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Affectionate Cat Breeds

From among the list compiled below, the LaPerm is the most cat breed. Following the trail, the Nebelung and the Havana Brown cat breeds are credited with being the next best affectionate cat breeds.

Can Cats Get Parvo From Dogs?

Cats can get infected with parvovirus by coming in contact with a pooch carrying this disease, but the chances of this happening are extremely rare. That said, the canine parvovirus has a considerably high fatality rate, and the feline version of this disease is equally as dangerous.

Orange Cat Breed Fun Facts

Orange cat breeds have a face made for the silver screen. No wonder there are so many popular orange kitties in the movies such as Garfield, Puss in Boots, and so on! From their charming, freckled noses to their long lifespan, there are so many things to love about these felines.

Does Your Cat Love You? Ways Cats Show Love

When your feline bumps its head on you, thatโ€™s a sure sign that youโ€™re loved. Or perhaps you get an occasional kneading from your four-legged masseuse. Cats also tend to purr more around that person whom they love the most. The list goes on!

Cats Are Better Pets Than Dogs

Cats are compact and space-friendly, which is a huge deal if you want a lot of cuteness in a tiny package. To these whiskered beauties, you are their world. Food is only second best. And most importantly, felines donโ€™t stink. Now, that seals the deal, doesnโ€™t it?

Why Does My Cat Drool โ€“ Should I Be Concerned?

Why does my cat drool โ€“ should I be concerned? Unlike some dog breeds, cats are not big droolers. In fact, most cats donโ€™t drool when offered something tasty. Cats drool when happy and content, which is actually normal. However, excessive drooling can be a sign of a serious health complication, including organ infections.

Siamese Cats โ€“ Bewildering Facts You Never Knew

Siamese cats are one of the most sociable kitties on the planet, and they donโ€™t do well being alone. Known for their chiseled face shape, these felines from Siam once had round faces. But round or not, theyโ€™ve always been smart cats that once foiled a dangerous espionage plot in Russia!

Hybrid Cat Breeds

Sleek and elegant Savannah Cats are made for hunting, with coats reminiscent of a feral kitty. Bengal Cats are noted for their muscular build, agility, and spotted coat patterns that are unlike any other. And thereโ€™s the hairless beauty, Dwelf cat, which looks like a cross between a Sphynx and American curl.