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Polydactyl Cat 101: Ultimate Guide + FAQs

What exactly is a polydactyl cat? Polydactyl cats are cats born with a congenital physical anomaly that results in these cats having more toes on their paws than normal cats. Whereas ordinary cats are born with 18 toes, polydactyl cats are born with as many as 28 toes.

Why Does My Cat Lick Me?

Your cat licks you as a way of showing their affection to you. Licking is an affectionate gesture in cats, and if they love you, theyโ€™ll do the same to you. Cats also lick you as a way of bonding and socializing, as well as to groom you, but these are not the only reasons.ย 

Cat Pokemon

Mighty Solgaleo prouds himself as among the most powerful Pokemons with a close connection to the sun. Then, we have fireball-spitting Litten and โ€œLightning Pokemonโ€ Jolteon who are just as tough and fierce in their own rights.

DIY Free Cat Tree Plans (Blueprints Included!)

A cat tree with a walkway makes for a fun play space for your adorable kitty. Or perhaps, you can whip up a simple, yet darling cat tree in just 5 ridiculously easy steps! And of course, who wouldnโ€™t love a jaw-dropping cat condo thatโ€™s perfect for a special pet?

Fun Facts About Cat Paws

Most cats usually have 18 toes on their paws butย polydactyl catย paws usually have 6 to 7 toes, totaling 28 and sometimes more! And you know what this means โ€“ more scrubbers or loofah-like grooming tools to keep them nice and clean. In some cases, these paws even come in multiple colors โ€“ black, pink, gray, and sometimes a combination of all these!