Tibet”. With their intelligence, affectionate personalities, and versatility, it is not so hard to see why.

22. West Highland White Terrier

Image from Pet Plate

Average Weight of West Highland White Terriers: 15 to 20 lbs

Also known as Westies, these dogs are characterized by their thick, white rough coats that are sharply and beautifully contrasted by their big black eyes and nose pad.

The West Highland White Terrier is Native to Scotland where they were kept as hunting and watchdogs. Today, they are popular family pets although they may need some socialization to get comfortable with strangers.

21. Japanese Chin

Image from Instagram:@uma.noris

Average Weight of Japanese Chins: 7 to 9 lbs

This is a toy dog breed that was once very popular as a lap dog among East Asian and European nobility. These days, it is a bit rarer and often heralded as an exotic dog breed that is ideal for dog lovers who want something unique.

What is unique about the fluffiness of this dog breed is the fact that it is a result of a single coat layer and not 2 layers.

20. Dandie Dinmont Terrier

Image from Instagram:@kent_olsson_foto

Average Weight of Dandie Dinmont Terriers: 18 to 24 lbs

Most of the fluffiness on this super cute Scottish breed is concentrated at the top of the dog’s head in what is known as the Dandie Dinmont Terrier’s top knot. The rest of them is also quite fluffy with their thick, wavy coats.

Another standout feature that sets them apart is the sausage dog build with the long torso and disproportionately short legs.

19. Cockapoo

Image from PetHonesty

Average Weight of Cockapoos: 13 to 18 lbs

This designer dog is bred from Cocker Spaniels and Miniature Poodles for one of the fluffiest and friendliest mixes out there. More often than not, this mixed pooch takes after the poodle side with the thick, curly coat that gives it that coveted, fluffy appearance.

They are very intelligent and lively dogs and make for perfect starter pets or family dogs.

18. Japanese Spitz

Image from Instagram:@freyathespitz

Average Weight of Japanese Spitz: 11 to 20 lbs

Japanese Spitz dogs are basically little clouds with legs and a face. They are extremely fluffy which is largely due to the way their long fur stands against the skin. Unfortunately, this beauty comes at a cost for Japanese Spitz owners.

This is because this is one of the highest maintenance dog breeds in terms of grooming. They need very regular brushing to get rid of loose fur while also detangling mats that form very easily on such long coats.

17. Yorkshire Terrier

Image from PetHonesty

Average Weight of Yorkshire Terriers: 4 to 7 lbs

When it comes to coat characteristics, Yorkshire Terriers come in three primary variations. These are the smooth long, smooth short, and wiry long varieties. While all of them have their charms, it is the long-haired options that have the most to offer in terms of the fluffy aesthetic.

The best part is that the coats are also considered hypoallergenic, as it sheds very little and very rarely.

16. Pekingese

Image from WOpet

Average Weight of Pekingeses: 7 to 14 lbs

To call these little pups fluffy almost seems like an understatement given how much fur they carry on those little bodies of theirs. To add to the adorable aesthetic, Pekingese dogs are popular for their facial features including big, round eyes and flat snouts.

They were quite popular among Chinese nobility in the past and are today widely regarded as among the best lap dog breeds in the world.

15. Sheltie

Image from 1-800-PetMeds

Average Weight of Shelties: 11 to 24 lbs

The name Sheltie is actually short for Shetland Shepherd. This Scottish breed was kept for several purposes, one of which was to guide and guard sheep.

They are known for their long, wispy coats which give them a very unique, fluffy aesthetic. The coat is especially thick around the neck and the sides of the face.

Shelties are also quite intelligent and are ranked the 6th most intelligent dog breed according to expert Stanley Coren.

14. Papillon

Average Weight of Papillons: 8 to 10 lbs

Papillon Dogs get their name from their best feature which is their pair of butterfly wing-like ears. This is complemented by the long coat with the long, fur on the ears that just exaggerates the look perfectly.

This 8 to 10 lbs ball of fluff is an incredible breed to consider if you want a lap dog. They thrive from human company and attention and often develop “Velcro” personalities. This is where they follow their favorite human companions pretty much anywhere that they can get away.

13. Little Lion Dog

Image from Instagram:@pipanaipana

Average Weight of the Little Lion Dog: 9 to 18 lbs

Little Lion Dog is a small and fluffy dog breed that is known for its playful and friendly nature. They are one of the most popular dog breeds in the world and are loved by many people.

Little Lion Dogs make great companion animals and are often used as therapy dogs due to their loving dispositions. They do well in homes with children and other pets, and love to play fetch or go on walks. Little Lion Dogs require moderate exercise and grooming, but are overall low-maintenance pets.

12. American Eskimo Dog

Image from Healthybud

Average Weight of American Eskimo Dogs: 15 to 40 lbs

At first glance, it is very difficult to tell the American Eskimo Dog apart from similar Spitz-type dogs including the Japanese Spitz. Both have spitz facial features and fluffy, white coats. However, there are numerous subtle differences with the most important being the fact that American Eskimo Dogs tend to be larger.

In terms of personality, these breeds are often more intelligent, obedient, and loyal. They get along very well with children and are fantastic family pets.

11. Lhasa Apso

Image from PetHonesty

Average Weight of Lhasa Apsos: 14 to 18 lbs

They may not look like much in terms of their size but Lhasa Apsos were actually bred for use as protection dogs. They served as watchdogs in Tibetan monasteries where they would bark to discourage intruders and alert the monks.

Today, they are often kept as companion dogs or for dog shows. In the former category, their beautiful, fluffy aesthetic, as well as their intelligence and eagerness to learn, are what make them a hit.

10. Volpino Italiano

Image from Instagram:@naalienjaljilla

Average Weight of the Volpino Italiano: 9 to 14 lbs

The Volpino Italiano is another spitz-type, fluffy dog breed that you may easily get confused for the likes of American Eskimo dogs, Japanese Spitz dogs, and German Spitz dogs. What sets them apart is their smaller build and the fact that they sometimes come in other coat colors including red.

They also have narrower facial structures that give them more of a fox-like appearance. That is why they are sometimes referred to as “the little Italian fox” dog breed.

9. Affenpinscher

Image from Pet Plate

Average Weight of Affenpinschers: 6 to 13 lbs

The Affenpinscher is also referred to as the Monkey Terrier due to its ape-like facial features. It is also another breed to consider if you want a fluffy breed with a coat that is a bit on the rougher side. While you may need to brush regularly to detangle, they shed way less than smooth-haired, fluffy breeds.

In fact, the Affenpinscher sheds so little that it is considered a hypoallergenic dog breed.

8. Miniature Poodle

Image from Dunbar Academy

Average Weight of Miniature Poodle: 15 lbs

The Miniature Poodle is the medium-sized option of the three varieties of Poodle. It is a great compromise if you do not want the large and high-maintenance standard poodle or the smaller and more frail Toy Poodle.

When it comes to temperament, Miniature Poodles also offer the best of both worlds. They are less aloof than the Standard Poodle but also calmer and easier to manage than the super friendly and lively Toy Poodle.

7. Bolognese Dog

Image from Instagram:@smileyriley_25

Average Weight of the Bolognese Dog: 2.5 to 4 lbs

The Bolognese Dog is one of the smallest dogs not only on our list but in the world in general. These are perfect pets for apartment settings as they are very comfortable indoors.

Their fluffy coat is also unique. Despite being thick and fluffy, it is surprisingly light and easy to run your fingers through. It is also less prone to shedding and matting which makes its maintenance very easy.

6. Coton de Tulear

Image from DogTV

Average Weight of Coton de Tulear: 7 to 13 lbs

The Coton de Tulear is the national dog of Madagascar with quite the epic origin story in the region including shipwrecks and impressive survival feats. Wherever it is they came from, there is no doubt that the natives are grateful for these fluffy and loving dogs.

Unfortunately, they are incredibly rare and their numbers are dwindling with time despite their niche popularity as an exotic dog breed.

5. Shih Tzu

Image from DogTV

Average Weight of Shih Tzu dogs: 8 to 16 lbs

The Shih Tzu is a toy dog breed that originated in China. The name “Shih Tzu” means “lion dog” in Chinese, and they are also sometimes called the Lion Dog or Tibetan Lion Dog. The Shih Tzu is one of the oldest breeds of dogs, and they were originally bred to be companions for Chinese royalty.

Today, they are still popular companion dogs and are known for their long, flowing coats and laid-back personalities.

While the Shih Tzu might look like a lapdog, they are actually quite active and playful. They enjoy going for walks and playing with toys, and they make great companion dogs for people of all ages.

4. Bichon Frise

Image from 1-800-PetMeds

Average Weight of Bichon Frise: 10 to 20 lbs

Bichon Frises are another dog breed that can best be described as little clouds on feet.

The fluffy, white breeds were initially bred for use in ships to get rid of vermin. However, their aesthetic soon gained popularity as their demand as companion and accessory dogs in European countries, including France and Belgium, increased.

What most people do not realize is that a Bichon Frise’s coat can grow very long, although it is a hypoallergenic dog breed. However, the tight curls and common preferences to keep the coat shorter are what give them their iconic, poufy, stuffed bear aesthetic.

3. Maltese

Image from 1-800-PetMeds

Average Weight of Maltese dogs: 3 to 8 lbs

The Maltese has much more fur than a normal dog and it is the cutest thing ever. Whether it is let out to grow or kept trimmed, it is hard to resist giving that coat a good rub.

You would think with all that fur that Maltese dogs are a nightmare to maintain in terms of grooming. This couldn’t be further from the truth. The hypoallergenic dog breed sheds very little and all you have to do is brush maybe once or twice a week to detangle.

2. Pomeranian

Image from 1-800-PetMeds

Average Weight of Pomeranian: 3 to 7 lbs

Pomeranians typically weigh between 3 and 7 pounds (1.4 and 3.2 kg) and stand 8 to 11 inches (20 to 28 cm) tall at the shoulder. They have a thick double coat that can be either long or short, depending on the individual dog. Common coat colors include black, white, brown, and tan.

Pomeranians are intelligent dogs that are easy to train. They are also known for being very loyal and protective of their owners. However, they can also be barkers and may become yappy if not properly trained.

1. Havanese Dog

Average Weight of Havanese: 7 to 13 lbs

Havanese Dogs originated in Cuba, where they were originally bred as companion dogs for Cuban aristocrats. The breed was brought to the United States in the early 1900s, and today there are two main types of Havanese Dogs – the American-bred Havanese and the Cuban-bred Havanese.

They are part of the Bichon family, which includes breeds such as the Maltese, Bolognese, and Coton de Tulear. Like all members of the Bichon family, Havanese Dogs are small, compact dogs with long, silky coats.

They are also known for their friendly and outgoing personalities, and they make great family pets.

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What Is The Most Low Maintenance Dog? 

The Yorkshire Terrier is widely regarded as the lowest maintenance dog there is. They are easy to take care of in every regard from costs, energy, and time invested in their grooming, feeding, and all other aspects of care. This makes them great starter dogs or family dogs in homes with a lot of other pets.

What Is The Fluffiest Dog In The World? 

The fluffiest dog in the world is probably the Keeshond. This is a result of its thick, double-layered coat. This dog’s medium to large build just exaggerates the fluffiness further. The cherry on top is their perky, curled tails that have just as much fluff tying up this cute aesthetic perfectly.

What Is The Best Small Indoor Dog? 

One of the best small dog breeds to keep indoors full time or most of the time is the Havanese Dog. These dogs are quite comfortable anywhere where they feel safe, comfortable, and loved. They are also very docile and unlike to throw tantrums or get destructive from being cooped up indoors for too long.

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