36 Big Fluffy Dog Breeds That Will Make You Smile

Do you love dogs, but don’t have the space for a giant breed? Or maybe you’re looking for a cuddly companion to help keep you warm on those cold winter nights. Whatever the reason, there are plenty of big fluffy dog breeds out there that will make you smile.

From the gentle giants like the Bernese Mountain Dog and Great Pyrenees to the playful yet dignified Samoyed and Chow Chow, there’s sure to be a breed of big fluffy dog that’s perfect for you.

So take a look at our list of 36 big fluffy dog breeds and find your new best friend today!

36. Tibetan Mastiff

Image from Instagram:@tahoetibetanmastiff

Average Weight of Tibetan Mastiff: 90-150 lbs (male), 70-120 lbs (female)

And the fluffiest dog breed on this list is no other than the Tibetan Mastiff. This guard dog is watchful, mellow, yet intimidating to predators (go figure!) At home, they are calm and highly devoted to their families.

These hairy giants shed but not as much as several fluffy dog breeds. In fact, they only shed once every year. However, their thick hair requires frequent brushing to prevent them from matting.

35. Great Pyrenees

Image from Canna Pet

Average Weight of Great Pyrenees: 100 lbs and above (male), 85 lbs and above (female)

The Great Pyrenees is a thickly-coated dog that is intimidating to predators. After all, they were bred to protect livestock from intruders on the frigid mountaintops. Today, these dogs are superb family pets and companion dogs.

Majestic as they are, Pyrs require a large space that will cater to their equally big size. They also need their lush coats to be brushed regularly to prevent them from matting

34. Rough Collie

Image from Dr. Marty Pets

Average Weight of Rough Collie: 60-75 lbs (male), 50-65 lbs (female)

Lithe and with a ton of character, the Rough Collie is a fun-loving dog that enjoys companionship. They boast of their dense and rough coats that come in blue merle, tricolor, sable, and white, or solid white. 

As pets, Rough Collies are truly devoted to their families. They particularly love Children and can learn quickly during training. These legendary dogs are renowned not just for their beauty but for their sterling character and great loyalty to their favorite humans.

33. Akita

Image from Nom Nom

Average Weight of Akita: 100-130 lbs (male), 70-100 lbs (female)

Akitas are Japanese dogs with heavy bones and burly coats. Their fluffy fur varies from solid white to a multitude of colors. They have a full tail curled over the back and erect ears that depict their alertness.

These canines have a dense and fluffy undercoat, which gives them an air of elegance. However, the thickness makes it high maintenance. Spraying a bit of water before combing your Akita’s hair helps to make it nice and soft.

32. Giant Schnauzer

Image from Instagram:@zuri_the_giant

Average Weight of Giant Schnauzer: 60-85 lbs (male), 55-75 lbs (female)

Muscular and imposing, the Giant Schnauzer is the larger version of the Standard Schnauzer. They have substantial body structure and a posture that exudes boldness and confidence. These dogs are fiercely loyal to their families.

The true hallmarks of this dog breed include the fluffy coat in solid black or black and gray. They also don profuse and rough eyebrows that perfectly match their beard. These dogs have an air of wisdom in them, which you can tell by the sagacious look in their eyes.

31. Alaskan Malamute

Image from Wolfgang

Average Weight of Alaskan Malamute: 85 lbs (male), 75 lbs (female)

Bred as sled dogs, Alaskan Malamutes adore the frigid temperatures. After all, these are dogs of the arctic! Their weatherproof, dense coats keep them nice and toasty even when the temps are subzero.

Speaking of density, Mals have double coats that are very thick. They also “blow” their coat a couple of times a year (every fall and spring). Daily brushing helps keep the shedding under control.

30. Briard

Image from Instagram:@briardworld

Average Weight of Briard: 55-100 lbs

Flaunting that wavy, thick coat of black, gray, or tawny, the Briard is a large dog. They have dense beards and eyebrows, as well as a peek-a-boo hairstyle parted in the middle. These canines may be rugged, but their gait is nimble and smooth.

As Briards are originally bred as herding dogs, these creatures are impressively tireless. These pups work hard – and play harder!

29. Border Collie

Image from Petly CBD

Average Weight of Border Collie: 30-55 lbs

Athletic and noble, Border Collies are medium-sized canines that can either possess a rough or smooth coat. Their dense furs have a wide range of patterns and colors. 

Borders may either have a smooth or rough hair texture, and it is always thick with a subtle wavy appearance. For longer-haired varieties of this breed, the hair tends to feather on the belly, chest, and legs.

28. St. Bernard

Image from Bully Beds

Average Weight of St. Bernard: 140-180 lbs (male), 120-140 lbs (female)

A gentle giant, St. Bernard, is one of the world’s most loved canines. They are particularly patient with children, which is why they are popular family pets. These adorable canines from the Swiss Alps have nothing but love to give to their owners.

Fluffy and furry, Saints are extremely hug-worthy. Their dense and smooth coats come in jet-black with reddish-brown and white markings. They have the warmest dark eyes that give them a genial and loving expression.

27. Tornjak

Image from Darwin’s Pet

Average Weight of Tornjak: 62-110 lbs

Courageous and confident, these words perfectly describe the Tornjak. They possess a gentle disposition, yet fierce as guard dogs. These dogs will never back away from intruders who try to break into your property.

A native of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Tornjaks are powerful and agile canines. They have a squarish body covered in a profuse amount of coat that comes in various colors. They are very friendly to their families but suspicious of those outside their household.

26. Bernese Mountain Dog

Image from Dogline Inc

Average Weight of Bernese Mountain Dog: 80-115 lbs (male), 70-95 lbs (female)

It is impossible to miss this mighty, powerful dog. Standing at 27 inches tall and weighing over 100 lbs, Bernese Mountain Dogs are majestic creatures. They have a tricolor coat ranging in rust, clear white, and black. Their faces can also have some distinct markings.

These dogs have a medium-length double coat. Their hair can be straight or a bit wavy but thick, nonetheless. Just like the Husky, they shed every fall and spring. Watch out, though, as these dogs shed excessively, so daily grooming is a necessity.

25. Finnish Lapphund

Image from Pawstruck

Average Weight of Finnish Lapphund: 33-53 lbs

Finnish Lapphunds are Nordic dogs with furry curled tails and luscious coats. Even with their small stature, they are amazingly muscular and agile fellows. They move with an effortless gait and run fast.

These medium-sized canines have a double coat – a short undercoat and a coarse and long topcoat. They also have thicker hair around the neck and on their head, which appears like a lion’s mane.

24. Slovak Cuvac

Image from Instagram:@daro_the_cuvac

Average Weight of Slovak Cuvac: 68-97 lbs

Next up on our list of fluffy dog breeds is the Slovak Cuvac. These courageous canines are determined to protect their owners from any type of danger. They are bred in solid white coats, which helps to distinguish them from wild creatures.

These dogs are a bit tough to groom, however. Their profusely thick hair sheds excessively, so regular brushing and grooming is a must.

23. Bouvier des Flandres

Image from Instagram:@shelby_the_bouvier

Average Weight of Bouvier des Flandres: 70-110 lbs

With its towering height of nearly 28 inches, the Bouvier des Flandres is a powerful and heavy-boned canine. Their bodies are covered with a dense, weatherproof coat that keeps them warm even in the most frigid climate. Additionally, they have their infamous mustache and beard to frame their sweet face.

As these dogs are bred as watchdogs, they are excellent at keeping their families safe. They are strong-willed canines that will do all they can to protect their loved ones.

22. Eurasier

Image from Paw.com

Average Weight of Eurasier: 40-70 lbs

A medium-sized breed, the Eurasier is famous for its long and thick coat in a multitude of shades and patterns. They are calm and confident dogs that are truly devoted to their families. Eurasiers are best with a companion, and it is not advisable for them to be tied up or stuck at home.

As mentioned previously, they have multi-colored coats. While all colors are recognized by the AKC, a few are not permitted, such as solid white, liver, and some irregular patches of white. Their faces also have a dark-colored mask that adds to their unique appeal.

21. American Eskimo Dog

Image from Pawstruck

Average Weight of American Eskimo Dog: 6-10 lbs (toy), 10-20 lbs (miniature), 25-35 lbs (standard)

With their solid white coats, American Eskimo dogs look like little fluffy lions. They have a thick ruff around the shoulders and a constantly smiling face that are part of the breed’s hallmark.

For folks looking for a hypoallergenic dog, the Eskie is not exactly the best choice. They have a double coat, and their extra-thick undercoat sheds constantly. This is why owners need to brush their hair a couple of times a week or more to manage the shedding.

20. Kuvasz

Image from Instagram:@canilkuvaszprince

Average Weight of Kuvasz: 100-115 lbs (male), 70-90 lbs (female)

Intelligent and majestic, the Kuvasz is a solid white working dog with a confident stance. They are guard dogs trained to watch over livestock. In the modern world, they still carry out the task of protecting their family and home.

Just like all the dogs on this list, the Kuvasz has a fluffy and thick double coat. The undercoat is finer than the topcoat. But what’s amazing about their coat is that it is relatively easy to manage. Just a weekly brushing is all it takes to get rid of debris and minimize shedding.

19. Borzoi

Image from Instagram:@spryfeat_borzoi

Average Weight of Borzoi: 75-105 lbs (male), 60-85 lbs (female)

These elegant, massive sighthounds are swift and courageous fellows. They boast of their smooth and silky coats that cover their well-muscled bodies. If you look at them closely, you will realize that they are almost a spitting image of the ancient Greyhound.

An interesting feature of the Borzoi is their tail. It has an abundance of hair, which means it needs regular brushing. But they only shed heavily once every year, unlike many thick-haired canines.

18. Australian Shepherd

Image from Canna Pet

Average Weight of Australian Shepherd: 50-65 lbs (male), 40-55 lbs (female)

A cowboy’s favorite companion, the Australian Shepherd is a hardworking, fearless herding dog. They are alert creatures that do well with working in the field or anything that requires them to run around and perform tasks assigned to them.

Australian Shepherds are fluffy dogs that come with thick and rugged coats, oftentimes in merle or white and copper markings all around their bodies. They are a combination of brains and brawns and would thrive well in a household that allows them to stay active.

17. Elo

Image from Wolf Spring

Average Weight of Elo: 39-77 lbs

What happens when you mix a Chow Chow and an Old English Sheepdog? You get an Elo dog! Short for “Eloschaboro”, the Elo dog is a fluffy, medium-sized canine with an abundant coat in different colors.

Elos have an easy-maintenance type of hair that does not require regular trimming or bathing. But they shed quite heavily, so brushing must be a part of every owner’s daily dog care routine to keep it under control.

16. Catalan Sheepdog

Image from Instagram:@rufus_thecatalansheepdog

Average Weight of Catalan Sheepdog: 37.5-59 lbs

The Catalan Sheepdog is a cheery and intelligent canine that works well with newbies and seasoned dog owners alike. They are watchdogs that will keep you and your properties safe from strangers. Bred as guard dogs, they can keep predators away from the farm.

But what’s most striking about the Catalans is their goat-like, super soft long hair. Their coats can be wavy or straight, and they also have an abundant amount of facial hair that appears like a mustache, eyebrows, and a long beard.

15. Komondor

Image from Instagram:@komondorhanga

Average Weight of Komondor: 100 lbs and above (male), 80 lbs and above (female)

Massive and strong, the Hungarian Komondor is famous for its floor-length white cords that cover its entire body. Their thick coats are a bit rough, yet they are without a doubt one of the fluffiest large dogs around!

But don’t look now – the Komondor is actually light-footed and nimble despite the evident brawn. These canines move with long strides and in an elegant and sure manner.

14. Siberian Husky

Image from 1-800-PetMeds

Average Weight of Siberian Husky: 45-60 lbs (male), 35-50 lbs (female)

Siberian Huskies are quick and agile fluffy dogs, which are a smaller version of the Alaskan Malamute, their burly and hefty cousins. These dogs are relatively lightweight at 60 lbs, and they move with an effortless gait.

Siberian Huskies have a thick coat, which comes in a variety of colors such as gray, black, sable, and reddish-brown with white markings. Being pack dogs by nature, they do not have any problem getting along with other dogs. But watch out – these are highly active pups that love to run and chase small animals.

13. Goldendoodle

Average Weight of Goldendoodle: 40-50 lbs

Combine a Golden Retriever and a Poodle, and you’ve got a Goldendoodle or a Groodle. This designer dog is versatile and can perform any task. They are great as service dogs, sniffer dogs, and guide dogs, to name a few. 

Goldendoodles have dense coats that take too long to dry and are tricky to manage. It is important to trim their hair regularly as it tends to get out of control when left too thick.

12. Bearded Collie

Average Weight of Bearded Collie: 40-55 lbs

Donning a shaggy, fluffy double coat, the Bearded Collie can easily remind one of the Old English Sheepdog, looks-wise. They have a profuse amount of facial hair that gives them a dreamy appearance.

These dogs have very long, flowing hair. The undercoat, however, is shorter and softer, unlike the rougher topcoat. They also need to have their coats trimmed regularly to prevent the hair from dragging on the ground.

11. Caucasian Shepherd Dog

Image from Instagram:@caucasian.shepherds

Average Weight of Caucasian Shepherd Dog: 99-170 lbs

Also called “Caucasian Ovcharka”, “Kawkasky Owtscharka”, or the “Kaukasische Schäferhund”, the Caucasian Sheepdog is a tireless watchdog that wards off predators from your property. In the West, for instance, they were bred to serve as guard dogs or as companion dogs.

These canines are long-coated and have a heavy body mass. But there is another variety that has a lighter physique and a shorter coat, yet both are fluffy pups nonetheless.

10. Newfoundland

Image from ChomChom Roller

Average Weight of Newfoundland: 130-150 lbs (male), 100-120 lbs (female)

Weighing a hefty 150 lbs, the Newfoundland is a whole lotta dog! They have majestic heads and warm eyes with the sweetest expression. Their coat, which comes in black-and-white, solid black, and brown, is coarse and flat.

Newfies have a thick top coat and a fluffy and soft undercoat. The topcoat does its job of keeping them nice and warm even when laying in the snow for hours. In fact, it is what keeps the undercoat nice and toasty despite the subzero temps!

9. Standard Poodle

Image from ChomChom Roller

Average Weight of Standard Poodle: 60-70 lbs (male), 40-50 lbs (female)

Standard Poodles are medium-sized canines that go up to 15 inches at the shoulder. They are famous for their Sporting clip while others bear the infamous Continental Clip, which often comes to mind when one hears of the word “poodle.”

These canines are born with naturally curly hair. Their hair is also coarse and rough, and it will keep growing and getting longer until you clip it. Thus, it appears as though they are not shedding their hair, although tangles in their curls fall off.

8. Estrela Mountain Dog

Image from Instagram:@django_and_luna

Average Weight of Estrela Mountain Dog: 77-132 lbs

A native of Portugal, specifically in the Estrela Mountains, this Mountain Dog is known for its black face mask and dense coat in different colors. They are brave and faithful to their owners and always ready to protect them from intruders.

Estrelas have two varieties – the short-coated and the long-coated. But either way, they are both thick and fluffy-haired. Longer hair, however, tends to be straight or with some slight waves. The undercoat is also lighter in color than the top coat.

7. Keeshond

Image from Diggs Inc.

Average Weight of Keeshond: 35-45 lbs

A spitz-type canine with an ample coat, the Keeshond is genial and gentle. They have thick coats and spectacles all over their foxy faces. These sturdy pups also have plumed tails that they carry highly over the back. 

Keeshonds have a profuse amount of hair that blankets their bodies. They have a wooly and thick undercoat and a rough guard coat. These canines also have mane-like hair around their neck while their hindquarters are long, as though they are wearing trousers!

6. Old English Sheepdog

Image from DoggieLawn

Average Weight of Old English Sheepdog: 60-100 lbs

Covered by a profuse double coat in various colors, the Old English Sheepdog is a compact and strong canine. The thick and luxurious hair often conceals their eyes, which is the breed’s hallmark.

Their coats are shaggy and very thick. The colors are usually a combination of gray and white, and this hair always covers their face. Regular grooming is needed to prevent excessive shedding.

5. Samoyed

Image from DoggieLawn

Average Weight of Samoyed: 45-65 lbs (male), 35-50 lbs (female)

If there is one thing that draws many people to the Samoyed, it would be this canine’s perpetual smile and fluffy immaculate white coats. They are graceful canines that will enjoy socializing with humans and other dogs.

Samies have very long outer coats that tend to be harsh and rough while the undercoat is wooly and soft. They shed all the time, which means they need daily brushing to keep the loose hairs and dirt out.

4. Chow Chow

Image from PetHonesty

Average Weight of Chow Chow: 45-70 lbs

This little lion is a compact, fluffy dog with a somewhat scowling appearance. Chows are powerful canines famous for their enormously thick and luxurious coats in cinnamon, blue, black, cream, or red.

Chows have a combination of smooth and rough coats. The top coat is rough and the ruff around the neck sticks out like a lion’s mane. These are not hypoallergenic dogs due to their thick and dense hair.

3. Leonberger

Average Weight of Leonberger: 110-170 lbs (male), 90-140 lbs (female)

Powerful and massive, the Leonberger stands 31 inches tall or so. They have a dense, waterproof coat and a dark-colored facemask that highlights their brown eyes. They also have a lion-like ruff covering their chest and neck.

A true watchdog, Leos are intelligent dogs that can be trained quickly. To ensure a happy and content Leo, however, this breed needs a good space for romping, hours of companionship, and lots of brushing with regular grooming.

2. Soft-Coated Wheaten Terrier

Image from Embark Vet

.Average Weight of Soft-Coated Wheaten Terrier: 35-40 lbs (male), 30-35 lbs (female)

Soft-Coated Wheaten Terriers are Irish farm dogs noted for their silky, waving fluffy coats. They have that unique peek-a-boo hairstyle matched with an adorable goatee. Their coat can vary from golden to pale beige. 

True to their Terrier nature, these canines are cheery, agile, and a bit stubborn. But with proper training, these dogs can carry out commands and become the obedience, loving pets you want them to be.

1. Golden Retriever

Average Weight of Golden Retriever: 65-75 lbs (male), 55-65 lbs (female)

A golden beauty, this fluffy dog is a muscular breed famous for its lustrous, smooth, and dense coat of – you guessed it, gold! They have a double coat, which is made up of a soft undercoat and a rougher undercoat of medium-long length.

With all that hair, Goldens need regular grooming. They also shed extensively, although this is nothing that daily brushing cannot help. Overall, these canines are dogs that you can count on for companionship and hours of playtime as they are active and endearing pets.

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The Havanese is the smallest fluffy dog there is. They weigh up to 20 lbs and come in a wide range of color combinations and patterns. These canines have thick coats that are soft and silky.

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Over time, fluffy puppies retain the softness and fuzziness of their coats. But their baby fur changes into more “permanent” adult fur.

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